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9/16/2012 Paula Lucas

Booked to fly from Dublin to Verona on 8th September flight delayed by 7 hours all we received by way of compensation was a pathetic 8 euro voucher - you couldn't fill your stomach with 8 euro and not even an apology. Arrived eventually at our hotel at 4 in the morning with a two year old baby. You could put it down to bad luck ...

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9/13/2012 M Evans

Flew from Gatwick to Sharm el Sheikh in August. Outbound flight 4.45 hrs very cramped no in flight entertainment expensive drinks pilot kept us informed. Return flight was 5 hours 20 mins very hot lack of in flight entertainment really let's Thomson down on longer flights very cramped seats. Plus side both flights took off on ti...

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9/11/2012 J Brocklesby

Birmingham to Antalya Turkey - very cramped conditions for a 4.5 hour flight. No legroom the seats were very uncomfortable. My husband is 6'2" and was in pain. This cannot be legal to cram so may people into such a small space. We have never had a problem in the past with both Thomson and First Choice but will consider other air...

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9/10/2012 Gillian Knowles

Larnaca to Bristol Sept 2nd 2012. So little space. I am amazed its actually legal to cram so many people so close together on a flight of over 4 hours duration. We flew out Thomas Cook and I had no complaints. The return journey I had very little room and I am only 5'2". My hubby of 5'10" had his knees in the seat in front the w...

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9/10/2012 W Heppenstall

5.5 hr flight to Egypt 767-300 2-4-2 config. Uncomfortable and cramped seats as others have mentioned absolutely no entertainment free or paid no option for inflight meals not even a map to show where you we're. Blankets etc now charged for. Thomson are now a budget airline unbearable on anything over 2-3 hours. Please bring bac...

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9/6/2012 B Hunter

Appalling flight to and from Egypt simply not an acceptable level of comfort for an almost 6 hour flight. Seats cramped no legroom and if the person in front reclines their seat you cannot even put your table down. No entertainment expensive and not really edible heated snacks. Staff did their best and were pleasant enough but t...

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9/5/2012 Jade Ramsey

When booking with Thomson I thought we were going to be flying with an above low budget. I thought wrong they are no better than the low budget airlines trying to cut back saving themselves a few pounds. We flew to Tenerife South from EMA in August 2012 the Thomson flight there was nice decent leg room and nice cabin crew. Thoug...

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9/5/2012 I Garnham

Very cramped seating on 757 NCL to Gran Canaria - 4hrs 20 mins flight. Inflight drinks and food were a total rip off. Fly easyjet or jet2 as they are the premium carriers now.

9/3/2012 G Kennedy

Glasgow to Paphos August 2012. B757-200 aircraft with no seat pockets to give a little more legroom but nowhere to store water bottles etc. Seats were very tight and I'm not over five foot nine. When the person in front reclines it's awful as the small pocket is now at the top and in your face! Check in at both airports uneventf...

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8/30/2012 D Hambridge

Recently flew Thomson/First Choice to Orlando from Birmingham on July 28th on 767-300. Both ways good service and the flight was on time. I was a little bit disappointed at the fact we were flying on a First Choice aircraft as every time I'd flown First Choice the seats were extremely uncomfortable. However I found that the seat...

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8/30/2012 Chris Prentice

Flew to Tenerife from Gatwick. Thomson Airlines are now simply a budget airline. Think of everything a budget airline offers and Thomson have it: No inflight entertainment rip off meals and drinks and extremely squashed up seats. Use to enjoy Thomson flights but never again!

8/30/2012 G C Nock

Manchester to Sanford Orlando 10th August in Premium cabin. Both flights on time reasonably comfortable seat food not too bad free drinks decent afternoon tea on the outbound flight. IFE acceptable. The people who complain about the premium class on this site should understand its not Business class they should use Virgin or BA ...

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