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6/14/2019 Portia Battle

Not Verified | On June 4th, I flew from Raleigh Durham to Orlando on Spirit Airlines. At first I was hesitant, because of what others have said about the airline, but I took a chance! It was my daughter's first time flying so I wanted it to be a good experience for her. I fly frequently for work so it didn't make me no never mind. The entire flight was GREAT! We had the first seats on the plane, my daughter had an exceptional first experience and the attendants were amazing! We were on Flight 321 to Orlando and Mark and Venus were the best. They were friendly, attentive, very professional and made just overall great!

6/14/2019 Chance Miller

Not Verified | Orlando to Pittsburgh with Spirit Airlines. They are a rip-off. The charge online for baggage when you book is supposed to be $26. When I got my credit card, they not only charged $30 for the bag but again charged for my seat which I had already paid the travel agent for. I also had to pay for a drink of water. By the time I paid for all the extra's, I paid more than if I had flown a decent airline. The crew were nasty to anyone who was not in first class. No help at all. The seats were so crowed, a 5'4" my knees were hitting the seat in front. My husband who is 6' had to sit sideways. No inflight entertainment at all.

6/14/2019 Sydni A Abernethy

❎ Not Verified | New Orleans to Las Vegas. This has been the worst experience I have ever had in 25 years of flying. My first flight was delayed 5 hours and my flight home was delayed 2 hours and then I was charged $65 to go home with the same bag I flew out with for free! The staff is poorly trained and the customer service is horrible!

6/13/2019 Chris Anderson

Not Verified | Atlanta to Punta Cana via Ft Lauderdale. Incredibly inefficient process with Spirit Airlines. Bag checkin took an hour and half. Original flight from Atlanta to Fort Lauderdale delayed by one hour. This resulted in personal telling us we would not make connecting flight to Dominican Republic through Spirit airlines. They only had one available seat the next day and could not get our family of four to Dominican Republic until two days later. There was a complete line of people with the same problem. Spirit Airlines attendants were rude, unhelpful and had attitude of disinterest. I cancelled and asked for full refund of ticket price.

6/13/2019 S Matthews

✅ Trip Verified | My family relative was to land on June 8th. The flight was booked with the understanding that it was direct and no layovers. The reason for the rush was because the relative was arriving for a funeral. The flight with Spirit Airlines was cancelled and he was placed on a flight with a layover 24 hours later. No need to say he was late for the funeral and burial. I will never fly with Spirit Airlines again. When contacted about some sort of credit they said "no" and offered a $42 dollar credit that needs to be used within six months. Let's just say you get what you pay for and Spirit Sucks!

6/13/2019 K Doyle

Not Verified | Boston to Raleigh. I will never fly on Spirit Airlines again. The price was incredible, I honestly couldn’t believe the deal I got on this flight, however, once I flew the first leg I understood why it was so cheap. They literally charge you for everything, including water ($3 for a small bottle) and snacks on the flight. It wasn’t so bad because it’s only a 2 hour flight, so I didn’t get anything. My major complaint is on the ride home. I got to the airport early, and then found out that my flight was delayed 30 minutes, which was no big deal, it’s only 30 minutes. However, it got delayed 2 more times for a total of 4 hours. I walked up to the clerk and asked about rescheduling my flight, and found out it would be 24 hours for the next flight because they only have 1 flight a day that goes to Raleigh. Luckily I have family in the area and I stayed with them overnight. The next day I get to the airport and find out that my flight is delayed again. While I waited for my flight I looked up the track record of Spirit from this particular airport and found that most of their flights are delayed on a daily basis.

