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2/7/2019 J Thomas

✅ Trip Verified | Mumbai to Colombo with SriLankan Airlines. Good Service from the Cabin Crew. Airline on time but delayed due to passengers which is not the fault of the airline. Airline seat spacing was too close. The seat I was occupying was damaged and had a jagged opening. This was complained to the cabin crew by the passenger next to me but nothing was done about it. Food not up to expectations. This sector did not have In flight entertainment.

2/4/2019 D Sanitha

✅ Trip Verified | Melbourne to Colombo. I haven't flown with SriLankan since the early 2000s due to extremely bad delays and appalling service. I thought of trying them after this long assuming they've changed and it was convenient to fly direct to Colombo from Melbourne. To my surprise, the cabin crew were friendly and attentive. The service was impeccable. The food was delicious with so many different food. Loved the tea service on board. The entertainment system and the seat weren't that great on the CMB-MEL sector. MEL-CMB was an A330-300. The seat was very good on that particular flight but the return flight's seat wasn't good. The cabin crew personally welcomed me at the beginning of the flight and thanked me at the end of the flight. The cabin was clean. I will fly with SriLankan again.

1/25/2019 S Perera

✅ Trip Verified | Colombo to Singapore - really surprised. Whilst the checkin at Colombo is very average (dirty carpets at business class, long queues, unkempt staff) onboard is much better. The crew were nice and the big TVs in economy are great. I had not flown with SriLankan in over 10 years and wouldn’t hesitate booking them again. A few things though, get newer movies and retire the old A330. The A320 was much nicer.

1/18/2019 R Lapellah

✅ Trip Verified | London to Kuala Lumpur via Colombo. Was scheduled to fly in seats 10 A, 10C on the leg of the flight from Colombo to Kuala Lumpur on 7th Jan 2018. Arrived at Colombo after a 11 hr flight from London, after a scheduled wait of some 2.5 hrs checked into the flight from Colombo to KUL only to be told in a brusque manner by ground staff that we would be at the back of the aircraft in spite of us having pre booked window and aisle seats. Our new seating was in the middle and aisle. Moreover we were asked to check in our hand baggage as this was a smaller A320 aircraft. Others were allowed to take their larger hand baggage onboard. The same situation regarding seat switching happened on the return journey JUL to CMB ON the 12th of Jan. Service was without smiles on both occasions. Bankrupt, badly run airline. As a frequent flyer I would not be travelling the LHR CMB sector with them again. There are much better alternatives albeit slightly more expensive ones.

1/18/2019 Anamika Singh

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Mumbai via Colombo. We landed at Colombo and went to catch our flight for Mumbai, as we reached we were told the flight had left. There protocol says we should get 45min between the two flights we landed at and we reached the gate at 11.15pm. After which we asked the SriLankan Airlines to compensate for us they put us in to the next flight which was after 15 hours we were told they will not provide accommodations - the manager on duty and other employees were busy talking in they regional language and kept making fun of us. We had to sleep on the floor of the airport for 15 hours - this is the SriLankan Hospitality make ladies sleep in the floor of the airport.

1/14/2019 Andrew Maile

✅ Trip Verified | London to Jakarta via Colombo. This was the return leg of my Christmas trip back to London. Overall, for the price, I was more than satisfied with Srilankan. The LHR - CMB overnight leg was fine; efficient crew, plenty of food and drink offerings and a newish aircraft (A330-300). The seat is OK but there's no mattress pad or duvet offered, just a fairly thin blanket, so it's not the most comfortable for sleeping. The IFE is just about adequate (it was the same in January as it was in December) but I'd say it's more geared towards the south Asian market with lots of Bollywood films. For transit of 8 hours+ the airline offers a complimentary hotel room but this seems to be assigned in a completely random way - initially, I was given a room at the Serendiva transit hotel which would have meant I couldn't have left the airport for my 18 hour transit (plus it gets horrible reviews on TA) - I dug my heels in and asked for something else. Eventually, they agreed and gave me a room at the Ramada, which was a 15-minute drive from the airport.There doesn't seem to be any distinction made between what economy and business-class passengers are offered, which seems slightly strange. Before the early morning CMB - CGK leg I went to the Srilankan Airlines Serendib Lounge which isn't that great, to be honest - greeted with an unsmiling 'Do you have an invitation?' and the hot breakfast food was cold. This second flight was on a much older A330-200, which was fine for a 4-hour flight - friendly crew and on-time arrival.

