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2/24/2019 A Ramurzan

✅ Trip Verified | Kolkata to Chattogram. Problem occurred at Boarding pass counter. Limit of my bags weight 35. It shows on boarding counter scale, but just 30 minutes ago I Traveled from Delhi to Kolkata by Air India. Ok though I agree with this. I have a hand bag of 05 kg. If the counter lady have gave me the opportunity for transferring some of my accessories to my hand bag then problem solved. Moreover do 3kg very much overweight? I have to throw out some accessories from my bag. After then I get my boarding pass. Very nice experience.

2/23/2019 Md Boby Sabur

✅ Trip Verified | My 11:45 am flight from Coxs Bazar to Dhaka got rescheduled twice at 2:30 pm. Then, I went to check with Regent boarding desk at 2:15 pm to know that the flight has completed boarding at Dhaka only. Which means the flight from CXB is not taking off before 3:30 or 4 pm. This made me look at Regent Airways customer reviews and holy shit the review page didn’t have a single good customer review! A strong indicator that Regent Airways Management doesn’t prioritize anything between their flight timing, customer service, and overall flying experience. Not taking another Regent flight again, and suggesting the same to my family and friends unless the service improves!

1/20/2019 P Emery

✅ Trip Verified | Unprofessional mannerless attitude. We flew from Dhaka to Cox's Bazar at new years eve. Due to govt. Election flight was delayed 1.5 hours. But they didn’t mention that before. After sitting on the aircraft we came to know about that. We were stuck into the flight for all that time. The ground staffs behaviour was nice and professional. But the cabin crew acted like they are also some guest passengers there. Even after asking for newspaper they didn’t even bother to manage one.

12/31/2018 S Massayan

✅ Trip Verified | Dhaka to Singapore. They have the worst possible online support staff. Standard of food, cabin crew or cleaning in the aircraft were terrible. AC inside the aircraft did not work properly.

12/21/2018 F Sainal

✅ Trip Verified | Cox's Bazar to Dhaka. The inbound flight was delayed by more than 1 hour due to dense fog at Dhaka which delayed the aircraft to come. The check in & luggage handling was quick & they made us board the plane as soon as the incoming passengers got of. The cabin crew need to improve their communication skills as they distributed mass snacks to the entire row of passengers & let the passengers of that row distribute snacks among themselves. It may be boring doing the same work again & again, but, still, a cabin crew can easily provide a sandwich to a passenger sitting beside the window in a single aisle aircraft. Good airlines do operate old aircraft, but, its the attitude of the cabin crew & on board product that make all the difference. I don't recommend Regent on international routes as there are so many other airlines operate out of Bangladesh with outstanding on board services like Qatar, Singapore etc.

12/18/2018 Salman Shah

✅ Trip Verified | Dhaka to Cox's Baza. Booked a discounted ticket more than a month ago. Didn't expect too much. Just on time departure & arrival. That's what I got. Boarding & luggage handling was smooth. Cabin crew wasn't exactly cordial, but professional enough. It was a 40min ride, but the captain was able to make it bumpy despite clear weather. Cheese sandwich & cake was good enough for a shorts haul flight like this, but as expected no IFE. Aircraft was manufactured in 2001, so common for local Bangladeshi carriers. But the seats were good pitch even for a Dutch national who flew alongside me & was well over 6'. Hope for a similar experience with Regent next time.

