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1/8/2019 Sailaja Sarbada

✅ Trip Verified | Bangalore to Hyderabad. Worst experience. No proper response from the SpiceJet team. In the check in queue all not sending passengers in queue . Least bothered staff. Also flight got delayed by 30 mins but no information until asked. When I went and asked they are telling like we updated in the board but they updated the time I asked. Unprofessional people. Really very bad and worst experience.

1/1/2019 L Sharma

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Bangkok. Good price but really bad service. They did not carry enough water bottles for all the passengers. In fact, they did not even have much food or other beverage options for customers on the later rows of the plane. They had one bottle of water for 10 rows at the back. Had to call the attendant multiple times to get anything at all. Seats were ok, not too bad. The flight was also hot since the AC wasn't too effective. Only use as last resort if you don't have other flight options available. Much better to pay more for other airlines.

1/1/2019 R Sharman

✅ Trip Verified | Guwahati to Pakyong. Spicejet is the worst airline company. They cancel flights when they could not sell there full tickets and blame the cancellation to bad weather condition. They do not have the decency to inform the passengers beforehand so that they can arrange for an alternative. You will know about the cancellation at airport. Thereafter you will have to run to Spicejet office and request them to refund your money.

12/30/2018 Rohit Suri

Not Verified | Jaipur to Varanasi. Consistent airline - always a delay! I have an experience of delay in all trips while travelling with Spicejet. It takes something to be so consistent in wasting the passengers time. The ground staff is arrogant while addressing the issue. They are obviously obliging you by providing you the airlines although the flight attendants are courteous. Need to learn to be punctual and timely intimating the passengers about the delay.

12/29/2018 Subhrajit Chakravorty

✅ Trip Verified | Kolkata to Silchar. Spicejet should start begging on the road holding a bowl, instead of flying aeroplanes. I was issued a ticket without check in baggage. I was carrying a laptop bag and another small bag. Seeing this 2 bags spicejet charged me Rs 400/- extra.

12/26/2018 M Kaliya

✅ Trip Verified | Coimbatore to Delhi. Improve before its too late. I don’t usually do this but the reason for writing this review is manifold. Firstly, the delay in flight time owing to poor weather conditions, its hard to comprehend how other airlines can operate on time in similar conditions. I just hope the delay was not caused to the airline staff. Secondly, if flight is delayed then the same can be conveyed well in advance to avoid any inconvenience to a lady travelling with a toddler. Thirdly, this really tested my patience, the rude and indifferent behaviour of the lady at the counter at Coimbatore airport. She was not not considerate enough to check in the hand baggage meant for the baby and insisted that the same should be caaried in cabin. I wonder if its the AUW that counts and other airlines can consider, why same thing could not be replicated by the Spice jet. Overall, it was a nightmare and a horrible experience. I wish I didn't have to travel this airline again. For you own sake, improve before its too late.

12/25/2018 Prashant Ramakrishnan

✅ Trip Verified | Kolkata to Chennai. Flight delayed by 1.5 hrs and notification of delay provided 1.5 before check in. This is third time Spicejet is cancelling it's flight due to operational reasons in last 2 months of my travel. Please improve your service.

12/24/2018 Biju Bharali

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Guwahati. They destroyed a super wonderful journey of mine. They charged a huge amount of money for a little extra luggage and in spite of repeatedly informing them about fragile luggage they destroyed my belongings. No other flights had any problem with the on the cabin luggage including international airlines. Spicejet had a very rude behaviour. Never ever board this flight. Worst experience ever.

12/19/2018 P Hanarao

✅ Trip Verified | Mumbai to Visakhapatnam via Hyderabad. Spicejet not at all customer friendly, charging 400 INR/ kg for extra baggage is too much. I paid 4000 rs for extra 10 kg which is equal to my flight ticket cost. And the interesting part was when I go by other airlines with same luggage travelled smoothly, but with Spicejet scenorio is different, think twice before going.

12/18/2018 T Pamava

✅ Trip Verified | Mumbai to Hubli. Spicejet counter staff is very irresponsible. Laptop bag is allowed extra in all airlines. But Spicejet airline counts laptop weight in baggage. Also overall service is very poor.

12/12/2018 Suneel Kumar Jillella

✅ Trip Verified | Hyderabad to Guwahati. Cannot adjust the seat and less space. The seats are comfortable for casual passenger. I lost my peace in SpiceJet. I will never again travel through SpiceJet. And won't recommend people to travel with SpiceJet.

12/3/2018 T Andreu

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Jammu. Will never fly this airline again. Very unprofessional staff. We were travelling with two kids coming from an international flight. They charged us for every gram in plus. Had to pay for the extra weight more than the actual ticket. Thieves!!

12/2/2018 Pradipkumar Patel

✅ Trip Verified | Ahmedabad to Delhi . I am travel agent from Gandhinagar, Gujarat. I have recently travelled with my family first time with your company. It was worst of worst experience to fly with SpiceJet. On the airport Sign board only Spicejet flights were late, and due to the delayed flight we missed our Sightseeing and reached hotel very late! I dont understand why only Spicejet flight has many problems. I will never recommend Spicejet to all clients.

12/1/2018 Renu Sinha

✅ Trip Verified | Varanasi to Jaipur. The flight timing was changed without any information. I am an old lady and was waiting at the airport for more than 4 hours, without any assistance from the airline members. On asking why has the airline not informed, they gave me an excuse that sms to all members have been sent and it is not their responsibility, if I have not got the sms. No courtesy at all.

11/30/2018 Sridhar Pemasani Mohamdoss

✅ Trip Verified | Chennai to Vijayawada. The excellent service you could never ask for, value for money! Specially, two cabin crew members are very helpful and friendly. I wish them all the best. Keeping doing this good service with smile.

11/26/2018 Sabesan Ramani

✅ Trip Verified | Took the flight for a one hour journey from Coimbatore to Chennai. It got delayed by close to 3 hours. No clear updates at the counters and no refreshments offered and the after all this when we boarded the aircraft, house keeping was bad. Will never take SpiceJet again

11/26/2018 C Ramhary

✅ Trip Verified | Mumbai to Ahmedabad. Will never travel again. 3 hours flight was delayed very unprofessional work, horrible experience not worth the money I don’t recommend.

11/24/2018 Balakumar Thanulingam

Not Verified | Delhi to Madurai via Chennai. Very rare I'm using Spice jet. Last week I've booked Spice max. When I entered for Priority Check-in, the staff in that counter didn't allow me without ask me anything. Later I had check-in in normal counter, explained about this, they didn't even apologize. There is no Priority check-in. Food is average. Flight was around 1hr of delay. Finally no priority bag out. So guys, please don't book Spice max, They are just grabbing money from you. Its completely useless. I had very worst experience with Spice jet. I'm Gold member of Jet airways. Unfortunately I didn't get seat that day. I'll never come again Spice jet. I won't recommend to anyone.

11/22/2018 Bilal Aladia

✅ Trip Verified | Mumbai to Dubai. Worst flight. I will never travel again. Charging for every thing giving such a costly ticket but without meal. Please be a domestic airline, don't go for international.

11/19/2018 Praveen Reddy

✅ Trip Verified | Hubli to Hyderabad. Worst of the worst. They can’t operate as per schedule. My international flights and all the programs are rescheduled because of this airline. I will never recommend Spicejet airlines in my life!