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4/19/2019 G Makarides

✅ Trip Verified | Kiev to Ankara. Uncomfortable seats, no service on a 2-hour flight, poor english skills from cabin crew. A rude UIA staff lady asked me to pay 80 euros because my second cabin bag did not meet the size requirements of the airline. I was entitled to carry a 7kg bigger item and a smaller one of 5 kg. Although I met the weight requirements, this lady was not convinced. That being said, after 4 attempts to rearrange my clothes and my personal items, putting a lot of my stuff inside my pockets and making my small cabin bag fit in, another gate agent let me in. Such details make the difference between airlines! I strongly discourage you to fly with UIA.

4/15/2019 Jorge Lopez

✅ Trip Verified | Madrid to Istanbul via Kiev. The worst plane company I've seen ever. Just one 7kg bag and the crew checking in bad forms with the passenger. Crew plane really disgusting, never will repeat with them.

4/13/2019 Justin B, Boeing 777-200ER (77X) seat 2A

Excellent business class seat. Huge amount of space compared to other carriers like Swiss, BA. If only yhe IFE was comparable too.

4/12/2019 S Balaker

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Berlin via Kiev. The info on their website was clear, I downloaded the app and could check in without any trouble. The bag allowance was on my boarding screenshot so not sure why other people were complaining that it was unclear how much to take along. Also 7 kg + 5 kg cabin baggage was very good in comparison with some airlines. The seat room was decent especially in the 777. Entertainment ok not that much choice. Alcohol for additional cost but I couldn’t be bothered. Food was nothing special but not that bad. Overall a decent option for very little money. For sure not the worst airline I flew with.

4/6/2019 E Lane

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Yerevan via Kiev. For an airline charging full price Ukraine International offers poor value. A hot meal & water, juice, coffee is provided on long haul flights but meals must be paid for on shorter flights. No free alcohol. Cabin service is ok. Entertainment system is basic but ok. Ground service in Kiev is appalling. I missed my connection & had to spend 24 hours airside with nowhere to sleep and only 1 meal voucher. Very difficult to contact airline staff. In addition my bag was misplaced but delivered after 36 hours.

3/26/2019 V Voronina

Not Verified | Absolutely horrifying. We had a connecting flight, from Kherson to Kiev and Kiev to JFK. We were able to check in from Kherson to Kiev within 48 hours but had to wait 24 hours for the other one. I checked us in, right when the 24 hour mark hit. I paid for my mother and I to have seats next to each other (9 hour flight). I kept getting error messages that this did not go through even though I paid twice already ($60). My mother called customer service, where the representative promised her that she would call her right back. 4 hours later, no calls. My mother called again and the representative said that she has to do research and contract other departments. Meanwhile, frustrated, I called customer service and the third representative said that I had to wait for the second one to call me back. I asked to speak to a manager and she asked me if I knew the manager's phone number. Obviously, if I did, I would not have called customer service. Anyhow, the second representative called back within 10 minutes stating there was nothing she can do because we were supposed to check in 48 hours in advance, which is not the case for international flights. I called back yet another yet and the representative told me that he will call me back and admitted there was a system issue. I should not have to pay 4 times for a system issue.

3/26/2019 G Vansili

✅ Trip Verified | I booked a flight from Kiev to Yerevan (Armenia) and return in March. Both flights were canceled by the company, the first 3 hours after the flight, the return 5 days before departure. this has clearly compromised the journey that we had planned in Armenia. However customer service was very rude not automatically reprogramming the journey. A shame.

3/25/2019 A Neale

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Cairo via Kiev. This is a low cost airline. The seats are the same and no frills. You pay for everything. This is why I could fly with them from London to Kiev, spend a few days there, then on to Cairo and spend a week there, and fly back to London Via Kiev all for £180. The staff were friendly, I had no problems logging into their online site to check in (although I couldn't check in using the phone app on my iPhone). The food I did buy on the one flight was reasonably priced and tasty enough. No Michelin stars, none expected. I am 183cm (6ft) and 110kg. The seating is was not uncomfortable even when 3 of us in the row. Leg room is ample. No complaints. I'd happily fly with them again. Please people, do your research and manage your expectations.

3/24/2019 E Marzorshan

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Tehran via Kiev. The most terrible Airline I've ever seen. Other than not serving anything (Even Water and Tea, you have to pay for everything), We have tried to check-in online before the flight, it didn't let us do that. Well, we thought that's ok, we do it in the Airport. When we arrive there to Check-in desk, they told us, because you haven't checked it online you have to pay $35 per passenger. Such a scam! I'm not talking about extra baggage, or any special service requested, I am talking about doing the process of Simple Check-in. Next time I prefer to walk the whole route than going with this Airline.

