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2/25/2019 T Han

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Denpasar Bali. Early morning departure from SIN at Chinese New Year, so it was a pretty full flight. Just after security check and with less than one hour to departure, we were told that there was a technical problem with the plane and we needed to switch plane (different gate). Amazingly, the entire flight was only delayed by 1 hour, which given the short notice, I feel is pretty amazing. Flight was on A330, which has the 2-4-2 configuration, and as usual, I opted for the (2) seat which I increasingly like. Seats were slightly narrower than the B777, but it just feels less cramped than the 3 seat options. Flight crew were slightly less charming than usual, but I guess the last minute change probably had something to do with this, and they still dealt very politely with some very demanding customers. Food was reasonably good (had Indonesian option), and IFE was as standard on the A330, if slightly dated. Only slight downside was the toilet, which although clean, had obviously seen better days with some wear and tear. So a good economy experience and I guess the additional cost for the flight (as opposed to the budget airline) pays off when something does wrong, as the recovery was really fast.

2/25/2019 L Edwards

✅ Trip Verified | Service is unparalleled. Food is very good and served on proper plates with real cutlery. Wide selection of online shopping. Best thing about this flight was the sky bed. The chair unfolds into a flat bed, which gave my son and I some decent sleep. The plane leaves SG just before midnight and arrives in AMS around 6.15am - so even a 12 hour flight seems like no time is wasted. Wifi is available on board but requires payment. The complimentary allowance for business class members is only suited for text messages - runs out fast. Overall, a very comfortable flight. Will definitely fly again.

2/23/2019 S Basianyo

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to New York. The entertainment center/movies were superb, although some of the plug connections were older, so the voice is low. One time, the flight was making a loud bothering noise, and we were concerned about it especially during take off. The next flight was delayed, they decided to replace the airplane. I appreciate it that they put safety before anything else. The food was satisfying. The attendants smile. They worked fast in getting what the customers need. They are always ready to answer calls.

2/22/2019 E Han

✅ Trip Verified | Perth to Singapore. Outstanding service. In flight shopping has a huge selection of quality products. Book the cook menu was impressive - lobster thermidor and my son's steak were cooked to perfection. The selection of beverages was fantastic. Entertainment selection is not bad. This is an older plane, so unfortunately my seat could not lie flat and my son's screen was slightly damaged. Nevertheless, seats are still comfortable for the short flight from Perth to Singapore.

2/20/2019 SeatGuru User, Boeing 787-10 (78J) seat 41C

Definitely the worst seat on the aircraft although its the 1st row with the biggest legroom in economy. The worst because the front wall stops at B, so there is front wall only for A & B seats. If you take the aisle seat C, then half your seat is in the path of all people walking. Therefore, all the crew, passengers, and the trollies will be hitting your foot when you stretch out especially on a night flight. The seat seemed to be narrower then regular SQ seats. Rest of the 1st row seats are OK, just avoid the aisle seats on the widow sides.

2/17/2019 LG N, Airbus A350-900 (359) v1 seat 31G

According to seatguru, this seat has extra leg room, which isn't really the case, as the wall between business and premium economy actually gives you slightly less leg room. That said, if the seat pocket mounted on the wall was a centimeter wide on top, you could comfortably rest your legs on it. As it is now, it can be done, but it's not that comfortable. The seat is not narrower due to the tray table being in the armrest, as all the seats in premium economy has the tray table in the arm rest. Seats E and F has a movable arm rest between them, which none of the other seats in premium economy has. Biggest complain inho is the poor leg rests, as I was unable to use them, since they didn't come up high enough. This seems to be quite common in premium economy and makes you wonder why they even bother adding them. Meals were decent, if not great.

2/17/2019 LG N, Airbus A350-900 (359) v1 seat 15K

Singapore Airlines have very odd business class seats indeed. They're not that comfortable to sit in, as they're actually too wide, so you don't get much support. If you want to put your feet up, you need to sit at a weird angle, as the the foot cubbie/leg rest is in the far corner. Bed mode entails getting out the seat and folding down the seat back. The duvet and pillow are also located here. A plus in bed mode is that there's a separate seat belt, which is much more comfortable than using the regular seat belt in other business class cabins I've flown. The "bed" is quite firm, but I was fine with that. It also has less "bumps" due to it largely being a single piece. Again, you have to sleep at an odd angle, with your head in one corner and your feet in the other. The foot cubbie is very small. Overall a pleasant enough flight, although the dinner meal was kind of disappointing. Breakfast was far superior, which imho is unusual.

