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5/20/2019 Kara Wilke

✅ Trip Verified | Tampa to Atlanta. My first time with Spirit Airlines and I was nervous! I arrived and it could not have been a better flight or crew either way. The crew was attentive and amazing, flight was on time and everyone at Spirit was extremely helpful.

5/19/2019 John Kim

❎ Not Verified | Atlanta to Dallas. They update on our delay right before boarding time. Why can’t they update earlier? Told myself not to use this airline so many times, I guess need to stop using it anymore really. So many delays and cancelled flights. Hopefully not going to cancel this one tonight.

5/18/2019 M Barmin

✅ Trip Verified | This is the worst company to deal with. We booked flights and then had an unfortunate death in the family. They instructed us to get a death certificate so they could process a refund. I spent 2 hours and 17 minutes only to be told No. we followed all the steps and was told No because they couldn’t process it. Not an ethical company! You can speak to 3 different people and they will all tell you something different. DO not use this unethical airline. I’m so frustrated.

5/18/2019 Beth Hill

Not Verified | Fort Lauderdale to Columbus. People should fully research airline policy when flying for the first time. If you had you could have avoided 90% of your frustration. This is a no frills airline. I personally think the business model will be successful and works well if the customer knows what to expect. I have flown twice within the last six months and was a little suspect because of the low fares, but was pleasantly surprised. customer service was good, very smooth flight etc. Seats a little close together, but adequate. If you need free snacks, pillows, blankets, wi-fi you may need to travel with another airline. But if you need to watch your pennies like I do and don't mind a no frills bus ride in the sky this could be for you. We are planning another trip soon and will check Spirit first.

5/17/2019 Teresa Miles

✅ Trip Verified | Denver to Detroit. My flight was scheduled for almost 3 months from today (selecting that date wasnt an option). I called to cancel today. My flight was only $186 and they wanted to charge me a $145 cancellation fee. So, I asked how much to just change that date, she said $170 to change my date. I said that was ridiculous as it's almost double what I paid. She tells me that even if I cancel, I dont get any money back. The 40 something left would be applied as a credit. I explained to her that I was hanging up now, cancel my reservation and if their company needed money that bad they can just keep it.

5/17/2019 Darren Ingram

✅ Trip Verified | Las Vegas to Baltimore. Worst customer service I’ve ever had! This is the third time out of six redeye flights from Las Vegas to Baltimore that the crew acts like I’m a hindrance if I don’t want to fall asleep right when the plane takes off. When I asked for a cup of coffee or an alcoholic drink they act like I’m not allowed and I should be sleeping because of the rest of the plan. My service on a redeye should not be any different from my service on any other time during the day, especially when I have to show up and go straight to work. Some veterans at spirit understand and have good energy, but one woman in particular I have seen numerous times on my flights as a blonde who is now pregnant and gives attitude every single time. This is very poor advertising for your company and we shouldn’t allow people with bad attitudes to handle customers in the hospitality Environment

5/17/2019 C Richards

✅ Trip Verified | Columbus to Las Vegas. This was the worst flight ever. Price for and over stuffed plane. This is the worst. They broke the tow bar and might have damaged the plane so we are not taking off in time and they never offered anything to drink for the inconvenience. I wish this flight would have been better there is no type of entertainment and you get a stuffed airplane and you hear every one having conversation this will not happen to me again. I will not fly this airplane again

5/17/2019 S Deane

✅ Trip Verified | Spirit Airlines prices are incredible. I'm usually able to put my bag under the seat at no charge. When I do need a larger bag, I check it since that's the cheapest. Here's the negative I've read : Pay for baggage - yes but you have to pay for bags on every airline except southwest. 2. Pay for drinks - yes but drinks cost the same if you buy it in the terminal. Pay $10 to print boarding pass at gate - I've never had to have my boarding pass printed at the gate or at check in. Leg room I don't find much different from other airlines. I recently read that spirit is adding wifi. Because of the cheap fare, I can survive without wifi. The seats don't recline but neither do they on other airlines - I wouldn't call my seat going back an inch reclining When I know I'm going to be flying, I just keep watching the fares. As a $9 Club Member, I've flown four times in the last six months for less than $50 round trip! Even if I purchased a bag and seats towards the front, my total would be around $150 which is still cheaper than most airlines.

5/17/2019 K Flynn

✅ Trip Verified | Dallas DFW to Phoenix. This was my first, and probably only flight, I've ever taken with Spirit. Everything started off well, on time flight, easy check in, things going great. The workers for Spirit were kind and welcoming. Boarded the plane, and I had the window seat. 2 people were in the others, so i asked them to move so I could get to it quickly - nothing out of the ordinary. There was a woman in the aisle and a man in the middle. The woman stood up and instead of the man standing or scooting, he sat on his seat which caused me to bump past him. Weird, but oh well. Throughout the next 2.5 hours, the couple took off their shoes - the woman her socks off as well. They were bumping into me while they rubbed each other's arms and legs. The woman was shaking the seats so much that I was being bounced around. She would bang her head on the person in front of her's seat and her hands on the tray table. Just very rude. They didn't wear seatbelts and the whole ordeal made me feel so uncomfortable. Especially when the woman put her feet ON the man's tray table and had him give her a massage. Keep in mind they were probably late 30's, early 40's, and I am in my early 20's. Overall, the experience was terrible and so uncomfortable. I couldn't wait to get off.

5/13/2019 Nickala Smith

✅ Trip Verified | Orlando to Columbus. This is my first time ever flying and the experience what I thought would be exciting turned out to be a nightmare! Problem after problem I would never recommend this airline to anyone. If you don't plan on spending extra money that wasn't in your plans this is not the airline to go with if you want notification of any changes to your flight this is not the airline this is not the airline to go with. Money and inconvenience is what this airline is about. To sum it all up spirit airlines is a mess and I will never fly with them again.