1/8/2019 Francis Wong

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Colombo with SriLankan Airlines. Ticket is priced competitively. For this route, UL deployed their smaller but new A320 Neo air craft. The usual good service and catering on board delivered, which is what I expect of UL. Seat pitch is sufficient for a single aisled air craft. Good recline and god touch screen AVOD. However, the storage space is incredibly little. Since the seat "pocket" is made out of hard plastic which is mounted onto the seat, it is more like a seat "rack", than a regular pocket with spring that can expand. That present a serious problem for storing the headphone and other things. To me, that's a huge design fail. Also there is hardly any space for putting a glass of welcome drink, unless you must pull out the tray table. Whatever the airbus company was thinking when designing these seats? It is worth noting that UL has other older types A320 in their fleet, the older sears are actually a lot more spacious, with decent seta pockets that offer good storage. This is a rare case when older is better than newer.

12/23/2018 Marianne Nazareth

✅ Trip Verified | Bangalore to London via Colombo. The food for me a diabetic was excellent. The TV screens were working well and we enjoyed a couple of movies. However Bangalore - Colombo they did not give us any headphones citing short flight. I just want to make an important point - try and avoid too much single use plastic. It's not good for the environment and airlines could cut back on so many sachets etc in use.

12/20/2018 Sheena Munro

Not Verified | London to Colombo return. Flight out super staff very hard working good meal and lots of wine top ups. Return trip was disappointing. After lunch the cabin lights went off until the next meal not what we expected as this was a daylight flight. I know people like to rest but this was too long.

12/13/2018 S Parilintan

✅ Trip Verified | Colombo to Singapore. We had booked Hindu meals. We were given a menu card showing 3 options during both the to and fro trips. During our journey from Singapore we were asked to place our order. Since my sister in law doesnt not consume chicken she had opted for chapati and veg set. But during the return trip she was given milk rice and chicken set although she requested for the chapati and veg set. The stewardess insisted that as we had order Hindu meals and that is what she will get. I was very upset on the way the stewardess behaved. She said she has to serve the rest of the passengers before she could accede to her request. More care should have been shown especially to elderly passengers. My sister in law and I had to ask a few times before the correct food was served. This episode has given us a bad experience. Please clarify how the chicken is classified as Hindu Meal.

11/22/2018 Sam Kabra

✅ Trip Verified | Colombo to Mumbai. The staff was incompetent, when meals were served the stewardess was rude to guests. They had a list with seats allocated with vegetarian option. Supposedly our names were not there which is not possible. So the stewardess asked us many times if we had ordered food. My problem is that why is the aircraft not carrying extra meals in such cases. After the meals the stewards and stewardesses just disappeared. We paid good money for this flight and basic service is expected. Food was so bad. Non veg got chicken and pineapple halwa while veg got beetroot curry and 4 pieces of fruit.

11/7/2018 Judit Walker

✅ Trip Verified | London to Male via Colombo. On our way from Heathrow to Male we discovered that the plug for the earphones is broken. Reported it to the staff but they have not even tried to sit us somewhere else saying the plane was full. On our way back same plane same seat the plug was still not fixed - 2 times 10,5 hrs flight with no entertainment. The staff was rude not even mentioning that apart from the pre ordered special meal they did not provide any gluten free snack for me between meal times making me starved throughout the whole journey (I am coeliac not a fashion dieter). Got in contact with customer services who only reply to our emails once a month and their only way of compensating us a $50 voucher only valid for a year and only on theirs services on board. Well no thank you! After this experience I will never even consider booking with SriLankan Airlines ever again.

