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4/6/2019 Brian Curtis

Not Verified | My wife and I flew Heathrow to Singapore return we have never flown in an aircraft that was so cold even with our coats on and using the blankets provided it was freezing. Also the food provided was amongst the worst had on a aircraft. It’s a shame because the seats were fine and the aircrew fantastic. Also no delays at checkout and Singapore airport must be on of the best around.

4/5/2019 Hollie Price

✅ Trip Verified | London to Perth via Singapore. Having flown with Singapore before I was sure that they would be helpful and accomodating as we flew with our 5 month old to visit family at Christmas. We checked in the pram and car seat after paying to have them wrapped at the airport and had arranged to have a bassinet seat for the flight. This was all arranged with no problems. However, around an hour into the flight I was very aware that my baby needed to be changed. I went to queue for the toilets and there was 6 people ahead of me in the queue. My baby began to scream, I’m sure to the discomfort of the other passengers. I was very aware of this and decided to try and find another bathroom with a smaller queue. The only one with no queue and a change table was in business class. As I approached, one of the cabin staff asked where I was going. I said “sorry, my baby is screaming I just need to change her” she said “you can’t use these toilets you have to go back” I explained the queue situation but she wouldn’t budge so I had to go and queue with my child screaming and all the other passengers glaring at me. When we arrived at Perth airport we were annoyed to find that out pram was broken. Despite having it wrapped, it had been broken through the wrapping and the footrest was hanging off despite the fact we had only had it for 5 months. I checked the airline policies which stated we were covered up to a certain amount so I emailed them within 48 hours with the relevant forms, photos of damage, boarding passes and purchase receipts. They responded after a few days with a very unprofessional email basically requesting the same information I had already sent. I sent it again. Twice. They sent another badly worded email asking me to drop it off somewhere for assessment. By this point we had been back with our taped up pram for about two weeks. I responded explaining that it’s the only pram we have and we couldn’t drop it off. We had done everything they had asked. I never heard anything back. We were very disappointed and annoyed with the way we were treated both on the flight and the way our complaint was dealt with. I would never fly with Singapore airlines again which is a shame because I had flown with them twice previously (without an infant) and had a very positive experience.

4/5/2019 Mark Landingin

✅ Trip Verified | Manila to Dubai via Singapore. This flight was better compared to my DXB-MNL experience. Crew were genuinely friendly. Greeting and talking to you with smile. They offered beverage options several times. Food was ok though. I was still looking forward to their IFE. Great option to save a playlist. Seat was comfortable. Not a fan of their 3-3-3 seat configuration but I was able to select a window seat at the last row of the mid section with only 2 seats. Big plus factor to the overall experience is the Singapore Changi Airport.

4/4/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-10 (78J) seat 55K

Good seat, window next to the seat, quite good food.

4/3/2019 W Lam

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Los Angeles via Tokyo vv on SQ012 and SQ011. Both flights are operated by Boeing 777-300ER. Both trip's check in was quite fast and efficient, the staff was very helpful. The cabin crew was kind and helpful. The entertainment system has good content and responsive touch screen. The food was good. Overall, it was a pleasant experience for me.

4/2/2019 Frederik Clinckspoor

✅ Trip Verified | I would like to express my gratitude for the superb service we received on our recent flight from Los Angeles to Mumbai via Singapore. We are two seasoned travellers, both very accustomed to long-haul routes. The A350 is a superb bird! It has to be said that the service provided in all four of the legs with Singapore Airlines was exceptional, from beginning to end (both on the ground and airborne); all staff where extremely professional, yet fun, friendly and accommodating to all passenger's needs. This cabin crew in particular who looked after us on the long, SQ37 flight from LAX to SIN on 14/03/2019, provided beyond exceptional service. They were actively and consistently attending passenger's requests, as well as checking that we were happy and well looked after, for what appeared to be the whole duration of the flight, or about 17+ hours. It was so satisfying and reassuring to see the dedication that this particular team had for their duties, as well as a clear love of the job. Great ambassadors for such well regarded airline such as SQ. We just simply couldn't had hoped for a more enjoyable journey. It is now clear to us that Singapore Airlines deserves to be the world's best airline. We are truly looking forward to our next Singapore Airlines journey, which we hope will take place in the near future - this new experience in air travel has opened a new and fascinating window in our holidays.

