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5/12/2019 E Yun

✅ Trip Verified | Osaka to Jeju. Buying a ticket online was difficult for foreigners. It's better to go with Jin airline if you're not Korean. The check-in process was long because we couldn't check in online. The aircraft was clean. The seat was extremely uncomfortable, it felt too upgright. The service was mediocre. Would not fly with them again.

1/30/2019 Guillaume Bally

✅ Trip Verified | Flying from Tokyo Narita to Seoul Incheon. Plane was had one hour delay and my friend and I did not receive any notifications, so we arrived at Seoul around midnight, train had stopped services so we had to take the taxi or freeze to death waiting for a night bus. T'way did not want to refund a part of the taxi bill. Other than that, we had what we paid for. It is a low cost airline, so not much space for legs, seats are not really comfortable but I saw worse that this, and no entertainment available. The inflight staff were really friendly, and they serve some food (if you pay for it of course, something that we didn't do, of course).

7/18/2017 T Peck

✅ Verified Review | I flew with their domestic flight from Jeju Island (South Korea) to Gimpo Domestic Airport. T'way has been keep on changing their departure gate three times due to flight delayed about 1 1/2 hour. Cabin crews were quite attentive and good throughout the flight but their cabin was quite disappointing. Small leg room with uncomfortable seat. Cabin looked old and aged. No food or drink serve due to budget airlines and short flight (1 hour). Nothing else special about this airline. May consider other budget domestic flight eg: Jeju air, East starjet, Air Busan.

3/24/2017 S Mahoney

✅ Verified Review | Osaka to Seoul. Very satisfied with the service of this low cost Korean airline. Check In was quick even though the line was long. Very helpful In finding info for my flight out of Seoul in their systems since I couldn't provide this required information. FA's organized, smiling and did their best with all the hand baggage people brought onboard. Uneventful flight With ok legspace. Would definitely recommend.

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