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12/13/2016 John Stansfield

✅ Verified Review | Rio de Janeiro to London Gatwick via Casablanca. Had a really good experience flying to/from Brazil for the Paralympic Games on Royal Air Maroc. The Boeing 737-800's used on the legs between LGW and CMN are very clean and modern, incorporating the Boeing sky interior. Boeing 767-300's on the long haul sectors are showing their age but still very comfortable for a 9 hour journey. All aircraft had extremely generous legroom and the food on board was of a high standard, including alcoholic drinks. The cabin crews were all very professional and courteous. The only slight complaint onboard was that the IFE system on the B767's was rather temperamental and prone to resetting quite often, which made it impossible to watch movies. RAM accommodate transit passengers free of charge in a central Casablanca hotel if you have a long layover, which is fine and a nice touch, but can end up being rather fraught and stressful by the time you have travelled to/from the hotel and had to deal with the nightmare of negotiating the semi-organised chaos at CMN airport. Overall though, my impressions were positive and would certainly travel with RAM again.

12/9/2016 D Graubard

✅ Verified Review | One-way flight Tunis to Dakar via Casablanca on November 29 on Royal Air Maroc B737-800s. Check-in at Tunis airport was quick and agent gave me window seats all the way to Dakar. Plane boarded with some organization with Business class and families first, then coach class. Not too disorderly so enjoyed that. Flight attendants were great and welcoming. Took off early and 2 1/2 hour flight to Casablanca. Delicious Moroccan chicken dinner was served with 2 drink runs. No sound available so they showed Bugs Bunny cartoons on the screens with no sound - sort-of strange. Why bother showing them at all? Just show the moving map - which they didn't have either. Landed on-time and bussed to the main terminal where the transit security line was insane. Be prepared for these kind of lines in western Africa and for disorder as passengers push and shove to get to the front. Dakar flight boarded with confusion as many carry-on's were too large for the overhead bins. So we were stuck on the jet-bridge as every passengers carry-on was evaluated. On-board it was a crazy free-for-all with people just sitting anywhere they wanted. Then when the passenger assigned to that seat came they either made the person move (as I did to the guy in my seat) to just grabbing an open seat - which then made the passenger in that seat make them move or look around. It was chaos but funny - the flight attendant saw me laughing and joined in - was just crazy. Ended up with a seat next to me open which was really great! Again take-off on time and served a delicious meal. Charlie Chaplin silent film shown which was perfect as again there is no sound on the airplane. And this time they also showed the moving map which was good. Landed on-time and bused to terminal where bags came out last but was just glad to get it. Overall I liked RAM a lot and would fly them again.

11/16/2016 E Sprong

✅ Verified Review | London Gatwick to Casablanca. Brilliant flight - unexpected after reading reviews. Smoothest take off and landing I've ever experienced. Friendly staff, full meal (unexpected) and quiet flight so were able to sit in emergency exit seats for extra legroom. We have another flight in a few days - hoping for the same positive experience!

10/5/2016 Adil Berdai

London Heathrow to New York via Casablanca. London to Casablanca was a pleasant flight with no delays. I had a great lunch on board with a choice of beef or chicken as well as a veg option. Staff were good, came to your attention straight away and were kind and spoke good English. With a short stop over in Casablanca Airport I went on board the Boeing 787 and was amazed, completely different from the Boeing 737 on earlier flight. It had a new smell to it, the entertainment screens were large and overall its fantastic with a lot of good points. Food was fantastic, very hot and tasty. Staff were polite on this flight, great option of drinks and food. Entertainment great, loads of movies, tv shows, music and games. Everything is in English so nothing to worry about that, and you get a pillow, blanket and good quality headphones. Great experience with Royal Air Maroc. A really improved airline.

9/23/2016 B Clasky

✅ Verified Review | Nairobi to Montreal via Casablanca. The initial flight was canceled last minute, and they put me on a flight two days later. No compensation in any form (rebook for another route, food vouchers, credit, class upgrade, hotel) - nothing was provided. Still waiting from them for the delay report for my travel insurance company, but no answer for 2 month already. Customer service just does not give any answers to my repeated requests. I flew many different airlines in the world, and I am not a demanding customer at all, but would sugest avoid flying with this airline.

