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6/3/2019 David Killick

✅ Trip Verified | Such a disappointment Christchurch to Singapore seats 33H and 33K, and SIN-CHC 32D and 32E in premium economy. We had really been looking forward to the new A359 taking over from the old 777 on the Christchurch to Singapore route with the choice of premium economy. Unfortunately, the bean counters seem to have designed the cabin! The configuration is 2x4x2 — just one seat less than economy — compared with 2x3x2 for Lufthansa in premium economy in the same type of aircraft, which we enjoyed for the next leg of our trip to Europe. The lavatories are the size of a small cupboard and there is no space to get up and stretch your legs in the cabin, unlike earlier aircraft. Going over was OK in the two seats by the window, but as others have pointed out, the central armrest and padded seatbelt (it contains an airbag) intrude on space. Inflight food and service was fine, if not memorable. Coming back overnight stuck in the middle seats was a lot worse. Space feels very tight. Not all menu choices were available, and we got beef mince, which was not very good at all. We asked for eggs for breakfast but got yam cake. A gentleman two seats along turned on his overhead lamp at about 3:00 am (he should have used the reading lamp). No eyeshades or earplugs provided. We asked for some but still got no sleep. Screens didn't work for two of the passengers in front of us. This flight ended up being diverted because of fog, adding six hours to the nine hour flight (of course, not SIA’s fault) but the whole experience was very tiring. One other thing: Electronic check-in at Changi was confusing and everyone had to ask what step to do next. It should be much clearer. We have flown with SIA for 35 years and feel they are trading on their past good reputation and really need to lift their game. Premium economy on SIA really isn’t worth the extra cost. It doesn’t feel special at all. We’d probably look at Air NZ or another airline next time.

6/3/2019 Elaine Loh

✅ Trip Verified | Perth to Singapore. This is an older airbus and seats are ok, with decent leg space. Very happy with the shopping selection for Jun to Aug - the Sulwhasoo selection onboard has expanded again! Food is decent and is served with real cutlery (as opposed to cheap plastic cutlery and cardboard containers on other economy class flights). Service is great. For a 5 hour flight, Singapore Airlines economy class is good value.

6/1/2019 C Barton

✅ Trip Verified | London to Singapore. First flight with Singapore Airlines in Premium Economy and what a disappointment. It had little to differentiate it other than a little more space. I ordered via book the cook which was a nice feature although my meal was delivered first and in asking for a drink, I was told to wait a while. I asked how long that would be and was told 2 mins and then it was suggested I drink the plastic cup of water given. Very cheap and nasty especially considering there was no drink on boarding or pre-dinner. 15 mins or so later the drinks arrived by which time my meal was cold but on my request they reheated it (another wait). The red wine was awful. Throughout the flight the curtains to Economy remained open so that didn't make you feel the extra expensive brought any benefit. The seat was not comfortable and the IFE was so poor I watched content from my PC. FA's were polite but not really interested. The 380 interiors felt old and indeed first impressions were of a budget airline. All in all poor value.

5/31/2019 T Nelson

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Bangkok. Food standards have dropped drastically. Crew are a mixed bag - some attendants were friendly and helpful like the purser and supervisor and one attendant who went out of her way and offered to move me from my seat next to a crying baby and family to an empty cluster of 3 seats, 10 rows back before takeoff which was very kind of her. However, some attendants are grumpy and have zero manners. The seat feels exactly the same as a 10 in a row 777-300 on Cathay. Fairly acceptable for someone my height at 5’2 but could be uncomfortable for anyone bigger and on a longer flight. Food was terrible - fish was overcooked and the dessert was rubbery. Should have brought my own dinner instead. Only consolation was the Singapore sling and Bailey's I consumed that was not diluted with ice cubes. Hot towel before takeoff is a rarity in economy for any other airlines. In flight entertainment is excellent as always with lots of music and movies which distracted me from the lousy food. However, for the price I paid, I’d rather go with Thai Airways which has way better food and more consistent service. Check in staff were rude and asked me to pay 200$ to take the earlier flight to Singapore when I arrived at the check-in desk 3 hours beforehand with a 4-hour layover coming from a domestic flight.

