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6/11/2018 Pavel Zomarev

✅ Trip Verified | Vancouver to Toronto. Great price, but you must accept a very likely 2-hour delay. Probably one hour sitting in the un-ventilated cabin waiting for delayed passengers. From Vancouver to Toronto I waited 2 hours. They announce no delay until the very last minute, so you will not have a chance to wait out in a comfortable place like a garden near airport or home. From Toronto to Vancouver - again no advance announcement of the delay. So you come and wait in the airport where they announce one hour delay of serving the airplane. Then we boarded and waited one additional 30 minutes for the delayed passengers who got stuck with immigration control from their previous connected flight. After that it turned out that airplane engine will not stat without a machine that blows hot air into it and the machine is malfunctioning. Add another 30 minute for them to get another machine. So total 2-hour delay of which one hour in a sweat bath. On a good side: flight attendants are nice. Price is great: Vancouver to Toronto return flight 380 total after tax.

6/8/2018 G Barasova

✅ Trip Verified | Halifax to Cayo Coco. The staff at the counter seated me, my 12-y.o. son and my husband all over the plane, claiming they do not have 3 seats in the same row. They then mentioned they have 3 Premium Economy in the same row but i have to pay. I was forced to pay $90 so that we could sit all together. Would you seat your child with strangers while going on vacation? Not a bad way to make extra money by the airline? On the way back we had a stewardess being very rude to us. We had a night flight and she kept pushing and waking people up while squeezing through the aisles. Definitely not flying with Sunwing ever again.

5/26/2018 C Mitchell

✅ Trip Verified | Booked an All Inclusive to Cayo Coco. Flight returning home was supposed to leave at 9:30am. When we arrived at the resort, the following morning we overheard someone complaining their Sunwing flight had been changed so we checked with the rep and our flight had been changed to 9:30 pm. We received NO communication from Sunwing regarding this change. The day we were to leave we confirmed the flight time with the rep in the morning - at that time there were no further changes. We arrived in the hotel lobby to meet the bus only to find out the flight had been delayed again to 11:00 pm. Once at the airport it was delayed a further 2 hours. The Sunwing check in staff had no information and there was no rep available to speak to. It was bad enough they delayed our flight home more than 12 hours but the fact that we were never notified illustrates their customer service is beyond pathetic.

5/24/2018 J Raldano

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Cancun. We paid money based on a flight we liked and both times they changed it on us and they tell you there’s nothing you can do about it. We paid extra money to leave on a Monday since we were gaining a day. If we left on the Tuesday we would have saved approximately $500. When we booked our trip our flight was initially supposed to depart Mexico at 10pm. Because of the late arrival home we booked the Tuesday off work. A few days before leaving on our trip the departure time was changed to 8pm. A day before we were supposed to leave, someone at the resort that recognized us from the plane advised us that the flight had been changed to 10:20am. Sunwing never contacted us to advise us of the change. I then went to the rep at the resort to confirm this information and to let her know how upset we were about the fact that we were being robbed of an entire day. She was not sympathetic at all and then turned around and told me how disappointed she was that our group did not book any excursions. I walked out right after because it was a conversation going nowhere. We were a group of 77 people attending a wedding. Some people were given the wrong pick up time and even missed the bus ride to the airport. When we pay and make a booking we are bound to that contact. Sunwing has constantly changed flights, delayed flights and has never given us any compensation. We had to purchase breakfast and lunch for the day. Our family member could no longer pick us up because they were still at work when we landed. Because of this we had to pay for transportation home. Not only did we pay extra money to choose this package. We ended up having to spend more money because of this change that Sunwing caused. Due to all this as well, my husband and I lost a day of work. I highly recommend you avoid booking with Sunwing. They never keep their end of the commitment and not one customer service rep cares. The total trip cost us $3500 and we could have paid $3000 if we left on the Tuesday to get the same vacation. I understand the flights are subject to change but a full day at the last minute is completely unacceptable. 1,2 or even 3 hours is okay but a whole day is robbery!!! This also happened to a group of 28 of us 3 months ago when we went to Los Cabos. They changed our flight to 5 hours earlier. Seems like they sell these packages with sweet flight times to entice people to buy and then change them at the last minute since there is nothing you can do. Classic bait and switch.

