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1/11/2019 Gary John

✅ Trip Verified | Amsterdam to New Delhi via Kyiev. When I arrived at check-in in Amsterdam they told me the flight was delayed, however, it was not delayed and passengers boarded on time. I was not given any option or information about food or meals. However, when a free meal was served to all the passengers on the plane, I was the only person who was charged ten Euros by the hostess. Later I was notified that my meal should also have been free of charge. When I complained about this to the hostess, an on-board policeman was called and I was told to sit down and shut up! The plane was an old Indonesian / Malaysian carrier from the 80s. There was one tv screen and an old 80s romantic movie was shown with terrible graphics. No passengers seemed to watch the movie as it was so poor quality, on the return journey the movie was in Hindi, nobody could understand and again nobody watched it. The hostesses only focused on taking care of business class passengers, economy class was mayhem while business class was peaceful and dimly lit. It was not possible to take a nap in economy class due to the bright lights, noise and commotion. I have complained to several staff at UIA about being charged for a meal which was included in my ticket fee, however, nobody proved adequate to handle such a complaint and simply replied 'oh sorry sir, you should not have been charged for your meal'. No mention of a refund or what action will be taken! On the return journey passengers boarded and sat on the aeroplane for two hours before any drinks or refreshments were offered and served. Passengers were hot, sweaty and frustrated. Overall an overpriced budget airline, uncomfortable seating, noisy plane, poor in-flight entertainment and poor, dishonest staff.

1/7/2019 C Patakorn

✅ Trip Verified | Non professional airline. My flight from Munich to Bangkok via Kiev. The flight departure time is 14.50 and need to arrive Kiev 18.05 but the flight was delayed from Munich to Kiev about 1.30hrs. because of they waited for another passengers and loaded baggages. The plane landed at Kiev airport 19.30 i can get out from the plane almost 10 mins after that, Departure time from Kiev to Bangkok is 19.55, flight no. PS416, I ran to security check need to connecting flight to Bangkok and found that boarding gate already closed, I missed the flight! The airline’s staff refused to help anything she told me to asked airport information. They said need to wait and I waited for 2 hrs with non response then they told me to asked Ukraine airline’s staff again, and again they refused and told me to talk with airport information and if I want talk with airline should talk with Manager who she don’t know how to contact. Finally one staff came to us and find new ticket with the same time on the next day, so we have to wait in the airport for 1 day to fly back to Bangkok, no place to stay during waiting time 1 day Only normal seat in the airport. I try to find another airline and want them to talk with company to get new ticket of those airline but they refuse they cannot do if I want I should write e-mail to Airline which take time to get response. And also cannot refund if I pay for new ticket. Ukraine Air is non professional company and low quality staff. Bad operation system and not helpful for customers. I would not recommend Ukraine International airline.

1/6/2019 Viktor Kvashenko

✅ Trip Verified | Kyiv to Colombo. It was a long flight, but despite all the horror reviews it was kind of nice. Seat was reclining nicely, although I would really love to fly on their newer 777 with flat bed. Cabin crew was nice. I was the only passenger who didn’t sleep and so they turned off the movie, but still asked me if I wanted to watch it. No personal in-flight entertainment, but nice movies on the main screen. Food was delicious, although poor selection of drinks. I’d love to have some mocktails or at least a lemonade.

12/29/2018 Ramzi Chérif

✅ Trip Verified | Bangkok to Istanbul via Kiev. My worst flight ever. First of all the seats were very old and dirty also they didn’t have individual screens so they had on big screen in the front that everybody watched and here’s where the flight got even worse. I flew with my little brother and I saw that there were many other passengers that had their kids with them. During the flight they screened a bunch of violent and filled with sex scenes movies such as Deadpool and other movies. And when I thought that the flight couldn’t get any worse they managed to lose my baggage at Kiev so I didn’t receive it in Istanbul and I did not get it before a week after calling the lost and found who by the way never answered my 25 phone calls. I have never experienced anything like this before and I flew with many many other airlines.

12/22/2018 Bharat Sharma

✅ Trip Verified | Brussels to Delhi via Kiev. My flight from Brussels got delayed by 2 hours and post that my connecting flight from Kiev also got delayed by 7 hours. They don't have a designated customer desk at the airport, they share the desk with other airlines and most of the time UIA staff is unavailable at the desk. Your flight is delayed, its none of there fault, they won't even give you the food coupon or any access to any lounge where you can sit peacefully. They do not have a designated lounge at the Kiev Airport so you have to just look for open seats at the airport. I tried to talk to the staff a million times, but they just simply negated the issue by saying that they have no information, i have to wait no matter what. I am highly disappointed by there service and customer behavior. I recommend, if you are flying by UIA, just be prepared to be surprised in a negative way.