9/11/2016 M Gichaneri

✅ Verified Review | Montreal to Casablanca return. Ground service in Montreal, Casablance and Lisbon vague, aloof and unhelpful. The flights themselves were smooth and comfortable, the cabin crews were efficient, courteous and knowledgeable. Food and entertainment were good. Check-in for the Casablanca - Montreal leg wasn't available, resulting in poor seats.

8/29/2016 A Marahani

London to Marrakesh via Casablanca was a pleasant flight. The aircraft was waiting for me after I was 10 minutes late (long inspections). The food was alright. My son needed a change of nappy and one crew member helped me. Generous baggage allowance and once you arrive in Casablanca the is no hassle with baggage, as it is automatically transfered to the next flight. I advise you to have some euro or Dirham as you will be hungry waiting for the next flight and the only snack bar does not accept British pound. Flight from Casablanca to Marrakesh was quiet. Arrived on time.

8/19/2016 Susana Valen

New York JFK to Marrakech via Casablanca with Royal Air Marco. I was pleasantly surprised with this airline. I had never tried it, but the recent reviews made me want to give it a whirl. Glad I did. Crew was pleasant, the trips itself was completely fine. The food was fine, nothing extraordinary. Check-in, baggage claim all quite standard and normal. Love the wine selection. All in all no complaints what so ever.

8/16/2016 Simon de Raad

In June and August I went from Madrid to Banjul return via Casablanca. Normally I fly with Tuifly from Amsterdam, but RAM had a good deal from Madrid. I was pleasantly surprised by the friendliness of staff. Also the fact that meals and beverages are served free of charge (even on the relatively short stretch Madrid - Casablanca) was a pleasant surprise. It is a long time ago that this service was also common with Tuifly and its predecessors. I will definitely choose RAM again!

8/3/2016 R Sobal

✅ Verified Review | Madrid to Rio de Janeiro via Casablanca. I did not believe the bad reviews before I flew but now wish that I had paid a little more and flown with someone else. The plane that we flew on (9.5 hour flight) had no TVs, my seat was broken and the overhead luggage compartments did not all stay closed during take off. The flight connecting Sao Paulo to Rio de Janeiro was cancelled: the staff refused to talk to anyone or give any information about when the next available flight would be. It then transpired that they had also lost our luggage! The staff were unhelpful and moody: the customer service department phone line is awful, I spoke to someone who hung up on me when I said that I wanted to speak to a manager and then gave a false name when I called back. A month and countless calls and emails later, we are still trying to get a cancellation certificate from the airline. Really not worth flying them.

7/16/2016 F Yates

✅ Verified Review | Paris to Bamako via Casablanca with Royal Air Maroc. Nice food. Business class seats ok. Friendly crew. The good stops there. Royal Air Maroc still has a very disorganised boarding policy, with 150 people waiting in the jetway for 30 minutes with no explanation. Casablanca airport is tired, RAM VIP lounge provides disgusting food and beverages despite a nice renovated layout. Royal Air Maroc got a nice facelift but the bad fundamentals are still there, especially when travelling to Sub-Saharan Africa.

6/12/2016 Y Fahmi

My trip was from Amsterdam to Casablanca with an Boeing 737-800. The check in at Amsterdam was quiet fast 3 check in counters. At the gate we had normal seats where we could wait at the aircraft.The aircraft was 30 minutes earlier at the gate then scheduled, whihc mean we were able to enter the aircraft earlier. Departed on time. The service offered by the crew was good, they were very kind. The meal was not bad - I've seen better. And the seat comfort was perfect for me as 1,88metres.

4/14/2016 E Rehouin

✅ Verified Review | Flying from Casablanca to Sal Island (Cabo Verde) on April 1st for holidays, we checked the country entry requirements with their embassy in Dakar (closest to Morocco where we live) and with Royal Air Maroc 2 weeks before the trip, and they both confirmed that visa is obtained at arrival. Also on the company website, under the visa section, they indicate that the visa is obtained at arrival. We check in for our flight, and are informed together with 15 other passengers that our luggage will be put on hold until we have customs clearance. At the customs, the officer in charge informed us that RAM has been applying a new rule for a couple of month, that they will not embark passengers without a visa on their passport, despite the fact that the visa can be obtained at arrival. They also said that we can embark if we have a clearance from the RAM lead station officer at the airport. We asked for him, but no one was able to give us either his name or to contact him. He only came after the plane took off to ask us to give him back the boarding passes (for an unkonwn reason) and then he left us there, at 1 am in the airport. A police officer at the airport told us that RAM has been consistenly refusing boarding to Moroccan citizens on this destination, despite the fact that they still communicate on the fact that visa can be obtained at arrival, even on their marketing campaigns on this destination. Not only they treated us like cattle at the airport, but 2 weeks after the incident, and despite sending many complaints, we still have no feedback from them.