5/23/2018 J Lonran

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Los Cabos. First time flying with Sunwing and I was surprisingly very impressed! Check in was flawless. I did the web check in 4 hours prior to departure for both flights and managed to get one of the first few rows each time. Both flights were on time (the return was even a bit early!) and our resort was wonderful. All sunwing staff for extra helpful. Thank you Sunwing. I will definitely consider them again.

5/14/2018 Derrick Mclellan

✅ Trip Verified | Varadero to St John. Arrived home today had an awesome vacation through sunwing package. Stayed at the starfish Varadero for what we payed it was well worth the trip. Both ways the flight was very good. We landed in a heavy downpour and we flew out in a heavy downpour and the pilot did a great job. I would like to thank a particular member of our flight crew for putting up with the very rude and intoxicated lady in front of us, she was not only kind cool and collected but extremely polite she even apologized when she shouldn't have. The passenger was rude loud and just plan mean.

5/6/2018 Mark Braithwaite

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Orlando. Flight delayed for ten hours plus, approximately an hour before scheduled take off. Was told they had a crew shortage “no pilot” and the individual had called in the night before reported by a Sunwing employee. Thanks for the notice and transparency. Must be some organization when it put all your eggs in one basket and have no back ups for pilots etc. All luggage was returned to passengers and we are having to tote it around the airport for seven hours. Then wait another three hours before the new scheduled departure. Fun times with children. Fellow passengers have missed their cruises etc. Just want to thank you SunWing for the whopping 35 dollars each in food vouchers. Never again.

5/1/2018 Eva Nowak

✅ Trip Verified | I landed from a direct flight from Cuba to Toronto early morning on Sunday April 15 2018 during the time of the ice storm. At that time multiple flights were delayed and many passengers including me went home without our luggage. After one week my husband received his bag but no one called to let us know that is it going to be delivered. I still haven’t received my belongings and I am not able to leave my home because I’m waiting for my bag still. After flying with Sunwing airline I will never fly with you guys ever again.

4/28/2018 A Richards

✅ Trip Verified | Montego Bay to Toronto. Traveled hundreds of times. My last flight with Sunwing was by far the worst experience. Arrived in Toronto April 15. Today is April 27 and still no word on where my luggage is. The issues with mother nature is understandable, but the service since has been disgusting. This organization is a disaster.

4/18/2018 H Read

✅ Trip Verified | As we were checking in for our return trip, Ixtapa to Edmonton via Calgary on Feb 15, 2018, the check-in lady at Ixtapa airport removed my husbands passport from a plastic protective cover, scanned it, and then put it all back together again. When we arrived in Edmonton and went to do our customs declarations, we found that she had tucked the passport cover and the photo page into the plastic protective cover, and in doing so, ripped my husband's passport right through his photo. This was the first trip taken on a brand new 10-year passport, and it was ruined. We looked up the procedure of replacing a damaged passport and discovered that it is full cost of $160 plus new photo's of $35 -- plus it requires as much information as though you've never had a passport before - far more than simply renewing an expired one. A lot of unnecessary expense and hassle. We contacted Sunwing the very next day - on Feb 16, 2018, and advised them of what had happened, and requested that they cover the cost of replacement, since it was their employee who destroyed it. It is now April 18 - beyond 2 months later. We have not had any communication with Sunwing, except an email saying that they are experiencing higher than usual volumes and their investigations are delayed. As far as the trip, we just purchased the flight only as we had our own accommodations, it was adequate. Food is nothing special. I was not impressed that Sunwing changed their policy on flights-only to exclude one free piece of baggage included in your price. Our baggage ended up costing us an additional $115 - nothing but a money-grab, for sure! It was a little bit cheaper if you pre-buy it online, as opposed to paying at the counter. We chose this flight because it was more direct than any of the other flights available (Just a drop-in to Calgary to pick up more passengers) and the price was good, even though we had to pay extra for baggage. The return flight was in a much older plane and the seating was extremely tight, but we endured and everything was on schedule. We chose this flight because it was more direct than any of the other flights available.