6/12/2019 Brandon Adams

❎ Not Verified | Detroit to Atlanta. I will never again fly on spirit airlines. My first flight from Atlanta to Detroit went on without a problem but once I got to Detroit it has been nothing but hell. First, off the day I was originally was supposed to leave with my two kids we boarded the plane and was ready to leave and then we were notified that we weren't flying because the co-pilot wasn't capable of flying so the flight was cancelled. So then we were rescheduled to catch a flight the next day. One I received an email literally an hour before it was time for me to get the airport that my flight time had been moved up. So after rushing and getting my kids ready in such haste, we get to the airport to only find out that our flight attendants aren't here. My children and I have spent over 10 hours in the airport waiting for us to get home and I haven't heard anything but excuses. This is the worst flight experience I have ever had I will never ever fly Spirit again.

6/12/2019 W Morrison

✅ Trip Verified | Lots of unhappy customers trying to get from Atlanta to Denver since 6/8. Our first cancellation was the night of 6/8 due to weather, which I understand, as we had just driven from SC to Atlanta and there were flash flood warnings and heavy rain. Their best response was a flight out two days later on 6/10, which we booked. Arrived at the airport 6 hours early for a 9.49 pm departure as we had to check out of hotel. Flight delays started coming in at 9.34 am saying they were delayed about 40 minutes which was no big deal. Flight delays again at 2.22, 4.23, and then the cancellation at 7.51. Checked the weather map and the flight was going from Ft Lauderdale to Boston to Atlanta. Definitely weather along the route from Ft Lauderdale to Boston but Atlanta was clear. Checked flight path from Boston to Atlanta once the plane left Boston and it was making normal time. Plane arrived in Atlanta with no weather in Atlanta or along the flight path to Denver. Had to go from the boarding gate back to ticketing along with the other customers where they said our option was a flight out on 6/12. That would be a four day delay and even though hotels are not crazy expensive around Atlanta airport we didn't want to spend another two days. We ended up booking Southwest out early on 6/11 for an additional $400. Agents at ticketing gave two options (same as on 6/8). Full refund or re-book for two days later. No compensation for meals or hotels as it was "weather" related. Lots of families and young couples on the flight that may not have had the option for spending another $200 per person for a different airline. I understand weather but something was fishy about the whole cancellation as checking the late night departure board had NO cancellations other than Spirit (see attached photo). Will not chose Spirit again.

6/12/2019 Jody Sherman

Not Verified | Worst flight experience ever. I booked this for my son so he would to be able to attend his grandfather's funeral. He had a 2.5 hr delay leaving and didn't arrive till after 1am, and the funeral was at 12 noon that day. If that wasn't bad enough he had a return flight at 8.30pm which resulted in a 3 hour delay. He didn't get home until after 3am. All of this in less than a 24hr period. The airline didn't even offer them "water". Deplorable!. No compensation either. Will never fly Spirit Airlines again. They have no respect for their customers and their staff are just as horrible.

6/11/2019 Sara Newsome

Not Verified | Richmond to Orlando. After reading very poor reviews and plenty of hesitation, I decided to fly with Spirit Airlines, with my 4 year old. I was beyond pleasantly surprised! We bought backpacks, so no need to pay for luggage, check in was a breeze at both airports, everyone was helpful and friendly. It was my first flight alone. I can not say enough good about this airline. I did my research, and prepared for everything I could think of, just in case. I did buy a couple of snacks and 2 glasses of wine in a package while on flight. It was $20 I believe. Same as it would have been in a restaurant. So I’m not sure what the negative reviews are about. I had a wonderful experiences both ways! When I can afford too , I will definitely fly with Spirit Airlines again. !

6/11/2019 E Collins

Not Verified | New Orleans to Tampa. The delay was understandable, due to weather in Florida. The plane was full and after 30 minutes it was very hot. We asked if we could have some water and were told they could not serve any beverages until they were in flight. I suppose there is a reason for this, and that's not my complaint. When we were finally in the air and very thirsty, the drink cart came by. You need to pay for water. With a credit card, which was in the bag, under the seat and very difficult to get to. After any delay, it would seem only right to offer water as soon as possible. I hope I never book another flight on Spirit Airlines.

