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5/24/2019 Karlie Marshall

✅ Trip Verified | I just flew London to Edmonton last week and it was a great experience both ways! Very happy I took a chance on this airline despite the bad reviews, but people should understand that you're getting a seat for cheap and everything else is extra. I read all the rules on the Swoop website about checked bags, carryons and personal items, arriving 90 minutes prior, etc. If you follow the rules Swoop clearly outlines (and emails you about multiple times prior to your flight) you will have a great experience! The planes are also old WestJet planes so the seats are the same size as the standard planes and they even have USB ports. Will absolutely be flying with Swoop again.

5/17/2019 H Miller

✅ Trip Verified | Las Vegas to Hamilton. I’ve flown with Swoop a few times now and have never experienced an issue with my backpack which fits nicely under the seat. While the website gives a size, it clearly says “must fit under the seat”. Apparently the staff at Vegas decided to play mall cop and forced us to check in our backpack for an extra 50USD. 4 of us were all lined up at the desks with the same issue. We all flew to Vegas without issues. It’s within their right to do what they did, but in the process, they ended up with 4 more very frustrated and unhappy passengers who will think twice about using their services. Both my wife and I (she has flown a lot with Swoop) had a feeling of “I never want to travel with them again). When all is said and done, we don’t feel like we got a good deal anymore.

5/16/2019 Fran Farrell

✅ Trip Verified | Hamilton to Winnipeg. When confirming our flight to book baggage I rebooked a baggage & carryon for both of us travelling. I emailed 3 notices immediately to correct this. No response. I also called 3 times waiting on line over 15 minutes each time - again no response. When checking in this morning, the customer service called but could not get any response. & suggested I call again, because you had a 24 hour policy to get a cancel on those charges. There is an extra $150 charged on my credit card.

5/16/2019 Febe Aguirre

✅ Trip Verified | It's my first time to take Swoop. Happy for the airfare RT from Hamilton to Edmonton. On returning from Edmonton, a ground crew member did not consider a petition that I will sit beside my niece. Though we booked separately, I asked him if we could sit together. Found out that my niece was in seat 10 and I was on the 26th row. What was disappointing was that my niece was sitting alone with no seat companions while I was seated in between 2 persons. Just to note that Swoop ground crew has to be flexible and less condescending.

5/13/2019 N Keares

✅ Trip Verified | Hamilton to Edmonton. Surprised my fiancé with a trip to see his parents in Edmonton but was very worried that our trip would ruined after reading all the awful reviews. Glad to say that the entire trip went off without any issues. The flights were on time, the staff was awesome and the flight itself was pretty good. Would definitely recommend.

5/11/2019 S Jackson

✅ Trip Verified | Abbotsford to Edmonton with Swoop. I have traveled on over 20 different airlines. This airline is by far the worst airline I have experienced. Once you add up seat selection, stroller check in, play pen which we require when traveling with a child under 2. Not only is it more expensive but the service is brutal. If you call in to customer service they will charge you $15. Not sure how long this airline will last to be in business.

5/7/2019 W Gordon

✅ Trip Verified | Halifax to Hamilton. Fantastic discount airline! No issues either way. The booking was very clear about baggage and price was outstanding. If you want more you would need to pay a lot more to get some entertainment and a small glass of coke not worth the extra. Will definitely use Swoop again.

5/7/2019 R Shaw

✅ Trip Verified | We flew from Hamilton to Puerto Vallarta, MX on Saturday April 27th to Saturday May 4th, 2019. We had an awesome experience with Swoop and will travel with them again for sure! We were very impressed with how easy it was travelling in and out of Hamilton airport. A smaller airport so less confusion and crowds and a Tim Hortons right! Our experience on every level from bag check, boarding and flight crew, both going and returning was seamless, and the flight left on time both ways! You do have to walk to and from the plane on the tarmac in Hamilton airport, but there is a ramp (not stairs) from the plane. Assistance is also available if needed. In PVR there was a full walkway from the plane door to the airport for both flights. You can use the inflight services at a charge, however, we always download movies on our ipad so we have our own entertainment. Swoop is a basic flight service offered at excellent prices, which means read and know the details and what to expect. You cannot pay lower prices and expect all the bells and whistles for free. Common sense! Our plane was close to full both going and returning so they are doing something right! Keep up this great service Swoop! We will be travelling with you again in the near future!

