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6/29/2019 T Koh

✅ Trip Verified | Udon Thani to Bangkok. I have flown Thai Smile numerous times on this route with no issues at all. The staff for this flight were friendly as always and did two soft drink/juice refills on a short 1 hour puddle jump to Bangkok. Toilets are clean and they serve coffee/tea unless its bumpy. Had an ice cream treat to go along- could have used one of their sandwiches for a mid afternoon flight though! Since they have competition with the other budget carriers, the price is reasonable. Would gladly take them anytime as they fly into the main airport instead of Don Muang.

4/27/2019 L Pearson

✅ Trip Verified | We have been flying the Bangkok to Ubon Ratchathani route with Thai Smile Airways since 2013. Before that, the route was operated by Thai Airways, who we flew the route with from 2000 to 2012. These days Thai Smile must compete with 3 other local budget carriers. Competition is fierce. Despite that, we had a pleasant trip each way. Journey time is only 1:10, with time enough to serve drinks and a light snack. No hot beverages were on offer. Cabin crew were bright, young, well presented and friendly. Our sole complaint is the temperature of the plane when on the ground at UBP. The cabin was too hot when we boarded the UBP-BKK flight. It soon cooled down once the engines started. Otherwise, great service. Great flight. Good price.

3/25/2019 Ladislav Habart

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Chiang Mai. I have been flying with Thai Smile for a long time and nothing changed this time. We had a departure time change but I still enjoyed it. Great efficient service, flexible and friendly staff. if you are looking for reliable short haul service, Thai Smile is great choice. Maybe the sandwiches could be a bit bigger.

3/23/2019 G Eichele

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Jaipur. Extremely unpleasant late night flight. Delayed about half an hour pushing back from the gate in BKK. Announcement was made that it was due to loading a “cargo item” and claimed the delay would only be ten minutes. Food looked pretty unappealing so I did not accept it. Most of the flight attendants were pleasant, except for one who was quite brusque, which is pretty uncharacteristic for a Thai airline. The seat cushions were not particularly comfortable, and even though I got an emergency exit row seat (I’m 190 cm tall and always try to get an exit row seat), there was no appreciable difference in legroom compared with a regular airline seat. Quite uncomfortable after a few hours. The absolute worst part about this flight, though, was the cabin temperature! Far too hot! I brought this to the attention of the flight attendants who promised to do something, but the heat remained oppressively high throughout the entire flight. Unable to sleep at all, ended up just spending the four-hour flight sweating in my cramped, uncomfortable Thai Smile prison. An extremely unpleasant experience. Arrived in Jaipur around 2:30 AM feeling absolutely awful. Thank you, Thai Smile! (I’d flown this same route with Thai Smile several weeks earlier, and the cabin temperature was much more reasonable.) I will go out of my way to avoid this airline in the future. Nok Air and Bangkok Airways are far superior choices if they’re available.

2/27/2019 J Wearen

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Chiang Rai. Thai Smile started as a budget offshoot of Thai Air, but has become a mess. Staff seem angry (unusual in Thailand), service was poor, food and drinks non-existent. Worst of all, you often do not have much choice but to fly them. And for the terrible experience, you can't earn any miles. Never, ever again.

2/21/2019 Thomas van Woerkom

✅ Trip Verified | Ubon Ratchathani to Bangkok. Booked this flight a few months in advance, but was about a month in advance rescheduled to a later time (by about 90 minutes later). While I would have liked to arrive earlier on the time I booked, it had fortunately no consequences for me. The flight attendants were very friendly, however the legroom provided with Thai Smile is significantly less than LCC carriers like AirAsia & Nok Air on this leg. A complimentary snack was provided too and was quite tasty. Unfortunately due to an international departure of our specific plane, we had to deboard the jetbridge via stairs to a bus to be shipped to the domestic terminal which was rather a long ride. Luggage took another good twenty minutes too to arrive.