12/22/2018 Vadim Suraev

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Minsk via Kiev. Never, just never bother neither with Ukraine international nor with any other Ukrainian airlines. After I checked in really early, they told me at New York JFK the flight is overbooked and I have been refused to board. They found an alternative flight 22 hours later which didn't help not to miss an appointment

12/22/2018 E Parcire

✅ Trip Verified | Paris to Dubai via Kiev. An airline with very poor business practices. On the return flight at check in, was all the sudden asked to paid for my luggage. Was free on the way to Dubai! I have tried to get an explanation from the airline representative and try to show him the online terms and conditions mentioned on UIA site, but he only gave me an angry look and suggest me to call the hotline in Kiev (at 3am in the morning from a mobile phone in Dubai, imagine the cost of it and how helpful this is). To make the situation harder, you cannot pay with a credit card, you are sent to a cashier which is at the other end of the terminal and after 20 mn waiting you discover that this is cash only and nothing else. If you have no way to get cash, do not try to negotiate with the company representative, he will just ignore you. The whole process took me 2h 30min. I bought the ticket on UAI site, why was I not able to pay for the luggage fees with the same tool? Also at the departure the flight was on time at 11am, then one hour late at 12 and all the sudden going back to on time status, 20 min prior boarding, so everyone was rushing to get there in time. The planes were good but sometimes late. The flight attendants not always smiling, but most of the 4 flights were late.

12/21/2018 Muhannad Almasri

✅ Trip Verified | Toronto to Jordan via Kiev. Worst airline ever. On my way from Toronto to Jordan they asked me to pay for my boarding pass. On my way back from to Toronto I had a stop at Kiev airport and here where the nightmare starts. I go to the gate, a rude lady stops me to check my hand bag - I had 12kg in it where she told me am only allowed 7kg. So she goes like u have to pay for it, you have to pay 136 euros. She closed the door and said you will miss if you dont pay. Bottom line I end up throwing my stuff in garbage. Onboard the flight no screen to watch any thing during a 10hr flight no charging for a phone or anything. Price wise was 100$ more and could've saved myself this nightmare and gone on another airline. Lesson learned the hard way.

12/17/2018 SeatGuru User, Boeing 777-200ER (77X) seat 15K

The seat was quiet wide, but the legroom was terrible. For the whole 9h flight I literally prayed for the passenger in from of me not to recline, because IFE screens can't be adjusted in the reclined position. So much fuss and so little in reality...

12/17/2018 B Gerkenov

✅ Trip Verified | Kiev to Geneva. Our flight from Kiev was delayed for more than 2 hours. Ground and cabin staff did not even apologize and were rude. Moreover all the passengers including those with children had to wait first at the airport gate which had no heating at all, then in the bus outside for about 30 min with all doors opened in a very cold weather and then in the aircraft! During all this time no information was provided about the reasons of delay and expected time of departure. Absolutely disrespectful to passengers, captain did not apologize, like this is something very normal to them. I strongly do not recommend to fly with UIA and I'm very surprised this company is still allowed to fly in EU.

12/10/2018 M Badeelam

✅ Trip Verified | Cairo to Kiev via Madrid. Worst ever. My first flight was delayed which caused me not to catch my second flight. This was the case for many other passengers. Instead of solving the problem by issuing us new tickets on other airlines, the forced us to wait in the airport for 10 hours to take their own flight the next day. Very bad treatment by their agents at the airport. I also got to know that this is a very frequent case that happens on daily basis. I discourage you to book through this airline.