5/30/2019 John Duggan

✅ Trip Verified | Hong Kong to Singapore. This flight without exception, was the worst flight I've ever been on. The cabin crew seemed to be going through the platitudes of service but forgetting to actually deliver. In my case, I asked for a bottle of water instead of breakfast. Stewardess disappeared, meals were served, and expecting that someone would drop off the water after meal service, I declined the little cup that was offered to me during the meal service. That was a mistake and I just gave up so 3 hours later, I couldn't wait to get off the flight to get a bottle of water. I'm a fairly low maintenance passenger, so I'm not someone that will keep badgering the cabin crew for service. But to me this was just such a basic. Like how difficult is it to drop off a bottle of water to someone! I have a return flight booked with Singapore and to be honest Id have switched Jetstar but the flight time to work. Next time I won't pay double the price for a flight with Singapore expecting service. I might as well just use Jetstar!

5/29/2019 S Syvilai

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to San Francisco. I experienced horrible chest pains during the flight & Mr Arfat was very attentive to helping me get back to normal. The whole staff was great!

5/27/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-10 (78J) seat 74K

Of all the economy class seats this is probably the best. Not because the seat itself is any different, it is a mean, thin-shouldered, narrow arm-rested seat like the others; but because of the space around it, room to stow bags or your legs between it and the window. I would hate to do a longer flight than Bangkok to Singapore in any of the other economy seats.

5/27/2019 Graham Rathbone, Airbus A350-900 (359) v1 seat 47H

Great legroom seat but got disturbed many times with other passengers waiting to use the toilets. This was only a minor irritation as legroom more than made up for it. TV monitor cones up from the floor so always have to look down to watch .

5/27/2019 R Jay

✅ Trip Verified | Auckland to Zurich via Singapore return and we flew with our 19 month old boy and it’s was his first flight. We were quite picky of choosing right airline and it’s a very long journey for little boy, I like to say Singapore Airlines is the best, very friendly staff and child friendly, alway willing to go extra miles to help their passengers. It’s a five star experience, we will fly with you anytime, and recommend to everyone

5/26/2019 Lay Mui Ang

✅ Trip Verified | Osaka to Singapore. There is no hot drink served When we received our meal, we asked for hot drink but they told us it will come later. It never came. We have not finished the meal, but they have already started serving ice cream. I couldn’t finish my meal in time and my tea never came at all. It seems like everything is in a rush. My cold drink not finished yet and the whole tray was collected. The standard has dropped drastically over the years. I choose SQ because I am Singaporean. There are other airline much better than SQ.

5/26/2019 C Wilkinson

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Male. They used to be good. Air hostesses were rude and unhelpful. The food was shocking, no consideration for people with allergies or special dietary requirements. The in flight entertainment was disappointing. Hardly any tv shows only one or two major movies available on a 8 hour flight. Wouldn’t recommend Singapore airlines and wouldn’t waste my time going to their lounge. Probably the best feature was the legroom in the seats.

5/23/2019 Penelope Fowles, Airbus A350-900 (359) v1 seat 32D

The seat was very narrow and uncomfortable and there was little legroom. The armrests were too short and too narrow so my arm was out in the aisle. Premium Economy on this aircraft is not worth the extra money...won’t do it again. I had only just connected with this flight after flying from LHR on the A 380 which was far more comfortable.

5/22/2019 Margaret Craig

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to London Heathrow with Singapore Airlines. We ordered gluten free meals which were good. However in a 13.5 hour flight other than fruit that was all we were given until I complained. There are 9 hours between the two main meals. Fruit is not enough. We are both hypoglycaemic and need some form of carbohydrates. There was nothing. We were told we need to bring our own snacks. Everyone else had the option of sandwiches and muffins. None of which was available gluten free. Not good enough!