11/1/2018 Anders Pedersen

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to Dubai via Colombo on A321 and A330-200 respectively. Arrived from Kuala Lumpur by Malaysia Airlines; checked in online and wasted time as the BPs evt. Said: “This is NOT a boarding pass. Airport Authorities require you obtain a Boarding Pass at the Airport Check–in counter. Counters close 1 hour prior to schedule departure”. Thus, I eventually had to line up in Jakarta where I got BPs from the ordinary check-in desk. In CGK there are no transit counters for Sri Lankan (maybe if you arrive Terminal 2?). I arrived T3 by other OW carrier (MH) and had to proceed to T2 which forced me to leave transit area, get a transit visa, pass immigration, customs, security, collect luggage and go by public transport to T2 as starting a new journey. Check-in opened only 3 hours before departure. Additional time prior to that is just wasted in check-in area. Thus, the Oneworld seamless experience is completely messed up like two alien airlines in two different airports. Check-in eventually was very cooperative except they ask for CC validation – I thought most (all?) airlines have dropped that. The payment for the trip was drawn 6 moths prior to the travel so wonder why they insist on CC-checks. The lounge provided in T2 is Pura Indah, a very stuffy, depressing place with substandard food and no views nor even a single window in the interior. They have no alcoholic drinks apart from 1 brand of cheapest local beer, Anker. Onboard Sri Lankan, as for both legs, I had a top notch experience and caring from fresh, proactive, observant, jolly (flirtatious?), and neat FA’s. Food was excellent and well presented with extensive menu cards and drink lists provided on both legs. Take off champagne good. Wines were casual but 5 brands offered. A wonderful experience in the air. Smooth transit in CMB. Punctual flights. Good IFE entertainment. I think the A321 is excellent for dayflights. The last leg was on A330-300 with nice sleeper seats. Here, four dishes were offered on their menu cards. I could only manage two of them. Both were very tasty. Warmly recommend this airline, very good value for money. Paid three, almost four times less than what I should have paid going by Emirates or Qatar on the same routing

10/31/2018 Sapna Maduni

✅ Trip Verified | Colombo to Singapore in business class sector. Onboard I got sick and the cabin crew was kindness and helpful to me and without hesitating they did an excellent job. I am pleased they are kindly and helpful to their clients.

10/21/2018 A Keane

✅ Trip Verified | Male to Heathrow via Colombo. Cabin crew are friendly, very attentive to yours needs. Entertainment system was good, good choice of films and games. Food was lovely, plenty of it! However was a little on the spicy side! We even got a roll on the 1hr Male to Colombo flight! Connection was really easy, and all flights were on time! Seats would have been beneficial with a little extra room - although loved the 2-4-2 layout! Overall, enjoyable flight and would fly again!

10/8/2018 Pasu siva, Airbus A330-300 (333) seat 2K

One of the best Airlines for comfort, service and meals.

10/5/2018 Anil Godfrey

✅ Trip Verified | Trivandrum to Dubai via Colombo. I need to appreciate the cabin crew. Flight was extremely full on UL225 which operates Colombo to Dubai in both Business and Economy, in spite of heavy requests from different people the staff done there job with professionalism and patience. I was in 1A on Business class and the staff has taken care with my request without any hesitation.

10/3/2018 K Murtakesh

✅ Trip Verified | I was traveling from Coimbatore to Dubai via Colombo. The flight which I taken from SriLanka was excellent, good staff, excellent good work. Indian airline staffs should take lesson from them. Really appreciated.

9/29/2018 Grant, Airbus A330-200 (332) v1 seat 56C

Great inflight service, meals & entertainment. Cabin staff professionally dealt with with 2 abusive, threatening & obnoxious females that caused a great deal of disruption to passengers & staff inflight. After throwing full meal trays & assaulting cabin crew etc. These passengers (believed to be - 2 French media staff) were escorted off the plane to awaiting federal police on arrival. Cabin staff still offered a high standard of calm & friendly service to other passengers. Well done

9/28/2018 Grant, Airbus A330-200 (332) v1 seat 55C

Cabin Crew service, Menu, drinks & Inflight entertainment, toilet cleanliness all 1st rate. Boarding, Departure & Arrival all on time & organised well. 30kg bag limit + carry-on bags 2 x Pre booked vegetarian meals arrived as planned. Aircraft cabin noise, cheap head sets & leg room for me as 185cm person not so good. No Pre booking of seats for group booking until check-in at airport counter and seat allocation choice poor. I could pay for booked seats at $21AUD per person prior if I wish. Lovely traditional Sri Lankan crew uniforms & welcome ( hands clasp under chin - are you born) when boarding and on exit. Cabin service requests carried out promptly & professionally. Crew happy to discuss & suggest Sri Lankan destination information to assist with personal needs after main service duties finished.