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1/12/2017 Mohammed Fiaz

✅ Verified Review | Islamabad to Manchester. Very prompt check in for Shaheen Air. No hassle. Boarding very professional and well organised. Friendly cabin staff. Clean very aircraft. Good quality food served lunch (Asian style) and evening dinner (European style) and plenty of cold drinks / coffee / tea. Little treats like choc...

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1/23/2016 S Rasheed

I flew with Shaheen Air on 18 Jan 2016 from Dubai to Karachi. Check-in was good. Cabin crew friendly and smiling and before take off a drink was served and a newspaper. After take off nice dinner was served, with chicken Korma, Zeera Rice, Riata and Hot Tea.

9/14/2015 Sohail Ahmed

Today traveled from Lahore to Karachi and a pleasant surprise. For the first time I could see smiles on the faces of the cabin crew. I asked one of the crew members for a coffee, and she returned with a cup, remembering my seat, and not having me to remind her.

8/8/2015 Mustafa Qayum

Although a low cost airline, Shaheen Air was quite nice, although the airport check-in was pretty bad with only one line and the agents taking forever. The flight had a gate change 4 times, and we had a one hour delay announced at the last minute before boarding was to finish. The flight attendents were very friendly during the ...

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8/6/2015 S Rasheed

I flew with Shaheen Air during Ramadan on international route. Flight was comfortable and female crew was friendly. Before iftar they served dates and juices and served dinner which was good biryani, raita and cake also orange candy was nice touch. There was a bad smell in the aircraft. Hopefully next time they will use spray in...

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7/18/2015 M Asad Amir

Flight reached Lahore 1.5 hours late but otherwise it was okay. Flight attendants were nice and stopped passengers from getting up whilst the seat belt sign was on. The plane was packed but the first 3 rows were open, I was in row 4 and we moved up and a row and sat comfortably. Everything else was fine. The toilets were a mess,...

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6/26/2015 Fawwaz Asrar

Very poor service overall. We were 5 persons in total and none of us got adjacent seats to each other. Highly mismanaged and overloaded overhead compartments. Food was good, cabin staff was very cooperative.

12/31/2014 M Mustafa

Flight from Karachi to Islamabad plane 737-800 flight was pleasant and no turbulence during the whole flight enough leg space to stretch your legs as being a domestic flight there wasn't any entertainment available but the food was excellent. Even though the airline is cheaper than other airlines in terms of service and satisfac...

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2/14/2014 Mohammad Arshad Khan

NL721 Peshawar to Jeddah 19/11/12 B737-800 (Midwest Air). Flight time was 5am but it was 1 hour late and departed from Peshawar at 6.43am. Flight catering was done in Peshawar. The food was not so tasty and the toilets were dirty. Staff were not friendly.

1/31/2014 Hassan Abbas

Flight to Karachi from Multan. The Airbus used for the journey was old and there wasn't any IFE present but the cabin had a nice ambience to it. The flight attendents were very nice and pleasant. The IFM was so so but you can't complain about it. Take off and landing were was smooth. I will definitely be flying with Shaheen Inte...

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10/15/2013 Fahad Khan

19 Nov 2012. Flight from Peshawar to Jeddah. Aircraft was B737-800 scheduled takeoff was 5am but it eventually took off at 6am. Total trip 3hrs. Flight food was good. In-flight entertainment was not available.

3/10/2009 Imran Rashid

The only option to fly to Lahore in Pakistan was on Shaheen Air on a very aged 737-200. Pleasant welcome from all female cabin crew. No IFE as aircraft older than me! Food was of good quality crew spoke flawless English. Pre take off we were given mineral water and pre landing boiled sweets.

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