2/17/2019 LG N, Boeing 787-10 (78J) seat 15A

These seats are nowhere near 30in wide. My shoulders were rubbing both sides of the seat enclosure, which was not a problem at all in the A350, which supposedly only has 28in wide seats. These seats are much more "standard" business class seats, in the sense that you can recline down into a bed, rather than having to fold them forward to turn the seat into a bed. Besides the narrowness of the seats, they're quite comfortable and the tray table is much better located than on the A350. However, the foot cubbie is still tiny, but very deep. This means you get "stuck" when sleeping, which can be quite painful when you wake up. The flight I was on already showed a lot of wear and tear, which was quite surprising, as these planes are brand new.

2/17/2019 Teng Yong Khoo

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Milan with Singapore Airlines. A generally excellent airline with great cabin crew and great food. The seat was very comfortable for my 12hr and 30min flight and it really changed the way I feel of flying!

2/14/2019 C Keale

Not Verified | Melbourne to Jakarta via Singapore. My wife and I flew Singapore Air for first time and were very impressed. Economy seats the best we’ve had (and we travel a lot). Food and beverage service good and cabin crew were very efficient. Very good selection for inflight entertainment system. Highly recommended.

2/12/2019 Y Han

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Denpasar. Having experienced United's version of the B787, this was an opportunity to revisit the experience on SQ instead on a short 2.5 hour flight. The initial entrance into the economy cabin is certainly more welcoming than United's experience. Once seated, you notice the high-density, thin seat cushions, which give you more perceived legroom than the standard 32 in pitch would suggest. Because SQ stayed with the 3-3-3 configuration, the seat width is narrower than the comparable A330 or B777 experience, and I certainly felt this was the case, despite the very narrow armrests. Certainly the aisles are narrow, and in the aisle seat, I was constantly jostled by passengers and assorted bags during the boarding process. I also found it hard to get comfortable on the thinner seats, though this was less of an issue for a short-haul flight. The IFE was a class above United's, with a large vibrant touchscreen and the newest KrisWorld experience (minus the seat controller), so all interactions are via the screen. Meals were reasonably good if not outstanding, while service on the inbound flight to SG was warm and friendly. I wish that cabin seat space for Economy passengers could be maintained, given that the vast majority of us travel this way.

2/11/2019 Caroline D, Airbus A380-800 (388) v2 seat 95D

Very good Business quality, large bed and seat, comfortable pillows, little mirror, lots of different plugs for devices. Very good service, very good food. ????

2/10/2019 H Chen

✅ Trip Verified | Kuala Lumpur to Cape Town via Singapore. As usual, they are famous of their top notch quality, service, and efficiency. Crews were very attentive and helpful. Upon boarding the aircraft, you could already feel their warmth hospitality. Food is good and IFE is fantastic. Cabin crew go around with drinks and snacks in the mid of flight very frequent (every 20 mins) which is hardly seen on the other major airlines. It's definitely worth it for the price I pay for. I will choose to fly with SIA again.

2/10/2019 S Chan

✅ Trip Verified | Cape Town to Singapore via Johannesburg. Friendly crew and fantastic service. The flight was 98% pax loading and cabin crew were really busy attending to passengers' needs. However, they remained professional and attentive. They are so nice and friendly. New aircraft, nice inflight entertainment system, delicious food, ample amenities in the toilets. Will definitely fly with them again.

2/9/2019 SeatGuru User, Boeing 787-10 (78J) seat 46D

Once seated, you notice the high-density, thinner seat cushions, which give you more perceived legroom than the standard 32 in pitch would suggest. Because SQ stayed with the 3-3-3 configuration, the seat width has to be narrower than the comparable A330 or B777 experience, and I certainly felt this was the case, despite the very narrow armrests. Certainly the aisles are narrow, and in the aisle seat, I was constantly jostled by passengers and assorted bags during the boarding process. I also found it hard to get comfortable on the thinner seats, though this was less of an issue for a short-haul flight.