3/30/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-10 (78J) seat 61D

Flying economy on the new B787-10 from SIN to BKK was really great! The seat is wide, foot length is pretty good and the entertainment option is one if the best. The TV screen is easily 19 inch! The head rest is adjustable as well somit can slide up and down to fit your head whether you are tall or short.

3/30/2019 S Rathaneeth

✅ Trip Verified | Melbourne to Beijing via Singapore. After long journey, when I go to collect my baggage, it was not send on the plane which I travel. Baggage claim division at Beijing Airport inform my baggage will be arrived in next available flight. My destination is another city which I want to get a domestic flight. From there, I have to go to my hotel on yuan 150 taxi. They advised me to collect my baggage from that airport when it arrives. Till, then they offer me yuan 400 (around 90 AUD to cover all damages which include buying temporary clothes. Thanks for letting down me as a long-standing Singapore traveller.

3/27/2019 Doug Dumpa

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Manila. Automated check-in is quite efficient. Service as usual is exceptional as the crew were attentive to the needs of the passengers. Great ambiance inside the aircraft and the food was great.

3/26/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A350-900 (359) v1 seat 33A

This seat has one window and is mostly a wing view. The premium economy seat on the A350 is different from the Singapore Airlines 777 and A380 seats. It may be slightly narrower and with a slightly reduced space between seats, but it is still a very good seat. Being at a divider with economy, this seat still had full recline and has a full overhead bin because of how it is only within Premium Economy and regular economy passengers cannot use it. The seat is close to the bassinet in regular economy.

3/26/2019 Abdallah E, Airbus A380-800 (388) v3 seat 33K

This seat has two windows and great views ahead of the leading edge of the wing. Because of the curvature of the front of the plane, there are 6-7 inches of space between the edge of the headrest and the wall. There is a small space behind the seat between a crew storage locker and the wall to keep a bag convenient to you during your flight without being in the way. Part of the crew service area is to the left of this row but we did not find that to be a problem. Note, they keep the champagne chilled right there so that is nice.

3/25/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) Four Class seat ROW11AND15

These rows are slighly better than the remaining business class rows since there is no seat in front and and therefore much more space for legs and the flatbed is also larger.

3/25/2019 R Steenson

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Perth. The Singapore Airlines Boeing 787-10 is a first class plane and comes with excellent and attentive service from the cabin crew. Very modern Kris entertainment system. Food acceptable but not fantastic. Suggest they provide headsets rather than the earpiece variety which are hopeless.

3/25/2019 Jennifer McKay

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Sydney. Very comfortable flight as the aircraft was not full. Excellent cabin staff and amazing inflight entertainment options. Food however was a major disappointment. Ordered the fish with dill sauce and apart from the the mashed potato, it was flavourless. The "pizza" snack served before landing was terrible stodgy. Wine options were either a very poor white or an even rougher red. I can't understand how Singapore can get everything else so right and the food so wrong.

3/22/2019 John Tavendale, Airbus A350-900 (359) v1 seat 21D

Great Aeroplane, excellent food and service as always with Singapore Airlines, but that seat, whilst great in the various seating modes is awful as a bed, difficult to get down and if you have to get up once lying down, it is a mission

