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6/20/2019 D Gorten

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Bloemfontein. My flight was due to leave at 0610 but when I got to the boarding gate at 0550 the gates were closed. I went to SA Express counter but there was no one there to assist. I was the told by the check staff that I had to purchase another ticket.

3/11/2019 K Mokwena

✅ Trip Verified | Bloemfontein to Johannesburg. The service i got at Bloemfontein airport was horrible, I'm not happy at all. I arrive at the airport at 9:15 and they told me i can't check in for a flight that departs at 9:40. Every time their flight gets delayed i dont complain but when i arrive at 9:15 i was told to book another flight.

10/7/2018 Annelize Rolstone

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Bloemfontein. This review is more for compliment for one of your service staff at domestic departures. I had a connecting flight from CPT to Bloemfontein via JHB. I flew Mango to JHB and SAA Express to BFN. There was only 1 hour between arrival in JHB and departure to BFN. The baggage claims for Mango took way too long and l was going to miss my flight. Without my bag l ran up to the SAA express check-in counters for assistance. Staff really went over and beyond to assist me and make sure l didn’t miss my flight. He assisted to check me in and help to carry my bag from baggage claim up to the check-in counter and safely on the correct plane. All in time. Without is quick response and help l would have surely missed my flight. Well done for excellent customer service. Thank you.

4/12/2018 M Lawson

✅ Trip Verified | It was a Sunday afternoon when I got to King Shaka airport and I was flying to Port Elizabeth that evening. The flight was supposed to depart at 17.40 and land at 19.00. But instead the flight got delayed until 21.00. I’ve been flying this Durban, PE route on this airline since 2015 and most of the flights I’ve flown have always delayed by an extreme amount of hours. They give me the same excuse everytime I ask them why is there a big delay and they say technical issues with the plane. This flight that I took, they changed the time to 21.00 which meant that we were going to board at 20.30. It was 21.00 and I was still in the terminal building, we only left Durban at 21.50 and we got to Port Elizabeth at 23.00. The crew that flew us to PE came from Bloemfontein via Johannesburg. When I got to PE I saw many SA express aircrafts in PE, they also got delayed from Cape Town. Most of their planes have been sitting at OR Tambo International airport and then with all the excuses of technical issues, I question the safety of their fleet. I don’t think it’s worth flying with SA Express anymore, too many delays. The amount of delays I’ve heard from this airline I don’t see why they are still flying, if they going to provide service they must do it to the best of their ability.

4/11/2018 H Keane

✅ Trip Verified | After already flying From Dubai to Johannesburg we are meant to be connecting to George, our final destination, flight was meant to depart OR Tambo at 15.50, it has been delayed to 18.30. Now we have already been waiting 5 hours for the connecting flight after already having flown 8 hours and waited 2 hours before the first flight, only to be told the reason behind the delay is a Technical Issue. They have 1 plane which is departing to another destination, after that flight arrives back from said destination they are preparing it for our journey to George. Why should the customers to George deal with utter delays because there is only 1 plane to commute to 2 different destinations due to a technical fault in one aircraft in its fleet. Already been over 15 hours journey, and all we wanted was to get home. Now my issue is a well known National airline should surely be able to make a plan to get another aircraft in to help ease the delay and help clients get to their destination. Instead we have to wait because a flight just left for another destination and will head back afterwards to take us. Having flown SA Express and booked in connection with SA Airways many times in the past, I am extremely disappointed in the service received this time around.