3/24/2019 Maryna Kukhar

✅ Trip Verified | Kiev to Toronto. My flight arrangements allowed me to have 2 carry ons, one 5 kg, and another 7 kg. when I was checking in my suitcase, no one bothered to check, or weight my hand luggage. I passed passport control and customs and, of course, went shopping at duty free. I had 3 plastic bags with duty free purchases. In order not to overwhelm myself with too many bags, I squeezed in all my purchases into my carry on. Before on boarding, 2 wicked staff members started sifting through the passengers to find reasons to rip them off. I was no exclusion. They demanded to put each bag into measuring box, and stated that they were over sized because the bag pockets were protruding from the box. I offered to take out my duty free purchases, but they stated that they would be considered as a hand luggage too, as well as my purse! Any further into that argument, and they would make me to pay for my wallet! All in all, they made me to check in my 7 kilo carry on and pay for it CAD 222.39 (USD 162.21). The wicked staff members were obviously taking pleasure as they were cornering passengers with no escape and no room for solution other than additional payments.

3/10/2019 Anton Kraft

✅ Trip Verified | Normally I do my best to avoid flying Ukraine International, however there were no other realistic option to get from Kharkiv to Yerevan so I decided to give it a try. I had some miles left from two years ago and I wanted to spend them to reduce the ticket price. I applied at the UIA website and received a letter with a link to the invoice. Unfortunately, the link was expired when I wanted to use it to pay for the ticket. I have reapplied at the website and received a letter with some nonsense comments that I cannot use my miles. I have explained that it was a mistake in my reply. I have received a letter from another representative with another link, however the fare price has gone up by that time. I have received no apologies or explanations of the situation. I just had to pay more because of the incompetence of the UIA employees. Our plain from Kyiv to Yerevan stayed on tarmac for almost three hours with all the passengers aboard. We were not even offered water! UIA is a low cost airline in terms of service (you are charged for everything from check-in at the desk to drinks and food) but with prices of a normal airline. Strongly recommend to avoid at all cost!

2/27/2019 Tatiana Canton

Not Verified | Kyiv to Amsterdam. Second time flying and same experience - cheap airline with greedy, socially awkward registration reps, indifferent management. No snacks on international flights, they charge you for tea. Carry-on flying in with KLM allowance was 12 kg but flying out with UIA was 7 kg on a Transatlantic flight! What are we supposed to do with 5 kg? Horrible service!

2/27/2019 J Malinenko

✅ Trip Verified | Kiev to Amsterdam. I've booked a ticket for a flight for my dad in October for flight in February. I received a ticket and booking confirmation. Two days before flight the online check in opened and I couldn't check in because my booking number was wrong. I've contacted their call centre and they told me that they forgot to take money of my credit card so I didn't have a ticket. They couldn't explain to me why this happened and why I had received a ticket. Because I needed to fly I had to buy a new ticket for 300,- more than the one I've bought! The new ticket required a online check in. So we did that and the boarding pass was send to my email. Unfortunately when we came to the airport we have to pay 15 extra because we we're not checked in. We've showed our boarding pass but still we had to pay! And the they've printed a new boarding pass with the same seat number! So for us it feels like fraud. Because they send documents witch are not real!

2/13/2019 N Trubbach

Not Verified | Dnipro to Berlin via Borispol. Usually on time and connections via Borispol are mostly safe. No complimentary refreshments on medium-haul flights but that is common now in Europe. However, anything else about this airline is awful. Their general attitude especially in terms of communication towards customers is terrible. On my last flight a weather-related delay occured (destination airport operations limited due to heavy snowfall). They just boarded the aircraft as scheduled. After boarding was completed they announced a two-hour delay without any reason. Having now flown this airline a few times now on mostly expensive tickets, I wanted to redeem my Panorama Club (their ffp) points. One need to fill out a form in order to redeem points (in 2019!). I did and got a confirmation, that my request has been received. That was three weeks ago now and I still got no answer. Simply impossible to redeem points.

2/11/2019 S Ziren

✅ Trip Verified | Zaporizhzhia to Tel Aviv via Kiev on a packed ER145. 1 hour flight, a quick water round, and both staff were never to be seen again till landing. They were hiding behind the front galley. It was amusing when upon landing in Kiev they said they hoped 'we enjoyed our flight'.. How could we if cabin crew was invisible. 5 minutes of work over a 60 minutes flight. Second flight onboard another packed flight, this time a B737-800. Boarding started on time just to make us stand, children and elderly 15 minutes locked in a freezing jetway, gate agents obviously in a rush. Finish boarding,with zero care for their customers. Flight quick and smooth, only 2:40, a great surprise, as cabin was stifling hot, cabin crew only sold food, no smiles. Some feeling of being welcome or some smiles would have been nice. Their announcements are very promising re service and comfort, but zero in reality.