5/13/2019 Jon Smith

✅ Trip Verified | Atlanta to Ft Lauderdale. Spirit Airlines is the worst airline, they didn't have a flight attendant show up. It absolutely wrecked my plans and cost me a ton of money. Never book Spirit Airlines, go with anybody else instead.

5/13/2019 Thomas Smith

✅ Trip Verified | This was the worst ever flight I have ever had. On the way to Vegas an extra trip was add without notification. Then the flight before the extra stop, our flight crew was 45 minutes late. Then on the way back they changed part of our party flight. To a direct flight and would not let us change ours. We left Vegas at 1140pm and got back home at 142pm the next day. The rest of our party got home 736am that morning. We hot home 6 hrs later. The whole trip my wife and I had seats side by side and our last and final flight we had to have different seats because they booked the plane and told her the plane was full and she had to take an exit seat or she couldn't fly....wow. I will never fly nor recommend anyone to fly spirit airlines.

5/12/2019 A Cunningham

✅ Trip Verified | Austin to Chicago. First time flying with Spirit and this flight was been delayed over 4 times. 1:04 PM was the original time, then 1:46, then 2:15, then 2:46 now 3:30. I'm shocked as to how horrible this experience has been - we are not boarding until 4:20PM. I'm disappointed in this airline. I feel like everyone here needs to get some time of refund. They don't deserve any stars.

5/11/2019 L Carsova

✅ Trip Verified | Cancun to Detroit via Houston. Our flight out from Cancun was delayed x2 then cancelled. Next day flight rerouted to Fort Lauderdale arrived at 7:06 pm and after going through customs and retrieving luggage (luggage was placed on wrong carousel and only circled intermittently, unable to access visible cases because we weren’t allowed to) - this delayed us even further. Ran to baggage drop and arrived there at 8:20 pm. Spirit employees would not accept our luggage for 8:45 pm flight, stated we were too late, instructed to go “upstairs and rebook for next day”. No attempt made to find accommodations, given a list of hotels we could stay at - all sold out. We are still en route to Detroit 38 hours later, 3 more hours until 4 am check in, spending night sitting in airport. Never again with Spirit. Customer service was horrible, manager yelling and belittling her own employee who tried to help, ended up dragging her away forcefully by her arm.

5/10/2019 Mohammed Islam

✅ Trip Verified | This was first time that I have ever flown with Spirit airlines. Firstly, my first flight from Oakland to Los Angeles got delayed, but I wasn’t worried. However, after a while I saw that my flight got cancelled, so I called up Spirit, the guy who I spoke to was rude and uninterested. Luckily Spirit rescheduled me on to the next flight but I already lost about $200 for the hotel that I’ve already pre paid. My return flight back home from Los Angeles to Oakland was also cancelled the next day. This really annoyed me because I spent about over 24 hours without and sleep and I wanted to just get home. Spirit then refused me a flight the next morning and also refused to pay for a hotel for me to stay at for the night. Both of these cancelled flights happened to me in a span of 1 day. So in the end I had to pay another $200 for a hotel room for that night plus I had to pay another $180 for a flight home the next morning. All in all I lost about $600. Never ever gonna fly this airline again. I don’t recommend anyone ever flies Spirit Airlines, the round trip ticket wasn’t even that cheap.

5/10/2019 S Rice

Not Verified | This airline is the absolute worst! My ticket was $89 from Las Vegas to Tampa with Spirit Airlines. I then had to pay $41 for 1 checked piece of luggage and a minimum of $17 to choose a seat. Seriously? This more than doubles my original understood cost. I will never ever fly them again. I would rather have a layover than pay their ridiculous fees. What seems like an inexpensive flight is going to end up costing the same as a regular airline. Do not, under any circumstances, choose this airline. Well, unless you have no luggage and are fine to sit in a rubbish seat. The only reason I did not choose a zero for my overall rating is I believe the people I interacted with do care.

5/10/2019 M Gage

✅ Trip Verified | Las Vegas to Cleveland. I will never fly Spirit Airlines again. The aircraft was dirty, the flight attendants were not friendly whatsoever. They never announced welcome aboard flight 1968 with nonstop service to Cleveland, Ohio. They never announced the beverage cart was coming. They spent the majority of the time at the front of the plane talking and laughing with each other. I understand you get what you pay for - but this crew was rude. The captain didn’t even welcome us aboard and announce himself. Had a way better experience flying Frontier. At least they were friendly. Our flight 1969 from Cleveland to Vegas was better than our return flight 1068.

5/10/2019 Jonathan Datz

Not Verified | There's not much to add to the previous reviews of this airlines. Simply put, one should only fly Spirit airline if they have no other choices. The prices are deceptively low, as Spirit will charge for literally everything. The seats are the least comfortable seats on any American-based carrier. I would describe the seats as "prison seats." Customer service is a mixed bag. It my impression that the hard-working employees very much wish to do right by their customers. That said, Spirit's culture is one of "nickel-and-diming" the customer to make up for the low fares that entice folks to book in the first place. Spirit will always choose charging the customer rather than doing what is right.

5/9/2019 L Walten

✅ Trip Verified | This is the worst airline I have ever had the displeasure of being involved with. Not only do they charge your for any carry on bags but the in flight snack as well. Worst customer service. I will never fly with them again.

5/9/2019 N Geelin

✅ Trip Verified | Houston to Cancun. The whole flight got delayed due to flight attendant not showing up. Still waiting on the attendant or any attendant, its been 2 hours. They didn't even keep us updated, had to ask for them to tell us something. The worst airline ever.