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5/26/2019 B Deane

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Birmingham. Very happy with my flight. It was on time, seats were comfortable, plenty of choice on the IFE and the food was excellent. Cabin crew were very friendly and helpful. Would definitely use Turkish again

5/25/2019 Yevheniy Kahanovych

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Paris. Spotless experience and better than expected. Web-site was easy to book and check in. Airport check in took 1 min. Boarding organized by zones and fast. Cabin was spotless and seat comfortable. Entertainment system worked fine on the first flight, but was oldish on the second. When I tried to charge my phone on the second leg, the USB and power port were out of order. The purse took my phone and charged it at other outlet. Food was great, bar service generous. Toilets were spotless and amenities included toilet water. Crew attentive. Legroom fine. My second flight was around 30 min late due to storm over Istanbul. Bag on the belt in 20 min. 5 days after flight I received an email from customer relations with apologies for malfunctioning power port (crew reported it!) and 2500 miles to my account. I recommend TK and remain their loyal customer. Bad thing: Internet connection was out of order on the both flights. Not a big deal though.

5/24/2019 J Calson

✅ Trip Verified | Kiev to Male via Istanbul. Two days lost and headaches all the way to our wedding. Horrible experience from start to finish with Turkish Airlines on our wedding/honeymoon trip from Kiev to Maldives. Sorry for the lengthy post. I will try to make it as concise as possible. Website and Mobile App issues: After creating my online profile, I needed to update my name to include my middle name, as it shows on my passport. Once my tickets were issued from Expedia, Turkish Airlines website and App couldn’t link the ticket to my Miles&Smiles profile because of the name discrepancy. It took several calls and emails to support, and even now it still shows my first name and middle name combined. Couldn’t update my rewards number: I mistakenly had the wrong Miles&Smiles number on my Expedia account when I purchased the tickets (copy/pasted without the last digit). Turkish airlines couldn’t update my ticket with the correct rewards number. Sure, it was my mistake, but it seemed like a simple request to update my ticket. Flight schedule change: Our flight times from IST to MLE on April 30th change from arriving at 11:50am to arriving 12:15pm, which was not a big deal, but logging into their website and App the system asked me to confirm the change, cancel the flight, or change the flight. There was no option to confirm the change. I couldn’t change my flight (which was free of charge). Every time I’d select the new flight arriving in MLE at 12:15, the system would say it couldn’t find a flight with that time. I made several calls to Turkish Airlines support, and they never helped me clarify if I was confirmed on the changed flight. The best they could do was tell me to contact Expedia and have them re-issue tickets. Between Turkish Airlines and Expedia support, I must have made a half dozen calls regarding this. By the end, Turkish airlines best response was that “everything should be fine”. All I wanted to know is that everything IS fine”. Cancelled flight from KBP to IST: As we were about to board our flight from KBP to IST on April 29th at 9:30pm, we were told at the gate that our flight was cancelled. • It took 6 hours to stand in line for new tickets. Calling customer support, the guy was rude and told me to just wait in line. When calling Expedia’s Gold customer support to get me a new flight, they were unable to assist because the Turkish Airlines flight was not showing an updated status, and that the flight was still on-time. Expedia could have helped me get new tickets, but they just needed to confirm the flight was cancelled. Expedia even called Turkish Airlines to get updates, and Turkish Airlines was unable to give them the cancelled status. So, after several calls to Turkish airlines and Expedia, we just continued to wait in line. We eventually got new tickets to IST, which left Kiev at 10am the next day (April 30th) and arrived in IST at 12pm. However, our connection from IST to MLE was at 1:00am that morning on April 30th, arriving in MLE at 12:15pm. The next flight from IST to MLE was at 4:15am on May 1st arriving in MLE at 2:20pm. • Turkish Airlines did put us up in a hotel for a few hours, since our new departure wasn’t unto 4:15am the next day. But, the customer service representatives in IST airport were all rude and lacked any empathy. The hotel (Ibis Hotel) was a 1-hour drive from the airport The room was dirty. Sheets stained. Hair and bead trimmings in bathroom I had to pay for a visa ($30, not a big deal)

5/24/2019 Alan Reut

Not Verified | I booked flights on Turkish Airlines for my wife and myself. Without reason, they debited the double the amount. During one month, it was impossible to contact them and to have a clear answer by email, by phone or even on Facebook. They always repeated the same sh*t and nothing change. Finally, I directly called the customer service from Geneva airport and they gave to me an email where to explain my situation. After 10 emails with them, they finally refund my ticket, but not the one of my wife. They ask her to sign documents that she agree that the amount will be refund on my account, which makes no sense as I paid both tickets with my credit card. Anyway, its been 2 months now and the issue is still not resolved. I honestly never had an experience like that without any other company.

