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6/24/2019 B Lee

✅ Trip Verified | I flew to Bangkok, Thailand from Surabaya, Indonesia with this airline for the first time. In my opinion, I had a great experience. The cabin crews are very kind and helpful. The seats are comfortable and I like the design as well. The food is tasty. There is enough legroom for me. Besides, I like the inflight ...

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6/1/2019 Allan Paynter

Not Verified | Melbourne to Bangkok via Brunei. I have flown twice now with Brunei business class and must say great airline and was very happy with the service and staff friendliness, terrific food as well. I also find the people of Brunei very friendly and welcoming. I am now a member of there frequent flyer program.

4/11/2019 C Marson

✅ Trip Verified | London to Melbourne via Brunei. Horrific experience. Travelling solo with a 15month old. I understand that he does not pay so doesn’t automatically get a seat. He sat on my lap for the first 15 hours. Staff offered no support with helping me with bags, to entertain him while I needed the toilet etc, they didn’...

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3/8/2019 Karen Morison, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 10C

Amazing, comfortable and lying flat to sleep is incredible. Staff polite, helpful & beautiful people that couldn’t do enough for us, will be flying them many times more

3/8/2019 Marc Lennon

✅ Trip Verified | Avoid this Airline at all costs for long haul flights. If you buy a ticket with this airline you only have yourself to blame when things go wrong. For the second time in 2 weeks Royal Brunei have cancelled their Brunei to London flight resulting in delays of more than 12 hours and hundreds of stranded passenge...

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2/6/2019 Mark de Zoete

Not Verified | I'm a regular traveller to Europe and gave Royal Brunei Airlines a try based on price and a recommendation from our travel agent for a quick trip trip to Europe with my teenage son to attend a football game. Beware one may save some dollars over flying alternative airlines but you have to consider last minute cha...

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2/3/2019 H James

✅ Trip Verified | Our experience with Royal Brunei was appalling - we were given our boarding passes to fly from Manila to London via Brunei without any staff mentioning they knew there was a technical fault with our connecting flight so they had delayed the time on the boarding pass of the connecting flight by 3 hours. We arriv...

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1/4/2019 A Lan

✅ Trip Verified | Brunei to Taipei on A320 on Business Class with my Infant child. At the J class check in desk, Is waited for over 15 min before they check me in. At check in, I had a baby stroller and requested to check in, and the check in staff told me to leave it at the over size baggage area, I asked if can someone help m...

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12/20/2018 C Leare

✅ Trip Verified | London to Melbourne via Brunei. This was our first time for myself and my partner travelling with Royal Brunei. We were a little apprehensive but it was the best long haul flight we have had in a long time. Great customer service, planes were in good condition and flew smoothly, good food, lots of seat space. ...

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12/10/2018 Fritz Ibanez

Not Verified | London to Manila via Brunei. Very good and comfortable airline. So much leg room in the plane. Food was amazing and cabin crew were very polite. Cheap ticket. Would definitely fly with Royal Brunei Airlines again. They don’t serve alcohol during the flight though and no smoking area at Brunei airport which is a d...

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12/6/2018 Teresa newitt, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 52C

Great location for myself and my husband who has seat 52A. No need to climb over a third person when going to the toilet. Easy access to toilet. Extra room beside window area.

12/4/2018 C Han

✅ Trip Verified | Brunei to Singapore. Misleading and poor service. I purchased an economy ticket. A week before my flight, i received an email if i would like to purchase an upgrade. Hence, after reviewing i made an offer with few hundred dollars. Couple of days later, they accepted my offer and charged to my card. My check in...

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11/5/2018 G Chan

✅ Trip Verified | On my first leg from Bandar seri Begawan to Singapore on a new A320Neo aircraft, the cabin was very fresh and clean. The flight leave on time with no issue, but the IFE was not working. Shortly after take off, the IFE was not working, i tried to inform the crew about it, but the senior crew was busy chatting w...

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11/5/2018 Penelope Curran

✅ Trip Verified | I travelled from London to Melbourne via Dubai and Brunei in 26 hours and returned Melbourne to London via Brunei in 23 hours. I thought the return flight was scheduled to stop at Dubai (3 flights of approx 7 hours each on way out was a very easy way to travel) so my concerns of travelling on a 14 hour flight ...

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9/16/2018 Robin Kearins

✅ Trip Verified | Business class Flew from Melbourne to London. Aircraft - old and very outdated internal fit out, down to the entertainment technology. Latest movies is a loosely used term. No movies currently showing at the cinemas are available - in fact, nothing ‘new’ from the past few years, apart from 1 (‘Adrift’) . Food ...

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7/22/2018 B Verran

✅ Trip Verified | Got upgraded via the online offer system - paid just under 1/2 of the fare to fly Business class so I understand that my review is not for the full fare on this route. This was my only experience flying anything besides economy class - so I don't really have much to compare it too. Upon boarding I got the rear...

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7/18/2018 A Daziba

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Melbourne via Bandar. I flew this airline after 10 years since I flew them. Check in was easy despite that the plane was full. Seat of the 787 was really comfortable & fine leg room, entertainment system was just fine & serves the purpose perfectly. Brunei Airport was refurbished, still cosy, however, ...

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6/11/2018 G Roper

✅ Trip Verified | Melbourne to Hong Kong via Bandar Seri Begawan. Great service at check in at Tullamarine then a bit of a search for what was a pretty basic lounge. Boarding was easy and the crew to BSB were fantastic. Meal was good and if you wanted anything they were there very quickly. We were staying overnight in BSB and w...

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5/28/2018 Mateygeese, Boeing 787-8 (788) seat 29A

This is the second time I/we have used Royal Brunei and will use them again in the future. Well priced, good staff, seats just as good as any other airline and the food is o.k. too.

4/13/2018 Astrid Thomas

✅ Trip Verified | London to Dubai. I checked my luggage in at around in between 3pm to 4pm my flight was leaving at 5pm, my case was over by 3 kilos and staff informed that I must go and take the extra out which I did. I went back to her, and staff stated that I was 1kg over and if I wanted the extra kilo I would need to pay. S...

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