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7/1/2019 M Althaus

Not Verified | Minneapolis to Cancun via Chicago-Midway. After having a flawless flight to Cancun I was shocked at how things were so bad trying to get back to MSP. After leaving Cancun and told we were going to land in Chicago-we circled Chicago for over 20 min because of bad weather. Then told we were running low on fuel-we had to land in St. Louis to refuel. Then waiting on paperwork...we were finally ready to head back to Chicago. After landing in Chicago we were told we had to stay on the plane for an hour because we were not near customs. After 15 min we were able to get off the plane and get through customs and get our luggage. After all of that delay and when we got to a Southwest agent-he told us the next flight back to MSP would take us BACK to St. Louis and then to Ohio and end in MSP! No Way! So the Southwest agent said, “If you think you can make your flight-go ahead and try!” So I booked it through security with many nice people letting me go ahead of them and starting at B1...I RAN to B26. Sweating and panting I made it to my gate with many “C” people still waiting to board. Hooray! (I was an “A” person.) I gave the ticketing agent my ticket and he called someone and said, “She has a ticket, but she is not coming up.” Then asked me to speak with a gate agent. WELL- MY SEAT HAD BEEN GIVEN AWAY SINCE NO ONE THOUGHT I WOULD MAKE THE FLIGHT!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT??? With many people STILL waiting to board! Just unreal! They would do NOTHING for me but tell me I had a 9:50pm flight as my only option! Then they tell me I’m the last seat! A “C”-not an “A” like I was last time! Even though I asked if I could “please” get on earlier! No one was helpful at all-such a shame to leave our resort in Mexico where everyone was kind and helped in any way they could! Large disappointment to end a week of vacation! Really had a different view of Southwest Airlines after this return flight!

7/1/2019 Candy Brown

✅ Trip Verified | Little Rock to Ontario via Phoenix. This was the worse flight of my life. There were 2 claim to be service animals on my flight. 1 of the dogs seem to really be a service animal because it was very chilled and quiet. The other was barking, jumping on people, the owner even let it loose on the plane doing the flight. Prior to boarding I witness this dog doing all of this, so when I was boarding it was hanging out into the middle of the isle, I asked the flight attendant if he could ask the owner to please hold the dog so I could board, I have extremely high anxiety and fear of dogs. He rudely said no, i'm not its a service dog. I said I understand but I have a disability also and I need to board. He rudely said, I am not going to tell another person how or what to do with their dog. A few people on the flight heard him and said Miss, let me help you and blocked the dog so I could get by. Shortly after plane took off, the dog was loose on the plane, a female flight attendant told the owner he would have to keep the dog with him. I don't have a problem with people that need and/or require service animals, but I do think they should be made to control their animal. I paid almost $800 for my ticket was travel for bereavement of close family and then force to have to deal with my anxiety attack because of this one dog that was clearly not a service animal. This was the worse experience flying ever and I fly often.

6/30/2019 Haley Norris

✅ Trip Verified | Philadelphia to Memphis. Worst experience ever. Traveling with 3 children and 5 items of luggage. Our flight got weather delayed and missed our last connecting flight. No one on the plane or after exiting the plane was able to help. No one offered a hotel or even a ride with one adult three children, a car seat and four checked bags and a carry on for everyone. We ended up having to stay and even while in line with all these bags and children I was asking for help and all the employees said: “I can’t I’m monitoring lines.” Monitoring lines. Then after rechecking our bags, I got a call to find our new tags were not added. Which means they probably won’t end up at our final destination. I can’t wait for this day to be over just so I never have to fly Southwest again!

6/29/2019 Sadie Webb

Not Verified | Oakland to Vancouver. Renee at Oakland airport service desk was amazing. She assisted me with a flight change to leave earlier than my scheduled departure. She also provided a complimentary drink ticket which I didn't realize! I really appreciate your assistance and wanted to thank you. Keep up the good work and thank you for everything you do.

