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6/4/2019 Sheila Fitzgerald, Airbus A380 (380) seat 57D

Quite a few seats were difficult to recline/straighten. I broke a thumbnail because I had to lift out of my seat and press the button with BOTH my thumbnails before the flight attendant had to push it from behind...other passengers had the same problem. The next leg to Dublin the plane was smaller and I spent 8 hours getting shoved and elbowed and disturbed by passengers and attendants - the aisle space is too narrow! The aisle seats leg space is vastly reduced because of the metal box! No foot room!

6/3/2019 Frank Hewett

✅ Trip Verified | Goa to London via Doha. One needs to give credit when credit is due I've always said. I've flown with Qatar Airways on and off over the years, whether it be from UK to India, India to Australia or UK to Australia. I've also flown with other airlines all over the world and over many years. Fortunately I don't do three flights a week anymore and it's only a handful of long hauls a year now. But every time I've flown with Qatar Airways it's been a very pleasant experience. The staff are by far the best I've dealt with for politeness and fantastic customer service. The flight details I listed above on 30th May QR523 and QR007 from Goa to London, where my 11 year old son, Frank Hewett, travelled as an unaccompanied minor, I felt so at ease with the service Qatar Airways provided. From the time they collected Frank and delivered him to my wife in London I was kept up to date on the progress and even the phone calls to let me know he had lost his mobile phone in the airport lounge. Little be known to me, Qatar Airways upgraded him to business class from Goa to Doha. I honestly thank Qatar Airways and the staff for looking after my son and gave me the peace of mind knowing he was completely looked after from start to finish.

5/31/2019 N Meares

✅ Trip Verified | Dublin to Perth via Doha. The check-in at Dublin rigidly enforce the 7kg cabin bag limit. This would be fair enough except that on my outbound journey staff had told me that Qatar Airways baggage allowance was 10kg, and I kind of relied on that advice. On board the 787 I was disappointed to find my foot space restricted by a big metal box under the seat, despite being a near-new aircraft. I got a vegetarian meal, but not the one I ordered - I think that went to my neighbour who didn't eat it. Qatar doesn't put names or seat numbers on special meals. We were a little late into Doha, but the delay was compounded when the aircraft parked a 20 minute bus ride away from the terminal. Security identified an issue with my hand luggage and made me unpack everything. Finally re-packed, I started the long walk to the new gate, only to have the security experience repeated - even though I quickly volunteered the small device which had caused issues at the previous check, they made me unpack everything, again. On board the A380 I have to say things took a big turn for the better, seats were comfortable, no metal boxes under the seats, I got the right meal and managed some sleep. Arrival in Perth was on time and luggage came quickly. I never did manage to get internet connectivity on the 787; I did on the A380, but be aware that the complimentary wifi they advertise is actually restricted to certain social media. So it was a mixed experience - I would fly Qatar again, but I think I would try to avoid the 787, transfer times under 2 hours, and Dublin.

5/29/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 11K

Not good - despite buying new aircraft QR are still fitting them out with horrible big metal entertainment boxes under many of the seats. The one under 11K reduces the width of the foot space, the one under 11J is at right-angles reducing depth instead. What a choice!

5/29/2019 P Pertiwi

Not Verified | My first time travelling with my family to Europe with Qatar Airways and it was long route from Sydney to Paris via Doha and I was grateful that I flew with this airline. Despite the long flight duration, it was a truly comfortable journey for me and my family. The seats and on-board services from the staffs were excellent. The foods were by far the best in-flight meals that I ever had. I was impressed of how Qatar prioritise child passenger and how the staffs interact with kid so sincerely. Transit in Doha was OK, nice airport but not many options for foods. But it was OK because the flight service gave us everything that we need. The only disappointment was the ground staff in Sydney airport. We were denied check in the flight to Paris because I had a Schengen visa issued by Switzerland. But the manager in-charged sorted it.

5/27/2019 Marica Susnja, Airbus A380 (380) seat 69C

Service ,Entertainment,Food/drinks excelent. More leg room and seat width would be better

5/27/2019 Tarun G, Airbus A350-900 (350) seat 29G

The economy seating definitely needs some serious reconfiguration. The leg room is pathetic and the seat doesn’t recline more than 10 degrees. I’m under 6 feet and All the flight my knees were stuck into the front seat. My next connection was a 787 out of Doha. I can’t tell how relieved I was with the leg space I got there. I dread this experience of doing a long haul and might never fly A350 if it’s more than 6 hours.

5/27/2019 K Daram

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Kuala Lumpur via Doha. One of the best Economy flights I have experienced. The seat is really comfortable and comes with all the perks: toiletries kit, socks, refresher, pillow etc. The elbow support on the alley side can be put to vertical position which is very convenient for oversized people. The space for your legs is most likely the widest of all airlines, even if the front seat is reclined you don't feel cramped at all. The staff is very professional, reactive and empathic towards the passengers. The toilets are large, clean and well designed. Food is good, entertainment system is nice with lots to keep you busy in long hauls. All in all, I will fly this airline again anytime. The stopover in Doha is fantastic as this is a very nice and well-thought airport with lots to entertain you. On the return flight, the connection was extremely tight (1 hour) and yet it was smooth and we got all our luggage on arrival. Thank you folks, keep up the great job.

5/26/2019 Ernest K, Airbus A350-900 (350) seat 42F

May 25, 2019. Row 3 bins and all the way back full of crew luggage and supplies. Stow your bags in the overhead bins before you get to row 39. Seat was no more comfortable than any of the economy seats that I've been in the last 5 or so years. Food was plentiful but again no better or than any other economy meal. Audio plug is 2 pronged. If you bring your one prong head phones, be sure to bring an adapter.