4/17/2018 Kerensa Rebello

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Varadero. Worst experience ever. Sunwing kept delaying our flight over 24 hours from Toronto to Cuba. Sat in the airport for 24 hours with no communication from ground staff. No managers on duty and the plane had a mechanical failure. They could not find a replacement plane in 24 hours. What a joke of a company. Lost two days of vacation and have no vacation to go on to. Our mistake to use Sunwing. All the airline does is offer a full refund for a flight thats 24 hours late. Beyond frustrated. No hotel stay, no blankets and no communication. Shocked at how many people still use Sunwing. Never using Sunwing again.

4/17/2018 ES Ang

✅ Trip Verified | Fort Lauderdale to Toronto. My experience with Sunwing was very good. My wife and l booked a return trip from Toronto to Fort Lauderdale in April. I had to call the Toronto office to change our dates and spoke to an agent who was extremely patient, polite, and helpful. She made a few good suggestions to help us resolve our problems and took the necessary steps including prompt return calls to make the adjustments for us. We were very impressed with her very cordial service, pleasant attitude, and readiness to help. Our flight to FLL was on time and quite pleasant. However, the flight back from FLL had few hiccups. Too many passengers had oversized carry on luggages As such, overhead cabins were full and passenger on seat 8F had to put her duffle sports bag on her lap all the way. An air hostess chided some passengers that their luggages were too big for carry on. Really? So why were they allowed and not stopped before boarding. We both only had one very small soft bag, and still had to scuffle for space on overhead cabins. By being lax on this, SunWing is not conforming to standards and not being fair to customers who follow the rules. Other than that, we were quite pleased with SunWing and will probably travel using thia airline again.

4/16/2018 E Landic

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Punta Cana. Terrible customer service. One agent in particular was substandard by all means. The flight was delayed, but there were no gate change announcements; other airline agents were much more helpful, when the passengers were asking for updates they were frustrated with the amount of questions coming their way. The agent has no idea what he was doing and kept saying he has no idea what he’s doing, or what’s going on, turned his back at one point and made rude comments about the passengers. Overall a horrible experience. The customer service over the phone was great however.

3/14/2018 W Massit

✅ Trip Verified | Calgary to Cancun via Mexico City. I flew Sunwing Airlines in December 2017. I was flying to Cancun when the airline actually cancelled my flight for me (I was flying with 6 other people) and they wouldn't let me on the plane because of some issues they were having verifying my information. So I had to buy a 1 way ticket to Mexico City then layover there waiting for my next flight to Cancun. They wouldn't return my initial flight or reimburse me at all (I paid 1600 for myself, and 800 for the extra direct flight) I even had to pay for a second shuttle (120). So basically 920 Canadian dollars later I was able to make it so that I could make my reservations with my family. Sunwing have the worst customer service I have ever witnessed in my life.

3/14/2018 Priyanthini Balasundaram

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Varadero, Cuba. This was our first experience flying with ‘Sunwing’ and we had a pleasant flight both ways. The check in staff were exceptionally helpful, quick and efficient. In cabin service with hot snacks and drinks was good. The seats were comfortable. Overall, our experience was pleasant, even though initially we were skeptical to take the airline after hearing adverse stories. In comparison to Air Canada, pricing was cheaper and the service was good. Keep it up Sunwing Airlines!

3/12/2018 P Hosen

✅ Trip Verified | Calgary to Punta Cana. Bad in everything. Their agent in the hotel quoted us one price and charged us a higher one and when we confronted him, he said sorry and no refund. The biggest issue is that we booked a direct flight to find out that in our way back it had a stop that added 6 hours to the flight and they said read the fine print as we are allowed to make any change. They are very deceiving. Stay away and never again. The flights has no meals and there is basic food for purchase only and no compensation for the extra hours.

