Seat Map Airbus A321 (321) v1 Turkish Airlines

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 Map Airbus A321 (321) v1 Turkish Airlines
Seat Map Airbus A321 (321) v1 Turkish Airlines
Seat Map Airbus A321 (321) v1 Turkish Airlines

Airplane Airbus A321 (321) v1 Turkish Airlines with 2 classes and 188 seats on board. Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which should be avoided.


10/17/2019 Alan Kay, seat 2D

Boarding at IST was fairly quick with priority given to Business Class passengers. Welcome drinks were served rather late due to the constant stream of passengers queuing to move to the rear of the aircraft. The seat was quite uneven and I suspect rather old. The cabin service was good with a hot breakfast served shortly after t...

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5/2/2019 Shabbir Hussain, seat 3A

The inflight breakfast served in business class was not up to the mark and the seat and leg rest was very uncomfortable .

1/13/2018 Clement Nettey, seat 10D

Service was excellent and meals good except that the freshly baked and very tasty bread was too small. Take off and landing for both legs were excellent being a retired pilot myself.

12/5/2017 SeatGuru User, seat 23C

Terrible plane; not suitable for medium/long haul as my flight was. No entertainment and no space. Also my seat didn't even recline! These planes should be short haul internal use only.

12/5/2017 SeatGuru User, seat 25A

2017/11/30 IST-AMS. Very little knee room and I'm only 5ft 6in (168cm). Pocket too small for even a small water bottle. Seat very narrow, so if person in B (and likely E on other side of aisle) is even slightly large-ish, they spill over into your space. View from window is good.

9/21/2017 SeatGuru User, seat 16F

Great service, best entertainment interactive screen and lots of movies. Great food. A bit smaller for leg room than larger planes. Still, way better than any other airline as a whole experience.

7/4/2017 Justin B, seat 4A

Vile business class - no tv - very disappointing.

1/5/2017 SeatGuru User, seat BUSINESS

Terrible business class seats!! Hard ! No space for my legs! I am 190 cm ! Could hardley bent my table! Food was great ! Not worth at all to pay business for this short distance from amsterdam to istanbul !

10/1/2016 SeatGuru User, seat 2F

This aircraft at a "true" business class product. 20 Total seats in 2x2 configuration. (A320 earlier in the week had the "European Biz class" with middle seat folded down). I flew on 737-800 back in May and I had the "real" biz class cabin. I guess on the narrowbody fleet, you never know what you are going to get, but I find thi...

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9/24/2016 SeatGuru User, seat 17A

No legroom at all. I am not extremely large (1.82 m), but my knees got stuck against the seat in front of me. No fun in a 5.5 hrs flight DYE-IST (6 hrs including delay). No IFE either, just a few small overhead screens. My next leg was on another Turkish A321-200 (TK1957, IST-AMS), but that one was newer and MUCH roomier, and w...

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5/16/2016 Baris E, seat 03A

On flight tk1637 ist muc, seat 3A doesn't align with the window and you end up having to lean forward to see anything outside. Should be noted for window seats of this row. Aircraft was airbus 321-200

5/15/2016 SeatGuru User, seat 24A

Awful seats in economy. Incredibly cramped. We were packed in like sardines. Sat for 3 hours in the heat on the tarmac because of congestion before taking off. Were not even offered a glass of water at this time. Asked staff for wine with my meal when it was finally served. Was ignored by three fdifferent light attendants....

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1/20/2016 Tisha Dames, seat D

Although the flight was pleasant and the service good , I didn't enjoy the trip so much as there was a bunch of guys who had booked about 8 rows of seats in front of me and next to me. They were noisy and really walked up and down the entire time. The airline and flight attendants themselves were excellent, just the passengers ...

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11/19/2015 SeatGuru User, seat 28F

28F is a normal window seat on the older planes, but on the newer A321 (tailsign TC-JSN and onwards) there's a HUGE inflight entertainment box waiting for you to cut off almost half of the space originally designed to store your feet. So better avoid this seat if you have two feet and you don't want to sit misaligned for the who...

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7/24/2015 SeatGuru User, seat 4D

Flight from TLV to IST. Had a different configuration from this seat map. Business class had 5 rows of 2 recliner seats on each side (not the 3 economy seats with 1 empty middle..). Pleasantly surprised. Quite comfortable for a short flight, good food (full meal-1st & main course) and good service. USB and electric port for each...

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7/23/2015 SeatGuru User, seat 24F

Best entertainment system i have utilized so far in economy class seating. Very clear, very interactive and very easy to open and stow. Also like to add in increased the interior aesthetics of this airline model.

2/3/2015 SeatGuru User, seat 14A

This aircraft is very very cramped in any seat other than emergency exit if you are tall. My shoulders touched the passengers on either side of me. seats are very thin and so am I if you think it is down to my girth. This is obviously a new directive from Turkish sadly - my knees touch the seat in front. It is nit comfortable in...

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7/16/2014 SeatGuru User, seat 18D

I Was Sitting In Seat 18D On An Airbus A321 From Heathrow To Istanbul. The View Was Excellent But The Stewards And Stewardesses Were Not To Friendly. I Wouldn't Recommend Turkish Airlines

7/9/2014 SeatGuru User, seat 24

I went on this plane one week ago i was in seat 24. I loved that seat because you can see the wing of the plane very well and a nice view the,lavatory's were not far and cabin crew walked up and down the plane so u can order anything u need as well as the personal screens I was amazing.recommend that seat a lot.

5/24/2014 SeatGuru User, seat 19F

Worst airline ive been on so far. My phones screen is larger than planes. Good thing i didnt pay the extra 2100USD for upgrade, business seats are exactly the same as Qatar airways economy seats.