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6/25/2018 Chris Wilby

Not Verified | Manchester to Stockholm. Checking in online there was a fault and the App did not indicate what is was which caused some frustrating attempts to do it. After that everything went smoothly, they don't charge for bikes which is refreshing but they want you to specify that you have a bike in your bag. Probably so they can take more care of it. No food on the flight but coffee and tea provided. No entertainment on flight, well it was only 2 hours. No reclining seats but plenty of legroom. Enjoyable flight.

6/22/2018 Anna Szegvari-Mas

✅ Trip Verified | Really disappointed with SAS today. I was on a business trip to Malmö, Sweden. The first leg of my return flight from Malmö to Stockholm went pretty OK. Then arriving to Stockholm : my flight to Paris has been cancelled. Without any explanation. And the problems started. I was rebooked to another flight to Paris but 6 hours later. That made me missing my connecting flight to La Réunion. No food /drink vouchers had been given even though the delay was more than 4 hours. Even the later flight left almost more than an hour late, also they had to reboot the wi-fi service to make it work. I had to look for an accommodation in urgency in Paris and on my own budget as I missed my connecting flight. I had to ask how can I have some reimbursement according to EU law, the only thing they could give me is a brochure about my rights. And the top of the top : arriving to Paris, no luggage. It has stayed in Stockholm. And, of course, no ground staff at the moment given to handle customer complaints either. Nor any shops open to at least buy myself an exchange underwear until tomorrow (I will now arrive to my destination only two days after I left). The only thing the nice lady gave to me at the airport was a necessity bag (and a big up for her for that because she was not obligated to do it). So, really a big mess. Hope I will never ever have to fly with them again.

6/20/2018 P Shaw

✅ Trip Verified | The worst - they cancel many flights every day - shame shame shame on them. You buy ticket with only 50% chance of getting on at that time. They’ve cancelled 6 out of my 6 flights in last 12 mo (always in direction of Stockholm to London). They don’t fill the flight, so put me on a flight 2-4 hours later. Not acceptable when traveling for business was frequently. I’ve never known another airline to do this so blatantly. Shame on them!

6/18/2018 Marius Lystad

Not Verified | Traveling from Longyearbyen, SAS has established a very dysfunctional and bothersome procedure. The ticket is sold as LYR-OSL, but is in reality LYR-TOS-OSL. You do, however, not earn the miles for two legs. As you arrive in TOS, you have to pick up your luggage and clear it through customs. That’s fair enough, but it seemed like no-one, including the data-system, knew ee were comeing, as Bag-drop did not work. The personnel manning the check-in was to busy talking to her colleagues. There is NO fast track for SAS passengers at the security check, and the security personnel seemed to be sleeping. This resulted in loong lines. Due to this mess, LYR-passengers entered the plane last, resulting in an uncomfortable trip, as there were no room left for hand luggage over head. On top of this, the incompetent it-department SAS is employing has also this time failed, resulting in us not being able to reserve the seats we wanted.

6/17/2018 Niels Solberg

✅ Trip Verified | Copenhagen to Tokyo Narita. SAS is a comfortable and excellent airline to travel with. I have choosen SAS for travel nearly 40 years, domestic Norway and international. I have tried other airlines, but my favorite remains the same. My flight to Narita was on time, relaxing and with excellent comfort. Staff made me feel welcomed and was professionals who knew what service is required. Food tasty with a variety of dishes to choose from. Inflight entertainment with a large selection of movies, mostly new, but also some classics from the past. Seat comfort in business gives plenty of room for sleep or just lounging. Wifi needs some improvement, Smooth journey and a very comfortable experience.

6/10/2018 Richard Parker, Boeing 737-800 (738) seat 5F

I noticed window is very small. I ever love watch many lands, sea and clouds as I wish window will extra big and very strong plastic/glass.

6/5/2018 S Andrews

✅ Trip Verified | Me and my family are booked on the SK595 flight on 8.30am in the morning. We got there early waiting for our flight and at around 9am we found out that our flight was cancelled. Luckily they rebooked us on the other flight at 2.30pm. I hate this airline and wouldn’t consider flying with it again. They really ruined our plan for the day. Star alliance should really consider kicking them out of the group!

