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9/22/2019 H Marukesh

✅ Trip Verified | Melbourne to Mumbai via Singapore. Everything from check-in, boarding, cabin service, baggage handling, meals, seats went smoothly on this return flight which we had to book at extremely short notice for a family emergency (booked the flight less than 12 hours hours before departure). The call centre and airpo...

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9/20/2019 Ravi Pillai

✅ Trip Verified | . Seoul to Kochi via Singapore. My flight from Kochi to Singapore on SilkAir was very good with enough leg space and tv, food option was just satisfactory, but I appreciate the before flight food pack they gave. Singapore to Seoul was okay, almost on par with Kochi to Singapore but bigger flight (I found silk ...

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9/18/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A350-900 (359) v2 seat 60A

The seat was very uncomfortable and they have crammed far too many seats into the cabin. When the person in front reclined his seat it was almost touching my nose, its almost impossible to watch a movie on the size screen so close to your face.

9/16/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A350-900 (359) v1 seat 61J

It is a good seat, normal pitch and the galleys/toilets are not bothersome.

9/16/2019 Stephen Thomas

✅ Trip Verified | London to Singapore. Very disappointed. The cabin service was fine, the flight was uneventful. I went to a great deal of time and trouble with Singapore Airline Officials in setting us up 6 months in advance with a seat choice that would accommodate my elderly mother being close to the lavatory. More than one p...

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9/15/2019 Glenn Liddle, Airbus A380-800 (388) v1 seat 34A

Seat, plane and flight was good, was given a menu, but food not listed was not offered. very long wait into the flight before being offered a refreshment.

9/15/2019 Stephen Thomas

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to London. Incredibly inept Admin. I spent time establishing parameters for which my elderly mother could get a seat close to the lavatory and after many calls direct to Singapore I had confirmation that the range of seats we would get was limited but acceptable. I got this in an email. At boarding, ...

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9/12/2019 Jai Satpute

Not Verified | Mumbai to Singapore. Great Flight, departed/arrived on time. Excellent service. The hard product was the older seat which was significantly worse than the newer ones. This is because the A330s will be retired soon and replaced with Boeing 787 and A350s. I would advise that if possible you catch the A380 flight wh...

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9/7/2019 B Roberto

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Singapore. Always love the aircraft that SQ use for this route, the Business Class seat super bulky and comfort instead of modern and lacking comfort. Love it!

9/7/2019 Rico Bunnarto

✅ Trip Verified | Bali to Singapore. As always SQ know how to run an airline business. Warm hospitality and I will always take with them for Southeast Asia route, always keep up the nice work!

9/6/2019 Ivo M, Boeing 787-10 (78J) seat 12A

No idea who at Singapore Airlines had the idea to make this new business class seats that narrow ( 787-10). Totaly uncomfortable !!!! definitely not again !!!! Big plus of SQ was always the huge space. Realy disappointed !!!

9/6/2019 Michel Perrin

✅ Trip Verified | Between Singapore and Kansai, Singapore Airlines operates night and day flights, night flights being one Boeing 787-10 that was grounded (Rolls-Royce engine troubles) at the time of my reservation. I had to move to day flight with 10 years old A330. Obviously there was a strong seat difference, but rest of ser...

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9/6/2019 E Barlen

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Delhi. Bid for an upgrade so was thrilled it had been accepted. What an experience. My seat was 94A, a beautiful comfortable seat. My wonderful FA Celestine looked after me so well. The food was special but I stopped at the third course. The turbulence was a little harsh so my bed was made for me ...

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9/4/2019 T Janner

✅ Trip Verified | Sydney to Istanbul via Singapore. Blown away by how amazing Singapore airlines is. Food was great for airline food, and the staff were amazing. Even though there were some annoying people on second leg being really rude and unreasonable (demanding coffee when water was being served, insisting they get to move ...

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9/4/2019 Aaron Wei

✅ Trip Verified | Wonderful experience with Singapore Airlines. Once entering aircraft was greeted by friendly cabin crew who showed me to my seat, came around and gave me headphones and eye shades. With my status, I was given a whole row to myself and the crew gave me business-class quality hot towel and headphones. The aircra...

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9/3/2019 Lawrence L, Airbus A350-900 (359) v1 seat 47J

The exit row has only a tiny fisheye window on the exit door itself.

9/2/2019 SeatGuru User, Airbus A380-800 (388) v3 seat 15D

9V-SKS has had the new Business Class seats retrofitted and I found the seat has exactly the same problem as the previous "roll-over" seat, ie your feet are offset from the line of the bed. The seat was comfortable enough but got quite firm after a couple of hours sitting. Service was excellent as always.

9/2/2019 Elaine Loh

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Amsterdam. Wonderful experience. With book the cook, I got my laksa which was creamy and tasty. The skybed opens flat and allowed for a decent 8hours sleep. Service is excellent. I managed to get a good selection of Sulwhasoo on the flight at prices even better than the airport. Throughout the fli...

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9/2/2019 R Lashani

✅ Trip Verified | This was a great experience from San Francisco to Singapore. The seat was very comfortable, and had a generous 8 inches of recline. There was also a nice reading light next to the seat. The TV screen was huge and itwas really responsive. There was also a nice footrest. If you choose a window seat from rows 40-...

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9/2/2019 Michel Perrin

✅ Trip Verified | Munich to Singapore. Unfortunately SQ uses LH services & lounges in MUC. Senator lounge service was extremely poor. We did not feel welcome neither at arrival, neither inside. Wines (of low quality) are not in self-service, quantity served in glasses are severely controlled and personnel (when present) showed a...

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