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9/22/2018 Kevin Cusack

Not Verified | Alicante to Stansted. Terrible delay. Delayed 2.5 hours, and no information as to why. Check their flight history, all are delayed. Soon to go out of business I think. Booked because of the cost and the leg room was good. Sat on the tarmac for 30 mins without AC.

9/18/2018 Adam Lee

✅ Trip Verified | Newark to London. Four days after booking, I received an email saying my flight was canceled due to unexpected issues. No big deal, we have 3 weeks until departure. They give three options. Fly with then, fly with competition or refund my money. Flights are now double in cost, so I leave it to then to book a new ticket. It has now been 10 days, I have only received 2 emails from a human, with less than 2 sentences total as a response. They tell me I am being booked on their competitor (Air India) but for 3 days, they have not responded with me confirmation. I have not even seen the plane or boarding pass and this airline is already the biggest pain in 15 years of flying I have done. I never bother with an online review, but with such horrible service, I felt compelled.

9/11/2018 R Valazi

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Stansted. This was my first flight with Primera Air. I can only summarise as awful. The return flight to London delayed about 2 and a half hours. I’ve received 3 different emails from them which were giving completely contradictory information about the delays. I had to wait 128 minutes for luggage to arrive! Awful service. Never again I use this airline. The crew's attitude and approach were awful and the way I was dealt with cannot put in words. The only good thing about this airline was the planes were new and under one year. Otherwise, there are many customer relation issues with the Primera. When we were awaiting our luggage at the Stansted Airport, no airline representative was available to talk and discuss the issue. We did try to ring the airline but unfortunately, no one picked up the phone. I advise anyone to wish to travel to Canada for not using this airline. They charge for everything but the service doesn't worth a penny! Please don't throw away your money.

8/30/2018 S Naleva

Not Verified | After a long layover in Stansted, I made it to my gate with plenty of time to spare. When they started boarding, I got on the plane, put my things under my seat, and went to sleep. I awoke a half hour later to find that we did not take off, and in fact, they were having everyone get off the plane. The reason was not stated. Fast forward three hours later - stranded at the airport, waiting for some explanation, we learned that a part was missing in this old airplane we were about to board. They were reaching out to all the airports in London to see if that part could be delivered. They did not know how long it would take, but it could very well be later this evening that they would procure this part and ensure take off (this is what they told us). At this point, my one hour of free airport WiFi had long expired. I was using my kindle to communicate with my family and colleagues at work. Fast forward another hour - there was still no update. No food. No WiFi. Finally, Primera Air thinks to give us $10 vouchers for meals, which of course, we have to trek to the other side of this big airport to cash in. Not to mention the line to actually get a meal voucher is wrapping around three times over with hungry, tired, miserable travelers who had been stranded at the airport for six hours at that point. And, they didn’t do anything to get us more Wifi time. All the while they tell us: if you leave, and we take off, the cost of the flight won’t be reimbursed. So where did that leave us? No choice but to wait. Stranded at this airport endlessly for updates when we all had lives and work and people to get home to. A flight that was supposed to leave at 6 pm did not show any evidence of going anywhere seven hours later. I found a group of four other travelers in an equally distressed state as myself, and we collectively decided to book another flight through Norwegian to New York out of Gatwick airport for $650. I payed $180 dollars out of my own pocket to Uber us four stranded travelers to Gatwick at 2am. We booked a hotel near the airport where we got two hours of sleep before the flight out of Gatwick the next morning, which thankfully was on time, safe, and competent. It gets better - Primera Air eventually canceled the flight that night, and promised a baseline $690 euro reimbursement in addition to other travel expenses incurred during this nightmare experience. Thank goodness we booked another flight out, because that Primera Air flight to New York did not take off for over 24 hours after the scheduled time - I would have missed much more than a night of work if I had been relying on this airline. They promised a reimbursement for my trouble after I sent my receipts and CC statement, and three months later, I have received nothing and been fully ignored in my many attempts to contact them.

8/12/2018 C Parker

✅ Trip Verified | Stansted to Boston. Primera Air offers budget flights from the UK to the US using Airbus A321 Neo aircraft. I flew from Stansted to Boston on 6th August. The check in process at Stansted was a pain because Primera Air doesn’t offer online check for US flights. There is no automated check in so all passengers, including those with just hand luggage, have to queue. Although the 7-hour flight to Boston passed without incident, there were major delays at both airports. The plane took off almost an hour late from Stansted. In spite of arriving in Boston on time (this airline pads its schedule to a ridiculous extent), we sat on the apron for 30 minutes, waiting for an available gate. To add insult to injury, we were kept on the jet bridge for a further 20 minutes. Although I only had hand luggage, it took me 90 minutes from landing to leave the airport. The service onboard the flight was minimal and there was little real food for purchase. Drinks were reasonably priced. There was no entertainment system. The aircraft was new and the onboard experience on my flight was reasonably good. I would use Primera Air again but wish they would sort out the problems they have with airports and ground agents. I also wish they would modernise and introduce online check in for US flights.

7/29/2018 Stuart Holmes

✅ Trip Verified | Newark to Paris. As a result of the delays in receiving their A321-LR aircraft Premera air contracted EuroAtlantic to fly the Newark- Paris(CDG) route.The check in took about 45 mins as it was a full flight. It took about 40 mins to get through security at Newark due to the lack of TSA staff and screening equipment.The seats were comfortable ahd a personal TV screen in each seat which had a limited selection of films and TV shows. There was also a USB port to charge personal devices, There were no headphones offered on board luckily we had our own set. The scheduled flight time was 6 hrs 25 mins we took off about 30 mins late but we managed to arrive on time into CDG. The EuroAtlantic staff were friendly and attentive and looked after the passengers on the flight. Meals and drinks were provided to those passengers who booked their meals through the Primera air website. Overall this flight was great value for money.

7/20/2018 M Barton

✅ Trip Verified | Alicante to Stansted. Booked this flight because it was the cheapest and didn’t look into them that much. Woke up on the morning of the flight to say that it was delayed from 12:40pm to 04:20 the next morning. Nobody was the airport until 11am (staff wise) and they then checked us in before sending us off to a hotel at 3pm. As we pulled into the hotel we all received a text message saying that the flight was cancelled and we had to book our own flights home. I got one of the last British Airways flights which cost me £500. There were lots of distressed people who couldn’t afford a new flight and I honestly don’t know what happened to them in the end. Lots of people had to fly to East Midlands the next afternoon and then make their own way to Stansted. This isn’t ideal but these things happen and at this point I wasn’t too annoyed with Primera Air. However, upon returning I have emailed my refund claim as asked and have had no reply. I have tried to phone them and their refund department do not have a phone number. The lady in customer services told me that they get thousands of claims a day so I shouldn’t expect a reply soon. It’s so frustrating that they still haven’t been in contact (nearly 3 weeks later) to even give me a reference number. Do not book with this airline! Pay the extra money to fly with an airline that will actually treat you properly.

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