5/20/2019 Phil Karp

Not Verified | I fly to Sydney periodically and given previous experience, my preferred airline is Singapore Airlines - previous experiences have always been excellent. This time, unfortunately, I found the service levels to have dropped - young stewards and stewardesses dashing past repeatedly in a darkened aisle brushing people and waking them up, followed by a minor glance backwards but no apology. Apart from that, I sensed a general decline in standards - not as many smiles and rushing, the work seems more like a chore than the past when there was a sense of "its our pleasure to help you". Still better than many airlines but not at the level they used to be. I would add that the food (I keep a kosher diet) they served from Sydney (Lewis Continental Kitchen) was poor.

5/18/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) Four Class seat 41J

My walkthrough of seat 41J: Seat 41J is an excellent seat! Is comfortable with great leg room and good view of the wing. Only downside, the direct overhead bin is not accessible. You will need to use the overhead bin of row 42 or center overhead bin of row 41.

5/14/2019 S Horton

✅ Trip Verified | First time we had ever flown SQ business class so were looking forward to it as the reviews seem largely positive. Upon checking in, we went to the lounge, very underwhelmed ; for an airline that has 4 flights per day, the food selection at 5pm was very limited and not even champagne offered. Upon boarding the aircraft seemed very tired and dated. The menu was ok because we had pre ordered Book the Cook. But if we had not we would have been very disappointed as the menu selection was very average, more like economy offerings. The seat was the widest seat I have ever been in so no complaints here. However the inflight entertainment left a lot to be desired, very old technology and not easy to use. The mattress provided was not even fitting the bed which was not lie flat and no amenity kits provided. But the service from the crew was outstanding. I feel that SQ is trading on its premium reputation from the past but needs to improve quite a bit to compete with the likes of the Middle Eastern carriers who have a much better all round product. Would not fly them again in a hurry.

5/13/2019 Chris Holcombe

✅ Trip Verified | London to Singapore. Horrible first time experience. So they oversell the flight and bump me down to premium economy. Never again. They offered to rebook me the next day which does not work on a business trip. How would you expect a first time customer to react.

5/9/2019 Danielle Keefer

Not Verified | New York to Singapore. We purchased the extra legroom seats for $120 per person/per flight. They are the worst seats ever. Yes, you get lots of legroom but you lose window, there are no windows at these seats, which is not told when you go onto the site to book, sleep, the lights never fully go out because you are right by the bathroom, plus you have the bathroom light shining in your face because no one ever closes the door, and you have to listen to the nonstop clicking of the bathroom door, your legroom, because people use your space to stand and stretch their legs and this is not monitored by the flight attendants. You are in the section with the crying babies, there is an actual section for babies. There is no storage space so you have to put all of your stuff in the overhead bin, and you have to stow your tv during takeoff and landing so there is a good hour of just sitting there while everyone else is watching tv. I can’t believe we paid $500 for these terrible seats. If I had known I would have kept the cattle seats and stretched my legs on my way to the bathroom. Personally I think you should get a discount for sitting in these seats.

5/6/2019 H Rawding

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore Airlines lived up to its incredible reputation. The flight attendants, especially the purser, were fun to interact with throughout the flight. The beef rendang choice I had was delicious and the wine and champagne served was truly in-flight dining at its best. The in-flight entertainment had quite a selection of current movies, so we had plenty of options to keep ourselves entertained. We were staying overnight at the Aerotel and the purser gave us some water and slippers for us to have on our journey. Although the cabin was pretty full, the cabin crew made us feel like we were on our own private jet. I'd highly recommend Singapore Airlines, based on this experience.

5/5/2019 E Han

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Perth. Seats are comfortable for economy class. Slight recline. Decent menu - Asian or Western selection. Design of the plane is strange. The entire plane uses a small group of toilets right in the middle of the plane - never heard that many flushes in 5 hours. Good service. Will fly again in a different seat.