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5/15/2019 Noel Griffin

Not Verified | Dhaka to Dublin via Istanbul. For my flight from Dhaka to Istanbul the flight was delayed due to late arrival of aircraft in Dhaka, and was approx 2 hours late in arriving at Istanbul. When I asked a crew member about the delay and what I can do upon arrival in Istanbul as I would not make my connecting flight he became extremely aggressive, he displayed the same attitude to other concerned customers on the flight. In Istanbul they arranged a hotel, but I found both the customer service service staff and the hotel booking staff to be extremely rude and unwilling to answer questions. I was approx 24hrs late in arriving at my final destination. They informed us that our pick up from the hotel for the rearranged flight was to be at 03:00am but the bus did not arrive until 03:30am. No apology was ever offered for any of the delays. I tried writing to Turkish Airlines but no joy, they are not in the least helpful or apologetic and their complaints procedure must be deliberately designed to frustrate aggrieved passengers. Last time I shall fly Turkish as I am concerned with the attitude of their staff and their aggressive behaviour.

5/13/2019 L Yan

✅ Trip Verified | Miami to Hong Kong via Istanbul. If you are a Vegetarian, do not fly with Turkish Airlines. I order vegetarian special meal VOML for my mother when flying with me in advance. When we flight with Turkish Airlines, they will serve her some food she can't touch from time to time such like eggs, cheese, cake with egg/ice cream. However the worse experience happened at the business class from IST to HKG TK070 flight. They served her a meatball as a starter? So I told this FA "We have a special meal but this apparently is a meatball that she cannot touch". This FA then replied me "I know you have a special meal,but this is just a starter, we always serve meals one by one". I asked him a question "If you are a Muslim and order a Muslim mean, how will you feel if you are served a pork as a starter?" I can't believe what he said the next moment. "I am OK with that" After hearing this answers, I was so furious and done talking with him then asked him to remove this meatball from my mother's table. This is the first time I was so angry at a cabin crew. After this terrible experience, I left a feedback at TK website. Their reply "special meal requests can be added for the main course only. Since we cannot provide this service for starters, they may include some milk products or meat" So they really don't care if their guests will get sick but still serving these bad foods for them. This is definitely the worse and most ridiculous airline I have even seen.

5/12/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) seat 11J

Flight 1953 IST to AMS, left 1,5 hours late due to missed slot. seats 11H, J and K are actually very good, surprised to see them marked yellow instead of green, legroom is excellent, bulkhead actually 3-4 inches further away than seats 11A to F. Crew professional, and nice to have a warm meal on a short flight.

5/12/2019 Sissel Walum

Not Verified | After having booked months time before we were informed shortly before our trip that Turkish Airlines had changed their timetable so that we could not fly from Mombasa to Oslo on a direct route, but had to stop overnight in Istanbul. Decided to make the best out of it and planned for it, including buying football tickets. When arriving Istanbul and consulting the Turkish Airlines desk we were advised to take a seat and wait for a shuttle bus. No one could tell us hos long we had to wait, the name of the hotel or were it was located. After one and a half hours we gave up, booked our one hotel and took a taxi. This to not lose our appointments in Istanbul, meeting up with others and reach the football game. You cannot expect customers who has paid for their tickets to accept to be brought to a place to stay for a night in Istanbul, waiting for hours, without learning the destination. No more Turkish Airlines.

5/8/2019 Christopher Hackley

✅ Trip Verified | London to Izmir via Istanbul. First time I’d flown TK. I found them very good in the air, cabin crew, planes, food, all very nice. Not so great on the ground, ground staff, call centre, computer systems. My flight from LHR was delayed so I missed the connection in Istanbul. Most ground staff don’t speak English, and I was given contradictory instructions from those that could speak a little English. I eventually got on a flight to Izmir three hours later, but it wasn’t an easy process, made worse by the vast distances one has to walk between gates in the cavernous new airport. Also, I’d phoned a TK call centre (based in Ukraine) to pay an extra £40 or so each way for extra leg room seats. However, as the departure times kept changing, my seats kept changing, and for the return leg to London from Istanbul I was not given an extra leg room seat. Luckily there was a spare exit row seat and the cabin crew sorted me out. Overall, I think their cabin crew and planes are very good, ground staff and call centre staff need better training and they all need better computer systems and software to work with.