5/23/2019 C Han

✅ Trip Verified | The flight was delayed due to technical issue and caused our subsequent flight to delay. We had 15 minutes to dash to our next connecting flight. There were no ground staffs to help neither were there at buggy system around to sweep us through the big empty airport in Istanbul. Worst, the Turkish airline air transfer desk agents weren’t helpful at all. Although we explained we book our tickets with their partner flight in one same booking; they do not want to hold accountable for our lost. Worst, the manager or we think who pretends to be the manager will not offer us help or give us a clear explanation as to why; when we were already checked in all the way to Melbourne from Tel Aviv (even with the lugage proof). His arrogant and ignorant behavior were not professional. Very poor customer service.

5/22/2019 P Calesse

✅ Trip Verified | Kathmandu to Bordeaux via Istanbul. Several problems: baggage with 3 days delay when returning from Nepal. No compensation. I had to pick up my luggage myself at the airport on a Sunday in the late afternoon. Flight from Kathmandu with more than 8 hours late (already 2 hours one way). The flight duration displayed on the outward and return journey is not the right one. It takes 2 hours more. I did not find the staff pleasant considering the late conditions. by buying the ticket, the return flight was to last 17h. In the end, it lasted 36 hours. The price of the ticket being more expensive than another company, the total duration and the rest make it better to avoid Turkish Airlines. Plusieurs problèmes : bagages avec 3 jours de retard au retour du Népal. Pas de dédommagements. J'ai du aller chercher mes bagages moi même à l'aéroport un dimanche en fin d'après midi. Vol au départ de Kathmandou avec plus de 8 h de retard (déjà 2 h à l'aller). La durée de vol affichée à l'aller et au retour n'est pas la bonne. Il faut compter 2 heures de plus. Je n'ai pas trouvé que le personnel était agréable compte tenu des conditions de retard. en achetant le billet, le vol retour devait durer 17h. Au final, il a duré 36 h. Le prix du billet étant plus cher qu'une autre compagnie, la durée totale et le reste font qu'il vaut mieux éviter turkish Airlines

5/22/2019 Yousef Abdelmalak

✅ Trip Verified | Moscow to Hurghada via Istanbul. The poorest ever customer service, 23rd Feb. 2019, I flew with my son from Moscow to Hurghada Egypt via Istanbul, the flights were delayed, which was not their fault due to snow, we arrived to hurghada 3 hours late, and our luggage were left behind in Istanbul. we stayed just under 24 hours in Hurghada then my son went back to Moscow without his luggage and I travelled to Cairo. Communications with Turkish Airline customer service worse than poor, the luggage. arrived three and half days later with one luggage was damaged. From March the time I reported it, the case still going, they refused to compensate me for the damaged luggage because I reported it after eight days, no compensation for what I needed for necessary need for three and half days of the 6 days the length of my trip because I didn't obtain receipts for what I purchased, I had to carry my son's case back to London where he visited me the following week and took it back. I will never ever fly Turkish Airlines again if they pay me. I spent the most 3.5 miserable days of my life worrying as I had medications in the lost cases, by the way I am 70 years old, and they had no sympathy whatsoever. I challenge them to respond to this review. On my son's return to Moscow he also had another nightmare experience and had to pay for another airline to get back to Moscow and there was no compensation whatsoever (found out later they responded to him to visit their office in Moscow to get some kind of voucher to be offset against his next flight with their airline, why will he be forced to use their airline again?)) This review is mainly about how the customer service handled my issue,

5/22/2019 K Tang

✅ Trip Verified | On May 14 I traveled from Addis Ababa to London via Istanbul. When I landed in Gatwick I was told that my luggage I checked in at Addis did not make my flight connection in Istanbul and was subsequently not in London. I had a wilderness medical training course that day, and all of my gear was in my luggage. Because I had to travel from London to Wales that day, the desk agent at Gatwick told me that the earliest day my luggage could be delivered to my location would be 2 days. I strongly expressed that it was urgent I need my gear for my course, and finally after much convincing, the desk manager made a phone call to have my luggage delivered to my location the next day. He told me that I could go online to file a claim to receive compensation for the delay. Afterwards, when I did submit the claim, I was told that because I didn't have the original receipt documenting my "urgent need" my claim could not be processed. I was never given such a receipt, nor told that I needed to ask for or keep any particular paperwork in order to apply for the claim. Furthermore, the claim evaluation insisted that my baggage was delivered to me the same day, which it was not. I did not receive my luggage until 26 hours later, on the second day. The service has been deplorable. I do not recommend this airline if you value your luggage or your time.