6/29/2019 Ben Giesecke

Not Verified | I regretfully feel obligated to report my experience this previous weekend 6/22 regarding Southwest Airlines and their Southwest Vacations. I have been a loyal supporter of Southwest for over 15 years, and have had nothing but superior customer service and great experiences until this unfortunate event. I went to Southwest as I always do and decided to use their Southwest Vacations options since I was staying at a hotel this trip. Everything was fine, or so I thought, untill 6/22 my scheduled departure date. I go online to check in to my flight only to find out that my flight has been cancelled without notification to me. Surprised I call Southwest and try to understand what has happened. After about 2 hours on hold I was told that my flight was cancelled due to weather and that I had unknowingly booked through a 3rd party and not Southwest themselves, despite using the Southwest official website to book. After a 20 minute conversation I was forced to leave the following day as there were no flights remaining that day (unless I could get to the gate within 10 minutes), causing me to miss previously scheduled and paid for events that could not be made up or refunded. I then call the hotel and try to cancel my room since I will not be staying there and they said that since I booked though Southwest Vacations, they had to cancel the room and refund me. Did not seem like an issue. Fast forward to today, 6/27. I finally am back and get to speak with customer relations from Southwest. Thinking that this should not be much of an issue as they had miscommunication on their end, they could refund me for the nights stay that I would miss as they called and cancelled the night with the hotel, and would be able to compensate me in some manor for the error of not contacting me to allow me to get on a different flight earlier that day that had availability, and some possible compensation for the events that were missed. During the conversation with the agent for Southwest, she specifically said that "They would take responibility" for the error as Southwest Vacations is subcontracted though a 3rd party administrator. Even though it bears the offical Southwest logo, is accessed though their Official website, they contract out that to another party, but she still stated "they would (were taking) take responsibility" I think, great we can get this taken care of, to only have Southwest offer me a $50 voucher. $50 to cover 3 missed events, a premium room on Saturday night in Las Vegas, and a lost day of my vacation. This is 100% unacceptable as they themselves took responsibility for the error and still refused to at the very least refund me the money for the hotel room that was never used and some gesture for the error. I can not believe that Southwest who allows their logo and namesake to be used to mislead loyal customers into using something that they promote on their website, but then do not stand behind even though it holds their name is despicable. I felt disrespected as a loyal customer to be offered $50 for what was a loss of 20 times that amount. Southwest, if you are going to license out your name to a separate company, back them and have a system in place to contact clients, or do not promote them on your official website to defraud your loyal customers.

6/28/2019 Sophie l Berard

✅ Trip Verified | New Orleans to San Francisco via San Diego. Where do I begin? This is our first time flying Southwest since August of 2018 and to fully explain my frustration with their customer service I’ll have to start with the story of them cancelling both of our flights and leaving us with no other option than for us to pay 1.2k each for tickets back home in order to catch our out of country flight the next day. We are both wedding photographers and were leaving New Orleans to head to Baltimore for a wedding. The morning of our flight, about two hours prior, we received a notification from Southwest Airlines that our flight was cancelled. They provided us with alternative flight options, which we selected and then put us on standby (without communicating this with us). Fast forward, after a 10+ hour travel day we made it to Baltimore a little after midnight. Keep in mind the direct flight is normally 2.5 hours. The morning of our returning flight from Baltimore to New Orleans we received yet another cancellation notification. However, this time the link to their flight change wasn’t working, no flights were available to select and the help call line to book another flight had a wait time of 2-3 hours. And so I waited, because we didn’t really have any other option. And each time they picked up the call they disconnected us, leaving us with literally zero alternative flight options or any way to get in touch with Southwest Airlines. This charade continued on until 4pm in the afternoon, no contact from southwest, no alternative flights, they straight up cancelled our flights and gave us nothing in return. Because we were leaving the country the next day we had no other choice than to pay 1.2k for a ticket out of Baltimore. Southwest Airlines finally got in touch with us a few days later, not acknowledging any lack in their system, pretending as though the day of our cancelled departure never happened. They offered us a $75 voucher for our trouble. What. A. Joke. Now a year later in hopes that southwest has their stuff together, we’ve boarded our plane from New Orleans only for them to tell us an engine failed to stay on. They asked us to switch planes, no biggie. This stuff happens. Two hours later and we’re finally boarding the next plane. We miss our connecting flight in San Diego due to their delay and end up waiting another two hours for our next flight. They call us to the front desk to adjust our tickets (A group, what’s up - yes, we were quick, we were prepared!) and they had us boarding at the back of the plane. I kid you not. They not only delayed us by 4+ hours but they didn’t even have the courtesy of taking care of us by allowing us to board in our original position, or even during pre-boarding. Come on southwest, we were loyal before you repeatedly screwed us over. So while, Southwest is great with their checked bags, and while it’s awesome that you can be flexible with them, remember there’s a massive chance they’ll cancel your flight and leave you having to spend a couple grand on a new flight and then pretend that never happened.