5/7/2019 Adriana Pisoi

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Bucharest. We make our check in in the airport, they Take our luggage , we go to the gate and at the gate surprise they dont let uș board with two children, because they say the flight is overbooked. We had to wait in the airport with two children until 5 oclock in the morning until they bring uș to a hotel 2 hours far away from the airport without luggage, without eat without nothing. Our first and last flight with this airline.

5/7/2019 M Galerko

✅ Trip Verified | Rome to Prishtina via Istanbul. I flew with this company several times in the past years, and I can honestly say that it is getting worse and worse. I flew from Rome to Prishtina via Istanbul, all 4 flights had a delay (which apparently is pretty normal with Turkish). The ground staff is for the most part useless. In Istambul i have tried to ask a few information about a flight delay (i had just 30 minutes before the connecting flight) and the whole answer was: "Relax Sir, No problem Sir, It's okay". The new airport is a gigantic mess, very big and disorganized. When you land in Istanbul it takes about 20 to 25 minutes taxiing and other 10 minutes before they actually start disembarking, it's an exhausting experience especially if you are in a hurry. Forget about asking for some indication at the new airport, they all chat between each other, some with a coffee in their hands. I flew with four different aircraft on this trip, two were fairly new, the other two were old, seats worn. Food on board was of very poor quality.., let me repeat this, very...poor quality. In general i can say that crew is decently trained and deliver a good experience or at least they try, of course it is far from the experience you get flying Qatar or Emirates but still pretty good, while ground personnel, especially in Istanbul is the personification of the word Lazy. A complete disaster. I will try and avoid Turkish Airlines in the future, it is not a cheap company and definitely not worth for the money you pay. If you are in a hurry or you know you will be avoid this company and avoid the new istanbul airport at all costs.

5/6/2019 Zeshan Shah

✅ Trip Verified | Flew on Turkish Airlines IAD-IST-KHI and return KHI-IST-IAD. Turkish Airlines has consistently maintained its quality since I first flew with them in 2007. The flights leave on time, the catering is excellent, the inflight entertainment is extensive and the interface easy to use, and the cabin crew is excellent. Interesting though the A330 on the KHI-IST route and return seemed to have more leg room and was newer than the A330 on the IAD-IST route which was showing its age. The A330 on the IAD-IST route had a slow responding interface for the inflight entertainment and a broken table on the return flight. But Turkish Airlines will be replacing the A330 on its flight to IAD with the 787 sometime in the summer. Turkish food was served on the return leg which I personally like, and I saw the cabin staff helping elderly passengers walk to the lavatory which was nice. Overall another wonderful experience with Turkish Airlines.

5/6/2019 Pooja Jain

✅ Trip Verified | Mumbai to Dublin via Istanbul. Never book Turkish airlines if you are traveling to Dublin from Mumbai. If the flight gets delay from Mumbai, they don't have any other options for you. They will straight forward ask you to stay in hotel in Istanbul. They do not care for any for your time loss. No decisions has been made from airlines crew within time. They kept me waiting for more than 3 hours.

5/5/2019 M Shaw

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Budapest via Dublin with Turkish Airlines. Delays on each flight for both legs of the journey - stuck in Istanbul for almost 20 hours with ground staff who were rude, slow or unhelpful and took an hour to get our bags. The only only thing positive I can say is that the food on the plane is good, everything else was disastrous.

5/2/2019 Shabbir Hussain, Airbus A321 (321) v1 seat 3A

The inflight breakfast served in business class was not up to the mark and the seat and leg rest was very uncomfortable .

