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6/3/2019 G Ralekova

✅ Trip Verified | Chicago to New York. An absolute disaster of customer service: the flight cancelled due to allegedly weather conditions. A rude representative announces the next available flight is 48 hours down the road. Graciously offers a refund of 80 dollars when the price of a new ticket is over 300 (leaving alone lost wages, hotel expenses, etc) with zero willingness to accommodate in any shape or form, even though I was willing to fly anywhere within a 300 miles radius just to get back to work. Definitely the last time I or any of my family or friends flying Spirit.

6/3/2019 Ashley Hunter

Not Verified | I will not be taking Spirit Airlines again. First, disappointed that me and my husband had to pay for our carry on bag (which totaled to 80 for two bags). Secondly, our flight was late because a flight attendant was late. It is one thing if the plane is late due to weather or whatever, but it is ridiculous that our flight was late because the flight attendant was late.

6/2/2019 B Measen

✅ Trip Verified | The seating map on the website is wrong. I paid $32 for a big front seat to arrive on the plane and realize that the third row of that plane was a normal seat which is $19 and not the big front seat which I paid for. I sent emails with screen shots of the wrong seat map demanding a partial refund because I did not get what I paid for and the flight attendants could not assist. I was basically told regardless of Spirit providing the wrong seating map I choose the seat so they will not refund me. In addition to this I forgot a book in the seat pocket and for three days I could reach no one at baggage claim at Jax or FLL to confirm if they found the item. This service is horrible and people need to know paying less will not be worth it with this airline unless you are ok with being robbed, sitting in uncomfortable seats or not getting what you paid for based on the misleading information the website provides. I also tried calling to cancel my return trip and was on hold in excess of 15 minutes with a recording telling me I should go online.

6/1/2019 C Mearson

✅ Trip Verified | Boston to Oakland. Absolutely the worst experience. They have slightly lower prices than other airlines, but after add-on fees, actually cost more. I purchased 3 tickets from Boston to Oakland. I wound up paying over $300 for luggage (2 checked bags and 1 carry on). Seats were horribly uncomfortable, with no room at all. They charged for anything to drink, even water. The flight home was the worst I have experienced, it was a "red eye". There wasn't even enough room to even sit comfortably, let alone try to sleep. Seats were molded plastic, upright, unable to recline, with absolutely no room at all. It was the worst flying experience I have ever had. It costs more in long run for a horrific, uncomfortable, long flight. I never have written a review, but felt compelled to do so about my unfortunate experience.

5/31/2019 P Kaleysa

✅ Trip Verified | Fort Lauderdale to Newark. I arrived to the airport 2 hours before the flight. I was checked in a day before and when I came to the gate, I was told that I am on the wrong flight even though I had my boarding pass. They told me that they have no time to talk to me and I should go to customer service. The line in customer service was like 20 people and a lady who worked there was super rude and just yelled at me that she “I can’t deal with her”. She was rude and unprofessional. When I run back to the gate, there were about 20 people with the same issue, all were told that they are not in the system. After the lady yelled at me that I am in the wrong flight and not even looking at my boarding pass, I had to wait an hour. 5 minutes before departure I finally got a new boarding pass and when I came in to the flight someone was sitting on my seat and they also had the boarding pass with the same seat. I do not understand how business can function with such a horrible customer service, with super rude people. It is unacceptable to have this issue. Everyone was treated horrible on the flight. There were rude women in customer service and other 2 ladies had no idea what was going on. Also, there was a gum on my seat and my jeans were completely destroyed. I requested the refund for the damaged item and they told me to submit a receipt. It what I did. Lady replied, that she received everything and check will be mailed to me. A month later, they said that I have to submit a different claim, and they have never received anything even after I showed them that my email clearly states that a lady received my receipt.

5/31/2019 Rosalyn Rodriguez

✅ Trip Verified | Tampa to Santo Domingo. This was my first and last flying with Spirit. The plane was small and outdated. The seats are uncomfortable. They don’t offer you not even a cup of water. You have to pay for all bags including carry on. If you don’t buy your luggage at the time you purchase the ticket you pay almost double the fee. If you have even 1Lb over in you very highly charged luggage you have to pay $100. I travelled with my toddler who has a stroller and they do not accommodate you at all. When you land you have to get the stroller at the baggage claim instead of right outside the aircraft.

5/30/2019 Elizabeth Kimler

✅ Trip Verified | Kansas City to Minneapolis via Detroit. Thought I was getting a great deal flying Spirit only to find out it was the worst flight. Traveled from Kansas City to Minneapolis & Spirit charged me double for my 1 checked bag ($80) because I had a layover in Detroit. To my surprise the flight home costed me another bag fee due to the fact my bag stopped and had to switch planes in Detroit. No water on the plane without paying $3, no phone charge outlets or headphone connection. The seats didn’t even adjust back and the fold down tray table was as big as an iPad Nano. Never again will I fly Spirit no matter how much cheaper it “appears” online.