2/7/2019 H Patel

✅ Trip Verified | Wellington to Mumbai via Melbourne / Singapore. What can I say about this airline — always has been my favourite and always will be. Everything from check-in, boarding, IFE, meals, baggage – went smoothly. Cabin crew were as gracious as usual. Would definitely recommend. Only perk: this was somewhat an expensive ticket (but I would definitely pay the extra and fly SQ, than other airlines that fly the route), Singapore Airlines can definitely work on competitive pricing.

2/7/2019 C Galavoni

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Denpasar. Poor flight. Average food. No pillows available at the economy cabin. Old aircraft. Seats at the vertical position very uncomfortable. Ground service unpolite.

2/6/2019 Mal Payton

✅ Trip Verified | London to Bali via Singapore. I flew to Australia with Singapore Airlines 5 years ago and the service was out of this world, amazing. I flew last October with them to Bali and back and it seems that standards have slipped. It seems there are a lot more male stewards on board now and they seem to give worse service than the female stewardesses. Male stewards seemed disorganised, flustered and abrupt compared to the female stewardesses who were very organised and polite. The airline needs to have standard procedures that staff follow. We had an issue with my partners meal being vegetarian nut free and Singapore Airlines were less than helpful. They served him nuts and or meat in a few of his meals, luckily he didn't eat them. When we told cabin crew that he was supposed to have been served a nut free vegetarian meal they said we never would have been promised such a thing because it didn't exist. When we showed proof of Singapore Airlines emails promising us a nut-free vegetarian meal the steward seemed disgruntled that we had proved we weren't lying about it all. A female stewardess found something my partner could eat. Pluses: Female members of staff = fab. Clean and comfy aircraft. Pretty decent snacks and entertainment. We didn't pay to be sat together and yet we still were on each leg of the journey. I'm giving it all a 7 because the journey was just about okay, it wasn't amazing like it was last time I flew with them

2/6/2019 Kah Kay Au

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Zurich is operated by an A380. This particular A380 that I was on is 6 years old and had the old business class product. The seat is very wide - the widest Business Class seat for any airline - sufficient to squeeze 2 slim Asians into the seat. To convert to bed mode, passengers had to pull down the seat back and raise the footrest. Because the footwell is located to one side, passengers have to sleep in a diagonal fashion. I ordered the lobster thermidor from Book the Cook. It was delicious. Cabin crew were very friendly and polite and addressed passengers by family name. After supper, it was time to sleep. A flight attendant deployed the bed for me and I had an uninterrupted 7 hours of sleep before breakfast. For breakfast I chose the Nasi Briyani, an aromatic Indian dish. Even at cruising altitude, the flavours and aroma of the dish was well preserved. I highly recommend the SIA Business Class - best in its category.

2/4/2019 K Pan

✅ Trip Verified | Rome to Singapore. This was my first time on the A350. It was a rather empty flight from Rome to Singapore. The business class featured the new business class product where there were buttons to control the decline of the seat. However, to convert to bed mode, you will need a flight attendant to pull down the seat back from the upright position. This is the main bugbear of the Business Class seat. No amenity kit is provided on SQ business class but you can find toothbrush, shaving kit, comb, moisturiser and hand cream in the toilet. Only eye mask, socks and slippers are provided for long haul flights. On this route , I had the Milanese Osso Bucco for my lunch main course and it was delicious. Breakfast was served 90 minutes before arrival into Singapore and I had the Westerm option of sausage, mushrooms and omelette with corn flakes and fruits. As with other Singapore Airlines flights, the cabin crew were very polite, gracious and helpful and were able to anticipate passengers’ needs. Singapore Airlines Business Class is the best in the category. Wifi was available on this flight. For business class passengers, the first 30 MB is free and after that you can purchase additional MB depending on your needs up to 200MB for US$ 25. The connection speed was reasonably fast - sufficient to upload a few Facebook photos.