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10/20/2015 Rata Chaipatikul

Transaero Airlines flight has been cancelled in last minute. I have booked round trip, and got cancelled both trip from Moscow to Istanbul and Istanbul to Moscow. Never experienced this problem before. All my plan have to change and cancel.

9/5/2015 Noyah Einav

The only good thing about Transaero Airlines is that seats are comfortable and the price is competitive. There was no IFE, and Moscow-Phuket is 11 hours. The food was terrible, there is no alcohol allowed on the flights, you can't even pay for it! There's water, Sprite and juice. Cabin service is efficient at best, but do not expect smiles. On the ground it's ten times worse - we weren't listed on the flight for the last leg of our Phuket-Tel Aviv flight. It took them 1.5 hours to correct it, and then I was given four boarding passes, none of them next to each other. We were travelling with two young girls! The ground crew shrugged their shoulders. I had to ask the passengers who would switch so I could sit with 3-year old, that's how useless they were. I would never fly them again. All flights were late (30-90 minutes) with no explanation given.

9/1/2015 Jean-Philippe Facon

Flight from Milan to Moscow was delayed more than 6 hours with no explanation (already it was 2 hours on the way in). Arrival in Moscow by night around 5am instead of expected 10.30pm the day before, with all the associated problems. Complete absence of simple customer care and compensation. Bad behaviour of ground Transaero staff (and airport staff as well) which got angry at people because they complained. I'd better go by foot than fly again with this company.

8/31/2015 Sudhir Jain

Food is horrible. Served the same rice in breakfast and lunch. Soft drinks are served without ice. No alcoholic drinks served in economy class with or without payment. Flight delays without any reason. No compensation for delay even if it is more than 5-6 hours. In-Flight entertainment in Russian language.

8/23/2015 Isabel Pomelek

Our flight from VIE-Delhi was alright. An immense 15 hrs waiting time for the connecting flight though. Service is minimal, food is minimalistic. Our flight back from Delhi was actually ok. The AC seems extreme, the food was more in quantity but less in quality. Our 10 hrs for the connecting flight back to Vienna turned out to be 13 hrs. Almost every flight was delayed 2.5 up to 4 hrs. This airport aims for "international", however the amount of people in the shops and food courts who speak English is almost zero. Please, Transaero, improve your quality.

8/14/2015 Haji Murat

A long check in line at Domodedovo airport in Moscow. Flight was delayed for 3 hours while the plane B767 was repaired. Inside the plane was a small distance between the seats. The ticket price was very cheap so I cannot complain. Food service was only water with cookies and there was no entertainment system.

6/1/2015 Yevheniy Kahanovych

I was on a short hop from Kiev to Moscow. They called it discount class flight. The price tag was well over what Aeroflot and other legacy carriers asked but I needed to be late night at Domodedovo so bought it. The check in was polite but was informed about recent hand baggage rules change: they demanded to pack my backpack into a hold bag and to proceed to a plane with laptop bag only. When onboard was shocked with the seat pitch. Ryanair looks generous after that overcrowded accommodation. You have literally no room to seat plus passengers can recline leaving you no room even to move. The snack service was pathetic with peace of bread in plastic. Crew were polite but not up to other airlines standards. The plane was old. The toilet was smelly. Deplaning in Moscow was via bus. I used to be their loyalty program active user so accumulated some miles. Trying to used them I was unable to book reward ticket via website. This option leads you to a error message on the payment page. Overall overpriced and substandard. Not recommended.

5/27/2015 S Rose

Jan 2015. From TLV-VKO-ALA / TSE-VKO-TLV. All flights on B737-800 but the last flight to TLV onboard B767-300. Food is really pathetic I'm usually not picky with airline food but this time all 4 segments were awful in quantity and quality. Flight attendant mostly nice and accommodating. The flight from VKO to ALA was on a brand new B737-800 with IFE and WIFI so it was much fun all the rest 3 segments were without IFE. Seats are leather and quite comfortble. Flights departed mostly on time despite de-icing in every station but TLV. Fare was good VKO airport new and welcoming. All in all a good deal.

4/4/2015 Adrian Dole

I flew from FCO to VKO and back. The plane was a relatively new 737-800. Seats had a surprising amount of legroom. Both flights were on time but one of them used a bus instead of a jetway. No IFE but the flight was 3.5 hours so it wasn't a problem. Food was decent. Both flights were on time.

3/9/2015 Palavalli Nithin

PEK-VKO-TLV-VKO-PEK flew with a premium economy seat. Online check-in was a bit painful due to age old software but the airline staff at the counter were excellent to resolve the issue and made a smooth check-in for us and offered an emergency exit seat. I knew before hand about the poor in-flight entertainment so I carried an iPad with several movies and music in it. Cabin crew were on par with other airlines and spoke very little English which wasn't an issue at all. No wine or alcohol being served in the cabin but the generous flow of fruit juices candies and chocolates made my travel bit comfortable. I would definitely fly them again.

2/18/2015 Tiana JU

LAX to VKO and back in premium economy class. No inflight entertainment (unless you are willing to pay $40-50 for portable player) and no duty free shopping. Water is not served often only two time during 11 hr flight. Restrooms were gross. The flight from Moscow was even worse. The check-in line was insane since it was the check in line for all the passengers flying to the USA (LA NYC and Miami). Also the flight was delayed about 3 hr. The airline didn't bother communicating this information to the passengers the screen at the airport was showing boarding during the whole time. Some passengers behavior was very uncivilized. Cheap ticket - cheap service. Planes are very old.

