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8/27/2019 B Mallen

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Houston. Our 3 hour flight was by far the worst travel experience. My husband and a few close friends booked the flight to Houston from LAX as a means to get to Galveston as we had a 7 day cruise ahead of us. We were unfamiliar with paying for carry on bag fees and so we watched some YouTube vid...

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8/26/2019 Huaping Liu

Not Verified | I booked a round trip between Portland, OR and Atlanta through Expedia. For whatever reasons, this round trip was booked as two separate trips. Because the person I was going to meet got sick, and sent me an email 26 hours before the out-bound flight's scheduled taking off time, and it was on a Sunday, I did not ...

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8/26/2019 C Mayle

✅ Trip Verified | Ft Lauderdale to La Guardia. My family and I flew to Cancun through United airlines and it was a total success. We had an amazing vacation at Cancun until we flew back with Spirit Airlines. Spirit Airlines had us experience a complete nightmare. Spirit Airlines arrived on time, but had us sit in the plane for ...

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8/26/2019 Cynthia Caldwell

✅ Trip Verified | Cancun to New York via Fort Lauderdale. After an 8 hour delay, Spirit canceled our flight. There was very poor communication from Spirit. Spirit was not able to get us out of Cancun that day so offered to put us on a bus to hotel, provide dinner, etc. That turned out to be s nightmare. All 200 passengers waite...

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8/25/2019 Nicole Morgan

Not Verified | This airline has the least amount of concern for its customers. I have flown 4-8 times per month over the last year with Spirit Airlines roundtrip from Las Vegas, Nevada to Oakland, California. Greater than 50% of the time my flights have been delayed. The last flight was almost 3 hours delayed so they could must...

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8/25/2019 Debra Gotting

✅ Trip Verified | Atlanta to Newark. What a great flight! We boarded in Atlanta on time, had a smooth, enjoyable flight and landed early in Newark. Lucky me, I was given a seat in first class. My friend was assigned further back in the plane. We were greeted by DeAngelo and Leandra with smiles. I asked if we could sit together ...

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8/24/2019 Esmeralda Navarro

✅ Trip Verified | I was going from Cancun to Florida then Boston when we kept on the plane for almost 3 hours and we missed our next flight after when we were trying to reschedule our flight from Florida to Boston they said they couldn’t do anything but get us on a plane on Sunday and it was Thursday and we had no place to stay...

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8/24/2019 Romero Alvarez

✅ Trip Verified | Houston to Seattle. I had to pay an $100 because they had a ridiculous line and caused me to miss my flight and I got stuck in Houston for 81/2 hours. This airline is horrible and should be avoided at all cost!

8/24/2019 Stephanie Tessier

✅ Trip Verified | Flight was delayed 3.5 hrs due to no crew. When landing in Orlando , it took forever to get our luggage which made us late for our cruise in port Canaveral. We were not able to board the ship plus 5 other families were told it was too late. All spirit offered, was 3 $100 vouchers, no way is that enough compare...

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8/24/2019 D Rudoy

✅ Trip Verified | Baltimore to Atlanta. They made me pay 107 dollars for my one bag with a skateboard in it. Saying that they a Skateboard cannot be in the bag and I have to take it out and take it on board and pay 55 extra for it. Never again I'm flying with them

8/23/2019 Viva Babi

Not Verified | I came on here to let everyone that cares to listen know that you should not fly with Spirit Airlines. They are the worst. I read some previous reviews and can honestly attest to what they are saying about this airline not caring about anyone. They must either have the worst untrained pilots in the business or th...

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8/22/2019 N Kalides

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to La Guardia via Denver / Chicago. Service was horrible during all times. We sat in the airport for 6 hours in total. The air conditioning on the plane was so high and they couldn’t provide us with any blankets. We boarded once and then they asked us to get off for an hour and board again.

8/21/2019 P Nelson

✅ Trip Verified | Las Vegas to Newark. Please pay the few extra dollars and travel with a legitimate airline/trust worthy. My first time traveling with Spirit Airlines never happened. Here is why, I waited 12 hrs because the flight kept being delayed. After 12 hours I was told my flight was canceled, and I wasn’t able to get ano...

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8/21/2019 J Meares

✅ Trip Verified | I just sat in the airport for 10 hours. Spirit Airlines canceled the flight after waiting 10 hours in the airport We were delayed for 2.5 hours due to no pilot. Finally Spirit boards us and lets us sit on the run way for 1.5 + hours and then forced us to deboard due to "weather" while countless flights departe...

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8/20/2019 Eric Monieno

Not Verified | Apparently this airline has a good reputation of canceling flights for no reason. Our initial flight got cancelled on our way into Cancun. We ended up getting a refund and rebooking another flight last minute. And on our way back home from Cancun, as we were waiting online for check in, we find out that our fligh...

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8/20/2019 J Salota

✅ Trip Verified | Newark to Orlando. First of all I never review anything but this made me so fed up. They notified me at 3:01am after I had already gotten to the airport that my flight was cancelled to go back home. There were no other flights that date to go back home and out our a round trip ticket that I had paid $282 for, ...

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8/20/2019 V Collins

✅ Trip Verified | Minneapolis to Orlando. If you have any other option than Spirit Airlines go ahead and take it. Spirit is notorious for delays, overbooking and cancellations. When you actually get on the plane go ahead and pay extra for the wide seats upfront. Otherwise it will be uncomfortable. Value wise not worth it. You'd ...

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8/20/2019 Harvey Johnson

✅ Trip Verified | Pittsburgh to Las Vegas. If you like fees on everything. If you like tight seating space. If you like change of departure and boarding gate. If you like difficulty in reaching customer service, then this is the airline for you. I'll never fly Spirit Airlines again.

8/19/2019 Tina Westover

Not Verified | My daughter was supposed to fly from Las Vegas to Denver, she checked in to the flight and then was told by Spirit agents it was canceled when in fact it was not and when she confronted them they had no answer or excuse. Then when I called to complain for the time and money it cost me for a refund, they said she ...

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8/19/2019 Andres del Rio

Not Verified | After arriving at the airport at 11:00p Friday night, ready to board my overnight flight from Seattle to Houston, my flight was cancelled outright. The person representing Spirit airlines laughed at the outraged crowd of people who did not understand why they now had to either refund their ticket and find some ot...

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