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1/10/2019 F Heaney

✅ Trip Verified | Hong Kong to Bangkok. Having just flown Heathrow to Hong Kong with Virgin Upper Class you would think the 2 hour hop across to Bangkok with Thai Airways would be a somewhat underwhelming experience, the reality was anything but. As soon as we stepped into the Royal Silk cabin it was as though the weight of the world was lifted from our shoulders and we could begin our holiday in Thailand. The staff were fantastic and genuinely there to make you flight as pleasant as possible. The Virgin staff were ok but essentially it was all about them, the Thai Airways staff were there to look after you. The cabin staff on the return leg Bangkok to Hong Kong on Jan 5th in particular were quite superb and deserve special mention. The cabin feels spacious with aisle access for all seats and is arranged in a 1-2-1 pattern. Alternate window seats have slightly better window access and are set slightly in from the aisle. The seat converts to a full flat bed but we didn't put it to the test on such a short flight. The meal BKK to HKG was a lamb massaman and actually very edible, a selection of cheeses, additional crackers were gladly provided upon asking. A couple of deserts were offered and they insisted we try both as the flight was not full so there was enough to go round. Check in at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport was relaxed and courteous with a dedicated Royal Silk international drop off zone. There were even seats for you during the check in process. Didn't particularly use the in flight entertainment system, the rest of the family managed to squeeze in a film. No qualms about recommending this flight, lasting memory would be the staff, a credit to Thai Airways.

1/9/2019 Baljit Sondhi

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to New Delhi. The food on this flight was poor in taste, presentation and look. The flight had no vegetarian options unless pre-ordered. I had Lamb biryani with Half cooked rice and tasteless lamb curry. The service staff were quite unconcerned. .I fly this airline to other sectors too but the Indian sector is the pits. Worst aircraft and even worse food.

1/8/2019 Jamie Stepien

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Phuket. Amazing experience for such a short domestic flight with Thai. Wonderful, polite staff. Comfy seats with inflight entertainment. Perfect snack of a chicken roll and some fruit, water then either tea/coffee or soft drink.

1/8/2019 Francis Wong

✅ Trip Verified | TG 606, which used to be flown by a 747 (with a first class), is now switched to a 777-300, with the new business class seats (no more first class) that offers aisle access to every passenger. Everything expected of Thai is delivered, good service and good catering on board for this 2 hour flight. We experienced a slight delay due to some no shows and had to off load their luggage. Everything went smoothly once we took off. I must say cost cutting is really obvious with their catering, with much smaller serving and all courses onto one tray. The rice that came with my curry were not more than say, 4 tablespoons! This is one of the very few times when the flight still feeling a little hungry. Other than that, it was a great flight.

1/1/2019 John Phillip Smith

✅ Trip Verified | Phuket to Bangkok. I booked a ticket with Thai Airways through Momondo for March 2019. On Momondo I selected the 7:15pm departure and was directed to Thai Airways website where the first listing was the 7:20am flight. I selected this flight by mistake. Two hours later, I realized I had booked the wrong flight and I called the customer service centre. I was told that the tickets were non refundable and could not be changed for another flight. I find this policy unacceptable and results in poor customer service. I am sure that if Thai Airways wanted to make this change they could. I would like to pay to transfer and pay for the more expensive evening flight.

12/29/2018 Kiran Arora

✅ Trip Verified | Kolkata to Phuket via Bangkok. Overall a pleasant flight. However, poor menu planning. My 6 year old could not enjoy her meal at all. Only Hindu meal was possible. Rice was repeated in the main and the dessert also was rice kheer.The salad was hopeless and repeated on return as well. The oily pickle was not necessarily. the peas were undercooked. Staff refused to give any food tray choice. Staff does not stop unless asked even for drinks.