5/6/2019 Madelaine Trettet

Not Verified | I flew Swoop for the first time one way from Tampa to Hamilton. The check in at Tampa airport was great. There was no line up and the staff were very friendly. We boarded our flight right on time and took off a few minutes early. The flight was great and the flight attendants were friendly and professional. We landed ten minutes early. Overall it was a great experience and I wouldn’t hesitate to fly Swoop again!

5/4/2019 S Andrew

✅ Trip Verified | Edmonton to London with Swoop. Worst ever. Staff member at the ground assistance wanted me to pay $100 for just an extra .30 kg on the top of $42 I paid for my 23 kg baggage. Last March I was traveling with Swoop from Edmonton to Brampton with 2 personal backpack and my suitcase with no charge. Today they charged me with $89 for my suitcase. Even though I swear to them that they didn't charge me last time and todays flight was half empty. They also threatened me to deny my departure and cancel my flight.

5/4/2019 Julie Brown

Not Verified | Hamilton to Toronto via Edmonton. Very friendly staff. Clean aircraft. Decent wine. I saw the staff help with a fainting passenger they did a good job. Check-in was okay but the flight attendants truly went above and beyond

5/3/2019 D Weares

✅ Trip Verified | Edmonton to London. This is the second and the very last time we will fly with swoop Both experiences have been terrible 1st time was Edmonton to Hamilton and return Flight to Hamilton was delayed by 5 hrs And flight back was delayed by 11 hrs (Travelling with 2 small children and I needed to be at my destination for an appt for my dad which I had to rush to find someone to go with him) Today flight from Edmonton to London (delayed and no idea when we will depart- apparently they need to find an new 1st officer - this excuse is awful) Have people on standby seriously! In my position I can’t just not show up and if I can’t go to work I need to find someone to replace me).

4/26/2019 X Chow

✅ Trip Verified | I travelled from Hamilton to Edmonton and my flight was delayed from 5.35am to 8.40am. That wasn’t the worst, I brought the exact same baggage on board from Hamilton to Edmonton and everything was fine. However, when I was flying back from Edmonton to Hamilton on Flight 104 on 24th April 2019 23:55, I got charged CA$89 extra for my carry on. The staff was not polite or empathetic at all because we got through and flew with the exact same baggage from Hamilton to Edmonton. It was ridiculous and her tone was rude even though our baggage dimensions were within the limit. She also misread the amount to charge on my credit cards and did not even apologize for her mistake. I have travelled often and with many low cost carriers but this is the first time I am being charged for a carry-on with bad customer service. When I boarded the flight, there were no smiles or help given and I witnessed another passenger being scolded for having a jacket on her lap. I will not recommend this airline to anyone.

4/25/2019 K Waltin

✅ Trip Verified | Hamilton to Halifax. Besides the outrageous hidden fees and uncomfortable seats, the flight was delayed for an hour as one out of the 4 staff had to leave home sick and we had to wait for a new attendant. On return from Halifax flight delayed again for no reason, only update I had was an email. Boarding time comes and still no new update so I ask customer service at the desk and she says "I have no idea when we will board". I said can you at least update us so we dont have to keep asking, her reply was "you'll know when we announce the boarding time". I don't mind the delay things happen what I mind is the attitude of the personal. Not helpful at all. First and last time I use this airline.

