Southwest Airlines


Customer reviews

10/27/2019 Marie Chavez

✅ Trip Verified | Orange County to Denver. I like Southwest overall because of the transparent prices and the fact that they don’t charge extra to switch or cancel a flight. I choose them almost exclusively. However, I recently tried purchasing the inflight WiFi with “free” movies—technically an $8 movie since you have to pay f...

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10/26/2019 Christine Blowers

Not Verified | When traveling with Southwest I accidentally placed my tablet on the edge of a garbage can forgot and walked into security -a minute later I realized it and ran back but it was gone. I had just started my vacation and was devastated as this was a very special birthday present. I immediately placed a missing repor...

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10/25/2019 Carly Bourgeois

✅ Trip Verified | Orlando to New Orleans. I love Southwest, but I’m very disappointed in one of the flight attendants, MCO-MSY at 11:10 on 10/24. She asked us to make sure our toddler didn’t play with the tray because the people in front of us could feel it. I said okay I’m sorry we will try our best, but he is 18 months and do...

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10/23/2019 V Calinez

✅ Trip Verified | Alex, our flight attendant on our flight from Orlando to Las Vegas on October 19th on flight 3982 was awesome! I’ve never enjoyed a flight so much! He was funny, took his job seriously, and was so attentive to bat. Southwest is lucky to have him and such a wonderful team onboard their planes. The trip was smoo...

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10/22/2019 Jojo Atwell

Not Verified | Dallas to New Orleans. I had 3 flights get canceled so I had to stay in the airport all night - waiting here for 14 hours. I asked Southwest staff for maybe a blanket or pillow and they were extremely rude. Would not recommend this airline, definitely not reliable.

10/22/2019 M Skinner

✅ Trip Verified | Dallas to Washington. Why does it take so long to get bags? I could have flown another carrier. But still this is ridiculous 30 min. SWA you out here showing LUV, show some here at Washington Regan.

10/19/2019 J Magadi

✅ Trip Verified | Baltimore to Orlando. I bought Southwest Airlines flight to Orlando thinking it was good as it used to be. I am traveling with a family due to which I carried 4 checked in bags. One of the checked bags had its handle broken, another bag came with a huge dent. Not sure if Southwest Airlines employees were all p...

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10/19/2019 T Dearen

Not Verified | Baltimore to Pittsburgh. As I boarded this SW flight, and was attempting to get a seat, utilizing Southwest’s ‘open seating’ policy, the attendant blocked me from getting to a seat, stating he was holding the seats for others. Because I asked him repeatedly about the Southwest policy that he was not adhering to, ...

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10/17/2019 Katrina Miracle

Not Verified | This is the umpteenth time our flight has been delayed a ridiculous amount. Today it is delayed now 3 hours which puts us at our connection at the time it should leave, most likely without us. Southwest used to be the best, easiest, and most convenient and all of that seems to have ended. I choose Southwest for m...

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10/16/2019 Martha Sims

✅ Trip Verified | Phoenix to El Paso with Southwest Airlines. If you fly with children, expect to be separated and to have your children fly next to adult strangers. They cannot guarantee you will sit with your children, although they try to sell you upgraded boarding. The upgrade also does not guarantee your seating with your ...

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10/16/2019 C Martin

✅ Trip Verified | I scheduled a flight in May for my September trip. Originally from Orlando. Hurricane was bearing down on Florida and Orlando airport was due to close because of the storm. My tickets were bought and paid for in May. 400$ round trip for 2. At the very last minute before the airport closed I switched my flight t...

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10/15/2019 D Carter

✅ Trip Verified | Orlando to Atlanta. The personnel on the flight is what really made this a great flight. I have never run into a better flight crew. Friendly without a false feeling. On the lookout for problems and a way to help. Paired with the reasonable cost of airfare made this a pleasant flight.

10/15/2019 Sean Antoine

Not Verified | Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale. We boarded the plane only for the pilot to tell us that we couldn’t use the plane anymore because of the window compressor being frozen or some sort. However, this was an inconvenience for me because I’m flying into Fort Lauderdale and now I’m going to be on the road extra late now do ...

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10/13/2019 Ryan Gunn

Not Verified | I flew from Houston to Columbus in August, and it was a pretty smooth flight. The cabin crew were very nice, so was everyone there. I would reccomend Southwest Airlines.

10/13/2019 John Lamb

✅ Trip Verified | Columbus to Fort Myers. New seating is terrible, I will never fly Southwest Airlines again. Plane was cramped. I could not even sit with my wife on our way to honeymoon. I would not recommend.

10/12/2019 N Keil

✅ Trip Verified | San Jose to Denver. Normally I like Southwest, but they sometimes force you to put both carry ons under your seat if neither is a roller bag. This is horrible. I have a bad knee and am not taking up unreasonable space in the overhead with a laptop bag and have a purse with things I need in the seat, and then s...

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10/9/2019 Lauren Herrera

Not Verified | Las Vegas to Columbus. The Male flight attendant had a favorite row. He spent half the flight standing and talking to them. By the time we got out drinks our "snacks" (fritos and baby cookies) were gone because he was so busy playing favorites. Very unprofessional when I spent over 1000 dollars flying with you gu...

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10/9/2019 S Nelson

✅ Trip Verified | Salt Lake City to Charleston. I would give less than one star if I could. When paying to fly you expect to sit by your spouse not several rows behind. Maybe they should think about updating the seating arrangements

10/7/2019 H Samson

✅ Trip Verified | Baltimore to Boston. I pride myself on packing a carry on bag whenever possible, as opposed to checking a bag. I find it infuriating the lack of communication between the flight crew and the gate attendant checking tickets. Overhead bin storage for carry on luggage was cut off towards the end of the “B” group. ...

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10/6/2019 D Heller

✅ Trip Verified | Denver to Spokane. A flight attendant did something I’ve never seen in more than 40 years of flying. As we were landing, she asked us all to give a round of applause for military on board. Inappropriate. Now lift up the Peace Corps. Teachers. Journalists. All who also do heroic work.