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11/16/2008 A Mitchell

Recently flew Gatwick to Kiev return in business. Bets thing about business was that cabin was quiet and seats had reasonably generous leg room. Drink first offered about 45 minutes after take off in both directions (I got the impression that the crew were under orders not to serve too many drinks as part of a cost-cutting exercise). Food okay. No IFE on either of these flights. Check in at Kiev was hopeless. Despite there being no one in front of me when I arrived at the business class desk to check in the agent was disinterested and reading her magazine and directed me to a free economy desk adjacent. Beware of Kiev- you can't check in (and proceed to lounge) until 2 hours before your flight is ready to depart. Very limited choice of places to eat and drink at airport airside. I paid £7.50 for a pint of beer in airport cafe and at lunch a main course was about £20 £25. Lounge spacious but extremely limited range of drinks- no whisky only American bourbon. It is the only lounge that I have been in where we were entertained by a live pianist!

10/28/2008 Yevheniy Kahanovych

Kiev-Berlin-Kiev two weeks ago. On-line booking worked fine and was easy. On-line check in doesn't exist. Check in at Borispol was ok. On board experience was not good at all. Planes were old. Entertainment options outdated. Overhead monitors worked but no earphones given. They use planes leased after many airlines so there is no standard of seat pitch and design across their fleet. Seating was cramped. Toilets were smelly. Service from the crew was ok. Crews' English very limited. Food was really bad. Piece of bread piece of sausage and a chocolate cake. Would work for 30 min hop not for 2 hour flight. Both flights were late about 1 hour. Check in at in Berlin Tegel was disorganized. Paid USD500 for my ticket so was not happy at all. This was my first time traveling with them internationally but probably the last one. Not a value for money.

8/1/2008 Dave Stanley

London to Kiev Simferopol London. Overall a pretty good experience. Flights were on time. The aircraft were in good condition with a decent amount of leg room. Food was OK on the way out but rather limited on the way back. I would have given 4 stars if they had not left the fasten seatbelt sign on for most of the outward flight for no good reason - the FA's enforced the regulation very strictly.

7/25/2008 Jean-Louis Vergaert

Brussels-Kiev-Brussels Business Class: no delay seats OK friendly FA's. Better pass on the food and get a gin and tonic as local champagne is warm (FA explained the bottle is too large to get in the fridge) and wines are of canteen level. Management is clearly not interested in offering a little extra to business class passengers but you will sit in a lonely peace.

6/18/2008 J Rebel

SPL-KBP vv operated in code share with KLM done it some 20+ times and in terms of on-time performance and luggage arrival UIA is notably better than KLM. It also has a tastier breakfast but on afternoon flights the food is meat product in grey sauce and best to be avoided. Instead ask for a refill of whatever you are drinking. Polite FA's.

5/4/2008 Evan Horbay

Kiev-Vienna. Check in was slow but after that all good. Plane was new looking clean. Crew were cheery good English skills. Food average. Seats were comfortable pilot constantly gave us updates on arrival time and it was an overall nice experience.

8/2/2007 Gary Kendall

VIE-ODS Business class. B737-500 either leased or bought from an Iberian line judging by the language of the various notices. Consequently seating was the usual 3x3. No different to BA or LH business class around Europe. As there were only 3 of us in business class staff attention was good. Food was good considering that it was only a 2-hour flight.

5/30/2007 Mark Agranovski

LGW-KBP-LGW in economy in May 2007. Plane was a very dated 737-300 with the smallest seat pitch I've seen so far. Crew very polite passengers rather chaotic - mobile phones ringing during take-off etc. Will have to take BA next time on this route

1/21/2007 Yevheniy Kahanovych

Two domestic flights between Kiev and Lviv last week - I had no trouble at all. Manual check-in swift. Planes old 737 but clean and well kept. Both flights on time. Crews polite. Breakfast served on both flights was edible (sandwich out of Kiev and 3 chocolate bars out of Lviv). Nothing impressive but given the price paid (USD45 return) it is a superb value for money. Their schedule is very convenient. Their website looks shabby but is very simple to book tickets and works fast. I will not hesitate to recommend them and will use them again.

12/15/2006 Helen Lee

I had a good flight from London to Kiev with Ukraine International Airlines in Nov/Dec 2006. Checking in was very fast much quicker than my experiences with BA and the times of the flights both to Kiev and returning which better than other direct flights. Had to hang around a bit on the transfer bus at Kiev airport which was a bit of a pain and I couldn't hear the announcements on the aircraft but apart from that I was very happy with the flight.

5/19/2006 Andriy Yesypenko

Kiev - London (Gatwick) in business class (in April). Having flown with UIA so many times I was expecting that in line with other European carriers my own one will make some upgrades and improvements to their (at least) business class service. Well I should have thought twice! Not that their service is bad. it's just very plain and basic. I do not know for how long do they think their old (sometimes) broken seats will pass as business class seats and for how long they'll put up with the Boryspil catering company's offer for premium food (do they try it themselves?). Flight attendants try to do their best to please the customers but with not much to offer it is really hard to do anything. I believe getting nicer wines and other spirits (at least different from those offered in coach) would not hurt and certainly would not send the company bankrupt when they charge so much for their business class service. What's even more upsetting is that their customer relations is non-existent and that no suggestions are ever taken into account. They just are not interested in what you think about them and if you tell them that you'll fly with other carriers they just tell you to do so... To sum up I would like to express a pity that UIA is sliding more and more into less than average carrier with no intention to purchase new aircraft or improve service! They try to preserve the level of service they started with but what they don't understand is that to attract customers airlines should constantly develop their product.

4/29/2006 Volodya Bilotkach

Several flights - KBP to AMS (3 times one way) LGW (r/t) ZRH (twice one-way) TXL-KBP. Mixed experience. Have been yelled at once (tried to correct the agent's pronunciation of Phoenix which was my final destination on that day) - the other time they misplaced my onward ZRH- LAX tickets (I was with wife and two kids then). The agent thought she gave them to someone else by mistake and ran looking for them even though I tried explaining to her that she must have placed them somewhere on her desk (so it was in fact). The guys tried to make it up by giving us passes to the KBP business class lounge but we simply did not have time to go there - had to run straight to the gate after that delay. Otherwise average service have some newer planes now even started smiling.

2/10/2006 Kasper Hettinga

KBP-AMS with UIA. Although it was a relatively short flight a good meal with drinks was served. Staff were friendly. Seating was OK. Looking at the price of the ticket I think it is well worth the money spend.

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