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6/10/2019 Tammy Dalgliesh

Not Verified | Baltimore to Palm Beach. I was very pleased with Southwest Airlines - I fly with them often and on 5/25/19 there were mechanical problems and the pilots timed out so we had to wait for a new crew. Southwest safely got us to west palm beach, although late, and then gave us a $75 Southwest Airlines voucher for our next flight. They managed the issues that were no fault of their own superbly.

6/10/2019 V Naratova

✅ Trip Verified | Milwaukee to Washington. Disgusting. Flight out of Milwaukee on June 9th was moved two times, by several hours and ended up being a red eye, because they forgot they needed a first officer for a scheduled flight. Agents at gate C23 in MKE said there are no other options and no compensation. And I could not be routed to another airline because they don't have a contract. Their supervisors were rude, gave me a phone number for a closed customer support, and when I told them I will tweet about my experience, one of the supervisors said he could care less, as Southwest PR department will take care of any negative comments. This is the third time Southwest has completely messed up my work this year without any follow up or customer service. Three of three trips. Southwest no more.

6/9/2019 Charles Williams

Not Verified | Montego bay to Cincinnati. The absolute worse service & guarantee the other 109 passengers on this 4x delayed now cancelled flight would agree. Horrible service would be a lie. This is horrendous in every sense. The staff has been lazy, not helpful & very slow getting basic information to the passengers. If if were only me this wouldn't bother me so much. Having my 6yr old son with me at 1031pm still waiting to here about tomorrow's flight & what hotel were staying in frustrating. Our original flight was suppose to leave at 355pm.

6/8/2019 Lois Smith

Not Verified | I got no confirmation for my flight so I thought I must have forgotten to complete the reservation. 2 months later I realized I had been charged and after calling Southwest they said there had been a typo in my email address (.com was .cvm). They had my phone and could have reached out or someone could have noticed that I had misspelled .com and resent the email but they made no effort! The person I spoke to on the phone was rude and just said 'well you made the mistake'. I'm just out for the flight! Thanks Southwest!

6/8/2019 Nisha Satish

Not Verified | We were flying out of Dallas to Rochester for a wedding, the flight was delayed & cancelled, we had a wedding to attend the next day, they put us on a flight flying to Buffalo Ny, I was forced to check in my carryon luggage, I had all my clothes, toiletries for the wedding. Our luggage was lost. We stayed in a hotel in Buffalo & paid for it. The baggage claim for lost luggage service was so rude. Southwest Airlines ruined our vacation. They overbook their flights. The service is terrible. If you are attending an important event or a short visit. I will not pick that airline.

6/7/2019 Noelia Davila Calderon Davila

Not Verified | Southwest Airlines is not an excellent option, because that system of free seats does not work. Groups of families traveling with minors within the ages of 10-15 can be separated from their parents by not finding a seat where they are together. I traveled from San Juan to Miami and back and my children at the ages of 13 and 16 were far from me and my husband.

6/5/2019 Joy Riley

✅ Trip Verified | Atlanta to Cleveland. My daughter is 12 and when I asked a Southwest representative If someone would check on my daughter or sit with my daughter to ensure of her safety while flying alone sitting next to complete strangers, I was advised my daughter was an adult and is on her on while flying. I was livid to hear at 12 no flight attendant would check on the safety of my child. If this is your policy the protocol needs to be change immediately for the safety of our children. I am uncomfortable sending my child on Southwest Airlines knowing that no Southwest employee is obligated to check on those minors flying unaccompanied!

5/31/2019 Phillip Warfield

Not Verified | Los Angeles to Phoenix. We boarded 5 minutes early, departed on time, & landed on time. We got free drinks, free peanuts, & free pretzels. But I then flew on Southwest again from Phoenix to Little Rock & also had a amazing experience. Those were my first 2 times on Southwest.