4/5/2018 E Sorker

✅ Trip Verified | 12 hours before flight departure SA Express only contacted some passengers to advise of a change in flight. Despite paying double for a direct flight we were re-directed via Johannesburg and what should have been a 2 hour journey ended up taking 8 hours! The way we were treated by ground staff in Cape Town and Johannesburg was appalling and despite raising the complaint numerous times have only had a standardised response and still no apology for the inconvenience. We were offered some compensation but only for 3 of the 4 travellers and still no response on this despite it being escalated to management. Do not recommend to ever use this airline

2/27/2018 Marita Loch

✅ Trip Verified | George to Johannesburg. We book tickets for our two grandchildren twice a year. As they have to fly as unaccompanied minors, I have to make the booking through the call center. The fare indicated on the website for the specific flights was R1 182.21 per person for the return flights between Johannesburg and George. Before I gave all the traveler details, I asked the operator what I would have to pay and was informed that it would be R2364.42 per child. This excluded the R100.00 per ticket to be charged because I booked through the call center. When I called back to find out if the children had been accepted as unaccompanied minors for the flight and to make the payment, the amount was suddenly R2957.22 per child. That is 2,5 times more than when one would (and could) book on the internet! On checking the e-ticket (per child)one finds the following info: Fare calculation R697.50 x 2 = R1 395.00 rounded off to R1 400.00 plus taxes totaling R461.22 and "carrier imposed fees" R 1096.00 which brings the total to R2 957.22 per child.

2/8/2018 Anthony Leach

✅ Trip Verified | I am a regular traveller on the Johannesburg to Kimberley route in South Africa, doing this at least once a month for the past couple of years. There are two carriers - SA Express and SA Airlink. As far as possible I use Airlink as they run on time. However this is not always possible and today I flew with SA Express. The flight was delayed by an hour - no detailed reason was given, though "aircraft availabiity" was mentioned. As we boarded the bus for the plane an announcement was made for another SA Express flight also being delayed. If I look back on the last 10 flights I have made using SA Express, possibly one has actually been on time. They appear to have absolutely no capacity to run to a schedule (while SA Airlink on the same route achieves this almost all the time). And following any announcement by the cabin crew on the plane they use the catch phrase "SA Express, we fly for you", really! What a joke! I would not recommend them to anyone, and only fly SA Express if I have no other options, and particularly avoid them if I have meetings scheduled afterwards. Tonight's flight was an evening one, but it meant contacting both car hire and booked accommodation to ask them to wait for me - inconveniencing not just myself, but others also. There must be reasons that SA Express flights are invariably delayed - but no honest explanation is ever given, and the overall long term impression is that SA Express do not care.

7/4/2017 Andrew Austin

✅ Verified Review | Bloemfontein to Johannesburg. I fly SA Express frequently because my company books the tickets not out of choice. Today again there was a problem with the aircraft. Resulting in a smaller aircraft been used for the route. The knock on effect was 17 passengers being bumped of the flight. The supervisor at Bloemfontein admitted they have a serious problem with aircraft availability. I will avoid flying with them when possible.

12/13/2016 Peter de Vries

✅ Verified Review | SA Express has a direct flight from Harare to Durban and back. As I want to avoid transfer in Johannesburg, I am willing to pay the extra costs. SA Express however canceled the flight from Durban and therefore I could not use the direct flight from Harare to Durban but was put on a South African Airways flight via Johannesburg. This was very frustrating as I had to cancel the appointment I had (we arrived 5 hours after original scheduled time). So while I paid the premium for a direct flight I ended up spending even more time for a flight that would have saved me and my family hundreds of USD. After I finally got a case number about my query on 8 November I have never heard from SA Express.

5/31/2015 A Friend

I am a frequent flyer and unfortunately have to fly on SA Express. I fly from PE to Durban PE to Johannesburg PE to Cape Town and Bloemfontein to Johannesburg. Including returns to PE. I don't believe that in the last 6 months there hasn't been a delay on these flights. I can honestly say that the service is of the poorest in this country. The inflight service is awful. Sitting in CT now with another 2 hour delay SA Express wastes so much of mine and others time with all their delays. I would never recommend.

12/22/2014 A Dada

Flew SA Express CPT-DUR and previously DUR-CPT-DUR. Crew have always been excellent. They are warm and friendly right from boarding where we are always greeted by a great smile. Food is good sandwiches for dinner with chocolate for dessert. A good selection of drinks were offered. Leather seats are very comfortable but are now showing some signs of age. Love flying SA Express because their planes always seem private and warm. Baggage was on the carousel quickly from deplaning. Overall three great experiences with SAX.