6/28/2019 Donna Juarez

✅ Trip Verified | El Paso to Oklahoma via Dallas. What happened to all those employees who help in time of need? There were kids on the ground exhausted, people in distress by the boat load. You guys are so quick to tell good stories and how your employees help. They all went home to bed, the few that were there I could tell were bothered by the chaos and had no answers for anyone. There was one employee walking down the long line of people. I thought finally someone to help give us an update. No she was just trying to figure out why so many hundreds of people were in line at such a late hour. I guess if I didn’t start recruiting people at midnight to help find a taxi, UBER or Lyft to Oklahoma I would have slept on the floor and I think your staff would have left thinking that seems wild. It felt like we were treated just like that a wild animal who didn’t belong in the airport. Left @ 12:30pm from El Paso Texas Flight delayed while on plane 655pm due to fuel gauge? The ramp got stuck and there was an electrical problem. Still stuck on the plane. Pilot in disbelief and apologies We wait back in the boarding area only to be told the flight is canceled, hundreds of people get in line. All the staff looked panicked with no words of comfort to a lot of sleepy, tired angry people. We wait for hours to be told no flights till Tuesday, no vouchers for hotel, no rental cars available, too late to rent by midnight. 1am looking for a place to sleep. Decide to start asking Uber and Lyft after 5 drivers refusing to drive that far. I tried to go back into airport and they wouldn’t let me in. I’m tired, stuck with a floor to sleep on. I call Southwest Airlines 1800 number lady tells me she can’t refund my money because I’m attached to my bags. I’m told by other customer after Storm was over many other flights took off. Yet we were canceled. I took lyft to drive us to Oklahoma city. Now its 6.24 I need to figure out how to get my bags and rental car. what a nightmare I'm so upset with Southwest Airlines right now, they left me stranded, and for some reason decided our plane was canceled while others continued to leave to their destination.

6/25/2019 Karen Gembler

✅ Trip Verified | New Orleans to Austin. Flight 2190 was delayed leaving New Orleans because of weather elsewhere but Janez at Gate 4B at Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans, La kept everyone in good spirits. She had the whole gate area engaged in a sing-a-long with incoming passengers; more than once inviting passersby to join in the fun. She went above and beyond her duty as a gate agent to insure that our day would not be ruined by a delayed schedule. Thanks to Janez and Southwest, frustrations were eased and smiles were plentiful!

6/25/2019 James Tanton

✅ Trip Verified | Oakland to Seattle. After being an hour late on mechanical issues, then loaded and taxing around then returned to the gate. Finally they bored a cop to escort off a passenger that "wasn't listening to attendants" along with his family. While doing it, the attendant joked about how cute folks thought the cop was. It was extremely poorly handled and now we are going to be 3 hours late. The keystone cops and attendants could not find their luggage. It was the worst flight I have had in the last 2 months and I have been on 5 business trips, so 10 flights. Now we have to gas up and get ok to leave again. Maybe we will never get there.

6/23/2019 Mark Bunds

✅ Trip Verified | Denver to Houston with Southwest Airlines. They cancelled the original flight, re-scheduled a new flight, delayed it three times. Too unreliable, I won’t fly them ever again, even if I have to pay more.

6/23/2019 Bruce Marvin

Not Verified | Flew Southwest back in June from Philadelphia to Kansas City via St. Louis and enjoyed the experience. Staff were amazing, flight was on time, and food and beverages were substantial for the short flights. My only minor gripe is that the seats could have been a little wider.

6/21/2019 U Marsen

✅ Trip Verified | Dallas to Houston. Horrible service. Boarding process is chaotic and unorganized. Sat on the plane for over an hour. No explanations given. Could have driven to Houston faster and with less hassle.

6/19/2019 Jacqueline Castro

Not Verified | Richmond, VA to Houston, TX. Trip was planned with one stop in Atlanta, from there I would take another flight to Houston. The flight was canceled with no explanation given. Then they rebooked us to another flight that would leave 4 hours later. This meant we had to hang around for 4 hours in the airport. Then once it came for us to board see flight delayed for an hour, once again no explanation. Will never fly Southwest again.

