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7/1/2019 M Althaus

Not Verified | Minneapolis to Cancun via Chicago-Midway. After having a flawless flight to Cancun I was shocked at how things were so bad trying to get back to MSP. After leaving Cancun and told we were going to land in Chicago-we circled Chicago for over 20 min because of bad weather. Then told we were running low on fuel-we h...

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7/1/2019 Candy Brown

✅ Trip Verified | Little Rock to Ontario via Phoenix. This was the worse flight of my life. There were 2 claim to be service animals on my flight. 1 of the dogs seem to really be a service animal because it was very chilled and quiet. The other was barking, jumping on people, the owner even let it loose on the plane doing the f...

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6/30/2019 Haley Norris

✅ Trip Verified | Philadelphia to Memphis. Worst experience ever. Traveling with 3 children and 5 items of luggage. Our flight got weather delayed and missed our last connecting flight. No one on the plane or after exiting the plane was able to help. No one offered a hotel or even a ride with one adult three children, a car sea...

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6/29/2019 Sadie Webb

Not Verified | Oakland to Vancouver. Renee at Oakland airport service desk was amazing. She assisted me with a flight change to leave earlier than my scheduled departure. She also provided a complimentary drink ticket which I didn't realize! I really appreciate your assistance and wanted to thank you. Keep up the good work and ...

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6/29/2019 Ben Giesecke

Not Verified | I regretfully feel obligated to report my experience this previous weekend 6/22 regarding Southwest Airlines and their Southwest Vacations. I have been a loyal supporter of Southwest for over 15 years, and have had nothing but superior customer service and great experiences until this unfortunate event. I went to...

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6/28/2019 Sophie l Berard

✅ Trip Verified | New Orleans to San Francisco via San Diego. Where do I begin? This is our first time flying Southwest since August of 2018 and to fully explain my frustration with their customer service I’ll have to start with the story of them cancelling both of our flights and leaving us with no other option than for us to ...

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6/28/2019 Donna Juarez

✅ Trip Verified | El Paso to Oklahoma via Dallas. What happened to all those employees who help in time of need? There were kids on the ground exhausted, people in distress by the boat load. You guys are so quick to tell good stories and how your employees help. They all went home to bed, the few that were there I could tell we...

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6/25/2019 Karen Gembler

✅ Trip Verified | New Orleans to Austin. Flight 2190 was delayed leaving New Orleans because of weather elsewhere but Janez at Gate 4B at Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans, La kept everyone in good spirits. She had the whole gate area engaged in a sing-a-long with incoming passengers; more than once inviting passersby to j...

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6/25/2019 James Tanton

✅ Trip Verified | Oakland to Seattle. After being an hour late on mechanical issues, then loaded and taxing around then returned to the gate. Finally they bored a cop to escort off a passenger that "wasn't listening to attendants" along with his family. While doing it, the attendant joked about how cute folks thought the cop wa...

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6/23/2019 Mark Bunds

✅ Trip Verified | Denver to Houston with Southwest Airlines. They cancelled the original flight, re-scheduled a new flight, delayed it three times. Too unreliable, I won’t fly them ever again, even if I have to pay more.

6/23/2019 Bruce Marvin

Not Verified | Flew Southwest back in June from Philadelphia to Kansas City via St. Louis and enjoyed the experience. Staff were amazing, flight was on time, and food and beverages were substantial for the short flights. My only minor gripe is that the seats could have been a little wider.

6/21/2019 U Marsen

✅ Trip Verified | Dallas to Houston. Horrible service. Boarding process is chaotic and unorganized. Sat on the plane for over an hour. No explanations given. Could have driven to Houston faster and with less hassle.

6/19/2019 Jacqueline Castro

Not Verified | Richmond, VA to Houston, TX. Trip was planned with one stop in Atlanta, from there I would take another flight to Houston. The flight was canceled with no explanation given. Then they rebooked us to another flight that would leave 4 hours later. This meant we had to hang around for 4 hours in the airport. Then on...

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6/17/2019 E Garman

✅ Trip Verified | Burbank to San Jose. Overall pretty average. Staff was pretty good. Came with snacks and drinks. Inflight entertainment on app worked fine. Average selection of movies and TV shows. I think it had live TV too. Free messaging was pretty cool Slight departure delay SJC-SEA but we arrived just fine Legroom was pr...

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6/17/2019 Orville Johnson

Not Verified | The past two Sundays my flights have been delayed then canceled. Countless hours wasted sitting in the airport waiting on Southwest. Staff not very helpful. Low fares come at too high a cost. This airline is not dependable.

6/16/2019 Sandra Meyer

Flight from Tampa to Phoenix was rescheduled with no text message update. New flight was canceled an hour before flight after we got up at 3 am. Supervisor at Tampa airport was very rude when trying to reschedule flight for a third time. We lost an entire day of our vacation due to this and when I asked for priority boarding for...

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6/14/2019 L Geare

✅ Trip Verified | Providence to Tampa. Not only did I spend over 10 hours on the Nashville airport floor sleeping on 6/9 because of flights and delays and no accommodations, I have now spent 7+ hours waiting at the providence airport on 6/13 Southwest Airlines where the staff here seem a little rude. I’ve been pushed to the sid...

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6/13/2019 Dave Seadorf

Not Verified | Las Vegas to Nashville. The tag on the bag came off from Las Vegas to Denver. I was called about the bag, in the terminal. Thankfully the man from Southwest called me and made sure the bag was put on the right plane. It was great customer service.

6/13/2019 F Edwards

✅ Trip Verified | On June 6 th my family was headed to my sisters wedding from El Paso TX to Island Park Idaho, where I was to be her bridesmaid. We landed in Salt Lake City. All of our luggage made it safely except one, the most important one. None of our clothes arrived. Being that we had a 4 hour drive we were not able to wai...

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6/12/2019 Mary Lynn Duchac

✅ Trip Verified | I flew from Atlanta to Norfolk Virgina to go to Outer Banks, on June 3rd. Left on June 9th from Norfolk back to Atlanta. It was a rough day. Flights were canceled all over. After a very long day and many flight changes I made it home safe, but my bags were lost. I was exhausted and frustrated. I had made a very...

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