Turkish Airlines


Customer reviews

9/19/2019 W Saleem

✅ Trip Verified | Houston to Karachi via Istanbul. Horrible airline with worst customer service. On our way back from Pakistan to USA, we had a few days stay in Istanbul. Airline cancelled my reservation on their own. Called them several times, no one helped finally they made us pay $1550 more to get new tickets to fly out of I...

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9/18/2019 K Vadar

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Havana. Everything perfect on my trip. I enjoyed the journey from the first moment to the last minute. The crew was very friendly. Very good services on board. Party in the sky with Turkish airline. For me is the first choice for biz class services.

9/16/2019 Kevin Yuan

Not Verified | Hong Kong to London via Istanbul. After I went through security and immigration, I headed tow the plaza premium lounge that Turkish shares with other airlines. The lounge had poor WiFi, poor food choices and unsatisfactory bathrooms. Aboard the plane, the seats were in a tight 2-3-2 layout. At Istanbul airport, ...

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9/15/2019 Glorie Marie Sy, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) seat 13E

I had a great experience on board the airplane, food was really great, and experience great service too..

9/15/2019 N Gelvin

✅ Trip Verified | Kosice to Havana via Istanbul. Turkish used to be one of my favorite airlines, but the most recent trip to Havana with a transit in Istanbul has changed it completely. The onboard service was rather rude, with the passengers being treated more like army recruits than like customers. The flight attendants only ...

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9/14/2019 Kathy Nev

Not Verified | Istanbul to Budapest. They overbooked the flight and even though we were checked in 24 hours before the flight, they didn't let us on the plane and didn't even give us options if we want to stay or go (like other airlines when they over book). And no answer at the gate! The guy totally ignored us and finally when...

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9/12/2019 M Shabani

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Munich. My flight had 3 hr and 45 min delay because of aircraft mechanical issue. So, I missed my connection flight with Air Canada. There is no one from Turkish Airlines in Munich airport right now. The counter is closed. I had to sleep on the airport. Turkish Airlines should have given me a hotel...

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9/12/2019 T Eldem

✅ Trip Verified | Istanbul to Hamburg with Turkish Airlines in Business Class. Check-in was quick and efficient however TK was unable to issue the boarding passes for our onward journey which was on Lufthansa. When questioned, the agent simply told us he did not know. Following check-in we proceeded to the Turkish Airlines lou...

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9/10/2019 Romeo SOLEA, Boeing 777-300ER (77W) seat 48B

The flight was verry good, the personal was verry polite ( one of them offer me other seat because was few free) they give me earphones and an small package with eyes protection for sleep, ear protection and socks and also ask me frequently if I need something . The ambient temperature was Ok, wasn't necessary the blanket. On th...

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9/9/2019 K Eng

Not Verified | Budapest to Kuala Lumpur via Istanbul. Great 100% delay record with the Turkish airlines. Seat wasn't spacious. Old plane. Food was hot, that's about it. There goes the days where steward and stewardess would greet you when you enter and leave the plane. Their service is effective but could be more courteous duri...

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9/8/2019 Naghmeh Kazemnagash

Not Verified | I bought my round trip business class ticket from New York to Tehran via Istanbul on July 30th 2019. It was my first flight with Turkish airline. First route from JFK to Istanbul wasn’t exiting at all for the price they charge me. But the staff were friendly. The problem was from Istanbul To Tehran, there was no ...

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9/8/2019 Martyn Kebbell

Not Verified | London to Kuwait via Istanbul. On its website and video Turkish Airlines advertise that business class seating on its aircraft is flatbed. Of the 4 aircraft, I traveled on only one provided flat bed seating. The rest were old fashioned recline - only seats. On one aircraft the seat reclined no more than a few inch...

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9/7/2019 B Roberto

✅ Trip Verified | Skopje to Istanbul. The flight is okay. The only problem was I don’t understand why I can’t check through luggage for my next flight by another Star Alliance career? They forced me to exit at new hug Istanbul airport to take my luggage and re-check-in on a very short connection.

9/6/2019 S Lenzil

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Tel Aviv via Istanbul. It was a very good flight except that the entertainment system was old on the second flight. The crew were amazing. The only thing what I would want they should add is an English version of their new Lego safety video. It was the cheapest flight available including a 30kg lugg...

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9/5/2019 Ed Harding

✅ Trip Verified | Konya to London via Istanbul. As per usual, Turkish airlines staff on the plane are lovely, slightly poor service but they try. IFE is terrible, not much selection and crashes every 20 mins, food has been the same menu choices for five years (I fly monthly with them). Ground staff are possibly the most lacklust...

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9/4/2019 E Piers

✅ Trip Verified | Budapest to Istanbul. Economy seating was horrendous - extremely tight, my knees were bumping the seat in front of me, despite being only 5'7" tall. Saving grace was the excellent cabin crew with friendly, appropriate service and catering. On this flight, even though it was short, there was in-flight entertain...

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9/3/2019 J Hardiel

✅ Trip Verified | Mumbai to Antalya via Istanbul. Without explanation my ticket was changed. Got SMS and mail: My stopover would become suddenly six hours in Istanbul instead of two hours. There were several other flights from Istanbul to Antalya that would give me less delay. Had to call them, and the answer. You can cancel yo...

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8/31/2019 Mayas Landon

Not Verified | Dammam to Istanbul. The staff were kind and the seats were comfortable for a 4 hour flight in economy class, the in-flight entertainment system was amazing, but there was a problem which is that sometimes the IFE glitches. They served us a meal but they used to give us bread with the meal, I don't know what happe...

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8/31/2019 T Eldem

✅ Trip Verified | Boston to Istanbul on Turkish Airlines. Check-in in Boston was painfully slow but was handled by a rather pleasant agent. Onboard the hard product was showing its age scuffed panels and ripped fabric. As with most of my flights with Turkish the air was stale and the cabin too warm throughout the entire flight. ...

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8/29/2019 D Gafasah

✅ Trip Verified | Overall the flight from Istanbul to Dubai was perfect. On time, foods were perfect, cabin crew friendly, entertainment system with movies and music. Seats were comfortable and no problem during the flight.