12/5/2018 Nicola Siotto

✅ Trip Verified | Minsk to Dubai via Kiev. Had to purchase a last minute ticket and this was the most time convenient flight. Other carriers had a huge layover and Aeroflot for Minsk transit being considered a domestic flight, requires a transit visa which I didn't have. The counter check-in and gate boarding is quite fast and orderly. Everything smooth. Planes are not the latest ones. There's no in flight entertainment and hand luggage is strictly monitored and I can easily understand this while the plane is not a wide body and my flights were packed. I brought my own iPad stocked with movies with my sound reducing headphones, so it wasn't an issue for me. No charging sockets. On board crew was very professional and extremely nice and courteous. Probably the best crew that I have experienced so far. The Business class is not a business class but rater equivalent to an upgraded economy with the middle of the three seats that acts as an arm rest. There is no foot rest. Seats are the same as economy but with little more space between rows and inclination is same as economy. Food was pretty decent. Can be ordered 36 hours prior to departure (which I hadn't) but on board they had two alternatives for appetizer and main course. There's only one selection of white or red wine and of course other soft drinks. Good and timely service. Repeat once more, the crew staff has been outstanding in all flights. The front row was empty so moved and this has improved the comfort but unfortunately it is not even comparable with good standard premium economy. But given the budget and probably the difficulties in managing tough sky competition I believe they are trying hard and I felt that I needed to consider this. Would I fly with them again? Given the route and the budget I probably would.

11/23/2018 Kwasi Yeboah

Not Verified | Dnipro to Istanbul via Kiev. The service from Dnipro crew was good and they were very respectful and kind to me. They checked-in my luggage and everything was pretty smooth. During the transit however the airline seems to have changed the rules for my carry-on however. I was charged 68 Euros for being 2kg over the weight that they had previously accepted as okay and allowable. It just seems that the rules were being changed, however i did noticed some bias which further infuriated me. In short, this is not an airline I would recommend. Although once boarded I understood the scam. The flight was nearly 60% empty and I would assume that they were trying to recover their margins. It's just not the right way to do business.

11/19/2018 Matthew Richards

Not Verified | Flew Lviv to Kiev. Read some horror stories about Ukraine International, but was pleasantly surprised. Good communication from UIA before departure. I checked in online, but dropped my case off at the desk in Lviv, no problems with anything at al. The counter and gate staff were polite and friendly. The aircraft was clean and fresh, seat comfortable and crew friendly. Arrived and left on time. I will definitely fly with them again next time I go to Ukraine.

11/15/2018 Richard Laycock

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Kiev Borispol. Absolutely fantastic. Booking process and checking in online was swift. The airline was on time and very professional. Cabin crew were very smart and friendly. It’s the first airline I’ve been on that actually served a pint size beer (don’t get wrong that’s no the bee all and end all). Best short haul airline I’ve used. I would highly recommend and would definitely fly with them short or long haul again.

11/15/2018 G Kalina

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Stockholm via Kiev. Worst customer service ever, customer protection laws don't work. I was flying from London to Stockholm via Kiev with UIA flights. I checked in London at UIA counter as both flights were with UIA. My cabin luggage was weighed at 7.4kg. I also checked in a bag of 23 kg. As it was warm inside the airport I took off the light coat and a sweater that I used while traveling at night and placed it into the cabin luggage. When boarding the plane traveling to Stockholm I handed my passport and boarding pass to the agent of UIA airlines. After opening my passport, shortly before the departure the UIA agent started to question the size of my cabin luggage. After it became clear that the cabin luggage was within the allowed standard she started to question the weight, measured and informed me that it was 8.4 kg. I objected and informed her that I just arrived from London where my hand luggage was checked by the same airline but I agreed to pay and I noted to her that the plane was departing shortly. Instead she informed me that the bus for the plane was just leaving and she denied entrance onboard the plane. It is noteworthy that meanwhile other passengers that had the same amount of cabin luggage were allowed on the plane. The agent demanded and forced other employees sign the protocol while they objected at the beginning. I have never encountered such unethical, discriminatory and unprofessional behavior and violation of customer rights. Please note that rescheduling the flight for any other day with them was more costly than direct British airways flight the same day. I had to purchase the tickets with another airline (Polish LOT) and traveled to Stockholm through Warsaw the same day at the cost of 200 USD. Note there were absolutely no issues with my hand luggage with LOT airlines. I filed a complaint the next day and after so many months there was nothing but only acknowledgement of the receipt of the complaint. Such approach towards customers is shaming the country and negatively impacts the image of the country. Do not have an illusion that its a budget airline, it is not and their unprofessionalism is exceptional.

