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2/26/2019 J Wealen

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to London. I am an American living in Bangkok and I have been a TG gold member for many years. The food is also often inedible and they have lost my veg food order so many times I've lost count. On this flight, they had a problem with the computer and sent me home (after 6 hours in the airport), refusing to search for alternate flights on other partners. Everyone I dealt with, including the manager, was rude. The next day they held the flight for some VIPs for so long that I missed my connection. As a Gold member the program is pretty worthless since the charges for using their miles are astronomical (sometimes more than a comparable flight would actually cost plus your lost miles) and they have mostly devalued the mileage earning, making it almost impossible to achieve gold status.

2/20/2019 Tam Nguyen

✅ Trip Verified | Munich to Hanoi via Bangkok. Fairly good experience for the first time flying with Thai. Nice, polite and attentive cabin crew. Cute and creative safety instruction video. For a short person, I find the seat is comfy. However, instead of finding provided food tasty, I think it is just so-so. Very boring in-flight entertainment, there is nothing interesting to watch. Overall, for the price of the ticket, I am satisfied with the service. I still would like to fly with Thai in future.

2/19/2019 Chris J, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) seat 41A

Had this seat from Bangkok to London Heathrow earlier this week. As a fellow of 5 foot 11 inches, I found it pretty cramped with legroom. This was a problem with the seats in front being fully reclined, as the foot rest was constantly rubbing against my upper shin near the knee. I had a laptop bag with me as well, which didn't help with legroom. I flew out on the A380 and this had much better legroom and seat size, albeit a bit hard on my boney ass. Wouldn't choose TG916 for the 13 hour flight to London, would recommend choosing the row 40, in front, as the toilets weren't annoying as is suggested.

2/16/2019 SeatGuru User, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) seat 40A

There was a lot of cold coming through the emergency exit door which affected comfort greatly. I was dressed in jeans and a sweater and needed to use two blankets to be ok. Leg space was great of course and the proximity to the bathroom was not really an issue for me.

2/15/2019 P Danson

✅ Trip Verified | Vientiane to Melbourne via Bangkok. A very enjoyable flight that began with check in - I love that they have a much shorter line for bag drop for those who have checked in online. Friendly staff. Meals were good and varied and plentiful with good drink options and they came back for coffee after the meal. Wide choice of movies and tv shows provided through inseat screen. Flight arrived early in Melbourne. Would definitely fly again.

2/15/2019 Nitin Jain

✅ Trip Verified | Manila to Delhi via Bangkok. Missed my flight from Bangkok to Delhi because their flight got delayed from Manila. Flying business (redemption no fare ticket) they won't pay for the ticket I booked on my own, they come with a USD 00 credit vouchers in their airline. Who would take such airline where they cant take care of a passenger for their own fault.

2/14/2019 R Silverio

✅ Trip Verified | Manila to Bangkok. Thai Airways delivers good product. In-flight services are provided well. Food is delicious and filling even for a short trip. There is in-seat entertainment with several good shows to watch.

2/9/2019 N Panaputan

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Bangkok. I flew on TG 931 on Feb 5, 2019. The flight was smooth and punctual. I was very pleased with attentiveness provided by cabin crews of this flight. They came by every now and then to ensure I felt comfortable throughout the flight. Overall, the service was excellent! Thai did a great job and I plan to use their services again.

2/6/2019 Bimol Shah

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Dhaka. This airline service is good, I like very much to fly with Thai Airways. And catering is very good. Lovely airline and good service. I had a great experience with Thai Airways.

2/6/2019 C Miller

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Perth. Flew on their recently refitted A330-300 and was excellent for a 6.5hr flight down to Perth. I had one of their ‘throne’ seats, with heaps of storage and seat was very comfortable. Service and catering were excellent. Only disappointment was after having flown economy with Thai the previous week, I found the range of movies was pretty much the same in business too. One of the best business classes in the world, but unfortunately I would still probably avoid Thai Airways only because of how horrible Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport is. Wifi was available on the flight but I didn’t use it.

2/5/2019 SeatGuru User, Boeing 777-200 (772) seat 37D

electrical device is under front seat. very narrow leg space.