4/23/2019 D Teale

✅ Trip Verified | Abbotsford to Hamilton. This is the first time flying with Swoop and we found the experience to be great. We were travelling with two young children. Our first flight (red eye) was delayed 2 hrs, but the first part of the delay we were notified by email way in advance so we just left home later. This was due to the inbound plane being delayed an hour. The second part of the delay was due to a medical issue with a passenger. So really not a lot could have been done. I'm sure a lot of passengers were a little upset as it was late and it was a full flight. We upgraded to more legroom seats on our first flight, and this is so worth it on the overnight flights. The seats barely recline. Maybe 4 inches, so don't expect to sleep. The extra room was great as we had one child sleep on two seats, and the other on the floor. Thankfully it was a smooth flight so no seat belt lights came on. We had regular seats on the way back and its much more cramped. But not as bad as Air Canada Rouge. Do not waste your money on the onboard internet. It is incredibly slow. Basically makes old dial up seem fast. You can't load Youtube or Netflix. Its only good for light browsing and email (if that). I did complain about this to the service provider and they refunded me. Its quite expensive too. $12 for 90 minutes. Make sure to download the Swoop app before coming to the airport though. Its the only way to access internet. There are no shows or movies available so you need to download these to a phone or tablet before hand. You can access swoopstream.com while in flight to see remaining travel time and altitude, but that's about it. Recommend buying food and drink after security then bring it on board. Not a lot of options on the plane. On the way home there was a huge line up at check in/bag drop due to two full flights at the same time. Staff separated the flights and expedited the earlier flight to Abbotsford through. The flight actually left a little early because of this. Staff was friendly and helpful. Will use again without hesitation.

4/22/2019 S Beale

✅ Trip Verified | Hamilton to Halifax. Terrible airline. They delayed our flight from 8am to 4pm. Spent 50 min on hold to be told nothing they can do. Lost a day of my holiday. When we boarded there were empty seats behind us and I asked if we could sit there. They said I would have to pay! Terrible customer service.

4/20/2019 D Reade

✅ Trip Verified | This was my first trip with Swoop and my first time flying out of Abbotsford. The check in staff was very friendly and helpful. We had checked in online and was seated towards the back; however the check in agent moved us up. Additionally, she was very helpful with questions about the app and the airport. Thank you very much for a great start to our long weekend excursion out east.

4/19/2019 A Garsyman

✅ Trip Verified | Winnipeg to Hamilton. I booked a flight and purchased a ModiFly, it's an option where you can change your flight if something comes up. A month and half before my flight I had to change my flight dates due to exams but they would not let me change it because my credit card was apparently "declined" so I sent them the copy of my bank statement, the receipt that they sent me and my reservation code which they would clearly not sent out without a complete payment. I tried contacting them for the entire month of March, starting March 4th, 2019 through the phone and email but I was put on hold for minimum of 20 minutes everyday (fyi, I would call 3 times a day) and the email was either an automated one or the agent will not have an idea what I was talking about when there was an entire email thread prior to the most recent one. It is now April 18th, 2019; no solutions, no email and no follow up. I'm going to miss my flight due to exams, I can't use the service that I paid for (ModiFly), I can't cancel my flight and get credit due to their website error which they never fixed and I'm never getting my money back (est. $350).

4/18/2019 J Barton

✅ Trip Verified | Both flights from Hamilton to Winnipeg and back again, five days later were flawless. I chose not to buy any extra comforts, just a regular seat. On line ticket purchasing was simple and easy. The airline contacted me via email that departure times were near. Online boarding pass acquisitions were easy to arrange. Ground service was genuinely helpful. Service on the flights was also friendly and professional. The price for my ticket was very reasonable. I was quite comfortable, and would fly again with this airline in a heart beat.

4/16/2019 Brittney Campagnolo

✅ Trip Verified | Edmonton to Hamilton. I got en email late afternoon saying that my flight was cancelled for that night and rebooked to the next night. They stated it was weather but when I called my family it was hardly raining and I later found out other aircraft were landing in Hamilton where I was due to go. I suspect that the flight wasn’t full so they rebooked it. This left me in a huge pickle and because of weather they won’t help with food or hotels. Plus the email said to contact their call center but guess what, it was closed on Sundays!