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10/7/2019 T Huang

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Ho Chi Minh city. One of the worse flight I have ever been on. USB charger not working, both for me the guy seated next to me. The touch screen on the inflight entertainment is hardly sensitive. Food is okay and seat legroom is unsurprisingly tight for a 1.81m guy. Crew are rude. The only plus poin...

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10/6/2019 Mesut Karlık

✅ Trip Verified | İstanbul to Izmir. Very good meal and staff. The plane took off on time. Staff was smiling, sandwiches were delicious. Will fly again.

10/4/2019 B Hareet

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Istanbul. , staff from Menzies Aviation and the cabin crew have been very rude. Wont even choose this again, split our seats me and my husband sitting on different seats, despite we reserved the seats beforehand! Flight delayed as well about 30 minutes without appropriate explanation. Very annoyed.

10/3/2019 Salvina Miceli

✅ Trip Verified | Kuala Lumpur to Catania via Istanbul. We arrived Istanbul 40 minutes delayed and we couldn’t take the connections from Istanbul to Catani . We tried to fix the situation as much as we could but the office in Istanbul didn’t do anything so we had to buy a new ticket from Istanbul to Catania costing us another 6...

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10/3/2019 P Patarsorn

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Bangkok. Unacceptable inflight Service. The carelessness towards passenger who do not speak English. Incomplete service duty (ignore to distribute amenity kit to me). The ignorance towards passenger’s requests. Every Business Class passenger deserves to get one amenity kit each for long-haul flight...

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10/2/2019 Filippo Bertoni

✅ Trip Verified | Venice to Aqaba via Istanbul. Both flights very good. Cabin crew very friendly, uniforms look fancy but not practical for FAs. Food good and abundant. Both flights landed ahead of schedule. New Istanbul airport is impressive but I noticed low-quality construction materials used here & there. Taxi time can be l...

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10/2/2019 W Abbott

✅ Trip Verified | Los Angeles to Delhi via Istanbul. After noticing an error in the itinerary a matter of minutes after booking a ticket on the clunky Turkish Airlines site, I called the service number to have the error corrected. Wouldn't have thought there was an airline left that wouldn't be willing to correct a flight itiner...

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10/1/2019 I Hargum

✅ Trip Verified | Atlanta to Istanbul. They lost my stuff in my suitcase and now they’re giving me a hard time not to reimburse me and trying to get away with it. Worst customer service ever!

9/29/2019 Matthew Tuffin

Not Verified | Bodrum to London. A major issue with sweltering hot cabin temperature on flights to and from Turkey, however on return flight due to increased passenger load this became quite unbearable on the nearly 4-hour flight. The crew showed little concern for the issue even though repeated requests were made by various pa...

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9/27/2019 T Eldem

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Ankara on Turkish Airlines. As I was transferring from an international flight, I proceeded directly to the domestic lounge which is a disappointment compared to TK’s international lounge at Istanbul Airport. The aircraft was a new A321-neo and the hard product was in great shape with seats offering...

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9/26/2019 Mayas Landalkhi

Not Verified | Istanbul to Dammam with Turkish Airlines. We entered Istanbul airport and the staff were so kind, the check-in staff had a big smile on their faces and the check-in process was quick. When we entered the plane we were welcomed by the staff and they were very polite, the seat is comfortable for a medium-haul fligh...

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9/24/2019 Bahnmueller, Airbus A330-300 (333) seat 7A

Ausreichend Platz, bequem, Beinfreiheit verbesserungsfähig

9/24/2019 Zaid Irshaid

Not Verified | Amman to Dublin via Istanbul. Rude crew on both flights. Delayed 1 hour 30 minutes at the gate each time. No knee room in the premium economy at all am 180 cm. Poor food. Broken infotainment. The inflight map never works. Dirty seats

9/23/2019 Alex N, Airbus A330-300 (333) seat 29J

by far the worst legroom.i flied with TK athens to instabul and then phuket.even the athens to instabul had better leg room.never again with them

9/23/2019 N Kalarne

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Manila. My baggage was mishandled by this airline. I have been travelling for 2 months over Europe and Africa and this has never happened to me up until I took this airline. My baggage was delayed and they did not even have the courtesy to directly deliver my baggage to me. They want me to go throu...

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9/23/2019 H Robinson

✅ Trip Verified | Vienna to Baku via Istanbul. Four excellent flights with Turkish Airlines. All flights departed early or on time. Full meal service and seat back entertainment - surely the only airline in Europe that offers this. Friendly competent cabin crew. Clean and relatively comfortable aircraft. Prompt organised and eff...

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9/23/2019 T Eldem

✅ Trip Verified | Zurich to Istanbul on Turkish. As I connected from an inbound flight on Swiss and had obtained my boarding pass for the connecting flight, I did not have to go through any check-in procedure. At the gate, the agents were courteous and ensured an orderly boarding. Onboard the brand new A321neo, the business clas...

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9/22/2019 O Logvynenko

Not Verified | Flight from Istanbul to Singapore delayed which meant missed Singapore connection to Melbourne. Turkish Airlines were rude and insensitive to customers dilemma and totally lacking customer service skills. Given new boarding pass for next day to Bangkok rather than Singapore as originally planned. Then being held ...

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9/22/2019 Nitin Jinagal

✅ Trip Verified | Delhi to Cologne via Istanbul. I have flown with almost all the airlines but never came across a total unprofessional staff such as of Turkish airlines. Delay of 6 hours from Delhi but they did not bother to tell us. Then I missed my connection and they made me to buy EVisa, they promised but never refunded t...

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9/21/2019 Dan Perini

Not Verified | London to Tokyo Narita via Istanbul. I'm writing this only because prior to the trip I wanted to read some reviews of this airline, so I came here and panicked seeing that the majority are all very bad. I have to say that all the legs of my trip, all operated by Turkish, were timely and well organised. Service on...

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