11/15/2018 L Geare

✅ Trip Verified | Paris CDG to Odessa via Kiev. This is the first time ever I am leaving a review anywhere but I feel compelled to share this story so as to hopefully save others from similar gross negligent handling of air travel that we experienced from Paris to Kiev with Ukrainian Airlines. My wife and I were departing CDG / Paris to Kiev where we were supposed to land in time to catch Ukrainian Airlines flight to Odessa. The pilot decided to wait over 1.5 hours for a handicapped / obese person who eventually never made the flight. This stupendous error in judgement cost us as well as our other passengers a significant delay that caused us to miss our flight to Odessa. The mathematical logic is inconceivable. Approximately 125 passengers aboard flight PS128 = 187.5 lost hours – all so 1 single person could be late for their flight? Those who fly often know that you don’t make the gate 10 minutes before departure – the plane leaves – that simple. So why did the pilot wait over 1.5 hours for 1 person? In addition to forcing us to miss our flight – we also had the displeasure of awaiting over an hour for our luggage. Then we were informed that no other flights would be departing Kiev until 9.21.18 which would cost us our only time for my wife to see her family. The only option would be to endure a 5 hour taxi ride from Kiev to Odessa – all at 23:00. The biggest insult, however, was found in the capricious - could care less - attitude witnessed when the any Ukrainian Airline Employee was approached with the situation by passengers looking for options of what could be done to correct this - and at such a late hour. They were simply void of any degree of empathy or interest to remedy the situation. At last resort, we were told to take a taxi for 5 hours and they assured us we would be reimbursed. Several months later, we received a message which denies all claims because a flight had been offered - 4 days later - at the end of our trip to Ukraine. Useless.

11/14/2018 M Walowska

✅ Trip Verified | Krakow to New Delhi via Kiev. Tasty meals on board, no flights delay, no baggage lost. On time flights and no issues at all - service was excellent considering low price for the ticket.

10/27/2018 Stephen Mcevoy

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Yerevan via Kiev. When we booked, there was no USA phone number for UIA. I called Ukraine (international rates) several times to ask questions before and after booking. Some agents spoke poor English. I made a booking and purchased the tickets. I paid extra for selected seats, and was okay with this. I had more questions and had to call Ukraine each time. I learned that they obtained a USA phone number. However, those UIA agents would only handle new bookings and would not help with existing bookings. Very strange and disrespectful. I also used e-mail to contact UIA several times. The responses indicated that several agents did not carefully read or respond to my e-mails. At JFK, the agent changed our seats without asking or telling us why. I said that we wanted the original seats that we paid for, and she said it was too late without explanation. I said that we paid for them. She said that she had no information about that. I said that I wanted my money back, and she said that she couldn’t provide a refund. On one of the flights, we ordered food. I paid $22 USD. The prices were in Euros and I paid in USD. They charged me a higher than expected USD amount and they had no conversion rate. Whatever conversion rate the cabin crew used, it was out of line with the bank conversion rates. In the UIA booklet is the statement “Please ensure you receive a receipt for your purchases” in bold typeface. I asked the cabin crew for a receipt for the $22 USD we paid. They could not understand English. I showed them this sentence printed in their own UIA booklet. The cabin crew couldn’t read the airline’s own printed material that was in the aircraft cabin! I found a passenger who spoke both English and Ukrainian, and that person explained what the sentence in the UIA booklet meant. They then gave me a receipt that I am looking at, and it does not show $22 USD in any way, shape or form!? No conversion rate and no understandable receipt for what we paid. Bad business practices. The agent in Tbilisi tried to charge us for our third bag. Our tickets included two free 50-pound bags per person. The agent said that there was only one free bag per person and wanted to charge us more. I had to dig out my paperwork and prove her wrong. With electronic tickets, paperwork is not needed. However, when an employee wrongly charges extra fees, a first for me, the passenger must have everything in writing. It is not comfortable for my wife to walk long distances, so she asked for wheelchair rides to the gate. However my wife was able to stand and walk on, off and around the planes without difficulty, and the UIA staff saw that. However, because of the wheelchair request, the UIA staff would not let my wife have the window seats she paid for. This was ridiculous. I was a pilot for 39 years. My experience is that passengers who can walk on and off the plane can sit anywhere expect for emergency row seats. In fact, passengers with limited mobility were intentionally placed at windows so that they could not block other passengers. UIA does the opposite? My perception is that the UIA staff members at every level were very disorganized and poorly trained, and they provided poor customer service. In summary, we had a very bad set of experiences flying with UIA.

10/27/2018 M Allegro

✅ Trip Verified | Warsaw to New York via Kiev. Had a great experience with UIA. This is the only airline I fly with when traveling from US to Ukraine or even Europe. They have a great business class product no delays. Flight attendants were super friendly and attractive. Food provided was excellent. I recommend UIA