6/10/2019 A Joshua

Not Verified | My experience was so bad. My wife and I had a flight (505 on June 9th) set to leave Austin for a red eye to get into Portland June 9th. The flight was delayed for an hour and a half which means we would miss our connecting flight. So we're sitting in the airport wondering what the next step is. The representative while it appears she may be trying to be helpful does not have any other flights available for about 24 hours. What's the company's response? There's nothing they can do "I'm sorry you're going to have to get a new flight and we will not put you up in hotel because the delay was minor." All this sounds pretty normal until you hear the reason for the delay. Lack of crew. That's the official reasoning. My mind can only wonder what lack of crew means when an airline officially tells you that's the reason for an hour and a half delay on their flight. Here we are, three small kids at home after a business trip, no hotel, no flight for 24 hours, and I had to be on the phone for over an hour to get my money back. Don't get "Spirited away", stay away! This company does not value people or families or customer service.. or at least that is my official impression.

6/10/2019 Velveta Bishop

✅ Trip Verified | Indianapolis to Orlando via Philadelphia. Once again, employee are rude. Don't know information., plane from Indianapolis was delayed 3 times, then finally get to Orlando after 5pm, Then again plane delayed until 8:45pm, Won't get to Philadelphia until Midnight.

6/9/2019 Bryan Doyle

Not Verified | My flight from Oakland to New Orleans was delayed by 3 hours, which caused me to have to pay a $500 rebooking fee through my missed connecting flight the next morning. This is the second weekend in a row that Spirit's multi-hour delay has caused major problems for my flights. Spirit refused to offer any compensation for this and didn't offer any solutions. Customer service was unhelpful and employees at the airport were (literally) non-existent. I used to use Spirit exclusively due to their slightly cheaper flights, but the headaches and major financial burden they have been the cause of lately are no longer worth it.

6/8/2019 Maria Vaza

Not Verified | 65$ for the Carry-On. Needless to say never again. I've not boarded yet, but the standard they're setting against other airlines makes me think that the company is overall greedy. It's not the crew's fault, but the company itself should be ashamed of itself. I can understand check-in and that was why I'd decided to pack light. But to be slapped with this charge for round trip!? It's absurd quite frankly.

6/7/2019 Ann Mascavage

Not Verified | I'm beyond disgusted with this airline right now as are 95% of the customers on my flight today. I flew on flight 490 from Orlando to Greensboro. I recieved an email last night that our flight would be on time flying out at 11:40 this morning. Myself, my boyfriend and our two kids ages 2.5 years old and 6.5 years old woke up early and checked out of our resort. We arrived at the airport and stood in the 45-60min wait to check our bag which was ridiculous. The proceeded to the security line only to see our flight was cancelled. Went through security and to the gate our flight was supposed to leave from. Ask what was going on and was told our flight was cancelled due to weather. It was clear in Orlando, so I called my mother ro ask her about weather in Greensboro, she stated it was clear. Again I have 2 small kids and am being told our flight is cancelled basically for no reason. Then about 30-60 mins later we hear it's been delayed and will be boarding at 12:30, leaving out of gate 31 now. So we proceed to gate 31 and wait.  We were told not to got too far because the crew would be boarding soon a d then we would be able to board. We boarded at 12:55. We were then told the baggage count was off so they would recount and then we'd be on our way. They recounted and the count was right after 20mins. Then we were told we now had to wait for another crew member who was on an incoming flight. We found this odd seeing as we didn't have to do that before but now we needed another crew member? Who was on an incoming flight? Seriously? Again I have 2 small children. So we waited and waited and waited some more. We were not offered any drinks or food during our 2 hour wait on the plane. No one came around to check on us. My kids were starving and thirsty. My youngest child needed a diaper change, but there was no where to change him. No one cared about any of us. This was their first flight experience and this was horrible.  We were told the crew member had finally arrived but then they couldnt locate them so we waited even more. Then were told again the had landed again and were on their way. We finally left at 3:10. We were asked different we wanted to purchase anything, over 90% of the plane declined as we were all disgusted no one offered us anything, gave us no updates, didnt check on kids, didnt check on the elderly, or if anyone needed medications or anything. We arrived around 4:40 I wrote my review for Spirit and only got offered $50 airline vultures to be used by this month, June.