11/25/2018 S Malik

✅ Trip Verified | As soon as I boarded the plane, it was hot. Air conditioner was not on. It got hotter, and hotter, and hotter inside the plane while all others after me boarded. That process took roughly about 40 minutes for everybody to board. Despite many people trying to cool themselves by fanning newspapers or whatever that were in their hands and requests to the crew to switch on the air conditioner, it was still not switched on. When, finally, the plane started moving, I thought the ac would now be switched on - bot no - they still would not switch it on. The plane spent 20 minutes taxiing on the tarmac before taking off. The air conditioners finally came on about 7 minutes into the flight, for a flight that only lasts 30 minutes. The same thing happened on the return, with no air conditioner on until well into the flight. This is utterly disgusting on the part of Regent Airways. I have flown on this airline before as well, and the same thing happened on those occasions as well. If Regent Airways are reading this, please increase your fares to cover the cost of fuel for keeping the ac on right from the time of boarding to keep passengers comfortable. This is obviously a cost cutting exercise in fuel costs - but this is really disgusting. I am pretty sure all those waving their newspapers and anything else to keep themselves cool would much prefer to pay a few more Taka extra for the ac to be kept on than the terrible experience they get whilst on board your flights.

5/27/2018 B Shamol

✅ Trip Verified | Kolkata to Dhaka. Yesterday we traveled with regent airways but it was so hot on board that it was unbelievable. On an airplane it is not clean and service is not good. We think next time we're not flying with Regent Airways.

2/24/2018 Nafis Ahmed Raiyan

✅ Trip Verified | Dhaka to Kolkata. We were kept waiting for 15 mins due to their software problems, even in the business class queue. At last, they checked us in under special service from another counter. The flight was delayed by 2.5hrs due to heavy fog that day. But for the business class ticket, we were given a good lounge with premium food and wi-fi. So wasn't much frustrated. We were chauffeured to our aircraft in a 2006 Toyota Axio. But we were a little disappointed as despite for paying for business class, our seats were not good. The galley's wall was in front of us, so we were deprived of a lot of leg room. But suddenly, a passenger fell ill as the plane taxied to the runway for take-off. So the plane had to go back to its initial position, drop off the sick passenger in an ambulance and then returned to the runway, resulting in another 40 min delay. At last, the plane took off. The food quality (snacks), was average. Was served a hot dog, shwarma, and cake. But the seat itself was comfortable beside Window. There was no infotainment system at all, let alone wi-fi. So was a bit disappointed. Landed at Kolkata after a short 30 min flight.

12/8/2017 D Anmul

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Dhaka. This was my first trip in Regent Airways. Very disappointing as the seats were uncomfortable with no digital entertainment or even any magazines other then newspapers. 4 hours journey felt like a never ending one. Worse was when they gave us an meal option to choose between 2 dishes A and B. Me and my wife both chose the same type A. The steward said they ran short of the same type. When she went to the passengers right behind us she offered them both the meal types A & B. Have I not paid the same amount as all the other passengers of Business Class.

10/24/2017 H Sammir

✅ Verified Review | Dhaka to Cox's Bazar. My flight was on 17th July 2017. The flight was delayed for 45 minutes. Before starting the flight they just close the door and within 2/3 minutes inside the plane getting hot, something wrong with air-condition and air pressure was not ok, after 10/15 minutes plane was getting smoky and dark. We have been inside the terrible plane with horrible experience more than 30 minutes. They were unable to open the door for half an hour. But it was a matter of regret that the authority didn’t contact with us by any way. I was surprised with their behavior. The aircraft condition was very poor. And the air-condition was not working properly. Stopped traveling with this airline. I would not recommend for next flight.

1/1/2017 M Jaddin

✅ Verified Review | Dhaka to Chittagong. The flight was delayed for 3 hrs and the staff were not telling the exact time to fly. The aircraft condition was old and the aircon was not working properly. We waited onboard the aircraft for a long time on the ground. I would not recommended for next flight. The food was okay but cold.

10/7/2016 H Jenkins

✅ Verified Review | Chittagong to Dhaka with Regent Airways. A moderately good airline that is quickly going downhill. I fly the Regent domestic route (Chittagong to Dhaka) 5 to 10 times a year for business and international routes (Dhaka - Bangkok and Dhaka - Kuala Lumpur) typically three times a year. Regent used to be my go-to option to avoid the national joke that is Biman Airlines, but over the past year, Regent's reliability with domestic flights has gone significantly downhill, with consistently late flights and a frequently chaotic check-in process to get a boarding pass. Regent now offers consistent delays of 30 - 90 minutes for a routine daily domestic flight and staff who open the ticketing counter 20 minutes before the flight's takeoff time and then rush passengers along as if it's their fault. Flight delays because of weather or other unavoidable circumstances are understandable, but when it's due to poor planning or airline staff just showing up late, it's absurd. I've emailed Regent directly using their online customer service form and, of course, haven't received any response.

