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6/26/2019 Shane De Fonseka

✅ Trip Verified | Colombo to Male. If you compare SriLankan Airlines to premium airlines in terms of sophistication, they have a lot to gain, but in terms of hospitality, Sri Lankan should be on top. Check in was great, with no queues, and their lounge at BIA serves meals with good quality wine (including sparkling) and snacks....

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6/26/2019 P Macharanda

✅ Trip Verified | Bangalore to Melbourne via Colombo. I reached the gate 5 mins after it closed. But the staff didn't let me board and had pulled out my luggage from the aircraft. The ground manager didn't give me an opportunity to explain my situation neither tried to get me on to the flight, where I think there was a still a ...

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6/21/2019 C R G Ellis, Airbus A321 (321) seat 3D

Sri Lankan airlines legendary service was conspicuous by its absence on this short flight in business class; totally charmless- but it was an early morning flight. I was surprised to find the TV screens in the arm rest were all opened and sticking upward between seats when we boarded and remained so throughout the flight. The se...

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5/19/2019 S Paratan

✅ Trip Verified | Colombo to Chennai. We booked a business class ticket and was given an economy class ticket, when asked at the business class custom care desk in Colombo they replied with an attitude, if you're down graded ask for a refund from your agent. This was a rude way of answer. And they even replied "the flight didn'...

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4/29/2019 Prasanna Kodippili, Airbus A330-300 (333) seat 20C

It’s a good location since you are very close to the door. Enter/exit are so easy. Toilets also not so far and you have an extended leg space too

4/28/2019 Lien Keerthisinghe, Airbus A330-200 (332) v1 seat H

Close to lavatory. Smells a bit bad. Seats uncomfortable. Head rest is bad. Not a good plane for long distant flying

4/22/2019 L Tran

✅ Trip Verified | Colombo to Doha. This is the second segment of my flight from Jakarta to Doha, transiting through Colombo. The reason I break it to 2 reviews because of different aircraft types and ground service experience. This A330-300 was equipped with reverse herringbone 1-2-1 seat configuration, generally my favorite as...

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4/21/2019 L Tran

✅ Trip Verified | Jakarta to Colombo. I booked SriLankan Airlines due to its attractive price, and that proved to be a good deal. The A330-200 showed it age, with 2-2-2 configuration and worn out seats. However, the seats reclined to a fully-flat bed and were quite comfortable. In-flight service was quite pleasant, and the meal ...

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4/16/2019 Oliver Jones

✅ Trip Verified | Sri Lankan refused to compensate us for the flights with their airline they caused us to miss, had to book flight with another airline when our connecting flight was cancelled due to a technical issue. Left us out of pocket well over £1000 and made us wait around the airport to fight amongst locals for help. E...

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4/10/2019 Siddharth Kapil

✅ Trip Verified | Colombo to New Delhi. The ground staff is very rude. I was in the checkin line which was just a normal line. After entertaining few customers the staff refused to give me a boarding pass. I waited for around half an hour in that row and then was refused. They changed the details on the screen, before it was ju...

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4/3/2019 Lahiru Chithracharige

✅ Trip Verified | Doha to Colombo. SriLankan upgraded my ticket free of charge to business class. Cabin crew and were attentive very courteous. Food was delicious. AVOD system is very good. Hope to fly with SriLankan Again

4/2/2019 Kah Kay Au

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Colombo. There are 12 seats in business class on the Sri Lankan A320 in a 2-2 layout. The seats are recliner seats in full leather. After boarding was offered champagne and cashew nuts. I had the butter chicken Marsala as the main course and it was delicious. The flight attendant was friendly and ...

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3/9/2019 L Bill

✅ Trip Verified | London to Colombo. I have to say, this airline is a bit of a mixed bag. I found out I was pregnant shortly before we flew, so we tried to call their customer service desk to ensure I had an aisle seat and ideally a bit of extra space. However, customer service were of no help at all and said we could only do t...

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3/5/2019 Anders Pedersen

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Jakarta via Colombo on A321s. Check-in online 2 days prior to departure went smoothly and my print-outed BPs were accepted in Dubai (by emigration and lounge). Equipment downgrade to A321 narrow body was a huge disappointment (no lie flat, etc.). Lounge used in Dubai have been downgraded from the luxu...

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2/21/2019 Allan Foster

Not Verified | London to Colombo. Excellent service and good food served with metal cutlery. Clean toilet. Good range of inflight entertainment. Plastic (drinking cups) waste could be cut down.

2/20/2019 T Pandujan

✅ Trip Verified | Dubai to Dhaka via Colombo. However seat with good pitch but not comfortable for sleep. Food was delicious and attentive crew. In-flight entertainment was unmentionable. My horrible experience was started when I came to conveyor belt, my bag came after 45 minutes of flight embarked to the gate and I found my w...

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2/11/2019 Abishek Joshua Tennyson

✅ Trip Verified | Riyadh to Madurai via Colombo. The food quality was amazing, staff were polite and kind, transit was easy and quick. I recommend this airline if you are travelling to southern parts of India from some other country.

2/9/2019 G Peers

✅ Trip Verified | Colombo to Dubai. An amazing crew on UL225 on 8Feb, for me they made the flight one of the best I've flown for the last couple of years.

2/7/2019 J Thomas

✅ Trip Verified | Mumbai to Colombo with SriLankan Airlines. Good Service from the Cabin Crew. Airline on time but delayed due to passengers which is not the fault of the airline. Airline seat spacing was too close. The seat I was occupying was damaged and had a jagged opening. This was complained to the cabin crew by the passen...

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2/4/2019 D Sanitha

✅ Trip Verified | Melbourne to Colombo. I haven't flown with SriLankan since the early 2000s due to extremely bad delays and appalling service. I thought of trying them after this long assuming they've changed and it was convenient to fly direct to Colombo from Melbourne. To my surprise, the cabin crew were friendly and attenti...

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