1/25/2019 Aiyaphol Kemapuckpong

✅ Trip Verified | Generally, I prefer to fly on Thai Airways within Thailand, this is due to the fact that they use larger aircraft (widebodies) even on domestic routes. I flew Thai Airways up to Chiang Mai, but due to schedule requirements I needed the first flight to Bangkok so I chose Thai Smile who are fully owned by Thai Airways, but operated with a different style. At check in, there was no exact sign showing where to check in if you’re star alliance gold, but they still checked me in using the business class counter, and very kindly gave me a full row to myself. The lounge opens at 5 am and the flight departs at 6:15. I arrived at 4:50am and was told to wait near the reception (inside the lounge) by a janitor and a receptionist arrived and took my gold card and boarding pass. Do note that only Thai Airways’ own elites have lounge access, as Thai Smile is a Star Alliance Affiliate, not full member. I was first to board the aircraft after people needing wheelchairs, and was directed to my seat. The flight was 80% full although as promised they gave me an entire row. The seat itself is identical to BA on their short haul fleet, except for the fact that the backrest is fabric and not leather. It’s comfortable enough and much better than most slimline seats. Service on this flight consisted of something very weird, one sandwich was full of meat and no vegetables, whereas the other one was mixed veg with mayonnaise. I didn’t like the food on board, but I already ate in the lounge. I definitely feel sorry for the 120+ other passengers on the flight. They do come around with a drinks cart, and I asked for Coke Zero and they gave me a can, whereas they normally just pour it from a large bottle. One thing Thai Smile does well is the packaging in which the food comes in, it’s very chic and practical after the flight, appealing to millennials. I find that the flight attendants on Thai Smile are in the beginning of their careers and the airline itself is very age-selective, so the crew may not be as experienced as Thai Airways or other companies. Nevertheless they will absolutely serve you with a “Thai Smile” pun intended. With a smooth arrival and an actual gate (normally they use air stairs) it was gate to kerb in 10 minutes including a bathroom break. Overall, Thai smile works as an airline, and their route network is quite large regionally and I think they are comparable to airlines like Silkair or JetBlue in the US. I would still avoid them unless Thai airways doesnt fly to the particular destination I need to get to.

1/7/2019 Anthony Murphy

✅ Trip Verified | Kuala Lumpur to Shanghai via Bangkok. Absolutely appalling service. Flight way delayed for somewhat reason and I had to miss my connecting. Not only did Thai didn’t want to put me on another available flight, they forced me to accept a midnight flight and wait for 12 hours for it. I was put in what I believe to be a motel with dripping water sound, cockroaches and disgusting sheets. After 2 hours I asked to be sent back to the airport. Thai Smile did not offer to provide any form of compensation for their mistakes and just simply force you to take whatever they think it’s sufficient.

12/14/2018 L Kan

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Mumbai. One of the worst customer service encountered. I left a small baggage onboard the flight and I called to ask if I could get the baggage from the airport I arrived in. They said yes and I went there to collect it and it was not there. Umpteen calls and they told me that it was now in Bangkok Airport. I contact them to get more information on it and up till now I still cant get my baggage. I called contact centre and they refer me to customer service, who hung up on me when I proposed that someone or another manager could help out in resolving this issue.

10/3/2018 Hockgee Lim

✅ Trip Verified | I flew from Penang to Bangkok on 26 sept 2018 for a golf trip. Upon arrival at Bangkok airport I realised that I have lost my wallet on the plane. My tour leader quickly helped me to contact Thai airways office for lost and found to locate my wallet. With the help of Thai airways Malaysia KLIA office, we managed and found my wallet and I collected my wallet at the Thai airways lost and found office. I wish to show my gratitude to Thai Airways staff for quick recovery of my wallet, their efficiency and honesty. Thank you Thai Airways.