3/9/2018 Jean-Simon Lessard

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Sunwing Airlines from Toronto to Santa Clara. The worst airline and I have flown more than 100 times and I must say I never been that dissapointed with an airline. The customer service is almost non-existent. People at the desk were rude. It look like they dont enjoy their job, it took everything to get help! This was my first time with Sunwing and probably my last.

3/7/2018 M Wayten

✅ Trip Verified | Edmonton to Punta Cana. I accidentally forgot my phone on the plane. Fortunately the sunwing rep at the resort was able to assure me that it was found and was waiting in Edmonton for me. He had given me 2 numbers to call to arrange picking it up. The first red flag was the fact he gave a Toronto area code numbers. When I did get back home I called the numbers. I also went to the airport to talk directly with lost and found. Toronto at that point never returned my calls, Edmonton however did a few days later. They said that sunwing did have my phone and it was in Toronto. They also said it was in the "on hand room" and to call the number provided and to let them know that is where it is. A couple of days later Toronto has called me back, when I told her it was in the on hand room she said it wouldn't be there. I asked her to look because sunwing says it was there. She replied why would I do that? I asked to please look and she said she straight up wouldn't that if she didn't have it, it wouldn't be in there. Mind you I'm skipping over the 9 other numbers I've been told to call with no responses from any of them. At this point I want to rip my hair out with frustration. So I called Edmonton back for more details and to see if there is anyway they could get someone to check the on hand room. But to no surprise I have not been called back. I returned on feb26 and it's now march7 over one week later and I'm still without my phone that has apparently been found. At this point I just want my phone back, I'm willing to pay the courier fee to ship from T.O to Edm even though it was to be in Edmonton upon my arrival.

2/6/2018 Deborah Thoms

✅ Trip Verified | Flying home from week stay in Cuba booked through Sunwings vacations. Was supposed to leave on flight WG 619 on Feb 4 at 3.05am. Boarded plane late and mechanical issue with plane so all passengers deplaned and waited. Reboarded after a couple of hours but still issues with plane. Captain informed us that it would be quite a long wait as the mechanical issue was a bigger problem than originally though. Waited in airport and not one person informed us of what we should do. Finally after a few more hours, over the intercom, passengers of that flight were told to go to gate 3. We did and were ushered through the gate only to find ourselves back at immigration and ushered through there back into the baggage area and main lobby. All our baggage was laying on the floor. Again not one Sunwing rep in sight to inform us of what was happening or where we were to go. As one big herd of people, we found ourselves pushed outside and then yelled at to go forward and right. Buses waiting with finally one rep there but so busy yelling at people to get on the buses. Word through the passengers was that we were being taken to another resort to wait. Bused for 30 minutes to resort where they took our passports and said they would give them back later as they were trying to deal with 169 passengers. Now we have no Visas nor passports. Waited until 9 pm to be picked up again and taken to airport. Rechecked luggage, stood in line for Visas again then stood in line for immigration, then back through security only to find that no one even knew if a plane was available. The entire time, not one Sunwing rep was there to speak with the passengers or let us know what was happening. Sat in airport for more hours, even the long suffering flight crew of our flight weren't sure what was going on. Internet was spotty at best and whenever someone was able to access it, they would get information for passengers from friends and families checking flight status or website. That's how we were able to try to stay informed. Not one time did a rep come around even with just bottled water for us and to tell us what was happening. Finally, finally we were able to board the same aircraft as before and made it home 29 hours later. And guess what, we were handed a photocopied sheet of paper informing us that we can get a $150 credit. Big deal. All they had to do was just inform the passengers what was happening. Everyone knew that mechanical failures happen and every passenger wanted to be safe. But it was a case of Sunwing couldn't have cared less.

2/5/2018 E Reside

✅ Trip Verified | I've flown Sunwing several times and it gets worse and worse each time. Going to Ft. Lauderdale we were delayed 6 hours. No refund or credit given. Now we are delayed going home over an hour wait so far. No apologies or explanation. Definitely will reconsider flying Sunwing again.