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5/6/2019 Zeeshan Shah

✅ Trip Verified | My first time flying on SereneAir from Karachi to Islamabad and return I was impressed. The flights left and arrived on time and the cabin crew was courteous and efficient. They are flying relatively new 737-800s with mood lighting and plenty of leg room. Onboard catering was also good. My only complaint is the inability to purchase tickets with a US credit card from their website.

2/23/2019 David Taylor

✅ Trip Verified | Islamabad to Karachi. 11.30pm flight fully booked-had an aisle seat near the back. Pilot started to reverse from stand while passengers were still standing. Meal was served - a dinner which was not too bad and service was efficient. Aircraft was not new but clean -seats OK but not much leg room. Arrived on time, hope this new airline succeeds.

1/25/2018 S Karimi

✅ Trip Verified | I was hesitant to fly this new airline, but gave it a try. Its website was easy to navigate but there were unresolved issues with credit card payment. Check-in was easy and staff were professional. A very courteous welcome at the aircraft door to every passenger. The all-female staff wore an elegant uniform. I had pre-reserved Seat 3F. I could tell from the cabin interior, its general upkeep and lighting that it was a new aircraft. The cabin was also very clean. Announcements, especially in English, were made in a very warm yet professional manner. Announcements from the cockpit were also nice. Food was average in quality, but enough in quantity. No complaints about it. They served a full dinner on a 9.25pm departure flight! Drinks arrived when I had finished the meal. It seems they finish serving meals first and then bring drink carts. A passenger in front of me got sick. Flight attendants repeatedly inquired about his well-being and asked if he needed any medication or special attention. Flight arrived on time. I hope SereneAir maintains its service standards in future.

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