5/2/2019 J Dalwen

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Algiers, planned to take off at 9:30 pm and to arrive to Algiers at 11:20 pm same night. We got an announcement that the flight is delayed by 2:55 hours due to technical issue. Then after boarding around midnight, and after starting taxiing, the pilot announced that the issue is still there and we have to go back to the gate! Another delay announced! Furthermore, they did not allow the passengers to get off the plane! complete chaos since the passengers do not want to take this aircraft anymore (and I completely understand) and what worsen the situation is that neither the pilot nor any official came to us and explained what is going on. No explanation, no apology, nothing! they requested the police and we saw armed civilian men at the gate . We did not take off until 6:30 am (that's a total delay of more than 9 hours!) Due to this delay, I lost my full working day in Algiers on April 15 due to the resulting inconvenience and fatigue (I am a consultant and I had several meeting planned for that day). I will never take Turkish Airlines again.

4/29/2019 S Gonser

✅ Trip Verified | Basel to Cape Town via Istanbul. When I arrived in Istanbul at 10pm we are informed that TK44 to Cape Town (departure at 1.55am) is delayed 4,5 hours. No reason for this Delay was announced. I received a voucher for Burger King, Sbarro Pizza or Popeys. The staff at the gate were very unfriendly.

4/29/2019 Sami Osman

Not Verified | Abu Dhabi to Luxembourg via Istanbul. From AUH-IST, as the flight was at 1:30am, the flight was I comfortable due to the small size of the aircraft. The seats were cramped although the leg room was okay-ish. Service started mid way through and the food was okay but nothing great. Staff was mostly friendly. IST-LUX staff was friendlier, aircraft was bit better, the food was of the same standard though. I think it was a decent experience overall but I would prefer a more spacious air craft even if the flight is 4.5 hours from AUH.

4/28/2019 Norka Idalia Orlando

✅ Trip Verified | The experience with Turkish Airlines has been devastating one. First paid $200 Euros per luggage, totaling $400 Euros for 2 luggage that end up lost between Turkish Airlines and JetBlue. My itinerary was from Venice to Istanbul to Boston and from there with Jetblue to San Juan, Puerto Rico. Once I made it to Boston I looked for my luggage and it never made it to BOS. I immediately try to make a reclamation to Turkish Airlines at BOS and was told that I had to wait until my final destination. Once I made it to my final destination I made my claim. Turkish Airlines will not cooperate with Jetblue and even if JB was really trying to help is not much they could do because TATurkish Airlines did not care for my luggage. It never made to Boston. Turkish Airlines have been unhelpful. In my case, even presenting evidence to both airlines, neither is able to find my lost claim luggage. It seems the claim is a form which after being submitted it get to be submitted evidence, dead word, as they do not even comply with the search of the lost not delivered luggage in hands of Turkish Airlines.

4/26/2019 J Langevi

Not Verified | New York to Erbil via Istanbul. They have the worst customer service. My initial leg was delayed due to weather so I was going to miss my connection. Turkish Airlines did nothing to help - in fact finding someone with Turkish Airlines to assist is a feat in itself. TA kept passing the blame. Bottom line - if any segment of your Turkish Airlines flights causes a delay then you are SOL when it comes to TA. Plan on spending a lot more money and flying another airline because Turkish Airlines will not assist you and they will keep your money. The "customer service" is a joke - they read from scripts and keep repeating the same paragraph - almost like robots. They also tell you to send an email - it is just a stalling tactic.

4/25/2019 M Farsalou

✅ Trip Verified | Tehran to New York via Istanbul. Terrible experience and terrible customer service! Will never fly again. I tried to change my flight date, called the airline and they made the changes. Told me I would be getting a confirmation email after I hang up (Never received it). I called back, submitted my request again and was told that someone would get back to me in at most 7 days (Never happened again). I called back (this was 3 days to the actual flight date), was told I need to go to a Airline office to make a change!. The closest office to me is 250 miles away. Also, there was a schedule change on the ticket that I did not confirm. When I called, I was told that I would not get charged the penalty, I ended up getting charged+the fare difference (almost 500$). In addition to the trip cost (200$) for a one way trip. So this has never happened before with any other airline. It would have been easier to cancel and buy a new flight which would have cost me around $800 for a two way.