12/28/2018 S Chan

✅ Trip Verified | Kuala Lumpur to Osaka via Bangkok. The flight from KL to Bangkok was fantastic and crew were so friendly and smiling. Can feel their passion in serving the customer. Though it was a 2-hour flight, they managed to serve everything smoothly until landing. Second sector was from Bangkok to Osaka. Crew were like robot. Not even ask the passengers about their choice of meal and directly give passengers whatever the meal they are holding. Crew were not seen serving drinks during the mid of the flight. No warm towel prior to take off and landing. Inflight entertainment was passable. Seat is comfort. Third sector was from Osaka to Bangkok. Some crew were very rude. Rushing for the meal and expecting the passengers to finish it quickly. Even heard a enior crew raised her voice to at least three passengers, "Finish? Bring this go there (finger point to the back galley) I won't come back again, understand!" The flight was six-hour long and why don't give some time for the passengers to enjoy their meals slowly. No beverage serving / crew going round the cabin with drinks in the mid of the flight. Crew takes long time to answer call bell. The same goes to the last sector. Rushing to do their service and very impatient. Few times I observed the crew can't wait to push away the cart perhaps the passengers were still thinking of what the crew were saying or couldn't listen to it clearly. For money wise, yes it's cheaper than some other airlines. In terms of inflight entertainment, it's not as interesting as SQ, EK or CX. Lavatory doesn't provide any toiletries, only a bottle of cologne.

12/27/2018 Carlos, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) seat 53F

If you have back problems do not sit in this row of seats or any near a bulkhead, does not recline far enough to give any comfort on a long journey.

12/23/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A330-300 (330) seat 15K

TG operates a new version (to my knowledge only one plane to this date) of the A330-300. I took to from BKK to PER. It comes with a seating much alike the dated Swiss and Finnair Business Class on their A340s. Left side is one seat only. Middle is two seats, Right side is one seat and two seat rows alternating.

12/21/2018 L Marham

✅ Trip Verified | Denpasar to Bangkok. I've flown with Thai between Bangkok and Bali in the past on a Boeing 787 and a Boeing 777-300 and both offered good service whether in economy or business class. Presently Thai have a Boeing 747-400 plying the route, so it's clearly a far from new aircraft. That manifests itself in pretty basic in-flight entertainment options where picture and sound quality is a bit iffy. However for a flight of 3 hours 45 minutes, not only is business class offered, but on the aircraft on which I flew, first-class seats were sold as business class. Oodles of space (fully flat bed if you wanted it), and typically gracious and attentive Thai cabin crew. Dinner included really tasty Thai options and the purser personally thanked passengers for choosing to fly with Thai. Plane at gate 20 minutes ahead of schedule. A very pleasant flight, and not expensive.

12/19/2018 David Eliuk

✅ Trip Verified | Chiang Mai to Bangkok. Thai Airways was awesome. Each traveler is allowed 30kg of weight with no limit on the number of bags. The plane was huge for a 75 minute flight. It had great inflight entertainment for all ages, movies, TV, games, music ect. There was even a complementary food and water service. Now granted the food was a small ham croissant and potato/veg salad, but when you are not expecting anything this was a treat. Flight was smooth and onetime, staff was very friendly and helpful. Actually wish the flight was longer so we could enjoy ourselves on board.

12/17/2018 V Stenner

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Frankfurt. Flawless flight experience. Cabin during night slightly too warm. In the rest nothing to complain and what I would expect from a first class service. Recommendable!

12/15/2018 SeatGuru User, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) seat 67A

Nice standard and comfortable Economy class seat. But the window is slightly misaligned. Neighboring seats 66A and 68A have a much better window alignment!