6/11/2018 Thomas Bruecklmeier

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Yangon. I booked my flight via Thai Airways Website and received a Thai Airways ticket and flight number. As I took this flight already several times (back then operated by Thai airways itself) I did not check about the flight operator. I only found out that the flight will be operated by Thai Smile, when the check-in agent at Vienna airport told me, she cannot check through my luggage from Bangkok to the final destination Yangon. So, I took my luggage into the cabin on the long haul flight to avoid the immigration procedures at BKK airport for collection and checkin of my luggage again at Bangkok Airport. After my arrival in Bangkok I found out that Thai Smile Airways has got no Transfer counter. Worse than that, its mother company Thai Airways also rejected to issue me a boarding pass, even though, the ticket was bought from Thai Airways. This ment I had to clear immigration and customs in Bangkok, approach the Thai Smile (better Thai Cry) checkin counter, queue up for 30 minutes, get the boarding pass, do security check again, go through immigration again which took altogether one and a half hours. Luckily I had three hours connection time, so I finally made it to my flight to Yangon. No Star Alliance benefits, even though I had a Ticket bought from Thai Airways. Great Job, Thai, and Thai Cry Airways! Your going to lose plenty of customers to the competition. My flight back (Yangon to BKK) is with Myanmar National Airlines. Brand new aircraft and I check through my luggage the entire way via BKK to Vienna without any issues. Never again Thai Cry Airways- I'll also think twice before booking Thai Airways in the future, as they seriously fool their customers and refuse to support them at BKK airport.

5/24/2018 B Edwards

✅ Trip Verified | I have flown Thai Smile many times and have had a generally positive experience until today. I had a flight booked for the 6PM flight on Thai Smile from Bangkok to Ubon and attempted to change my flight to get back to Ubon on the earlier 2PM flight. I knew there might be a small rebooking fee. But I didn't realize how ridiculous Thai Smile's policy really was on changing your flight. Thai Smile wanted to charge me the full last minute ticket price. I am extremely disappointed in Thai Smile and will think twice before considering using them again.

4/15/2018 T Glenn

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Udon Thani. My whole family flew from Bangkok to Udon Thani on separate flights. My eldest son had his return flight cancelled (with no notice to him) and put him on a later flight. As he had a connecting flight to Vietnam he was forced to cut short his holiday one day and the cost of a hotel one night so he could connect his flight. If not for his travel agent trying to assist he would have been very stressed. My other son (whose wedding we all flew over to see) also had his return flight with Thai Smiles cancelled with no notice given to him or his wife - who were on separate bookings. Because they were planning a honeymoon in Koh Samui they also had connecting flight in Bangkok. Thai Smiles were rude, unhelpful and very disrespectful to them. They went to Udon Thani airport many times to try and get a connecting flight or get Thai Smiles to get them on a later flight from Bangkok. They were not interested in helping in any way. My son then had the cost of a night in Bangkok and had to purchase another ticket to Koh Samui. Very disgusted with Thai Smiles - they tried very hard to ruin our family holiday. Wonder how many people were affected with the early morning flights cancelled without notification to anyone, and also no help in any way to get connecting flights. My son's wedding should not have had all this stress and holidays shortened and have to pay extra for flights they had already paid for.

3/31/2018 Michel Perrin

✅ Trip Verified | A branch of Thai Airways. Unfortunately no web check-in was available, and therefore a long line at Airport. They do not accept Star Alliance status and privileges, which is very weird. On the other hand, much more pleasant ground and flying attendants, better food than on Thai, a larger choice of drinks, and a brand new aircraft.

3/14/2018 Steven Harding

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Thai Smile Airways. Saturday morning equates to many people wishing to leave Chiang Mai to Bangkok and beyond, including my own flight. Check-in a little chaotic but well managed with a number of staff on hand to deal with issues as they arose. No impact on departure which was 10 minutes ahead of schedule, as was arrival BKK. Small snack and drink included within price. Overall service rather let down by a lengthy bus journey from the plane to terminal and tardy delivery of bags, not an issue for me.

