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5/8/2019 Donny Green

Not Verified | Nashville to St. Louis. After a two month wait and being promised by a customer care rep that my rapid rewards points would be restored (since I had account activity in the last 24 months) within 10-14 days, I found out (after being on hold for almost 2 hours total) that my request was elevated and denied by the administrative division at SWA. I will grease my butt and slide to my destination before I ever fly Southwest again! I don't know why they call it "customer care" because I can assure you Southwest could care less about their customers!

5/8/2019 D Neale

✅ Trip Verified | What should have been a six-hour flight was changed to a 12-hour flight with 3 layovers. Pretty annoying. We left Philly, got to Dallas Lovefield airport and sat there for 1.5 hours. Then a flight to Albuquerque. Then to Las Vegas. Finally back to Spokane after that. We begged multiple times over multiple phone calls and emails to have our flight changed back or at least a voucher. So far, nothing but a "sorry". What a miserable service.

5/7/2019 B Thomas

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Oakland. A worst airline you can imagine. They do not assign seat numbers, overbooked the flight, no place for baggage. I will not recommend Southwest Airlines to anyone. Yes their prices are low because their level is low.

5/6/2019 C Jimenez

Not Verified | My handicapped sister and I were to fly from BNA to LAX via Atlanta. Several passengers experienced a St Louis flight cancellation. We all sat on the plane until they figured out how to help them. In the meantime several more of us missed our connections as we sat on the aircraft. Those of us who missed our connection to LAX were sent first to New Orleans then to Austin, then to Phoenix arriving much later than our scheduled flight arrival time. We were exhausted, couldn't get off the plane to get something to eat. Having arrived many hours later than scheduled, we missed our prepaid shuttle at LAX that would have taken us to Ventura, not exactly an inexpensive cab ride home. I have been looking for the card given to me by the lady who helped us at the baggage claim area of customer service for Southwest. She found us a room because we were stranded. I'm very grateful to her for helping us. Its hard to believe Southwest put us in this position and made such a miserable trip of it.

5/5/2019 Kevin Tyler

Not Verified | Orlando to Saint Louis. We only got 3 of the 4 bags we checked on a direct flight. The employees are clueless and lazy. The little bag of pretzels and quarter can of Sprite to wash it down with is insufficient. All around just a terrible airline and lousy experience.

5/4/2019 Natalie Potter

✅ Trip Verified | I took a returning flight from SJO to FLL yesterday with my 68yr old father who has Parkinson's. When I got off the plane there was no assistance. It was a complete disaster trying to get through baggage, declorations, and customs. I booked my flight to SJO with Spirit Air, who clearly at booking gives option for Wheelchair Assistance. Everything on the Spirit flight went smoothly. Not the case at all with Southwest. It couldn't have gone any worse. When I contacted Southwest customer service, I was completely dismissed and was told it was the airports problem. I was also told I should have not used the app and booked online so I could drop down a box some place and choose Wheelchair assistance. Doesn't sound so handicap friendly. Regardless I arrived at the airport 3 hours before my flight so I could get this handled and was left on my own with my father who can walk far with consistent tremors and dementia. Customer service could not careless.

5/4/2019 Frank Castro

✅ Trip Verified | Austin to Houston. This trip which ended in Alabama was the most horrible experience I’ve had in all the years of traveling first the company that I went to work for chose the least expensive way to get me to the location. When I boarded the plane I was wearing a leather jacket that was owned by my stepfather who had passed away it was handed down to me for years. I had admired this jacket and I decided to take it with me for good luck at my sales event however it was rather bulky so when I got on the plane they were full and the airline stewardess asked if I would put the jacket in the above head storage. I’ve heard horror stories of arguing with a flight attendant and have seen too many movies so I complied and put it in the overhead bin. However I did not realize of the seating arrangements which is open seating when you get on the plane so the only seats that were available were the center seats which left me at a disadvantage where I couldn’t see the overhead bin that my jacket was it So when we landed I had to wait for everyone to move in order to get out of my seat and by the time I got to the bin where my jacket was to be it was gone I of course did not get upset because again did not want to be escorted off the plane so I asked as I got off about my jacket they said they would check on it once I get off. I waited about 15 minutes or so no one came out finally someone came out and said they could not find my jacket and that I would have to report it online because they had no one there to take the report which I thought was odd as a customer service gesture. When I finally spoke to them they told me that I need to report it online, after I done so all I heard from them is we haven’t found it we haven’t found it to this day. I have not heard from them again it’s as if they don’t care what happens to your belongings and they have no sense of responsibility how sad for the general public

4/30/2019 D Parej

✅ Trip Verified | Dallas to Chicago. I love southwest. The airport is near downtown. Flight are on time. Free wifi for messaging and movies with southwest app. Two bags allowed to check in and no cancellation fee. American has 200$ rebooking fees for any airline credit u get. Staff is happy and want to help.

4/27/2019 Samuel Douglas

✅ Trip Verified | Probably would not have been a bad experience if timing wasn't important but we had a connecting flight to meet up with a group of travelers to experience the adventure that most only hope to live. You look over the the rude comments and answers to your questions while checking in and think well I guess “you get what you pay for”. But when the flight was delayed, delayed, delayed and finally canceled. We start scrambling to make the connection only to be told I apologize sir all flights are booked (while looking through those glazed over eyes of I really don’t care sir please step aside so I can brush off the man behind you) we can put you on a flight tomorrow and there’s nothing more we can do. But our connecting flight with the group departs tonight. Again expression doesn’t change “I apologize”. I’m sure she was only caring out the script she had previously rehearsed in a training send down from corporate. Well we missed our connecting flight and because of the logistics will miss the first two days of the journey. I feel bad I was difficult today, I guess you get what you pay for. I assure you this airline will never have to apologize to me again

4/27/2019 Carol Flynn

Not Verified | Indianapolis to San Diego with Southwest Airlines. Terrible customer service. Changed my flight from a non-stop to 1 stop. Ruined my one vacation that I get every year. Horrible "customer relations" wouldn't let me speak to anyone apart from a staff member =who kept repeating that there was nothing they could do.