4/25/2019 N Kalakis

✅ Trip Verified | Belgrade to Athens via Istanbul. My first flight departed with delay from Belgrade due to local weather conditions in Istanbul. I requested for a connection assistance in order to catch my second flight but the airline did not provide me such assistance. I managed to arrive at the gate of departure of my second flight while boarding was not completed and while the screen mentioned 'last call' but I was denied boarding because 'the system had unchecked me from the second flight due to late arrival of my previous plane'. People were boarding in front of my eyes on the plane. The Turkish Airlines officer deceivingly told me to go to another gate (215) because another plane was waiting for me. He just got rid of me. Gate 215 was near the rebooking office of Turkish Airlines for the issuance of new tickets. Although I was condemned to stay overnight at the airport, I was not proposed hotel accommodation or a meal. I was put on another flight departing next morning without even offered the possibility to select my checked seat (the officer rejected my request for an aisle position despite the fact that the plane was half-empty!). I filled a complaint form for denial of boarding and they replied that they are not responsible for a flight delay due to weather conditions. Turkish Airlines maybe is a large company but it manages these type of routine problems poorly as a low budget airline.

4/25/2019 Vlad Perepichka

✅ Trip Verified | Dublin to Tel Aviv via İstanbul. First of all our flight was delayed for over an hour, but that’s fine we crossed that bridge, then when we arrived in İstanbul airport we were told that we missed our connection flight. Ridiculous considering the fact the tickets were bought from Turkish Airlines and not from different companies, ok, 10 minutes of talking to customer service and we got new tickets from İstanbul to Tel Aviv (not same comfortable plane as it supposed to be but still something) Arriving in Tel Aviv we found our 3 bags on the belt but so called oversized bag (which was actually a doll birthday box for my daughter) was missing almost 2 hours waiting for it to be found (no luck) then another half an hour of registering with lost&found made us exhausted (myself my husband and 2 kids aged 3 and 5 at 5am in the morning is no fun at all) We supposed to pick up our rental car in between 3-4am and when we came to get it apparently the car was gone to another customer because we were late. We had no choice but get another more expensive car that was available (I think Turkish airlines should be liable for that as well) We registered lost baggage gave the address and phone number in Petah and asked them to deliver it there as we were going to Eilat for a few days. I was pretty much confident that should be no problem with contact details. I was 5 days later arriving back to Tel Aviv and with no contact from lost&found I rang them to see what’s the story and I was shocked when I heard that my baggage was delivered to me the following day! Where? When? To who? The answer was simple we have in our system that you baggage left to Eilat next day and was delivered to the hotel so we are really sorry but you have to get it yourself from there! How come they left my baggage in the hotel without notifying me? Answer was: Delivery company rang you but there was no answer. Left a message? I doubt it I think it’s pure lies) Anyway I said I want my baggage back please get it to me! Oh you know it might take couple of days. Fine I said just get it please! Few days later I rang again because nothing came and find out that delivery man came to the hotel in Eilat asked for me but because me and my spouse have different surnames he was told that there’s no such person registered (but then the question is how could he leave it there if he was told the person is not there) Again I was promised that few days later I will get it. As you can imagine I didn’t. Rang again today asked for the manager (was told the manager is in holiday) got to speak to supervisor and what a surprise she said that the baggage is not in the hotel in Eilat but in airport Eilat and because it’s holiday (Pesah) the airport is closed and they can’t get it. And she said you know it’s your fault that it went to Eilat. When I asked her name she refused to give and hanged up on me.

4/24/2019 Trevor Khurana

✅ Trip Verified | Houston to Kiev via Istanbul. Fares seem competitive, but there is a catch in terms of layover time. Mine from Houston to Kiev Via Istanbul had a return leg layover of 14 hours and though TK website says that a layover of over a certain hours gets a complimentary hotel stay. But there is a fine print somewhere which they always get a disqualified citing some wired “rules” that I, even as a frequent traveler cannot comprehend. Another notable difference in Turkey is that there are endless and multiple security checks, and one wonders if one is going through a war zone . Lines at security checks and passport control ( yes, if you need to stay at a hotel for a long layover, one needs to get an e-VISA just to get out, check into a hotel and get back to airport to catch the connecting flight). Ended up paying way more than if I had chosen other airlines like LH or SAS, which I will keep in mind next time