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2/17/2016 Andy Mcfarlane

Safi Airways are terrible. The cancelled all their daytime flights for Feb 2016 at some point in January 2016 but never told me my flight (11 Feb) was cancelled until I contacted them. I rebooked with flydubai. I contacted the Customer Services dept and asked when I was due to be informed by the airline about the cancelation but...

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7/6/2015 Laila Bobby

The middle of May, I flew to Afghanistan from Dubai and vice versa in June. The food was horrible, staff at the counter at the airport in Kabul were very unpleasant. They had over-charged me for my luggage, they didn't give directions regarding what to anticipate, and what the next step was in the process. In addition, we had to...

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11/12/2012 J Thomas

I was pleasantly surprised by Safi on a hop from Dubai to Kabul. Yes the aircraft was old and the legroom poor. But the flight was on time the staff friendly and the food (free) excellent. A shame there is no chance of a glass of wine! A big advantage of Safi is that it operates from the very civilised Dubai Terminal 1 making it...

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3/9/2012 Gianni Paz

KBL-DXB. Check-in was terrible. After we boarded we sat on the runway for nearly one hour. On arrival in Dubai there was no Safi personnel in sight. I missed my connection on Qatar to Doha and on to Melbourne. Safi didn't rebook me offer a meal voucher or a hotel stay in Dubai. I would recommend unless it's your last option.

1/25/2012 O Muller

KBL-DXB-KBL on A320. The food is ok and is served in generous portions. If the seats trigger a déja-vu feeling this is because you have seen them on Lufthansa planes. They are somewhat worn out but not too bad. The return flight to KBL was supposed to leave at 3.30am it transpired KBL airport had been closed due to snowfall. For...

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11/1/2011 Chris Garsen

Despite the poor reviews I kind of had to use Safi on the Dubai to Kabul route. I was pleasantly surprised that we got reasonably new A320s with normal leg room and the planes were dead on time.

7/18/2010 D Oakes

Our flight from Kabul to Dubai on the weekend was delayed because Safi Airways hadn't paid its fuel bill.

4/14/2010 Simon Donegan

I used Safi Airways twice over the last 2 weeks from Dubai to Kabul and back again. I used Safi Airways because it appears to be the only airline that has international safety standards certification. The aircraft were clean but I was shocked at the state of the aircraft generally. The seats were bent out of alignment in some ro...

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3/20/2010 Scott Walker

I've travelled Safi twice in the last three months once round trip between Kabul and Dubai and once between Kabul and Frankfurt. The service and food were decent on both trips but numerous minor seating area maintenance problems make me wonder about the more critical airworthiness maintenance of the aircraft overall (and I'm a j...

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9/30/2009 R Konig

Kuwait to Kabul return. Flight operated by a B767 which was okay condition. The flight attendants worked hard as flight was full IFE is poor. There is one big screen at the front of the cabin. I would recommend Safi Airways to other people over Kam Air.

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