4/24/2019 Richard Steans

Not Verified | Austin to Phoenix. Southwest had cancelled our returning flight and moved us to an earlier flight and were never notified us of the change. When we showed up at the airport they told us we missed our flight. The "supervisor" basically told us it was our fault because the only thing we had to show him was our original booking document. He said, "Oh that document is from February, so it doesn't count", but he never even claimed that we had been notified of the change. We ended up wasting an extra eight hours at the airport. Southwest has screwed up three of the last five trips we have taken with them. Their customer service has taken a sharp turn for the worse.

4/24/2019 Jimmy Rodriguez

✅ Trip Verified | Houston to Phoenix. Don't check bags on this airline!! Worst service ever. Injured back and needed to check all my bags to avoid carry on. Checked two bags. When i arrived in Phoenix one bag was delivered to the baggage claim area the other was not. Of course its my bag that includes laptop, along with keys to my truck, keys to my shop and many important documents. When i asked the southwest rep where my bag was she told me to wait and see if it shows up on the next flight. Its 9am here and the next plane lands at 2:40pm. The rep could not track my bag or find its location. I can't even file a claim on the bag until after 3pm today. This airline is a joke. You get what you pay for i guess. I will never fly Southwest again.

4/22/2019 Lori Todd

✅ Trip Verified | Our family of 10 booked tickets to the Dominican Republic, and they cancelled the flight going home. They have another flight the following day, and they said there is nothing they can do. It will cost us $1,200 to stay in a hotel near the airport for another day. The top tier customer service line said they cannot offer vouchers and almost directly said they don't care. They've offered vouchers to offset costs for hour-long delays before at airports (I've seen it), but they strand people in a foreign country for an additional 24 hours and don't care? We waited 2 years for this vacation and use Southwest exclusively to build up points. We will be cancelling our Southwest credit card and switching to American for all points and flights. Unacceptable.

4/21/2019 Andrea Marban

Not Verified | Atlanta to Houston. Southwest is the best thing to ever happen to airfare. On time, affordable, and accommodating. But above all, their Rapid Rewards program is the best. Easy to earn free flights, and easy to redeem / book for free. We've been flying them for a decade and will never fly anyone else.

4/18/2019 Jason Hilliker

Not Verified | On August 28th, 2018 my family and I were flying back from what was suppose to be an amazing vacation. Unfortunately and unexpectedly, we lost my father while we were on vacation and he was with us. As we boarded our flight, one of the flight attendants recognized us from our departure, and asked if we were down a family member.. We said yes and told our tragic story. After learning of our unfortunate circumstances, Gisela was the most amazing, caring, thoughtful person ever to step into our lives at the very moment we needed her! Offering to help with loose ends and comfort. She was absolutely an angel! Thank you so much Gisela.

4/17/2019 Rachael Simon

Not Verified | I enjoy that the flight attendants bring snacks and drinks around multiple times during my flight from Saint Louis, MO to Sacramento, CA. The flight attendants are welcoming and pleasant. I recently started ordering WIFI. I have ordered WIFI 3 times. 2 times out of 3 the wifi connection is awful and end up not being able to use the wifi I pay for. So I will never pay to use this wifi again. It does not work well. Waste of money. Besides my one complaint l have liked Southwest overall and will continue flying with them.

4/16/2019 Robert Carpenter

Not Verified | Las Vegas to Baltimore via Chicago. Never never again. Our first flight was supposed to be to Midway/Chicago then on to BWI but it was cancelled due to weather. Understandable, not a huge issue. We were given a direct flight to BWI which left Vegas 9 hours later then they rerouted us to Norfolk, left us here for 5 hours then just delayed us another 2 hours!! I have no idea where or luggage is or will be and nobody seems to know or care. Never again will I travel with Southeast and I will make sure nobody I know does either.

4/16/2019 F Largan

✅ Trip Verified | I had the worst experience with Southwest. They cancelled my 6am flight from New Orleans to Omaha without notifying me. I checked out of my hotel room and got to the airport at 4:15 in the morning to discover my flight had been cancelled. I waited in line for 3 hours to find out the didn’t have a flight until the next morning. I had to book another flight with American Airlines in order to get back home. On top of the terrible service and having to spend 16 hours in an airport, I emailed the airline to see what they could do for me and they refused to do anything for my inconvenience. I will never fly southwest again.

4/14/2019 B Carnie

✅ Trip Verified | Southwest is supposed to be a good airline? That’s an urban myth. They cancelled my direct flight from Vegas to Orlando without apology or explanation, and offered nothing for me losing an entire day after having to rebook a connecting flight later in the day. They wouldn’t even provide me an earlier cattle call position. Not flying Southwest again.

4/13/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 737-700 (737) seat 2F

Having read several dismal reviews of poorly-padded seats barely good for 2 hr MAX flight, I approached my 5 hr flight to Costa Rica with some trepidation. Perhaps because the seat coverings looked very new (and thus were recent additions), the sitting was quite comfortable on this flight, Seat 2F nicely aligns the window and seat back so your shoulder fits into the window recess, to rest your head on the wall for snoozing. I'm an average size (5'11', 185 pounds) male so the seat dimensions did not confine me. I'd happily take this seat again.