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6/13/2019 Margret Larochelle

✅ Trip Verified | A colleague and I took a plane from Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario to Billy Bishop Airport in Toronto. We boarded the plane at 5:40 pm. Estimated time of arrival was 7:00 pm. We first realized something was up when the plane began descending and shortly after it ascended. This happened several times. No one informe...

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6/13/2019 J Neale

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Montreal. I had an otherwise great experience with Porter. The flight attendants, customer service people, etc. were very polite. However, I booked a basic trip and I booked this through cheapoair. Little to my knowledge, a proper carry on is not included and I was charged a fee when I arrived to th...

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5/26/2019 B Dean

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Boston. On the first leg of the journey, the gate agent indicated he would call ahead to hold the plane due to a long line at security. He apparently did not as five passengers did not make the flight. On the return flight, the gate agent indicated a carry on baggage fee was applicable which I dispu...

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5/25/2019 P Harul

✅ Trip Verified | The on board service was great - smiling flight attendants. However, we dealt with an unforeseen circumstance on the day that we were flying. My wife and I were at the boarding gate waiting for our flight. She was very unwell and I had to bring her to the emergency. As much as I understand that we had booked o...

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5/24/2019 Nicholas Pinsent

✅ Trip Verified | Halifax to Ottawa. There was a $10 difference in standard vs basic and I chose to book basic. They charged me $39 not $25 for my golf bag and then told me instead of my 2 carry ons I was not allowed a carry on, only a personal item. I asked if a back pack could be my personal item and the guy gave me dimension...

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5/20/2019 Yogesh Jaiyawala

✅ Trip Verified | The worst staff attitude ever. I was on my way from US to Montreal via Toronto and forgot my portable charger in the NY to Toronto flight with 2 credit cards on the backside of it. As soon as I was at security check for my connecting flight to Montreal, I realised it and informed the porter desk in the lounge....

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5/8/2019 W Nelson

✅ Trip Verified | Out of all the many times I've flown and traveled, I must say Porter Airlines is by far the worst way to travel. During the Easter weekend after purchasing a one way nonstop flight from Toronto to Thunder Bay for almost $500, a week in advance, my flight was at the very last minute changed to a 6 hours flight t...

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5/6/2019 Natasha Berube

✅ Trip Verified | Montreal to Thunder Bay via Toronto. Todd and Sandra were very helpful today and I wanted to point their efforts out. Flight was delayed/cancelled after boarding due to a mistake of a loading dock staff’s part. Todd was pleasant & calm in booking me & my travelling partners on a new flight. Sandra was a joy to...

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4/29/2019 Steve Strong

Not Verified | Chicago to Toronto with Porter Airlines. I paid premium for my flight and the agent charged me $39 for a carry on bag. She insisted I have to check it in. I fly with this on all airlines.

4/13/2019 N Markin

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Newark. If you want to depart at 6, get a ticket for 4. It is not only impossible for this airline to leave on time, they do not communicate delays. Of course, no one expects much from airlines, but the level of sheer disrespect to customers by Porter is out of control. If you’re returning to Toront...

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2/26/2019 D Chacilan

✅ Trip Verified | I have traveled Porter many times from their inception. I have seen them grow and have participated in my of their growing pains. I was also very thrilled with the level of service I received and was impressed by the friendliness of the Air Hostesses. The ground staff - though not always pleasant were never ru...

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2/24/2019 Victoria Yeats

✅ Trip Verified | Montreal to Toronto. Not happy with the service. Porter airlines advertises cheap prices but then surprise you with extra fees for carry on bags. Don’t fool yourselves, it’s not actually as cheap as they say. Air Canada is way better and better service. This is my first and last time flying with Porter.

2/20/2019 Immanuel Lanzaderas

Not Verified | Porter has fallen from the level of service and quality it once had. YOW lounge permanently closed. Cheapest fares (basic) now do not include a carry-on, and their definition of "personal item" is very narrow. I paid for the carry-on allowed fare, and was told that my bag was over the 9kg limit for carry on. Thes...

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2/16/2019 Nadia Toutounghi

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Montreal. They have completely changed over the last five years I will never use them again. They rip you off on your baggage fee if you don’t book it online. However they don’t tell you that!! When you arrive at the airport you cannot book your baggage charge on a separate booking station you have ...

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2/15/2019 S Johnson

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Washington. The good days are over (from a customer perspective)! I've been flying Porter for years, literally the day after they opened the Toronto-Washington route in 2011. Everything was fantastic until they reached a critical mass, and they sold the airport to an external investor. No more free c...

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2/12/2019 Alex Knight

✅ Trip Verified | Newark to Toronto. I am appalled how bad this airline is. Loud prop planes with no TVs and not even wifi. But worse is the fact that a huge snowstorm was hitting the day I was due to return and they don't wave change fees in advance like other airline. They only wave change fees if your flight is canceled or ...

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1/27/2019 T Challaun

✅ Trip Verified | I have never received such terrible customer service in my life. My flight from Moncton to Ottawa was cancelled due to weather conditions (understandable) and I was sent an email asking not to contact Porter, stating that they would contact me with the next available flight information. I waited for hours and ...

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1/25/2019 Sarah Russell

✅ Trip Verified | They lost our luggage on a one hour flight from Sudbury to Toronto. One of our checked bags made it however the other did not. The reasoning was due to an off loading and unloading error. Meaning they took it off and forgot to put it back on. Absolutely ridiculous, almost comical the care factor from the luggag...

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1/4/2019 V Parker

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Toronto. Always love Porter for the free food and drinks. Staff are usually lovely, but the stewartess on this flight was awful. When we walked in she was picking her nails and didn't even look up as she grabbed our ticket to check the flight number. Everything she said was said rudely and as if she...

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1/1/2019 Michael Gross

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Newark. If you are flying with a family or if you are pregnant, do not fly with porter. We are a seasoned traveling family, we have two kids and a dog and my wife is pregnant. Generally, flying is tough, but we know what we are in for and come prepared. We checked two bags, and had a small carry on ...

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