5/30/2018 Francis Wong

✅ Trip Verified | Stockholm to Hong Kong. First time flying with SAS, the experience is a mixed one, mediocre on the ground, but quite good on the sky. The lounge was very underwhelming which was mentioned in my other lounge review. Boarding is by class and row, it was ok and not chaotic. Once on board, crew were very welcoming and spoke good English. For this Hong Kong flight, 3 Chinese crew were on board, a thoughtful touch from SAS. Typical forward facing 1-2-1 flat bed seats, with touch screen TV. Basic toiletry kit provided, blanket, pillow and bed lining as well. Meals and drinks selections are very good, food tasty. I find their service is quite good actually. Free wifi offered to all biz class passengers, and the connection quite good. Breakfast served 2 hours before landing once again, good offering and tasty. Overall, I am quite impressed by this airlines. However after landing, my bag arrived without being tagged with priority (I checked in at biz counter at Stockholm), queue a serious oversight. Would have been an easy 8 out of 10 if the lounge and bags were right.

5/29/2018 Jorgen Aberg

✅ Trip Verified | Copenhagen to Berlin. Had planned a surprise trip for my mother as she is turning 80 this week. Took her to the airport, when she discovers her purse is gone (incl ID/passport). Before heading up to the check-in counters, I call SAS and explain the situation and also mention that I am Star Alliance Gold (on SAS). The guy answering does not have a clue. After repeated nudging, it turns out that for 600+USD, we could potentially fly on a later flight. I am not asking for the moon, but a little compassion and cooperation now and then with your most loyal customers would go a long way.

5/28/2018 Catalin-Alexandru Epure

✅ Trip Verified | Hong Kong to Berlin via Stockholm. Compared to my premium economy review, where I did say much about the airline, flying economy put me in a very bad seat, with little space, for a long haul not the best experience. And we were "full house", this adds even more to the bad experience. You get used to it but 10 hours are not pleasant. It was a daytime flight so I didn't need to sleep, which was good, given the seat and the entertainment system was well equipped with movies and series to keep me occupied for the whole flight. The screen was small, of course, but the image and sound were good. the food was nothing better than the premium economy so I don't see the difference here in paying more for the other product.

5/28/2018 Catalin-Alexandru Epure

✅ Trip Verified | Berlin to Hong Kong via Copenhagen / Stockholm. I was flying economy and was able to get an update at the gate for premium economy for a really good deal. The downside was that i have paid for my seat in economy and I didn't get any compensation for that. I have flown SAS before, in premium economy as well and I must say, the overall impression is the same. They don't excel in anything, I don't remember a part of the journey that made me say "wow" but also they aren't bad in anything. You get a relatively okayish experience for an okayish amount of money. The new things in premium economy this time were: free Wifi on board and the possibility of using the lounge at ARN. About the lounge in review separately. The inconvenience here was that making the upgrade at the gate, I had to go back through passport control, walk some good steps and then go back through passport and security control to get back to the gate. I ended up 15 minutes in the lounge. And also, I had to ask them at the gate if I was able to use the lounge, they didn't tell me when I did the upgrade. Because it was new, I had to see it. The seat I got was indeed huge, although not as comfortable as expected. I was alone on the whole row and the cabin, even with so many upgrades was still empty. The food was average, not what you would expect from a premium cabin and the service was in the same line. I couldn't log in automatically with my e-ticket number so I had to ask the crew to provide me a voucher in order to access the Wifi. It was unlimited, but I couldn't browse the internet, it worked just for social apps, so it was a nice plus, anyway. The seats had plugs for charging devices. The flights were almost all on time, only when coming back the delay made it impossible to make my 30 minutes connections, but I was rescheduled and got in TXL at the same time. Landing in HKG was 45 minutes ahead of schedule. As an airline, better than average, premium economy not.

5/28/2018 B Matira

✅ Trip Verified | Athens to Copenhagen. First time with SAS. Not a good experience. 1 hour late boarding. No one let us know the new hour of travel. The staff were not friendly at all. On economy class you have to pay 3€ for a bottle of water. Not recommended for sure.

5/27/2018 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-800 (738) seat 1E

Seat does have a hole in the wall that does allow for extra legspace. However the seat itself is not very comfortable. Very tight to the sides, small shared armrests.

5/25/2018 Magdalena Wojtowicz

✅ Trip Verified | Copenhagen to Berlin. Delayed flight and not really low fare. Wondering, why, when having such strong competition with Norwegian and easyJet being punctual and such low cost, how could you consider selecting SAS next time after such a bad experience? I got an acknowledgment that the flight was actually overbooked and didn’t get any seat assigned, fortunately two passengers didn’t show up. Amazing really.