6/17/2019 E Garman

✅ Trip Verified | Burbank to San Jose. Overall pretty average. Staff was pretty good. Came with snacks and drinks. Inflight entertainment on app worked fine. Average selection of movies and TV shows. I think it had live TV too. Free messaging was pretty cool Slight departure delay SJC-SEA but we arrived just fine Legroom was pretty good-and I'm 6'2.

6/17/2019 Orville Johnson

Not Verified | The past two Sundays my flights have been delayed then canceled. Countless hours wasted sitting in the airport waiting on Southwest. Staff not very helpful. Low fares come at too high a cost. This airline is not dependable.

6/16/2019 Sandra Meyer

Flight from Tampa to Phoenix was rescheduled with no text message update. New flight was canceled an hour before flight after we got up at 3 am. Supervisor at Tampa airport was very rude when trying to reschedule flight for a third time. We lost an entire day of our vacation due to this and when I asked for priority boarding for our trouble I got a flat out “no”. No concern for the customer. Will never ever fly Southwest again.

6/14/2019 L Geare

✅ Trip Verified | Providence to Tampa. Not only did I spend over 10 hours on the Nashville airport floor sleeping on 6/9 because of flights and delays and no accommodations, I have now spent 7+ hours waiting at the providence airport on 6/13 Southwest Airlines where the staff here seem a little rude. I’ve been pushed to the side, delayed, and just have received poor customer service. My flights have been canceled twice now but have other flights flying from and to the same place through the same weather that has canceled my own flight, interesting. Now I have to arrange all my plans, spend more money, drive an hour to Orlando because the quickest way in was to Tampa, I missed work last week during that fight cancelation, I have to rent a car tonight, etc etc. It is just a little baffling there hasn’t been one employee to help accommodate completely ruining all of my plans and pushing me to the side when another customer decided his question was more important. I was told I’m getting two 50 dollar vouchers to southwest by a nice phone employee (the only one who seems somewhat reasonable) but I’ve been sitting here for 4 hours and haven’t received an email about that. Nice.

6/13/2019 Dave Seadorf

Not Verified | Las Vegas to Nashville. The tag on the bag came off from Las Vegas to Denver. I was called about the bag, in the terminal. Thankfully the man from Southwest called me and made sure the bag was put on the right plane. It was great customer service.

6/13/2019 F Edwards

✅ Trip Verified | On June 6 th my family was headed to my sisters wedding from El Paso TX to Island Park Idaho, where I was to be her bridesmaid. We landed in Salt Lake City. All of our luggage made it safely except one, the most important one. None of our clothes arrived. Being that we had a 4 hour drive we were not able to wait for it and later discovered it didn’t arrive until 9 pm or so. Staff member from baggage claim in Salt Lake did everything she possibly could to try and get me our luggage but fed ex wasn’t delivering over the weekend that far from Salt Lake. She told me to get clothes and necessities and Southwest would reimburse us. They did. She spoke with her manager and then called me back to see if someone could drive back and get the luggage they would give us a travel credit voucher. Unfortunately we could not but we still received a travel voucher. So we made the best of it. Upon return to Salt Lake airport the staff were wonderful, I gave them my receipts and they promptly wrote us a check to reimburse us for what we had spent on clothes. They retrieved our luggage. These unfortunate incidents do happen and although it does inconvenience one, it is not the end of the world. Thank you Southwest for making us feel better about our situation.

6/12/2019 Mary Lynn Duchac

✅ Trip Verified | I flew from Atlanta to Norfolk Virgina to go to Outer Banks, on June 3rd. Left on June 9th from Norfolk back to Atlanta. It was a rough day. Flights were canceled all over. After a very long day and many flight changes I made it home safe, but my bags were lost. I was exhausted and frustrated. I had made a very dumb mistake and had something in my baggage that was very expensive. I was sick, I went to claim office and filed lost baggage. Was told and filed loss. Was told my baggage would be returned next day. I received a call next day it was found and would be returned by 8pm that night. Sure enough it was. I am very happy to report all was in my bags, the item I was most concerned about was in bag along with all else. I don’t fly much but when I do it is usually Southwest. Have to say that will be my number one from now on. Most staff I dealt with were amazing. Have only one regret, the man who delivered to me was the nicest man and regret I did not get his name. Southwest, thank you so much for all you have done.