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9/29/2019 Elaine Loh

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Doha. Outstanding service and food. The Q suite is very comfortable with privacy. A large selection of movies including world movies makes the flight enjoyable. There is even a massage mode for their chairs. I was backward facing but did not feel any differently. Will definitely fly Qatar Airways a...

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9/29/2019 Ali Parvini

✅ Trip Verified | Doha to Sydney in October 2018/. Me and my family were in the Qsuite which are seats surrounded by partitions, so we had our own private space. All seats had their own big screen and entertainment services. The food and beverages were excellent and we experienced a wonderful long flight.

9/28/2019 C Johnson

✅ Trip Verified | Kuwait to Manchester via Doha. Bitterly disappointed with the service from Qatar airways. Lounges are disappointing, staff at the lounges discourteous, after flying first I would expect better. After flying through Doha twice in the last month with similar experiences I’ll be sticking with Emirates for future t...

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9/28/2019 Brian Royce

✅ Trip Verified | Extremely disappointed with this airline, the website did something at the last minute and changed my layover to over 13 hours, the customer service was disappointing to this. The flight was not comfortable at all, with 2 beverages served to me the entire 10 hour flight. The counter people and the stewardess s...

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9/26/2019 M Gerrel

✅ Trip Verified | Colombo to Madrid via Doha. Doha to Madrid is delayed 4 hours and we end up landing in Barajas at 1am. They are asked for compensation and they refuse as a non-European company and leaving from the airport outside Europe. After insisting, compensation of $100 person is only redeemable for trips with them. Mad...

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9/25/2019 Simon Marson

✅ Trip Verified | Our three children have travelled from Dar es Salaam to Houston via Doha by Qatar Airways Special Services. (Unaccompanied minor). After hugs and kisses, they told us that "No more travelling with parents, we will always travel with Qatar Airways, special services, you allow us to go.We have been treated like ...

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9/25/2019 J Brien

Not Verified | Hong Kong to Doha. Old plane. Not up to standard. Very disappointed to board the flight having paid the premium for a Q-Suite, only to get the old business class. No apology, no offer of compensation. Asked for a WIFi code but refused. Seats old and not fully reclining, no privacy. Half the meal options not avail...

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9/23/2019 Ievgeniia Temchenko

✅ Trip Verified | Kiev to Seoul via Doha with Qatar Airways. Thank you for the perfect service! This was my first experience with Qatar Airways. My trips were comfortable and safe. Airport, aircraft and crew were on high level!

9/22/2019 Adriana Reyes

✅ Trip Verified | Athens to Manila via Doha. Due to an early morning domestic flight I arrived in Athens at about 10:00 and proceeded to look to see if I could check in early as I had a long and complicated flight and some things had to be checked however check in staff refused to check my documents and asked to return in the a...

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9/22/2019 Zied Hedhiri

✅ Trip Verified | Tunis to Doha. Flying with Qatar Airways A350 Business Class was something that you must have once in your life. Everything was as expected, from boarding to Cabin and flight entertainment until the finest details. But in Doha my luggage came out So late, even with the priority sticker. It was damaged and didn...

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9/21/2019 M Gartin

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to Doha. This airline offers reasonable prices. The seats are good and well-maintained, the toilets are clean, and the foods and drinks are generously served. I have also had the opportunity to fly in their business class. I am not surprised why this airline is voted as one of the best.

9/20/2019 Tony Williams

Not Verified | Manchester to Bangkok via Doha. Flights were perfect check in staff at Manchester appalling. Whilst checking in at business class, a rude man interrupted and demanded a biz class sticker for his hand luggage - he was an economy pax and proceeded to demand the attention of the check in woman who disregarded me. Th...

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9/18/2019 catherine cochlin, Airbus A380 (380) seat 27K

I was pleasantly surprised with the economy seats on this large plane as I usually fly premium economy & was worried about such a long flight in economy. The seats & legroom was good - the staff were fantastic, just as good as I have experienced in business class.

9/18/2019 D Huggett

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Bangkok via Doha. Both flights left on time after a speedy organised boarding. First leg to Doha on Boeing 777 was far better than second leg to Bangkok on smaller A330. Seats were comfortable and IFE had lots of films and TV programmes to watch. Food served was OK and crew were friendly and did the...

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9/18/2019 Craig Robinson

✅ Trip Verified | Adelaide to Doha via Edinburgh. This was the worst flying experience and they managed to lose my bag. My biggest problem was that I couldn't claim on travel insurance until Qatar had closed their case and issued any compensation. This has taken 3 months so far and over 40 follow up emails. They keep coming up ...

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9/17/2019 Gail James James

✅ Trip Verified | Cape Town to Edinburgh via Doha. Cape Town to Doha flight was initially delayed to 14:30. At 14:30 via screen display informed flight indefinite delayed. At 3pm announcement that flight was cancelled and passengers direct to a gate B 1. Information regarding reason for delay was poor. Most staff unable to give...

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9/17/2019 Ellen van der Linden

✅ Trip Verified | My journey with Qatar was an adventure. I was flying out with my dog, a native Sri Lankan dog (breed was mixed/mongrel) and it was a nightmare to book. To be fair, it wasn't bad the first time - mixed breed was okay. Unfortunately I had to change the date of my flight and rebook my dog onto the flight, and tha...

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9/16/2019 Paul Barabas

✅ Trip Verified | Denpasar to Bucharest via Doha. Our experience with Qatar Airways was rather disappointing this time. Some of our food onboard was barely eatable. and transfer in Doha was by bus. On two legs the lunch option we chose was not available anymore. The Boeing 777 seat comfort is good and IFE also has good variety...

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9/16/2019 Jeannine Subramoney

✅ Trip Verified | Cape Town to Brussels via Doha. I love Qatar airways.The cabin crew is friendly, accomodating, genuine, helpful and professional. The food is lovely and entertainment is great! The toiletry bags have something to assist with dry lips. Qatar airways is always my first choice airline.

9/13/2019 John and family, Airbus A380 (380) seat 28D

Perfect for a family of 4. Annoying the arm rests didn’t fold back as far as the seats recline, but this is consistent with other aircraft. The seat pockets were small but useable. Toilets spotless. USB point is great. Coat hanger button, but does it really need to be there🤷🏽‍♂️.