5/28/2019 D McAloon

Not Verified | Minneapolis to Sacramento via Denver. Worst flight and customer service experience ever experienced. I can understand that weather is out of their control but it’s how the flight changes were dealt with and poor customer service received that prompted this review. We were flying from Minneapolis-St. Paul to Sacramento on a Sunday over Memorial Day weekend. Unfortunately there was a layover in Denver and we missed the connecting flight. Automatically rebooked the flight to the following evening and they did not offer any accommodations. Also, because we were put on standby for the earliest flight the next day their system removed us from the confirmed flight the following day even though we were fifth in line for standby. They did not tell us this ahead of time and we slept in the airport because we would’ve paid $150 for 4 hrs of sleep since we would have to go thru security once more in the morning. When we did not make the cut for the following morning flight the later evening flight no longer had spots available. After two hours, and three service reps later we finally came across a service rep who cared enough to search for an earlier available flight to Sacramento. Abdenbi was so great and a blessing to our rough experience. Regardless I will never again voluntarily travel with southwest. They should have handled this better by making it right with anything (coupon voucher accommodation, etc.)

5/26/2019 Rose Rubino

Not Verified | Newark to Santa Ana. This was our first flight on Southwest Airlines. We had several delays because of weather and had to sit for hours. The staff was so courteous and helpful. Everyone was apologetic and tried to accommodate whenever possible. In Particular, our customer service rep out of Newark, Ramon went above and beyond to get us to our destination. He checked in with us often to make us feel more at ease right up til we boarded our plane. Kudos to him! It was great to see so many smiling faces from that airline. Thank you to all.

5/25/2019 L Kernim

✅ Trip Verified | Oklahoma City to Las Vegas. This is the worst airline I have flown in my 61 years, never again. It was not cheap by any means, I traveled with my wife and 2 children, we couldn’t find any seats even close to each other’s, very disorganized, flight attendants rude, not welling to help. Never again

5/25/2019 Stephanie Lissner

✅ Trip Verified | We had a flight from San Antonio to Colorado to Vegas for Thursday at 7:45pm we had a wedding to get too. Our flight got delayed so we wouldn’t be flying out till 11:30. We sat at the airport all night for a few hours and then They offered all of the passengers $100 vouchers. As we went to get our $100 vouchers they said our flight was canceled it would be too late for us to leave from Colorado to Vegas when it landed so they said they Can re book us. They rebooked us to fly out of San Antonio BUT they split us up and we all are having to arrive at separate times ranges from early morning to late afternoon. We lost a night of a hotel we had already paid for because the hotel wouldn’t let us save our night for another one. We missed the wedding we were going for and one of our friends was stuck without a hotel since we wouldn’t get there till the next day to check In for her since it was underneath one of our names. Very disappointed they did a horrible job in accommodating us for the horrible experience we had. The lady said it’s out of her hands and we can either re book or leave it alone. Southwest Airlines has done nothing to make us feel like we didn’t lose out on time, hotel money and food and our friend was left stranded alone in the Vegas airport for a whole night.

5/22/2019 Brian Calhoun

✅ Trip Verified | We flew Southwest with a connection through Phoenix to San Antonio on March 20th. We boarded in Phoenix and weather in Texas caused a delay of over two hours. The staff was nothing but accommodating. Obviously they can't control the weather. Besides being polite and accommodating when we did finally get going they gave the entire plane a free drink service and then we woke up to find a 100.00 coupon in our emails for future travel. Southwest puts the ridiculous budget airlines to shame and will be our first choice whenever possible.

5/20/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 737-700 (737) seat 11

double seats in exit asile are narrow than others. I would not recommend unless both passangers are small.

5/19/2019 F Renton

✅ Trip Verified | Austin to Phoenix. Our 7:15 a.m. flight was cancelled about an hour in advance, and the next available seats were the next day at 1:30 p.m. Southwest does not go the extra mile to help you reach your destination; they are not willing to work with other airlines, even when the responsibility for a canceled flight is on them. It’s unfortunate that the best they could manage was a 30 hour delay. My husband and I were planning our anniversary trip for months, and due to Southwest’s operations, we essentially lost two days of travel. Will not be a repeat customer.