2/5/2019 Lisa Kollagor

Not Verified | Bangkok to Frankfurt. Unfortunately staff was not explaining that we have a fast track at Immigration and security check. Then as our flight was canceled due to technical issues, happens. But letting eco, business and first into a super fully crowded bus after we had to leave the aircraft, was not very nice. Arrived back at the airport they offered the lounge and some more info soon. Nothing happened, we had to approach the desk. After 3 hours in total we had our luggage back. It was a disaster and to leave the unfriendly airport service, we had to go through the immigration again filling out the form again... no one explained. Super friendly at airplane, but horrible overall how we got treated as business passengers.

2/5/2019 D Cho

✅ Trip Verified | Taipei to Bangkok. Thai used to be one of my favorite carriers. However, the declined within their soft product are visible. Fare price - Thai has the highest fare compared with its competitors like China Airlines and Eva Airways. Naturally, one would expect something better, sadly not. The (+) flight arrived half an hour late into Bangkok, despite having left Taipei an hour late. The crews were pleasant but uninspired. The (-) The aircraft seemed old and in poor condition. There was no USB port in economy class (compared with EVA). The seats were worn out and hard not to notice. The headphone socket was loose and intermittent on my seat, and the entertainment system kept freezing. The in-seat lights in my row kept turning on and off on its own. I could have sworn these were the doing ghosts. The food was similar to a budget airline. Basically both the condition of the aircraft and the service was disappointing. In conclusion - compare with its competitor Eva Airways and China Airline, Thai failed on price and soft products. It is definitely not the Thai I used to love.

2/4/2019 Garry Brockenshire

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Brisbane. The plane was fairly old and showing carpet ware in seat and floor inbound and outbound. They boarded economy class passengers through the front door making it difficult to to serve pre-flight drinks and when they did you felt like you were in a goldfish bowl being gawked at as the passengers waited to move through. 50 minutes late in departing and no explanation! Inflight my wife in 14a dropped her seat back to relax and opened up a big gap which could not be moved so she had to be moved to a spare. The supper was unbelievable with the offer potato chips and 2 little bread rolls with something inside. They said full service breakfast, so when it came just a tray with everything lashed on (a small bowl with three bread items stacked - no service) and each of 4 flights we had you were served cereal in a glass, very poor for business class. When discussing these issues with the Purser it was everyone else’s fault. When we left Australia we were on a late night flight which was cancelled, I think I know why. Over 30 odd years I have travelled with Thai many times, there are plenty of better airlines particularly at the price they charge that look after you far better.

1/31/2019 LEGRAND Dominique, Airbus A380-800 (388) seat 51H

Qualité en baisse d'année en année. Moins de place sur le A380 que sur les 747 Nourriture médiocre. Plus de menu carte.

1/28/2019 Matthew Montgomery, Airbus A380-800 (388) seat 16A

Very good seat. You need to be sufficiently physically fit, as in case of an accident it's your job to open the door.

1/22/2019 W Marshall

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Auckland. Cabin service very substandard, no follow through during flight, attendants seemed uninterested, not a smile to be seen and the food was appalling. Seats were small and on a full flight not a pleasant experience. Disappointing. I have flown business class with Thai on a number of times and the business class was very good.

1/20/2019 Debbie Smith

Not Verified | Heathrow to Sydney via Bangkok. To start with I was really fed up with Thai Airways as they had altered my return flight times. We were supposed to fly at 16.10 but it was changed to 10.00. This meant we lost valuable time with our daughter and granddaughter. We also ended up with nearly an 8 hour wait at Bangkok instead of just over 3 hours. That said we found the Thai Airways experience good. Staff friendly and nothing too much trouble. We always book middle row isle seats but these had been altered, even though we’d booked them and paid extra. I told them this and they moved us to different seats. Not overly crazy on the food and entertainment wasn’t as good as Cathay Pacific but overall a good flight.

1/19/2019 Herman, Airbus A350-900 (359) seat 14E

Flying from Oslo to Bangkok, I thought the Boeing 777 was a great airplane until we changed to the Airbus 350 from Bangkok to Singapore. What a difference! Same interior, same colours, but the significant difference was the noise, or more correct, the lack of it. The 350 vs the 777, smooth as silk, nothing more to say.

1/14/2019 Andrés M, Airbus A330-300 (330) seat 49A

Limited space under the seat in front due to entertainment box