9/15/2016 Peter Ingram

✅ Verified Review | This is the second time I have flown with Regent Airways from Bangkok to Chittagong return. Nothing but praise from on line booking to great flight attendants. The food is ok - plenty of drinks (dry airline). On the return trip the purser was a fantastic guy, and all the other staff were friendly and helpful as well. This is the only direct flight from Bangkok to Chittagong.

2/5/2016 Peter Ingram

Traveled Regent Airways, Business Class from Bangkok to Chittagong and return. Flew to Chittagong on the 21st January, service was absolutely brilliant and cabin crew were marvellous. Food was delicious. Return was the same with a great crew (two of the crew remembered me from the previous trip), great comfort and food. All flights were on time. Comfortable seating in Business Class as well. Would recommend this airline as it is the quickest connection from Bangkok to Chittagong without going to Dhaka.

1/19/2016 N Morshed

Dhaka to Singapore with Regent Airways. The check-in was smooth at Dhaka, better than my other check-in experiences at Dhaka. The aircraft was a Boeing 737-700 which showed signs of aging. The interior needs refurbishment. The meal could have been better. The cabin crew was quite helpful and nice. There is no IFE in the cabin and difficult to kill time. Overall value for money.

1/29/2014 S Walker

I have flown with Regent a couple of times between Dhaka and Chittagong and Cox's Bazar and in general have found them to be OK although the air conditioning on their Dash 8 aircraft frequently doesn't work. However more recently I have twice flown with Regent on their new 737-400 aircraft fro Dhaka to Bangkok. However when they say new this actually means new for them as both aircraft are leased from other airlines and are actually starting to show signs of age. Only one of them has an onboard entertainment system which didn't work when I was on board and the other (seemingly older) aircraft actually still has ash trays in the arm rests which have been taped up to stop people from using them but on a lot of the seats the ash trays have been removed leaving a rather sharp and dangerous metal edge on the end of the arm rest. On my last trip from BK back to Dhaka the Pilot went AWOL and so were almost 2 hours late leaving BK. The meals on board are very typically Bangladesh and not good and of course you cannot get an alcoholic drink on board. The tea and coffee is also pretty bad. The FA's are for the most part friendly enough but efficiency is not their highpoint. However despite their shortcomings their prices are very good.

11/29/2012 B Uddin

Excellent round-trip between DAC-ZYL recently. Booked my tickets online in UK and everything worked well without the need to re-confirm tickets etc. I will certainly use this airline again in future.

6/24/2012 Riaz Osmani

Cox's Bazar to Dhaka non-stop and one hour flight on a Bombardier Dash-8-Q300 on June 12. Excellent webpage meant was able to purchase domestic Bangladeshi flights from the UK using a UK debit card. Customer service personnel in Dhaka very helpful over the phone when requested confirmed itinerary resent via email. Check-in a breeze. Nice cabin interior and smartly turned out FAs provided snacks and beverages. Flight left on time and arrived the same.

11/25/2010 M Rahman

DAC-CGP. Online booking available. On arrival at the domestic airport a Regent Airways porter carries your luggage to check in desk. Polite greeting from check in staff who handled process very efficiently enquiring about seat preference. Bussed to the a/c on air conditioned buses. Cabin crew polite and well groomed in their dark grey suits. Clean cabin good seat pitch and comfortable seats. The 30 minute flight includes a snack service consisting of a snack box and a soft drink. Punctual landing and baggage on the belt within 10 minutes of landing. Excellent flight overall.

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