1/19/2015 J Bolingbroke

Was sold a premium economy seat for the first leg of my journey (Beijing to Moscow) but when boarding noticed that I had been allocated an economy seat. After enquiring with one of the stewards was told that there are no premium economy seats on that flight.

1/19/2015 S Paice

LHR-VKO-LHR. Outbound delayed for over 3 hours next to no information given as to why. On board truly miserable service the 'food' was almost tossed out and accompanied by soft drinks only. After clearing the food no further sign of the crew until landing. Return leg was an almost empty plane but service still at best robotic with only one drinks run in the 4 hour flight. If this is 'most improved' on the skytrax rankings I shudder to think what it was before. Go with easyjet to Russia you may have to pay for food and drinks but you can at least choose something edible and have a more pleasant experience.

10/28/2014 N Morison

16.10.2014 Yekaterinburg to Bangkok. Our flight was scheduled at 0.40 AM in the morning and it was delayed to 1.20 AM due to late arrival of airplane from Bangkok. We found seats very tight my husband is 1.80m tall and he struggled to move. Impossible to stretch his legs at all. Food was alright nothing spectacular. Cabin staff work well but not one of them speaks English - if not for my help my English speaking husband would not able to ask for a glass of water. There is no entertainment for foreigners - only movies in Russian. No individual PTV screens only big screens hanging from the ceiling therefore you can not select a movie. Was very hot in the cabin. In general flight was okay got us to Bangkok main problem was the tight seats.

9/1/2014 Cary Morrow

I have flown for over 50 years and have been to more than 60 countries this is the worst airline I have ever flown on. The gate attendant asked us to give up our seats (window aisle and aisle seats) for a family wanting to sit together and if we did they would upgrade us. To our surprise our new seats were in the middle of the middle row at the back of the plane. The inflight entertainment computer left me with little foot room while blowing hot air on my feet. The IFE for everyone on the flight was out of order. All food and beverages (other than coffee or tea) was room temp. Only one alcoholic beverage (wine only) for the flight was allowed this was served with your dinner. No ice for drinks. I tried to move to one of the last two rows (18 seats) that were empty but I was not allowed due to fact that 4 flight attendants were sleeping. The flight attendants locked the bathroom by the galley for their own use. The other bathrooms ran out of toilet paper and degraded into something worse than a porta john after an outdoor concert on a 100 degree day. After some time a flight attendant brought 2 rolls of TP for 6 bathrooms and gave the rolls to the last person in line. The flight attendants somehow could not understand English if you asked a question but they could speak English if they demanded something from you.

7/13/2014 Huehmer Alexander

My LH flight VKO-FRA (continuing to VIE) was cancelled and so I was rebooked on Transaero on a direct flight to VIE. Had low expectations but was totally caught by surprise when I entered the pretty new 737-800: Their C-class is a real C-class with 2-2 seat configuration perfect seat pitch lunch menu and utmost pleasant and friendly service. I took Japanese rolls as a starter and a grilled seabass as main course. Food looked appealing and tasted delicious. Entertainment was low but on a 3 hours flight not an issue - at least not for me. Will be definitely an option for future flights to Moscow and beyond.

5/5/2014 J Siroky

I booked a flight LED-DME-PKC and back. When I arrived to the airport there was a huge lane and I almost missed my flight as check-in was as fast as 1 person per 15 minutes and the staff was unfriendly and was not speaking English at all. During the first flight one cracker and that's it staff unfriendly as well. Transfer on DME quite ok but during the 85 hour flight there was no entertainment as the screens were not working. Food was surprisingly above average but the staff was not speaking English again. Flight back was really terrible no entertainment and as there was light outside you could not sleep either. The food this time was disgusting and cold and staff (again) not speaking English. After arrival (1 hour late) my connecting flight was supposed to leave in 50 minutes. When I came to the gate which was switched 3 times until I've finally got to the right one the flight was for unknown reasons delayed 30 minutes.

4/21/2014 J Thomas

Prior to this trip I had only ever used Aeroflot or Korean Air to reach Vladivostok from the USA and vice versa. As this trip was university-related and was paid for by my Russian university they naturally bought the cheapest tickets possible-Transaero. The trip from Vladivostok to Moscow was on a relatively new 777 with good personal IFE and decent food with reasonable legroom. When I arrived in Moscow I expected the Moscow-New York flight to be even better than the domestic flight. Boy was I wrong. The plane from Moscow-Vnukovo to NY-JFK was an old 767 with no personal IFE. The one plus side was a lot of leg room but it was a long flight with no IFE and rude staff. The return trip to Moscow was pretty much the same but when we arrived in Moscow and switched airports there was a slight problem. They had accidentally deleted our group from their flight manifest! We showed them the e-tickets and out boarding passes from the previous flights. They re-booked us on the same flight and gave us a free upgrade for their mistake which was nice. the flight back to Vlad was great with great IFE and food. Overall not bad for the price but I still will use Korean Air for my personal journeys back and forth from Vladivostok to the USA.

3/10/2014 C Mayr

St Petersburg-Moscow DME on board of a B733. Flight left and arrived on time. Cabin was clean and in good condition. FA's did their job but as usual in Russia don't expect a smile. Got tea and a cookie but what would you expect on a one hour flight. Overall Transaero is a reasonable Airline in my opinion and I would fly them again on domestic flights in Russia.

12/21/2013 A Pivovar

Flights from St Petersburg to Moscow are now from the Pulkovo New Terminal. Comfort Lounge (business lounge not available) is awful. It's worse than regular space. No food no beverages (only water and coca cola). Dirty chairs only instant coffee.