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TUIfly Nordic 1 review

1/5/2016 Sven Fernandez

Flew TUIfly Nordic from Helsinki to Lanzarote return, as part of a holiday package trip. The crew were friendly and cheerful. They were multilingual and willing to help. The plane was new and quiet, but the seats were absolutely horrible for anything beyond a 4 hour flight. Too shallow, too hard, didn't recline nearly enough (barely a few centimeters). By the time we arrived my butt had ceased to exist. Whatever happened to nice, soft airline seats where you could sleep? The ground staff at Helsinki airport was decidedly pedantic and unpleasant. At Lanzarote however the staff was quite cheerful and helpful. Timeliness was good on the departure, but on the return trip we were 1 hour delayed with no explanation nor apology. You have to pay for absolutely everything. Headphones, meals, drinks, etc. Not even pillows or blankets are offered. Very poor for a charter airline. Will not fly again if I can avoid it. Nowhere was this airline advertised as a low-cost airline!

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