5/29/2019 Patrick Anderson

✅ Trip Verified | Dallas Ft Worth to Baltimore. Flight hasn't left yet - the customer service department has limited knowledge of the English Language. Their technology doesn't work which created the need to call in to purchase seats and pay for a carry on. After paying for both I asked if the payment covered both directions of the round trip flight. The supervisor I spoke with couldn't tell that I had a round trip and was only charging me for seats and bags one way. After struggling with her to find my other flight she again took my CC info for payment of the seats and carry on for the return. I understand this scheme - frustrate the passenger with the language barrier to end the call quickly and frustrated so upon the return flight charge the passenger more at the gate because the system that Spirit has doesn't connect the passengers together. Good job Spirit - excellent way to increase your margins in the pocket books of the passengers and paying wages for a call center outside of the U.S. Never again

5/29/2019 Cynthia Holtman

✅ Trip Verified | Indianapolis to Las Vegas. This airline is So bad we bailed on our flight after 4 consecutive delay “texts” with no explanation. They didn’t even update the airport boards or gate. Finally they claimed a mechanical problem with the a/c caused the 3.5 hour delay. The employees are totally incompetent and don’t care. We finally said no more and opted to go home and they promised to pull our baggage off the plane and sent us down to baggage claim where one was pulled off after 2 hours and the other ended up in Vegas. We are still trying to get it back with zero help from any staff. They literally leave the airport after working their late night flights leaving you stranded if you have a problem. As I’m writing this, no one has responded to numerous calls about our issues and after filing out a claim form and numerous attempts to speak to an employee who cares. This airline charges $45 per bag fees each way then they lose your bags and couldn’t care less. Unexplained delays, incompetent employees and you’ll experience a nightmare - steer clear of this joke of an airline.

5/29/2019 N Schuler

✅ Trip Verified | Worst flight experience of my life. I flew from Detroit to Las Vegas and my flight was delayed 4 hours causing me to miss the birth of my grandbaby, then flying back the big front seat i paid for when booking my reservation 2 months prior was apparently sold again to someone else. I was assigned a seat in back of plane, I was told it was double sold and there was nothing they could do about it.

5/28/2019 V Pariste

✅ Trip Verified | I took a flight from Fort Lauderdale, FL with a layover in Atlanta, GA. We were scheduled to arrive in Atlanta at 12am and fly out to Boston at 6 am. They canceled the morning flight 1 hour before it was due to take off and blamed it on “weather” conditions. There were no weather issues in Atlanta or in Boston that morning, I have no idea where that came from. Then it took us 45 min to get on the phone with someone to see what our options were. They offered us another flight at 10pm to arrive in Maryland for a layover at 12am and to get to Boston at 7:47am. (No thank you), second option was a partial refund which was less than half of the money we spent btw, and the reasoning was because we still boarded from Fort Lauderdale, FL to Atlanta, GA. Even though that was only a layover. Our Third option was “Spirit Credit”. We were stuck in that airport over 12 hours until we finally decided to buy another one way ticket to Boston with JetBlue Airlines. So we spent way more in the end! Spirit This was the worst experience ever. I will never fly with them again. Don’t waste your time.

5/25/2019 A Gustavo

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Myrtle Beach. This airline's business model is focused on scamming customers in as many ways as they can. They pull you in with low base fares, and then intentionally make every single step of the experience unpleasant. They claim it's part of cutting costs, but since when did being professional, courteous, and caring to a minimal standard compromise bottom line profits. If their staff acted professionally, and they didn't try to jam fees and credit card scams down your throat at every single point of the experience then perhaps they could be considered a respectable low-cost carrier like RyanAir or Southwest, but no. Spirit is the airline that wants you to have a bad experience in hope's that they'll push you to pay extra for some crappy add-ons to create a tiny illusion that it isn't actually that bad, but it always is with them so long as they continue to not care about their customer experience.

5/25/2019 Tracey Vanier

✅ Trip Verified | Myrtle Beach to Newark. This is my first and last time! My plane was supposed to leave at 05.30 and it’s 09.45. Still here and waiting. First it was the plane, now it’s due to the crew!!

5/24/2019 J Pauley

Not Verified | They were late for our flight in Myrtle Beach Sc and when we arrived in Ft. Lauderdale for our connector flight with Spirit they left us stranded. I lost a day of my hard earned vacation and a night's lodging expense in the tune of $468 x 2! They don't care and it really doesn't matter how much you complain you don't get any satisfaction except for a hotel room for 4 people until your next flight out and on a different airline because evidently that can't "finish" what they started. Do not use them!! Do not use a booking site that uses them no matter how much you think you're saving!! It will cost you more in the end!!

