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8/21/2019 Sandesh Sawant

✅ Trip Verified | Flew from Brussels to Mumbai via Doha on 10 Aug 2019, Flight QR 0196 and loved the experience. The service was excellent and was impressed with the staff taking care to each whims and fancies of the passengers. Multiple choices available during dinning and beverages were fresh as well. Suggestion to avail mouth...

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8/20/2019 Helen Rees, Airbus A380 (380) seat 15E

This was a comfortable flight with great facilities/amenities. The toilets were well maintained and the service was very good. The chicken & rice dish I had was delicious. It would be nice to have sugar free jam available and less sugar in berries etc

8/20/2019 Mats Jonsson

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to Gothenburg via Doha. Very friendly service, A+. Good leg space, I normally suffer a lot worse. Dinners were OK and enjoyable, found the scrambled eggs for brekkie a tad boring - but 24 hrs each way was probably a reason. Service was good, I find that some stewards/stewardesses these days aren't that ...

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8/19/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A330-300 (333) v1 seat 2A

Great lay back seat, brilliant in flight service, but would not choose this seat as the foot well is very narrow . I only have a small foot for a 185cm male, but in the bed position, my feet were jammed and uncomfortable.Row 1 has a much wider foot well,but assume that rows 3- 5 A and 2-5 L are the same

8/19/2019 Niamh Dowling

✅ Trip Verified | Dublin to Denpasar via Doha. Uncomfortable and small seats. I was served the same food throughout that was not great. WiFi did not work for me.

8/15/2019 Alwaleed Althani

✅ Trip Verified | Doha to Amman. Qatar Airways uses larger Boeing 777-300s on this route due to the busy Summer season, though it is configured in a 2 class system they call business class a first class to charge a higher fare. We got QSuites though also on this route Qatar Airways offers no duty free. The staff was pleasant an...

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8/12/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) v1 seat 36K

It was pretty good seat despite the other comments. Meal service was really good Amm-Doh

8/11/2019 W Wong

✅ Trip Verified | London to Doha on the A380 (25 July 2019). The in flight entertainment on this flight was good. My other flights were Doha to Kuala Lumpur returning via Doha to Gatwick on 9 August 2019, on the older B777. In flight entertainment on these flights was disappointing. Not many latest movies. On the audio selecti...

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8/9/2019 F Barzile

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Kolkata via Doha. Flying with Qatar is a pleasant experience. This time I flew in economy as is quite confortable. Unfortunately there is no premium economy. Movie and music selection is excellent. Seats quite comfortable. The only negative point was the meal on both flights. I ordered a meal for diab...

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8/8/2019 Simon Wijers

✅ Trip Verified | Brussels to Bangkok via Doha. If I could rate from one to ten, this would be eleven! Outstanding service, wonderful people, good food. Simply very good. We’ll definitely choose Qatar Airways again soon!

8/7/2019 Michael Smith, Airbus A380 (380) seat 75H

The great thing about row 75 is that it's an extra legroom/emerency exit aisle so nobody is seated in front of you. That gives you unlimited legroom and the opportunity for a comfortable night's rest. Tuned in to the excellent Qatar entertainment programmes it's possible to drown out the noise of restless babies from time to tim...

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8/3/2019 Rajan Parrikar

✅ Trip Verified | Mumbai to Copenhagen via Doha. For the BOM-DOH segment the aircraft was equipped with the Qsuites configuration. The attention to detail in the Q-seat design is admirable. For seat comfort and privacy, this is closer to First Class on several other airlines. For the DOH-CPH segment, the aircraft had the tradit...

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8/3/2019 M Walter

✅ Trip Verified | Warsaw to Singapore via Doha. It couldn’t have been any better! Both flights with Qatar went absolutely seamless - but the travel experience was even something more than seamless - it was just perfect. The aircraft were new, neat and clean - it’s an unquestionable pleasure to travel on board the A350. IFE was ...

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8/3/2019 Roy Yu

✅ Trip Verified | Athens to Doha. Horrible check in experience on business class! When I arrived at check in I found the business check in counter is all queuing by crew members. Luckily I have done online check-in, and moved to queue at the bag drop counter. But the crew skipped us and continue to drop drop their luggage. I im...

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8/3/2019 Megan Burnett

✅ Trip Verified | Manchester to Auckland via Doha. I am a very nervous flier and the airline and the staff make all the difference. When booking Qatar airways was very decently priced and so I thought I would give them a go. So very pleased I did. Manchester - Doha I was given seat 37A - window exit seat. Which was VERY nice of...

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7/31/2019 Noreesha Ottali

✅ Trip Verified | Considering the overall flying time from Muscat to Houston via Doha was 19 hours or so I was dreading to do it in an economy class flight. However do to pricing factors for a business class ticket, I transferred my amazing American Express membership reward points to my QA account and credited it with miles. A...

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7/31/2019 Christopher Walker

✅ Trip Verified | My wife and I flew Business Class Sydney to Venice via Doha, returning from Rome on A380/ 787 /A330 and had wonderful flights. On boarding we were offered a drink [White Champagne or Rose], cold towel and menus. One of the staff then asked what we would like to order to eat and drink and when would we like to ...

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7/30/2019 M Landen

✅ Trip Verified | Very bad quality food. Helsinki to Singapore via Doha Not my first time traveling with Qatar, I even wrote a great review to them last year. Now I think the management has change, or they are cutting costs a lot. Our first 6 hours flight to Doha was crowded, only 2 toilets for more than 150 people, the corrido...

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7/28/2019 Stephen Astley, Airbus A380 (380) seat 14A

Business Class full. Staff a little too attentive. To be asked once if everything OK is enough. I was asked 5 times !!

7/28/2019 Miroslav Milosevic

✅ Trip Verified | Stockholm to Chennai via Doha. Good value for money, but a bit neglected cabin. Inflight entertainment might be bit better, especially on A330 equipment where screens are old. I noticed the A330 had fewer lavatories. But what is absolutely the best when it comes to Qatar Airways are the meals and drinks. You h...

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