5/24/2019 Tracey, Airbus A380 (380) seat 11E

Great seats , second row back near gallery so quick service, same with toilets. Comfortable, easy to use , would fly Qatar again staff awesome , the bar is great , can stay down there for ages

5/24/2019 G Chan

✅ Trip Verified | Munich to Doha. The Munich Airport ground crew manning the business class queue was rude. When the call was made for boarding for business class then zone 1, I went to queue up. Upon seeing there was another staff manning a counter on the left with no queue, I went to her mistakenly thinking it was just another line for boarding. When I presented my boarding pass, she didn't bother to take it and said something which I couldn't understand. I decided to go ahead to walk towards the boarding gate. The lady raised her voice and said 'hey!', which started me and then said the counter was for business class. I acknowledge that I'd made a mistake but she could have pointed me to the correct queue instead of mumbling with no action. The crew on the plane was pleasant and friendly.

5/23/2019 Faruk Muktadir

✅ Trip Verified | Doha to New York. Great experience, Qatar ensure luxury in their one and only QSuite in Business class. I was excited to be on A350 XWB and it was fully worth it. Food was awesome, cabin was very clean, toilets was clean. Amenities comes up with great quality and almost everything you need. Pajamas very comfortable, cabin temperature was well maintained and pleasant. Food comes up with lots of varieties and restaurant style serving. Cabin crews well taken care of me whenever needed, customer focused and respond to you politely. This has been a great experience for me on flight and on ground service. However because of my previous flight become late I wasn't able to use lounge in Doha and run like hell to catch this long haul flight.

5/23/2019 G Kan

✅ Trip Verified | My outbound flight was from Singapore to Oslo via Doha. The transfer at Doha was a rush because the flight from Singapore was delayed. I had to board a bus to get to the terminal, go through security screening and run across the terminal to the boarding gate to catch another bus for the connecting flight. They failed to transfer my check-in luggage at Doha. I arrived in Oslo at about 1.30pm and reported that my luggage was missing. The ground handling (SAS) representative told me that my luggage was in Doha and that it would arrive the next day. It did not arrive the next day. I tried calling their representative at the airport, but I could not reach them. No one from Qatar Airways or SAS called me, even though they have details of my hotel and phone number. Eventually, my luggage was delivered to my hotel 55 hrs after I arrived in Oslo. I have written emails to the airline to ask how I can claim compensation, but each time I only received a reply saying that the matter is being handled by their airport counterparts and to wait for these airport personnel to reply. It has been 17 days since the incident, and there has been no word from these people.

5/20/2019 Matthias Vandamme

✅ Trip Verified | Brussels to Bangkok via Doha in April and Qatar Airways is a top airline! The most aspects of our journey were good/great. We had no transfer problems at all, although the transfer time was limited (1h45). We checked in via web (twice), but the queues for us in Brussels as well in Bangkok were longer than those who had not checked in via web. There were far more check in desks opened for customers who had not checked in, so our waiting time was to long. The cabin crew was very friendly (especially for our kids). The inflight service and meals are very good. It was just a bit disappointing that the choices for the main course were limited when they came by. Overall were satisfied with Qatar Airways.

5/15/2019 Joanne Link, Airbus A380 (380) seat 31B

Very nice airline staff extremely friendly and professional. economy seat quite spacious and the food lively.

5/15/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A330-300 (333) v1 seat 38K

If people in front of you tilt the seat backwards you have very limited space. If you want to get up then you have to fight properly gear. Find it unreasonable for light-bodied people almost impossible.

5/15/2019 F Matthews

✅ Trip Verified | Flew from Vienna via Doha to Bangkok first time on board Qatar Airways and definitely not the last time. Check-in agents at the airport as well as ground staff in Doha and Bangkok were very professional and efficient. Seats super comfortable, enough privacy, as well as a nice amenity kit - seats and atmosphere on board it's A350 are even better! Really liked the food on board from Breakfast to Dinner, nice selection on menus, menu cards for Breakfast to ensure you get enough sleep. I highly recommend this airline.

5/15/2019 Matteo Bertoni

✅ Trip Verified | Milan to Denpasar via Doha return in business. I found this airline real 5 star service on all sectors, staff is super efficient and warm taking care of you all time from check-in to arrival. Everybody is calling you by name. Biz class product mixed with both QSuite on A359 and old seat on B773 but high level of comfort in both cases with food quality top notch. I have to say that despite the new suite is newer and innovative is a bit claustrophobic , the old style seat itself is more comfortable to sleep in and move around.Transit in DOH was smooth and will recommend this airport compared to DXB that is too crowded. Al Mourjan Business Lounge in DOH was better than any other airline's F class lounge. Crews quality standard are at top standards in the market and set this airline far from the direct competitor EK. I'll fly with Qatar again in the future even paying a premium price compared to Emirates, Oman Air or Etihad.

5/14/2019 S Gatiris

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Milan via Doha. Unfortunately once again equipment change on first leg from Bangkok to Doha. Ended up up flying on old style angled seats of 777 which I hate. The second part was on the QSuite which is absolutely fantastic. If they only stopped changing equipment it would be a 10/10 all through. Service and lounges are all excellent as always on Qatar.

5/14/2019 S Gatiris

✅ Trip Verified | Milan to Bangkok via Doha. Always a pleasure to fly with Qatar on Business Class, however this time the second part of our journey we were downgraded from a Qsuite to an old style angled seat 777. First part of the journey excellent on the A350 but the Boeing 777 really isn't worth it anymore and is very disappointing. Soft product as always excellent by Qatar Airways with top class service and lounges, but a big shame on the old style aircraft especially when I had booked to fly the Qsuite.