3/26/2016 B van Sante

✅ Verified Review | Amsterdam to Ouarzazate via Casablanca. Royal air Maroc offers a classic flying experience, a decent product including small hot meal and bagage at affordable price. Amsterdam to Casablanca departure on time, on board generous seating for economy and new lighting system on this Boeing 737-800. Staff in friendly, but not overly. Onboard a hot meal and drinks were offered on the 3hr flight. Baggage offers 23kg free. The connecting flight to Ouarzazate left 3 hours later and was delayed by 1hr. Unfortunately the domestic terminal offers almost no facilities - eg no ATM, just 1 coffee shop, wifi free for 30 mins. On the domestic flight no service offered on these flights of 30-50 mins. Miles credited promptly and expire only after 30 months. Royal Air Maroc has a lot of new aircraft and Casablanca airport is being upgraded at the moment. I would choose this airline above many others.

3/22/2016 Anna Logozzo

Previous two trips, incredible long delays with no communication. Delays caused me to miss my connecting flights upon arriving in Morocco. On the way back, I missed my connecting flight home after landing at 11pm in Montreal. There were no crew in the airport to help me to get a new flight the next day or get me a hotel. My third trip this past week, Royal Air Maroc lost my luggage on arrival and had to go pick it up later next day at airport vs them delivering it to my hotel. On my return, we boarded the plane in Marrakech to Casablanca, waited for 35 mins and then needed to disembark because the pilot couldn't fly the plane. We were sent to Arrivals back in the airport, with no direction or communication on where to go. We waited until Airport Security asked us to move along and were directed to Checkin at arrivals and were told we would be taken to Casablanca via Bus and not plane. We collected our luggage and waited 30 mins for a bus to then again be told we are going to fly. We had to go through checkin and security lines all over again. It was the most chaotic experience with zero communication or direction.

2/29/2016 I Patel

I was flying Royal Air Maroc from Marrakech to London via Casablanca, the original flight was delayed due to a problem with the flight, that's ok these things happen but we were left in the airport with no information and everyone just lied to or fobbed off, finally they got us to Casablanca where of course nearly everyone had missed the connecting flight. It took 4 hours of a hard struggle to get from Casablanca airport to a hotel. Worst day ever. Never again with RAM.

2/29/2016 MT Chang

Sao Paulo to London via Casablanca with Royal Air Maroc. The terrible journey began upon boarding when we are told the flight will be delayed by an hour. Baking hot cabin, no AC or power was available for the duration of delay. When you think things can't get possibly worst. To my surprise, it does. When we arrived at Casablanca 2 hours behind schedule, we found out the second leg of our flight has been cancelled. There were no staff waiting for us and we had to go to the office to fight for our way to the second flight. The staff were rude and unhelpful. In the end I arrived at London 24 hours late at an alternative airport. The service provided by RAM is unprofessional and did everything to the minimum standard.

2/27/2016 Gabriela Pogorzelec

I used Royal Air Maroc from London to Casablanca and the flight was delayed 30 mins. If you have a connecting flight and are tight on time, forget it. Good luck finding a staff member that speaks communicative English. They offer 2 meal entrée options like beef or chicken, but ran out of choice for me. Rescheduling flights is a nightmare. You can't do it online as it gives you errors, and when you email them they send you an email to give them a call - when you call they don't pick up.

2/8/2016 Klaas Lijkendijk

It was a pleasure to fly with Royal Air Maroc from Amsterdam to Casablanca. Leg space was perfect, well kept plane. Exellent food and great staff. And this all for a great price. The only negative thing I can think of is the long time I had to spend at the Casablanca border control and collecting my luggage, but this is not all the fault of Royal Air Moroc.

1/24/2016 Maria Ayozie

Lagos to Copenhagen via Casablanca with Royal Air Maroc was awful. I have never ever had such a bad experience with an airline. First they lose my luggage then they cancel my flight and ask me to stay in a foreign country for two days to wait for another flight! They don't answer when I call and the two claims I have sent them already has never been processed? I cannot recommend this company to anyone! You will get disappointed and when the bad luck starts you will get no help at all!