4/3/2014 T Toma

We booked a flight Port Elizabeth-Cape Town in January 2014: Unplanned landing in George because of a malfunctioning cabin door no serious help from the cabin crew. In George we were sent to the transit for the next flight from Port Elizabeth-Cape Town departing 2 hours later which was surprisingly almost empty. Because of that we missed the trip that we booked in Cape Town in the afternoon. No desk at Cape Town Airport from South African Express no answer from them after we send our complaint and no "sorry" from their side. Really disappointing.

1/13/2014 M Cowell

CPT-GRJ with SAA Air Link. Love this route serviced with a superb EMB135LR. Pre-booked seats and check in easy. Domestic side of CPT airport is a pleasant roomy building with a couple of good cafe's. Flight called on time and departed on the dot. Friendly and efficient single cabin crew member managed to get through snack/juice service in 40 minute flight even though plane was full. Impressed with her diligence to cabin safety. Captain informative during short flight pointing out way points on what was a stunning day. On time arrival and picked up bags as we walked off the plane. Great little airline.

12/29/2013 Derek Salter

Round trip from OR Tambo to Richards Bay. On time departures and on time arrivals on both occasions. Comfortable seats - good service. Planes are noisy (Dash 400). Baggage arrival at Richards Bay took for ages with no explanation. Rather expensive for such a short flight. Otherwise no complaints.

11/4/2013 F Harle

Second time on SA Express - again impressed by speed at boarding and getting away really like the feature of putting your excess hand luggage on a trolley as you board (Skycheck) and receiving it as you get off the plane. Delayed one hour due to technical issues from J'burg to East London - delays constantly communicated and mentioned onboard too. The flight was a tale of 2 hostesses - one rude obnoxious and obviously hated her job 'Could I sit on this seat - 'NO') the other friendly engaging delightful - apologizing for only having one choice of white wine available (I remain impressed of the free beverage they serve on short domestic flights). Luggage out within 5 minutes off the plane. Good journey let down by one attendant.

7/22/2013 Wilhelm Herbst

Maputo to Cape Town on Friday 19 July at 09.40. As a rule I try not to take my luggage as cabin luggage to make sure there is enough space for everyone in the plane for there hand luggage. On this flight I knew I had someone waiting for me in Cape Town and would have preferred to take all my luggage on the plane. When I saw it was SA Express and a small plane I decided to check in my luggage. What a mistake. I must admit everything on the flight from weigh in to landing went very well. After landing we waited over 20 mins for luggage eventually it came out that the staff had just unloaded the plane and then left the luggage outside! Really poor performance!

4/11/2013 Derek Salter

CPT to DUR on 1 April. Travelling with an elderly relative who needed wheelchair assistance. Helpful right from the check-in guy to the wheelchair assistant in Durban. On time flight - comfortable seats and pleasant food. Couldn't fault the help from the crew and landside wheelchair assistants. Much appreciated.

2/19/2013 Phil Carter

Jo'berg to George return. On both flights the two stewardesses were friendly and helpful. The seat was comfortable the 'light snack' in a box far better than a lot of others I've had on larger airlines. Very fresh well filled roll chocolate bar and little biscuit plus soft drinks or coffee/tea. I'm pretty sure there were other drinks but I wasn't really paying attention! Outbound flight was a few minutes early arriving the inbound 20 minutes early! As we were all on board the pilot took off then and there - great! We were able to check in our luggage from George to LHR with no problem great bonus not having to drag it from one terminal to another at Jo'berg. Very friendly check in lady at George. Very happy with all aspects of our flights.

10/10/2012 D Pegg

CRJ700 aircraft JNB-Walvis bay. Departed and arrived on time friendly cabin crew. Cold light box meal served with drinks which was more than adequate and tasty. Captain kept passengers informed - all in all a pleasant experience.