5/24/2019 John Pace

✅ Trip Verified | . I fly from MYR to MCI 4 or 5 times a year for family reasons. I have resigned myself to a one-stop connection thru CLT with an overall 5-6 hour travel time. So you can imagine how surprised I was to find a nonstop flight listed on Expedia. But it's on Spirit Airlines and everything I hear about them is not so good. So this is my candid review. I expected counter personnel and flight attendants to be rude and unhelpful. This was not the case. The FA's clearly demonstrated on both flights they can TCB and still be pleasant. When I first arrived at the gate in MYB the sign indicated the flight would be delayed 2 hours. I thought it might be an indication the bad stuff I heard about Spirit was starting already. However the gate attendant gave us an update every ten minutes about the departure status and the 2 hour delay turned out to be only 55 minutes. Once aboard, the first thing I noticed was the seats. They quickly remind you that you're flying an LCC. They are cheaply made rack type seats with very little padding, no headrest, and they do not recline. Very uncomfortable for 2.5 hours. Everything on board is at a price, including water. Again, the LCC thing. The aircraft seemed to be fairly new and the interior all appeared in good shape. However, it was clear the floor had not been vacuumed in quite some time. For the most part the flight was pleasant. The thing that bothers me most was the price to check a bag. My bag weighed 23.5 pounds according to their scale and I was charged $50 to check it. I thought this was exorbitant. If I had chosen to carry the bag on I would have been charged as well. The LCC thing again. So, in summary, their people were great, their seats were very uncomfortable, and their baggage fees are overpriced. Would I fly them again? Yes. I am willing to put up with a few disappointments in order to get a nonstop flight. A 2.5 hour trip instead of 5 hours is worth a certain amount of trade off.

5/22/2019 Michael Coston

✅ Trip Verified | Boston to New Orleans. This was our first time on a Spirit flight. Nothing on board complimentary, even had to pay for coffee and water. Most uncomfortable, non-adjustable seat I have ever sat in for three and a half hours. The only friendly and polite conversation was the Captians announcements. First time I ever had to pay for carry on. First time checked baggage had a 40lb limit instead of 50. Last time I will ever set in a Spirit plane. I will give them a two out of ten because both my wife and I survived and made it home.

5/21/2019 Kenneth Cullen

✅ Trip Verified | The worst company I have ever flown with. When attempting to order drinks they were out of everything. When I called customer service to complain they told me I had to enter complaint online. I requested to change my ticket due to a family emergency at home and was told no cant do that - asked about a refund so I could get a flight with another company and again was told no.

5/21/2019 S Meade

✅ Trip Verified | Was very unhappy with Spirit Airlines. They canceled my flight from Atlantic City back to Florida because they said they had crew issues they could have delayed it instead they just cancel it which inconvenienced everybody and everybody was steaming mad at 6:30 in the morning. Then you have to rush to try to get a Rent-A-Car which most of them were sold out. All spirit airlines can say is sorry we will give you a $50 voucher and they want you to use it towards their flight within 30 days. I had to purchase for price airfare from United airline and drive with a Rent-A-Car to Newark so I’m out $600 more plus rent a car $80 plus toll fees plus parking at Tampa international airport $20 extra day - and they had the audacity to tell me they can give me a $50 voucher.

5/21/2019 Jeffrey Donahue

✅ Trip Verified | I booked travel from Cancun to Philadelphia with a 2 hour layover in fort Lauderdale. When I arrived in fort Lauderdale I had almost 3 hours to claim my bag and make it to the departing gate. Everybody on our flight that was catching a connecting flight missed their next flight because our bags took over 3 hours to reach baggage claim. Spirit ticketing tells me the next available flight is 2 days later at 8:35 pm. I explained to them that I dont have money for a hotel and I am traveling with my wife, 5 yr old son and my 11 yr old daughter which has special needs. They told me that it is not their problem and I was welcome to sleep in the airport until my flight. I called customer service. They told me they cannot comp a room over the phone. If the person at the desk says no, its no.

5/21/2019 Tina Tee

✅ Trip Verified | New Orleans to Las Vegas. Worst airline ever. I paid for this trip 3 month's in advance for vegas which mean spirit had 3 months as well. Spirit oversold the seats was asking for volunteers to give up their seat which no one did. Spirit decided to cancel flight 481 may 18th, 2019 all they can say is sorry! Yes I'm sorry I booked with Spirit, I'm still waiting on my refund.