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7/3/2019 Elbe Saayman Guimaraes

✅ Trip Verified | Cape Town to Porto via Luanda. Must have been the worst flight ever. On departure in Cape Town i had such a bad headache. At take off my seat fell down to the back and we not get it up at all. Customer behind me was so upset as I was on her lap. I reported it and all that I got was they will report it. Toilet ...

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6/6/2019 Molly Pillay

Not Verified | Johannesburg to Rio via Luanda. I traveled to Rio on TAAG airlines via Luanda 24/05-31/05. Had the worst experience of my life. The vegetarian meal was awful. My husband, who’s not vegetarian was also subjected to their awful meals. We were served rock hard rolls with jam. On such a long flight, no inflight enter...

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6/2/2019 E Varden

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Sao Paulo via Luanda. I just returned from a lovely holiday in Rio. Sadly I have to comment on the airline. I was really surprised to find the plane in such a bad state the armrests where broken the foot rests broken the pockets on the seat torn. It gets better on an 8.5 hour flight we were not...

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4/3/2019 Premella Naidoo

Not Verified | Johannesburg to Luanda. My initial scans of reviews made me comfortable to fly with Angolan airlines. However, two weeks before our flight there were some horrific reports and reviews. All these fears were allayed on our first leg of our journey from Johannesburg to Luanda. What surprised me was the leg room spac...

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3/7/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-200ER (772) seat 16A

Excellent seat. Ample leg space!

3/7/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) seat 42J

What a relief after KLM's sardine tin. 3-3-3 configuration is wonderful. No more fighting shoulders with neighbours or hips against your shoulder of passing broad hipped stewardesses all night long. Really good leg space.

1/24/2019 SeatGuru User, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) seat 31H

Rows 15 & 31 are great, tons of legroom as their is the flight attendant jump seat facing you. Note that for arrival in Luanda, economy is unloaded out the back of the airplane, so select a seat towards the back to be one of the first off the plane.

12/10/2018 Nicky Woodford, Boeing 777-200ER (772) seat 35A

Overall a great experience except for entertainment. Sound on screen did not work and meal was only a fish stew which was actually tasty

9/26/2018 Arão Guerreiro

✅ Trip Verified | Cape Town to Luanda. It's a shame to see new, well-spaced between seats airplanes being treated so badly and so poorly maintained. The staff are rude and the movies in the entertainment system are the same since 2014. On this flight the entertainment system did not work and despite complaints the staff did not ...

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9/26/2018 B Kirkpatrick

✅ Trip Verified | Cape Town to Luanda. TAAG improved dramatically under sponsorship from Emirates but all that is gone. The issues start even before you get on the flight. I have been trying for over 4 weeks to get my name corrected on the ticket I paid for. They booked me under my suffix Jr. and even though they have promised ...

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6/15/2018 Capiondo, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) seat 29D

Comfortable seat. Airplane was clean although some signals of decay. The worst breakfast I ever seen in a flight.

5/23/2018 eddieleo, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) seat 36A

Very goid seat.good legspace.

5/12/2018 Marietjie Ferreira, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) seat 15J

What a pleasant surprise to fly with TAAG, after reading mostly bad reviews. I checked in online 36 hours before the flight. Boarding went fine. Flight attendants were polite (though not overly friendly). I sat at the emergency exit during the first leg of my flight and had huge leg room. Note that it is colder there, so be prep...

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4/2/2018 LM, Boeing 737-700 seat 12C

This plane just have one emergency row.

1/31/2018 Ignacio Carmona

✅ Trip Verified | Rio de Janeiro to Johannesburg via Luanda. We chose TAAG for its really low price. The flight itself didn't have problems but cabin staff was arrogant. The seats were the most comfortable economy seats I've ever seen. Lots of room for your legs and they reclined more than other airlines. The food was okay, we ...

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1/19/2018 Antonio Estrela

✅ Trip Verified | Johannesburg to Porto via Luanda with TAAG Angola Airlines. Faulty seats all over buisness class on all the flights, did not allow me to adjust the seat at all, the seat next to mine the footrail was in the open position and would not go back. The funny thing is that the staff knew about these issues, faulty se...

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12/27/2017 Almiro Da silva

✅ Trip Verified | Luanda to São Paulo. Faulty seat, did not allow me to adjust the seat at all! The worst issue is that the staff knew about various (at least 3) faulty seats in business class. The staff avoided my request to try to resolve and offered no solution as business class was full. I had booked a family of 5 passenger...

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11/24/2017 Johannes, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) seat 19D

Very comfortable Aircraft (fairly new) however the service was below average compared to competitors. The crew were polite, but rather unfriendly and disappeared after serving dinner only to reappear hours later to serve breakfast. Almost a case of “ we do not like doing this work but we have been forced to” ??? Price of ticket...

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10/6/2017 Allan Barnard

✅ Verified Review | Cape Town to Porto return via Luanda. Of the four flights we were on this airline for our trip from Cape Town to Porto, the in-flight entertainment was broken on three. The staff could hardly speak or understand English. The ambient temperature was either too hot on one flight or too cold on another. On-boar...

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9/1/2017 Jean Pierre Arabonis

✅ Verified Review | I have flown many times on the Cape Town to Lisbon route via Taag over the last year and have been more than satisfied with the airline. The 3-3-3 seating offers significantly more space than the airlines with a 3-4-3 configuration and the stopover in Luanda breaks the monotony of the long flight to Europe. ...

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