5/19/2018 C Palsan

✅ Trip Verified | Stockholm to London. I was just rather surprised and disappointed. My 3 year old son was undergoing surgery in London so I rushed back to the airport and given a call ended early I was able to just show up at the gate as the earlier flight was boarding. Explained my situation - would love to see him when he wakes up from general anesthesia. Then I was told I needed to wait to see whether there are any free seats. Of course! Then I was told that there are four seats free in coach but they deny to take me because I had booked an inflexible ticket. Offered to pay and they have no ability to take payment even at customer service. I don’t know what to say other than I am stranded at the airport for another three hours and feel that I was just treated a bit inhumanly. Gold star with star alliance back and forth, they’d rather let an airplane leave with empty seats and have me sit here than making an exception, or charging me for it. Oh well the surgery went well and the little one is OK. It’s the important things that count.

5/17/2018 M James

✅ Trip Verified | Date: 16 May 2018, CPH to MUC. I was flying from CPH to MUC and decided to upgrade to business class, which is called SAS Plus, on a connecting flight. The overall experience was underwhelming: There is one central SAS lounge at CPH with a dedicated area for Star Alliance Gold customers which offers basic food (salads, cheese, pulled pork) and drinks (soft drinks and alcoholic beverages). The lounge was 15 minutes away from my arrival gate and the same 15 minutes away from my departure gate so at least I got some exercise. It was overcrowded. According to a poster, starting mid may the CPH lounge will be renovated and the kitchen will be closed during that time. (1/3) The business class product is not good. SAS Plus has regular economy class seats like most European airlines. While other carriers keep the middle seat empty, SAS does not. No power outlet, very little leg space for a business class product. Same hand baggage rules as SAS Go. (0/3) The food consisted of a box with a cold salad with some meat cut and a bag of mustard seeds. Additionally, a roll and separately a portion of butter was served but no plate or napkin to put it on. Drinks are complimentary in SAS Plus so I enjoyed a Bloody Mary (11€ for SAS Go). (1/4).

5/17/2018 M James

✅ Trip Verified | Date: 16 May 2018, WRO to CPH. The onboard product was less than good: There is a charge for food and even for water and soft drinks. The airplane was a CRJ900, the overhead spaces would have been big enough to store a cabin sized trolley but all trolleys had to be gate-checked. No WiFi, no power outlets. SAS has a dedicated check-in area at Wroclaw airport and offers web check-in. I used the latter and that worked well. SAS cancelled the contract with the business class lounge at WRO airport. Eligible passengers can access the lounge when flying on Lufthansa/Swiss/Austrian/LOT but not when flying on SAS. In fact, SAS cancelled lounge access to most third party lounges which to me is a big disappointment. Whenever possible, I will try to prevent flying SAS in the future. At least they are a member of Star Alliance. My points: 1/1 for check-in area, fast track and for being a Star Alliance member. 0/3 for the lounge: No lounge. 1/2 for the seat: Legspace okay, no power outlet. 1/3 for inflight service: 1 point for free coffee and tea. Other than 0/1 for boarding: flight was delayed but no announcements were made, no fast lane boarding. Total: 3 points.

5/16/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A330-300 (333) seat 44A

the seat was awful and small, narrow and we had no room. But an amazing shout out to the flight attendants on this flight. they were so kind and amazing! thank you for making a long 8 hours flight pleasant!

5/14/2018 Daniela Pozzetti

✅ Trip Verified | Bologna to Newark via Copenhagen. I ha a long wait for my connection to Newark on 6.35 p.m. Two hours before my departure Sas sent me an SMS: the flight was 3 hours late. I was given a bonus of 10 euro for lunch! I landed in Newark at midnight. On 19th April I had my flight at 11.30 p.m. but was late again. I left at 12.45 p.m. and arrived in Copenaghen 3 p.m. my connection to Bologna was 5.30 p.m, late by 30 minutes. It was a nightmare.

5/12/2018 SeatGuru User, Boeing 737-600 (736) v2 seat 21C

Rows 21 and 22 left might have limited over-head stowage, as this is a lockable crew stowage. The same rows on the right side have a regular overhead stowage.