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12/6/2018 Tim Lester

✅ Trip Verified | Seoul Incheon to Taipei. Such a disappointment! I have wanted to fly Thai Airways for a long time and even though this was a short flight, it was a big let down. Tired old business class seats, angled and very uncomfortable in any position. A special meal not loaded, and with very little apologies. Was served a disgusting meal which consisted of 5 stale bread rolls and a packaged curry with no rice. The crew were indifferent and bordering on unfriendly. The only good thing was that they served a decent champagne. I will not be rushing to fly them again anytime soon.

12/3/2018 David Robson

✅ Trip Verified | Moscow to Bangkok. It was a extremely nice flight. It is the third time I flew Thai Airways. I had two seats to myself. We did get two meals & drinks while on board. I will fly them again as the service was great and fantastic.

12/2/2018 SeatGuru User, Boeing 777-200ER (772) seat 12A

Business class seats the worst I have seen in years on any airline. Do not go flat and footrest is useless, since it does not raise up. Eonomy is more comfortable on this aircraft, especially is the seat beside is free. I like THAI service, but I will not fly Business onThai if there is an alternative. Same seating on tg 473 bkk to bne. This was the much longer flight and again same type seat 14b

11/26/2018 Lorenz M, Boeing 747-400 (744) seat 45H

At the flight TG 925 from MUC to BKK at the 17th of October 2018 the seat 45 H had a fixed metall box under the front seat, so I could put my legs under the seat. It was very unconfortable.

11/19/2018 W Katanapul

✅ Trip Verified | Udon Thani to Bangkok. The engine was broken before take off at 4 pm. If passengers had insisted to fly, they must have waited until 11 pm. The airline didn’t suggest us to change to the next flight because of limited available seats. Fortunately, I ran to the booking office and changed to the next flight immediately. Many passengers decided to refund money and bought a new ticket from other airlines. Sadly, many passengers who didn’t know these solutions have to wait until 11 pm. Some passengers who changed flights couldn’t find their baggage because the airline told them there weren’t staffs. I have to check in again. Very long line and very slow because they cannot solve any passengers problems from this flight. I told call center but she told me that she cannot help because it is the ground staff duty. After I checked in, My seat number is 58A. When I was on board, there aren’t 58th row. Six passengers including me have no seats. Air hostesses always smile when they show how to use inflight equipment only not during providing service onboard. And check in staff never smile as well.

11/17/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A380-800 (388) seat 12A

Seat 12A is affected by the galley and make it a little noisy and smelly. Also as your feet are into the wall to the lavatory you hear sometimes the flush. Thai Royal Orchid Service is standard. Meals are served dish by dish. But an my flight I would ask for wine or other dink for mealserivce. I get my first choice after bording the whole flight. Also all business guest get the same dessert. There was no choice acc. menu.

11/16/2018 Natasha Hargraves

Not Verified | Sydney to Paris via Bangkok. Breeze of a flight! From check in- to boarding in all cities, Thai Airways really looked after me. From the moment I boarded the flight, cabin crew were very pleasant giving us snacks instantly. After take off they gave us drinks directly, then meals and more snacks mid way through the flight followed by another meal. I was impressed with the food and the entertainment on board. Take off and landing were smooth and captain was very friendly keeping us up to date. I would recommend Thai Airways and fly them again Long haul.

11/14/2018 John Curtain

✅ Trip Verified | Vienna to Bangkok. I enjoyed my flight. Check in was ok except I was told my luggage at 24 kg was too heavy when my allowance was 30 kg. Luckily I had my itinerary with me. The staff were friendly and helpful and efficient, even though the flight was full. The meal was fine although they ran out of one of the food options. Also although I enjoyed breakfast, it's a pity they didn't offer some variety on the flights? All of my 4 flights had an omelette. Also it's a pity they don't offer more choice on the IFE. Overall though I can recommend Thai.

11/14/2018 John Curtain

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Melbourne. A very satisfactory flight. I actually managed to sleep for most of my journey. Check in was very quick and easy. A very good chicken curry was served for dinner. I was a bit tired of the same old breakfast (omelette with a sausage for the 4th time ) and unfortunately the fruit provided was half frozen. The service was pleasant ant efficient. IFE as on the previous flights , could have offered more choice.

11/14/2018 John Curtain

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Brussels. A comfortable flight. Two very tasty meals were served and the staff were efficient and polite. It was easy to connect from my Melbourne to Bangkok flight. The plane was clean and comfortable and they regularly served juice and water throughout the flight. Perhaps the IFE, while OK, could have been more choices to offer.