2/7/2019 Anssi Järvinen

Not Verified | Istanbul to Vilnius via Kiev. on the way to Vilnius things were ok, but on the return things got bad from the start. I was trying to do the online check in but there was a problem with the their server (i tried to do it several times beforehand) and finally i was not able to do it. So i went to the counter and they asked me to charge 15€ for the check in. I explained that the server was not able for me to do the online check in (which if for example you would fly with any other company they would understand and not make you pay). So they told me i need to pay and ask the many back afterwards. They also charged me 55€ extra for my luggage (which i had booked and paid already) - again the same response. So 70€ already because of their fault. During both flights the crew missed me - they did not ask if i wanted to drink or not (had to mention that the room for feet is also the smallest of any companies i have ever flight with. and I'm 194cm tall so to me its a big issue). I finally landed to Istanbul and the luggage I was charged 55€ extra for did not arrive. (Got it finally after 6 days) I had no other clothes and some other things so i had to buy some clothes and hygiene products (and basically the airline companies are in order to pay these if the luggage is lost also they should deliver the luggage to your home or accommodation [which also was not the case here]. After all of this i wrote to their customer relations and explained everything, send all the receipts (everything needed) and they tell me they will contact in 3 months. I still have not gotten a reply). I have sent them several e-mails and basically nothing.

1/15/2019 H James

✅ Trip Verified | Terrible airline. Would not recommend to anyone. Every single flight was delayed, causing us to miss connections. No food or vouchers were offered, sometimes having to wait in the airport for 10 hours without food. One of our flights randomly landed in Azerbaijan to refuel, adding an additional two hours to the flight time. The flight itself was uncomfortable, no entertainment, one meal served in 9 hours which was bland. Only water available as a drink. Seats dated and uncomfortable. Staff were generally rude and unhelpful, both at the airport and on the flight itself. Additionally, for some reason the plane that was used was small and we felt every small bit of turbulence. Would never fly with Ukraine International again. I don't have one good thing to say about them.

1/15/2019 S Griffin

Not Verified | I was taking a vacation for a couple weeks in Kyiv. I flew for the first time on Ukraine Airlines. I bought my ticket on-line so it was paid for weeks ahead of the trip. Coming to Ukraine was painless and very nice. But the flight home was terrible. Ukraine Airlines said I owed them $200 because I didn't check in ahead of time and I had a bag. No one said a thing about this on the way out. I guess they want to trap you before they extort extra money from you. In any case I was forced to pay this money or I could not get a ticket. Keep in mind i already PAID IN FULL for the ticket. I will never fly Ukraine Airlines again! Thank God there are many other airlines flying into Boryspil. Beware UIA!

1/14/2019 Valeriya Bernikova

Not Verified | Zürich to Lvov via Kiev. I had to fly to Lvov, but because of health reasons I should stay in Kiev. In 5 days I had my back flight, which was just annulated! I called about 10 times, trying to explain my situation. So much nerves for nothing. At the end I should buy another expensive ticket for my own money, although I actually had a ticket. But they just cancelled it.

1/13/2019 Yacov Yancovich

Not Verified | Tel Aviv to Toronto via Kiev. I made a connection flight to Toronto, the flight itself was ok, but when I arrived at the airport I was disappointed to see the luggage didn't arrive.. I was way more disappointed from the way they handled the situation, so I've reached to the Uia representative and I expected them to approach the matter like they "actually lost my luggage" which is basically everything I had. unfortunately, that wasn't the case at all, after standing there for 90 minutes that I've been ignored completely, and been treated disrespectfully (shocking!). I had to leave the area. I found my self in -17c with no proper clothing or any of my stuff after trying to contact them about 40 times! over the phone (which is enough to tell if they're customer service even "actually exist"). Also tried to contact the company in any other possible way (phones and multiple Emails), with no response. I can't find the words to describe the level of the shallow and disrespectful way that I have been treated as a customer, its one thing to lose baggage and another thing the way they choose to handle it as an International airline company! Bottom line I would describe the last couple of days since the flight as a complete nightmare, it safe to say they ruined my vacation completely. until today I'm still waiting for someone in the company to show a little bit of responsibility and call back to try to explain they're side of the story.