5/16/2019 Austin Hooper

Not Verified | I thought I had left early enough to get to the airport on time, but I grossly underestimated how long things sometimes take for parking, checking bags, etc. My original flight was supposed to leave at 5:30, but I had just gotten started getting my bags checked at 5:15. It wouldn't let me verify my flight in their system, but within a minute or so the employee had asked if I wanted to be rebooked on another flight at 5:50 going to the same place. So very quickly I went from disaster to incredibly happy, and the rebooking was free of charge. I thanked him, and even still managed to get a good seat on the first flight. Very nice gesture that my late but very much appreciated!!!

5/11/2019 Michele Caforio

Not Verified | Las Vegas to Oakland. Never flown Southwest before this trip to the USA. Overall rating would be quite good, save for their seat policy. In Europe or Asia I've flown low cost airlines which, (sometimes for a small premium fee), allow you to choose your seat in advance. With Southwest you are only allowed to pay a, substantial, fee to be among the first to board, but with no guarantee about the seat. Should they allow seat reservation for a normal fee they would make a big improvement in what already is a good airline.

5/11/2019 C Porter

✅ Trip Verified | Dallas to Denver. Watched staff let all of A and B class take on more than one bag then forced people in other classes to stow all baggage regardless of their willingness. The agent was very disappointing in her response to why my single bag had to be checked while other were allowed to bring two or even three bags. She simply lied and said that didn’t happen them started saying sir over and over in a condescending manner. I finally just walked on the plane no ticket for my bag no idea if I’ll ever see it again. Why can’t I have a ticket for my single bag that I paid to bring on to the plane? Extremely condescending employee. Very unhappy customer.

5/10/2019 Jeffrey Wieland

Not Verified | Good afternoon. I wanted to take a minute to say thank you and share with you why you have converted me from another airline for life. My wife’s Grandmother was in her last days and hours of her life, the last week of March this year. My wife and I had planned on traveling to see her and had a ticket purchased already for my wife and one of my daughters, but we needed it changed and needed to get me and my other daughter a flight. For my work, I travel quite frequently from Nashville to Dallas among other places on another airline. Because of my status I like them to continue to build points with them. I called them first to book myself and my daughter a flight to Phoenix. They were of no assistance, would not budge on the price for an emergency, and would still charge me a large amount to move my points. I hung up. My wife then called Southwest. Not only did they get us booked last minute, they adjusted the pricing for an emergency, and helped us the whole way thru it moving our points around etc.. Even when we got to the airport, they bumped us to an even earlier flight to get us there as quickly as possible. What a blessing it was to fly with you. If we would have gone with the other airline, or had we not been bumped up to an earlier flight, we would not have made it in time to see her grandmother before she passed. We arrived within less than 2 hours of her passing. What you do for people every day may seem routine, but for us, it was a life changing moment. Having my wife be there before her grandmother passed means more to me than I can possibly express to you. As a result, I have decided to switch to Southwest for all of my work and personal trips going forward even though I do not have status with you. Sometimes I fly out of Knoxville where you do not service, but other than that, I will forever use you now. Thank you for making such a hard time for my family, just a little easier.

5/9/2019 Roger Hermann

Not Verified | Raleigh Durham to Austin via St Louis. My flight was scheduled for 8:00 pm departure. It was delayed waiting for passenger on a flight from Orlando. It looked like I might miss the connection in St. Louis. I checked at the service desk in Raleigh. They called and assured me that the plane would wait in St. Louis. I get to St Louis and I get off the plane and the flight to Austin is delayed 2 hours. I will arrive at 2:00 AM. I use lyft and I doubt that they will running at that time and I live 40 minutes from the airport. They couldn’t offer me a room in St Louis or any alternative. I really feel they are not telling me the truth. I have lost trust in Southwest. They are no longer my preferred airline.