Seat Map Boeing 747-400 (744) Thai Airways

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Seat Map Boeing 747-400 (744) Thai Airways
Seat Map Boeing 747-400 (744) Thai Airways

Airplane Boeing 747-400 (744) Thai Airways with 3 classes and 389 seats on board. Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which should be avoided.


6/27/2019 Abdallah E, seat 69A

I know the drawback is you are stuck at the back of the plane, but I can see why these seats (the only 12 'twosomes' on the whole 747 in econ) are sought after. Legroom, and because it's only two seats, plenty of shoulder room too. I know Thai will be retiring these old girls soon ,but the 747 still has a lot more class than Dre...

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11/26/2018 Lorenz M, seat 45H

At the flight TG 925 from MUC to BKK at the 17th of October 2018 the seat 45 H had a fixed metall box under the front seat, so I could put my legs under the seat. It was very unconfortable.

10/7/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 14K

The seat was great but it couldn't recline as a flat bed which is what most business class seats can do nowadays.

9/21/2018 LG N, seat 19K

This seat isn't half bad, it's actually quite far from the galley, despite what it looks like on the picture here. The only possible downside here is that there might be some light at night from the galley. Seats are old and worn though and not well padded, so not comfortable to sleep in. Note that Thai has two version of the 74...

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8/26/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 32J

The seat is downright uncomfortable. The main reason is that the remote control for the IFE is stashed in the right arm rest. This makes the remote housing protrude outwards and intrude on the seat leaving very less space to sit. In addition, despite being a bulk head, the space is not at all generous

4/18/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 37H

I flew on 16. April 2018 from MUC to BKK on TG925 on B747-400 in seat 37H. WARNING: EVERY AISLE SEAT on this plane has an entertainment box in the seat in front of you. The leg room is massively compromissed across the entire width. I will never ever again get onto a B747-400 from Thai International. This is worse than ...

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4/17/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 16K

I had seat 19K but could switch to 16K - with a free seat beneath me. This was great, lots of space! The only disadvantage is the smaller monitor. All window seats have a storage compartment below the window, good for even a big backpack. The seats do not convert to a flat bed but sitting is better as in the 777 planes (more spa...

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8/25/2017 Allen W, seat 19J

747-400 BKK - stdney. Good lord i didmt realise these planes were still flying. Very poor busness class compared to moderm airctaft. Tv fuzzy and projectors still used. Seat pretty shitty. No usb charging. Not good enough for the money.

7/5/2017 Beda O, seat 32H

On TG924 seats 32H and 32J are significantly narrowed by handset mounted sideways on armrest. 2-3 inches narrower

11/7/2015 Marino R, seat 17K

How can used a airplane like this with 10 hours flight straight a 777-200 with OLD SEATS impossible to sleep completly at 180 degrees and old seats in business class. The seats are located one to attached to the other one for that price in Bussiness class.? I ll never ever take this Thai company for my flight from Milano to Bang...

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7/20/2015 SeatGuru User, seat 12J

Took this old 747-400 from BKK to HND which was 5.5-hour overnight flight. Last generation business class seat gave me a pain during the night... I am 180cm tall, and was not able to stretch my legs when I used footrest. Despite overnight flight, cabin crew forced to wake me up around 4AM, which was only 3 hours after take off ...

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4/13/2015 SeatGuru User, seat 48D

Although an old plane, it is comfort and the IFE perform well. The flight attendants are friendly and the meal is good.

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