Customer reviews

9/24/2019 Bonnie VanGeene

Not Verified | We have flown with Swoop several times with no problem. This flight to Hamilton was the scariest ever. There was an attempt to land in Hamilton but aborted. Flight attendant advised we could not land due to heavy fog (we could all see the city of Hamilton and lights at the airport). Flight attendant then said we ...

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9/23/2019 Deb Bryan

✅ Trip Verified | Hamilton to Las Vegas. 3rd trip to Las Vegas with Swoop. Very happy with the service, the people and the flights. On time every time. I look forward to my next trip with this airline.

9/23/2019 B Linford

Not Verified | Abbotsford to Edmonton. I have flown with Swoop 3 times a month for the past year and a half and have not had an issue yet with them, maybe the odd delayed flight for an hour but other then that they are great and I will continue flying with them.

9/13/2019 Jenny Bun

✅ Trip Verified | First and foremost Swoop has the worst customer service help available. It takes them 5 hours to a few days to reach back. They do not come up with solutions, their reps are extremely robotic on the phone and they strictly stick to their policies. So avoid making any mistakes or changes, or you will run into t...

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9/12/2019 E Forlam

✅ Trip Verified | Winnipeg to Kelowna. Incredibly friendly staff, flight was on time, will most definitely use Swoop again. Arrived 10 minutes early, comfortable flight. Very pleased.

9/12/2019 Vikrant Goyal

✅ Trip Verified | Abbotsford to Edmonton. The incidence happened on 10 September at Abbotsford I was sitting on the right side of the plane where engine started backfiring and with bumps no one wished for that kind of experience. The lady captain did show her skill and landed the plane in professional manner. What disturbed me ...

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9/11/2019 S Heaney

✅ Trip Verified | Halifax to Hamilton. Swoop ripped me off for $399 When trying to check in online, their website wouldn't let me check in, even though I tried a dozen times ranging from an hour and twenty minutes to an hour and eight minutes before the flight (their cutoff is one hour), so I took screen shots and called servic...

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9/11/2019 G Vincent

✅ Trip Verified | Las Vegas to Edmonton. I booked a Swoop flight from Edmonton to Las Vegas last weekend, they delayed our departure by over 1.5 hours with no apologies. Of course, the passengers had to entertain themselves with airport spirits and the flight was quite loud. I don’t complain it’s an affordable flight. I am trave...

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9/7/2019 A Marsam

✅ Trip Verified | September 6, 2019 - I travelled from Abbotsford August 30, 2019 to Edmonton, I was attending an early morning wedding in Edmonton August 31, 2019. When we booked my flight I did not book any baggage, 4 days before departure I went online to book a check-in bag, the cost was $42 for carry on or check-in. I paid...

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9/5/2019 A Vanten

✅ Trip Verified | Hamilton to Edmonton. I was travelling with my partner for the first time with Swoop and had the worst ever experience. While we were getting our boarding pass from Hamilton airport, the lady at the ticket counter stated that we have to pay for the bag since to her it appeared big in size. I told her that the ...

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9/4/2019 Kurtis Milner

Not Verified | The insurance they offer so you can make changes to your flight is absolutely useless. If you are Buying last minute tickets make 100% sure your details are correct or you lose your every dollar for the ticket. Absolutely no refund or credit of any type. Worst airline ever - buying direct from westjet or air Cana...

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9/3/2019 E Bilson

✅ Trip Verified | Edmonton to Abbotsford. I am currently sitting in Edmonton airport with my wife. We were supposed to be at our destination by now. They bumped our flight time back about 12 hours. That was the first time. The 2nd time it wasn't even announced, I had to find out by noticing the plane hadn't arrived yet and aski...

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8/29/2019 C Doherty

Not Verified | Edmonton to London. Tickets were cheap, baggage fees were reasonable (for checked bags, didn't have carry-on), ground staff were friendly and competent, cabin staff were good as well, checked bags didn't get lost, flights were on time, seats were fine. Other passengers were my biggest gripe, some pretty rude peop...

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8/29/2019 Ron S. Stewart

Not Verified | Edmonton to Las Vegas. Garbage, under no circumstances book with this airline. Cheap and crooked. Extra charges you to death, then will strand you with a "cancelled or reschedule" flight. Stealing your money and make you have to last-minute book with another airline which is super expensive. They stranded 6 of us ...

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8/29/2019 D Morris

✅ Trip Verified | Winnipeg to Abbotsford. Our flight was cancelled with almost zero notice! The first few times, we were informed that the flight was delayed, then they finally said it was cancelled! They rebooked our flight 2 weeks after the cancelled the flight. Don’t they know some people have jobs to get back to? An airport ...

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8/28/2019 P Mason

✅ Trip Verified | Hamilton to Las Vegas. I got an email on August 15th at 4:00 AM in the morning informing me that my Swoop flight initially planned the same day at 7:30 PM was changed to August 22nd. Their customer service was closed until 10 AM eastern time and I had no information at all other than a notice saying "If the re-...

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8/28/2019 D Canmore

Not Verified | Edmonton to Abbotsford. Love this! I am so happy that Canada finally has ultra low cost carrier. I fly them all the time abroad in Europe. It’s a new product in Canada and a lot of travellers here are not yet aware of how they work. I see reviews that are poor because they don’t offer or provide complimentary ite...

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8/28/2019 J Harper

✅ Trip Verified | Flight cancelled with just over 24 hours notice and rescheduled so that instead of 6 days in Orlando I would get one, with the other two days being travel days. Spent 3 hours making new flight arrangements out of a different city with a different airline and 1 hour on hold with Swoop before giving up on trying...

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8/28/2019 K Deb

Not Verified | Edmonton to Hamilton. Cancelled flight less than 24hrs notice with no alternative option and no answer from customer service email or call wise. Recommend going to an alternative airline and avoiding all the hassle and customer service. Extremely sad and disappointed and that to spend way more money trying to boo...

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8/27/2019 J Prins

Not Verified | When my teenage daughter arrived at YEG in Edmonton she had already checked in online and required only her checked bag to be tagged. It was discovered that she had incorrectly clicked and paid for an in cabin flight checked bag and not a checked bag. As SWOOP airlines baggage wording is confusing she gently expl...

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