3/7/2018 D Webb

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Phuket. The price of this flight was excellen , so my expectations weren’t too high. The aircraft was spotless, seats comfortable. I managed to have a spare seat in the middle, was happy I didn’t book their premium economy product the only difference being you get the middle seat free and an upgraded meal service, but on such a short flight it seems wasted. We were served a bottle of water and a dire chicken sandwich (which I felt unnecessary for a flight of such short duration). The all female crew I thought were quite aggressive in their manner, but when your flight is such good value this is a small grumble.

1/31/2018 W Barleski

✅ Trip Verified | I want to warn travelers who are buying ticket via one of the search engines like Gotogate, Tripsta, Budgetair that by doing this according to the airline you incapacitate yourself so any further changes can be make only via your broker. I made change on their web site (which was not blocked), paid for it by my CC and nothing happen. They took the money and did not make change directing me to the broker I bought flight. Than I found out that the broker is charging additional fee ($100) for the change so you pay twice for the service accomplished by yourself on their web site. I have lost more than $300. Contact with customer service is pointless, they simply stop responding. Flight from Bangkok to Phuket was OK, on time and without issues.

1/28/2018 H Norris

✅ Trip Verified | As a STAR status member I booked the flight with the Thai Website and under a TG flight number. On the confirmation I read that the flight will be operated by Thai Smile, a subsidiary Airline of Thai Airways. We booked the longhaul flight with Finnair and we had a 4 hr stopover at BKK Airport. We asked the Finnair check-in agent at Heathrow Airport to check-in the bags on to Luang Prabang, which she did. We arrived at BKK Airport where we were met by an Airline representative, who told us that our bags could not be checked through to Luang Prabang and this was a mistake by the agent in London. We were asked to clear immigration, claim our bags, checkin our bags with Thai Smile and clear immigration again, as Thai Smile doesn't have an interline agreement with Finnair. (They only have one with Thai Airways) Everyone who has passed through BKK Airport knows that this can take more than a 2 hours. Our bags of course didn't arrive on the Finnair flight luggage conveyer belt. We asked the ground staff to locate our bags, which of course took ages again. Presumably they had been sent to the LPQ flight after all! In the end we made it to the flight just in time. The meal on this flight consisted of a juice and some sort of wrap. The staff appeared to be very young. Not to mention that the flight was nearly empty (20 passengers or so) and you don't get any miles or lounge Access although it cost GBP 140. Never again.

1/6/2018 Bakhytzhan Kurmanov

✅ Trip Verified | I flew from Bangkok to Phnom Penh with Thai Smile. I am a citizen of Kazakhstan and I am required to pay 2000 Thai Bhat (around 60 USD) for Thai Visa on Arrival if I want to enter Thailand. However, I arrived with Air Astana flight from Astana to Bangkok Suvarnubhumi airport without baggage (I had only hand luggage with me). Then in the international zone I approached the Thai Smile desk and I told them that I want to transit to Phnom Penh. Since the Thai Smile does not allow online check-in for international flights, I kindly asked the transfer desk to issue me a boarding pass. They refused me. They told me that I had to get Thai Visa On Arrival before I can get my boarding pass in the airport's departure zones. Again, I kindly explained that I did not have any luggage and, thus, I would appreciate if they allowed me to get boarding passes. Again, they refused. Then I had to spend 2 more hours going through Thai Passport Control and Customs and I paid 60 USD for Thai Visa on Arrival which I did not need since I left right away to Cambodia! I do not like Thai Smile Airways!

12/10/2017 V Meier

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Chiang Mai to Bangkok. Flying the first time Thai Smile and liking in general the product. They sell a Premium Economy product on the three first rows, where the middle seat is blocked, you have priority boarding and 30kg priority baggage, lounge access as well the possibility to reserve your preferred seat. During the 1 hour flight a three course (starter, cold main and desert). So actually you get what European airlines sell as Biz class. Only set back is that they do not accept Star Alliance Cards even though when booked on a TG number. In the rest a decent airline, about 35% less expensive than it's mother Thai Airways.