6/6/2019 L Haden

✅ Trip Verified | Denver to Seattle. Worst airline ever. Service was terrible, waited for hours and airline was poor. Don’t use this airline. Stewardesses thought they were awesome. They weren’t.

6/5/2019 M Heele

✅ Trip Verified | Tampa to Chicago. I booked a one way ticket departing on Wednesday (tomorrow) and arriving at 10:53am. When I went to check in for my flight I noticed the confirmation was for yesterday. There was a booking error, When I called spirit to tell them the booking date was wrong and if I can switch to the day I needed they said there are no flights that day. When I looked on line there were 4 seats available at the same time I was supposed to be scheduled, but for a lot more money. I just now got a confirmation email from Spirit regarding the get ready to travel, options to pick a seat and baggage info, for my upcoming flight, however it’s dated for yesterday, when it was supposed to be for tomorrow!

6/4/2019 M Neely

Not Verified | I wanted to say I had the most entertaining flight with Spirit I’ve ever had. On May 25, 2019 flight 1669 from Columbus Oh to Orlando Fl because of the crew. I really thought they must be comedians. I realize Spirit doesn’t have the greatest ratings but this was a memorable, fun filled 2.5 hour flight because of the attendants! Great job guys!

6/4/2019 Marissa Pendley

Not Verified | Spirit staff was the rudest in customer service that I have ever experienced. They make you feel like you are absolutely stranded with no remorse or apologies. We travel a lot and get that things happen, but when you feel like you have to fight to get home and pay extra money for a hotel room, rides to and from the airport, food, and toiletries that were lost by Spirit it is a horrible feeling. Pay the extra with other airlines because you will end up paying the exact same with what they charge for seats, carry-ons, checked bags, and food/drinks. They cancelled our flight due to weather when all other flights were on time from our location to our destination around the same time. They gave us minimal options to get home. A refund of $170, to fly home 24 hours later with 2 layovers, or to fly home 2 days later. The staff in Austin Airport for Spirit airlines was completely understaffed and not trained properly to handle the situation of a cancelled flight with the website and app not working. The manager was completely overwhelmed and frantic. He was dealing with the pilots and the unhappy travelers that their flights were just cancelled with no other options. They showed no remorse. Valerie in Spirit airlines Austin tried her best, but when we triple checked with her if our bags were going from Austin to our layover destination she stated yes. All of our luggage did not make it to our layover destination for 24 hours and they could not tell us where our luggage was or if it would end up at our final destination. Each person we encountered we felt like we had to fight or argue for answers. Not one staff member was helpful or apologetic for the huge hassle of travel and stress they had caused. The 3 of us girls were traveling together and they could not put us on the same flight home. We were forced to split up. They authorized one of us to fly home 2 days later when we never agreed to that. We wanted the chance to be put on standby to have a chance at getting on the same flight. We called on our baggage the next day, which somehow got split up. At first the lady answers the phone and says I can’t help you, you will get an update in 24-48 hours. She did not even try or ask for our claim number. Once we were harsh and made her look at our claim number she saw our bags arriving in LAX at 2pm and 9:40pm. Once we finally made it to LAX my luggage had arrived. We went to baggage claim to pick up my friends where the staff stated they did not know where our luggage was and it may be on a delayed flight. Many other angry guests were in baggage claim as well. I walked out and stood next to random Spirit carousel (not our flight), where I saw my friends bag going around. I could go on into more details about how horrible of an experience we had and how we never thought it could get worse and it just kept getting worse. Please do not fly with Spirit Airlines.