11/14/2018 John Curtain

✅ Trip Verified | Melbourne to Bangkok. I enjoyed my flight. It arrived and left on time. The staff were courteous and efficient and I appreciated that they served two meals which were very tasty. The aircraft was new and clean. I appreciated that they continually offered water throughout the flight. My only complaint was that the IFE could have been more extensive, Qantas and Emirates were much better.

11/8/2018 Juan Morel

✅ Trip Verified | Surprising experience flying from Ho Chi Minh City to Bangkok. It is a very short flight. The plane configuration is quite nice in the business but the business service is quite forgotten: a very basic white wine instead of the wine you have theoretically on the menu. A bus to arrive to the airport instead of a direct airport access and the bus shared with the economy class. Really not what was expected.

11/7/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A350-900 (359) seat 19K

This seat is not good at all! The overhead compartment is taken by the crew, as well the one above 19F. The crew makes a terrible noise, so sleeping is not possible. They prepare the food, they take all the time something out of the overhead compartment, they are talking loud, the toilets are there also. Only a very bad experience. On top of that, it was not clean next to my seat.

11/5/2018 R Parker

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Melbourne. The service was quite average. Staff were not very friendly. The food was disappointing. Very small. The breakfast was rubbery. Having travelled on Qantas, Qatar and Singapore Airlines the service and food is well below their standards. The movie selection was very limited and mostly old. I flew in October and then back on 2 November and they had not updated the entertainment system to the new movies for the month as per their website.

11/2/2018 J Farren

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Bangkok. Terrible experience with check in at Paris CDG. They called me back at check in once once I was already in the boarding section. I had to exit the airport and check-in again. Absolutely no problem with my luggage. Will fly TG domestically in Thailand as choices are sometimes limited but for long haul like Bangkok Paris, there are options. I was flying business class and TG is expensive.

11/1/2018 Roderick Glenn Dy

✅ Trip Verified | Flying out from Yangon to Manila via Bangkok, the flight was, "as they claim, smooth as silk". The FAs are very efficient despite being a full flight. The snack served in Yangon was just the right portion, tasty and hot and were served unhurriedly despite the short flight time. Bangkok to Manila flight was just as smooth, we were served breakfast that was hearty. IFE was sufficient for a short flight (3 hours). Despite the above, the boarding process from both departure points seem to be a bit chaotic due to over-eager passengers wanting to board the aircraft. Overall this was a comfortable flight and will fly with Thai Airways again.

10/30/2018 E Green

✅ Trip Verified | London to Sydney via Bangkok booked for December 2018. Thai Airways have cancelled my return flight from Sydney and put me on a flight where the timings didn't suit me, nor would they honour bulkhead seats for my husband that is 6'6". So I cancelled and chose another airline with suitable times and seat reservations. Only to be told my refund will take four weeks to process. I am told it is because the refund comes via their Thailand head office and not London. That makes no sense.

10/27/2018 Ron Kuhlmann

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Once again Asian carriers provide proof that shorthaul travel can be enjoyable. The flights were just over an hour each and both were quite full. Soon after takeoff, the crew began a snack service. Each passenger was offered a hot wrap and a bottle of water. Once those were distributed, they came through again with coffee, tea, juice or water. No substitutions and no alternatives but the service was friendly, efficient and requests for other items were politely deflected by noting the short enroute time. Simply excellent in every way. No time for a movie and the seat was fine.

10/21/2018 SeatGuru User, Airbus A380-800 (388) seat 3K

Seat extremely comfortable. No noise from the toilet as indicated might be a problem and first class was full as well. Service fine, meals so so. Good sleep arrived refreshed.

10/12/2018 Punyawee Werasopon

✅ Trip Verified | Incheon to Bangkok. Cabin crews on board were very polite, helpful and enthusiastic. The seat was full flat recline and align in 1-2-1. Every seats are aisle access. The amenity kit is very nice. It made of a good material and be designed by Naraya - a famous Thai design souvenir brand. The entertainment system is just standard (good enough but not special). The touchscreen is a bit as lag but not too bad. The most wonderful thing is the catering. The snack was mixed nuts and dried fruits came with soft drinks or your favorite wines. I recommend tamarind iced tea (signature drink of TG). There are 3 choices of main course to be chosen. Certainly, Thai food must be selected. It was very very delicious. The cabin crew who took care of me was a mid-age lady. She was very polite and service-minded. She always asks for my need and offers many things along the route. This was the great experience on business class I have experienced. Wifi was very good. 20Mb. free. You can buy more if you need but it is pricey.