12/14/2018 Aiyaphol Kemapuckpong

✅ Trip Verified | London to Bangkok. I haven’t been so satisfied with my experience for quite a while in economy. I recently got my gold card upgrade. Check in was very quick and attentive. I decided to use the Lufthansa lounge, and it was surprisingly well polished! Since I got my card upgrade I used their senator lounge which is better. Boarding was quick, only about 200 people on a 507 seat airplane! I booked the upper deck economy as always. As soon as “Boarding Complete” was announced on the PA, there were 13 people in a 58 seat cabin. That meant that everyone got either a row to themselves or an extra legroom seat. I chose the former, but couldn’t sleep. Oddly enough, nobody in that cabin got any sleep on an overnight flight. The crew on this flight were astounding. As there were only 13 pax, they went around taking meal orders during boarding, and instead of wheeling the cart to our seats, she just parked the cart near the exit and gave us our trays. I also particularly liked this crew member as she had a relaxing tone whenever she spoke. She was also one of the more senior crew so that made for a great flight. I have a habit of asking for seafood meals even though I’m not pescatarian, but what really annoyed me on this flight was the fact that I was served two bowls of chopped fruit as a side dish for my breakfast, and an identical bowl for dessert for dinner. After telling the crew this, they gave me a pumpkin spice pudding and vanilla ice cream from business class. One thing that is annoying (and most airlines have this issue) is the location of the shared power sockets. They’re right behind someone else’s calf half the time, or your calf. I would definitely prefer them to be in between the seats as there is no awkwardness in trying to get your phone charged. Thai’s seats on the A380 are one of the most comfortable economy seats out there in my opinion. Legroom is fine, and there is a large footrest that is highly appreciated on long flights. But the most comfortable economy seat goes to their 747. Massive 34’ pitch and a very wide seat as well. Too bad these aircraft are being phased out. Upon arrival, My baggage was one of the first fifty bags to come out, and baggage delivery speed wasn’t too bad. To conclude, I have had many happy flights with Thai, and have clearly gained trust with them. Their flights are seldom delayed except for late departures due to short turnaround times. But they still arrive on time! Speaking of which, on my outbound from Bangkok, they said that the delay was due to “late arrival of inbound aircraft” when clearly the plane arrived on schedule from Paris.

12/13/2018 M Leach

✅ Trip Verified | London to Bangkok. On the positive side the flight left on time and arrived a few minutes early. Apart from that things weren't so good. They ran out of beer during the initial drinks service, I don't know how they can run out so early into the flight. The aircraft seemed old and in poor condition, many of the seats wouldn't recline, the foot rest was broken on the seat next to me, the headphone socket was loose and intermittent on my seat, and the entertainment system kept freezing. The first meal was decent but no choice for the second meal and no snack offered in between meals. They came round with drinks twice (apart from with the meal service). Basically both the condition of the aircraft and the service was disappointing.

12/13/2018 Wei Lau

✅ Trip Verified | Singapore to Tokyo via Bangkok. There was no online option to change or cancel flight. My first flight on another airline got cancelled last minute and I missed my flight by Thai Airways. I had no ways to contact them because its was after office hours. As a result I got a penalty of no show fee. And they had to cancel the entire itinerary which means I have no return flights to go home. And now that its peak travel period, I had to spend more than triple the original flight fare to get a ticket to go home.

12/11/2018 Tom Broughman, Airbus A330-300 (333) seat 44F

Very comfortable. A bit cold on the head. Food was good

12/10/2018 F Stenner

✅ Trip Verified | Chiang Mai to Bangkok. Very nice aircraft with a biz class in a 1-2-1 configuration (same seat model as Iberia is providing on their long-range aircrafts). Seat comfort excellent, nice but a little rushed service (hot Asian breakfast), maybe due to the delayed departure of 45 minutes). Lounge at CNX is now (after renovations) back in the area after security control. During the flight I was reading the morning paper, apart the flight tracking no other entertainment option nor internet. Landed at 11:45 in BKK but baggage delivery just stated after 40 minutes. Never have waited longer in BKK yet!

12/10/2018 F Stenner

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Chiang Mai. 2-2-2 configuration with 170° angled-flat seats, comfortable for the short day-time flight of one hour. Flight itself uneventful with full lunch service. No alcoholic drinks although I was not asking for. On time departure and arrival. Very good value for the price.

12/10/2018 F Stenner

✅ Trip Verified | Frankfurt to Bangkok. Nine of the twelve 1st class seats were occupied; nevertheless very quiet atmosphere. Flawless service, premium wine list (although smaller compared to competitors, ice cold vodka served with the caviar, wide and tasty range of Asian and Western food options (I was opting for the Asian dishes). Very comfortable seat and swiftly made bed and a lovely Thai styled pyjamas. Very little that Thai should review on service and hardware: 1) night temperature too high (guess a question to what temperature you are used too sleep); 2) WiFi connectivity limited to 20MB per flight (should be without limits or much higher limits) and 3) hard and software of the entertainment system not anymore up to competitors (screen too small and not enough responsive). Probably rather fault of FRA airport and not Thai airways: no greet and meet at the incoming connecting flight (as I was told due to a late change of arrival gate) and chaotic boarding procedures at B gates (mostly due to the restricted space there). In a summary a very nice but not yet perfect flight experience!