5/21/2019 Tabz, Airbus A330-300 (333) seat 1A

Flew on TK004 from JFK to IST in Business Class. Food is outstanding. Rest was on par with other airlines (ex. ME3 + Singapore) . Great bang for the buck, if you're looking to fly BC.

5/21/2019 K Liao

Not Verified | Istanbul to Singapore. Perhaps one of the worst airline amongst the Middle East airlines. Despite being flown in and out of the brand new Istanbul Airport, both flights were delayed and made worst when there was no announcement by the airline nor by the airport. Service was really bad, with air crew shouting across aisle and at passengers. Unpleasant experience. Poor attempt at food. Best thing served was the still water. nly good thing of the airline is that it didn't bring me to destination. And this will be my last flight with them. Period.

5/20/2019 M Dawson

✅ Trip Verified | Kigali to Gatwick via Istanbul. Friendly and efficient crew on board. Took great care to ensure comfort and satisfaction on board. Excellent food and drink service. On time and simple transfer via the fab new IST airport and new TK biz lounge is really great.

5/20/2019 Attilio Rapisarda

Not Verified | Singapore to Catania via Istanbul. Because of my Turkish Airlines, TK55, scheduled to leave Singapore on May 5th 2019 right after midnight, was late, I could not take my connecting flight in Istanbul and I could only fly 11 hours later than scheduled to Catania, my final destination. In order to be reprotected on this other flight, I had to go through hell at the "Care Centre" service assistant. He repeatedly misunderstood my requests (Poor English? Poor attitude?). His supervisor couldn't care less and, for a couple of hours, all his colleagues refused to assist me. Also, throughout the new Istanbul airport, I could not find a single customer service assistant (youngsters who wear the "ask me" t-shirt around the airport) who could speak decent English. Horrible experience with Turkish Airlines and with the new Istanbul airport. Never again.

5/19/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) seat 53G

Seat was ok better leg room then A330 but something is wrong because the seats finished on row 56 and not 53 as seat guru showing, please seat guru fix this problem and add the proper turkish airline boing 777 300 seat map

5/19/2019 ANDRIANI SKYRIANOU, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) seat 52J


5/19/2019 Ronda Thayer

Not Verified | Miami to Tel Aviv via Istanbul. Do not use Turkish Airlines if you can avoid them! The seats are extremely uncomfortable for the flight lengths they entail. The pilot never communicated or was reassuring with passengers on terrible turbulence. Flight attendants were unfriendly. They literally slammed the food on our trays and tossed rolls on them. Seats felt like hardwood. Terrible on backs. It was a nightmare for all 40 passengers on our group. No one slept on our 12-hour flight.

5/18/2019 Carlo Buzzichelli

Not Verified | Doha to Milan via Istanbul. Flight TK781 delayed in Doha, lost connection. The connection flight was actually delayed, too, but did not wait for me (only 3 minutes late on the already delayed connection flight) although checked in. Arrived 4+ hours late in Milan with another flight, lost car reservation money, too. Avoid at all costs.

5/18/2019 Vikram Kohli

✅ Trip Verified | I wish I can give them minus stars, They don't deserve even 1 Star. One of the worst airlines to fly with. Zero customer Service, No Courtesy, No support when flight cancels, No Wheel Chair Support, Baggage was Damaged. I can't even count problems with this Airline, I really don't know how they are flying at international level. It's my mistake I chose this airline to fly. Worst experience of my 20 years of flying history. I won't recommend anyone to fly with this airlines as I will never ever fly with them.

5/17/2019 Ola Jansved, Airbus A330-300 (333) seat 3D

Traveled from ARN earlier today with an A300-200 to IST. Brand new and great experience. Now I’m on TK64 a IST-BKK on A300-300. Still very nice but I think a bit older. But forget about the aircraft....the service, food etc are extraordinary!!

5/17/2019 Elena Rata

✅ Trip Verified | Chisinau to New York via Istanbul. In one word, awful! Nobody speaks proper English in Istanbul airport, I bought some goods from Moldovian duty free and when I got to Istanbul they say I’m not allowed to fly further with them since they were not purchased from Istanbul duty free. Who does that? All the stuff was not trashed but put safely on the corner so they can use it probably. In the plane I bought the 24 h internet which was not working at all, when asked why they just said the satellite is not working like thats not a big deal. This is definitely my last time I fly with this airline.

5/17/2019 Richard Crombie

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to London via Istanbul. Travel a lot and in 25 years was probably the worst experience. Planes late and missing connections meaning I am now being rerouted to UK airport where I don’t want to go. Understand things go wrong but Turkish Airways are massively unhelpful and are like ghosts hiding in a brand new giant shopping centre pretending to be an airport - maybe teething problems but spent over an hour on a overcrowded bus to plane on the way out. Never again for me.