Sky Express Airlines

Customer reviews

10/7/2019 G Thomas

✅ Trip Verified | Terrible punctuality, both to and from Athens-Santorini flights were late by 1.5hr. Hurts when those are late night flights and you arrive at the hotel at around midnight due to the delay. Ground staff were clueless on both occasions. No apologies from the inflight staff. At EUR300, it wasn’t worth it at all. A...

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9/23/2019 Bart Dario

✅ Trip Verified | Heraklion to Athens with Sky Express Airlines. I was a bit worried reading other reviews, but my flight was on time, they give you access to lounge for free, they give snack on the plane, honestly it had been a long time since I had airline treatment like that. I was impressed and loved this airline.

9/2/2019 Karis Humphreys

✅ Trip Verified | Naxos to Athens. Would not recommend. Managed to break all 3 of our suitcases, 2 of which were brand new. The lock on my case was broken off and it was evident someone had tried to go through it for valuables- luckily there weren’t any in the bag. When I tried to speak to staff about this they shrugged at me a...

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8/27/2019 Karen Sfyris

Not Verified | Athens to Santorini. Terrible airline, disorganized check in took an hour, not advised that baggage had to be 15kg - we were 2-3kg over and charged 56 Euros. I have checked their website which says 5 euro per kg not 8 Euro. Sat on the tarmac for 1 hr in the heat, just as hot for the trip, poor aircon on the plan...

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8/25/2019 D Hammond

✅ Trip Verified | Athens to Naxos. Absolutely hopeless checkin process. It is out sourced to 3rd party who do 10+ other airlines. Result is hundreds of passengers trying to get thru 4 desks. If you are Greek & shout & push your way to the front you catch your flight maybe. Everyone else is left in the queue. Miss your flight, g...

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8/13/2019 E Dalounis

✅ Trip Verified | Heraklion to Rhodes. Keep Away. Announced for 6:30 boarding time and finally we got a delay announce that due to "operational reasons" we will have a delay in further news after about an hour. When we first travelled to Kreta with this airline, our chairs were dirty.

8/9/2019 S Maltin

✅ Trip Verified | Kefalonia to Corfu. Absolutely terrible experience. The flight was delayed 2 hours, no information was given at all, the information boards were not updated, none of the flight tracker websites were updated with the delay. We had to just sit in the airport, hoping the flight wasn't cancelled. Such a joke. When...

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8/6/2019 Stephanie Milan

Not Verified | Athens to Paros. We were a little worried catching this flight, after reading the reviews. We had a little issue with our carry on mini suitcase being too big and we ended up paying 45eu extra. I do warn you, square carry on bags will not fit in the over head lockers so best to organise them to get checked in bef...

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7/20/2019 P Kardon

✅ Trip Verified | Athens to Kefalonia. Flight was a little late but the service was good for a budget airline, we purchased extra baggage which was a good price which came with the added bonus of a lounge pass at Athens airport a free drink and biscuit was also supplied during the one hour flight

7/17/2019 Cherie Main

✅ Trip Verified | Customer service was appalling at Athens Airport on arrival. Bags were not put on the airline in Naxos and no communication about this until we investigated further on arrival into Athens. Only told that it was a last minute decision and that they would be coming by ferry. Customer service woman at the counter...

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7/15/2019 T Eckhart

✅ Trip Verified | Cyprus to Chania via Athens. Very bad customer service. The staff seemed very frustrated when I asked what's going on with the flight and never got back to me. I had to learn what's going on from other customers. That will be the first and last time. If they don't like working here it's not customers fault. The...

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7/12/2019 L Huang

✅ Trip Verified | Athens to Mykonos. Our flight was delayed for 5 hours before we were able to board only to try to take off on a plane that the pilot had to land back down. They promised us a flight to Mykonos from Athens that night so we waited for seven hours before they decided to cancel the flight at 1am in the morning. T...

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7/10/2019 Diana Vawdrey

✅ Trip Verified | Naxos to Athens with Sky Express Airlines. The worst airline I have ever flown! We have just arrived in Athens to be told the captain chose to not take any checked baggage at all on the flight! Yes - not one suitcase was carried apparently due to the aircraft being over weight. They off loaded 2 passengers (vol...

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6/28/2019 Megan Connolly

Not Verified | Do yourself a favor and do not book with this airline. Ever. I’ve been in Greece for 1 week and this airline has single handedly almost ruined my entire holiday. I am sitting at the airport an hour after my flight landed after a several hour delay with no bags in sight. It is also the middle of the night. I can’t...

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10/29/2018 S Haranci

✅ Trip Verified | I flew with them twice on our trip to Greece. Once from Rhodes to Crete they cancelled my families flight (4) and rebooked it for 3 hours later. My son booked this flight and when we called to complain they said had sent an email 2 weeks before. No email was sent. My husband and I had also already booked them ...

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10/1/2018 Sara Chaves

Not Verified | Flew Athens to Mykonos with Sky Express Airlines. Delayed flight 3 times. Our flight was scheduled for 11:20 am. We were informed that the flight was delayed at 10:30 am to 12:40 pm. At 12:40 pm we were informed that the flight was delayed to 13:45 pm. We began to board on a bus at 13:30 pm. As we were boarding ...

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9/3/2018 R Paramkali

✅ Trip Verified | Naxos to Athens. Loved the ease that our luggage was checked weighed and checked in without any hassles. It is a small airport but the staff knew what they were doing as well as assisting passengers who were not sure of what to do. A very big thank you and I will definitely flying with you again next summer.

8/27/2018 S Nairn

✅ Trip Verified | Athens to Kefalonia. This airline was contacted when it was explained to them that a mistake had been made on the ticket. It was not a change of mind situations. They charged €35 for a changed of mind fee. An email was sent 3 times of explaining that it was not a change of mind and the money should be refunded...

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7/21/2018 Kyriakos Forakis

✅ Trip Verified | Naxos Island to Athens. Delayed (as usual) for about one hour without any notification or information provided by the ground staff. No apology on board. Distant and unfriendly flight attendant. Old equipment with dilapidated interior. No web check-in available. Very bad experience in general. Neither a professi...

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5/27/2018 P Rasentis

✅ Trip Verified | Siteia to Alexandroupoulis. Small propeller planes with lot of noise during the flight. The planes seem old and some seats can be in bad condition. The staff is polite, they offer a drink, cookie, caramel and a towel during the flight. Usually on time, better value for money than other regional airlines.