3/19/2019 Glenda Sewell

Not Verified | Singapore to London Heathrow. For my holiday to New Zealand in February / March this year I decided to upgrade my flights for all four legs of the journey to business class. Three parts of my journey were enjoyable, the service and food was good, even though I didn't receive the book the cook meals Id ordered. Sadly on the last leg from Singapore to London flight SQ322 I found myself on the A380-800. I found the business class section to be cramped, with a lack of storage space, not very well designed and for a new plane starting to show signs of wear and tear. The first problem was the width of the seat, it was a lot narrower than other seats in business class. I heard a lady behind me complaining to a stewardess about the hard seat. She replied that BMW had designed it. My thought was what is comfortable in a sports car is not so good on a 13-15 hour flight where you are sitting / lying down for nearly all the time. However with cushions it can be made more comfortable. Nothing can be done to make the seat wider and the high and very wide plastic infill between my seat and the window made me feel more cramped. I could see no useful purpose for it. The lack of storage space was a problem. I didn't want to put my carry on bag in the overhead lockers as it could be difficult / noisy to access it on a night flight. Unlike some other planes there was no small recess area where I could put my bag on the floor, but within my seating area, so the aisle was still clear. A stewardess put it on the floor but when the bed was out I couldn't access it without grovelling about on the floor. I made my bed up and tried to sleep. I placed my handbag on top of the large but fairly useless plastic infill, during the flight I think as a result of turbulence the bag fell on my head. I wasn't impressed at the time but later on I did see the funny side of it. As the seat / bed was narrow when I turned over I kept hitting my head. It was also quite difficult to get up from. I've had no such difficulties on other business class flights . The design, space and attractiveness is so much better on other Singapore Airlines business class cabins. I know the other passengers in my group flying in business on this flight were unhappy too. While I was queuing to leave the plane at the end of the flight a man of average height and regular weight said That thing is a waste of space refering to the plastic infill between the seat and the window. I had to agree. A senior stewardess told me the airline is planning to convert more of their planes to this design. Thanks for the warning. When I fly to Australia next year I will have to look for a new provider. I cant take the risk of paying for a business class fare and being placed on the A 380-800 again.

3/16/2019 Adrian K, Airbus A380-800 (388) v3 seat 2F

I was incredibly impressed with my time on board the new Singapore Airlines A380 first class suite, and found the sheer space on offer absolutely mind-blowing and far beyond the offerings of other luxury Suite products I’ve tried, including Emirates first class. If Singapore is on your bucket list, the new suite is a stylish way to get there, and arguably, the pinnacle of luxury commercial airline travel. The new Singapore Airlines A380 first class suite offers unsurpassed luxury, an impressive hard product and outstanding service. I’m eager to fly the new suite again

3/15/2019 T Sun

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Manila. Overall a very bad cabin experience. 24 Feb 2019 - SQ917 KrisWorld down for the entire cabin. 26 Feb 2019 - SQ916 KrisWorld still down. reflected that I had feedback a couple of days ago on the return leg from Manila. 28 Feb 2019 - SQ917 KrisWorld still down. Steward was very impatient to the passenger in front of me when asked about the status. Disappointed that my feedback in the last few flights on the same journey wasn't considered at all. 03 Mar 2019 - SQ5254 Preferred meal was forgotten. I had listed a preferred meal in my preference. 10 Mar 2019 - SQ957 Lead steward conveniently forgot about my request. In the end I did not get any meals on board.

3/15/2019 Francesca Somaini

Not Verified | Tokyo to Singapore. The Business seats of Singapore Airlines are as big as a first class one. They turn into beds. It's amazing how good you can sleep on these seats. I fell asleep right after take of and woke up for breakfast. Food is really good. Entertainment is good but not amazing.

3/13/2019 M Peale

✅ Trip Verified | London to Singapore. Singapore Airlines 'Book The Cook' service in business class is excellent and I wish all airlines offered pre-booking for main meals. My Lobster Thermidor was delicious, the cheese board was well presented and the apricot and pumpkin puree with the scallops was divine. Their cabin crew are welcoming and friendly, well trained, attentive and very efficient. All with a quiet charm as they glide through the cabin. A great flight and I managed at least 6 hours of shut-eye before landing.