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6/21/2018 Taika Vuori

Not Verified | Flew Helsinki to Tel Aviv via Kiev with Ukraine International. It is absolutely not acceptable that you have to download an application to check in! If you fail to to so you will face a fine at the airport. The company does not send any emails or any reminders about such policy - you simply have to google it by yourself. I will never fly with the Ukrainian Airlines again in my life.

6/21/2018 Nataliia Chernenko

Not Verified | Well, plenty of negative reviews. And guess this particular airline does not care what their customers think! When the boarding started, they did not turn on the air conditioning, so imagine how passengers felt at +30 C outside, pretty sweaty. No leg room. I was travelling with an infant on my lap so could not move or stretch my legs during the flight. The worst part is that you buy a ticket from one company, but are stuck with Ukrainian Airlines as they do co-sharing flights. So one has no choice. Very frustrating and disappointing experience.

5/15/2018 Amos Wittenberg

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Beijing to Tel Aviv via Kiev. On the way out the flight was hot, noisy and uncomfortable in a creaky airliner with no entertainment system. On the way back Ukraine International cancelled my ticket due to an administrative error. They still haven't refunded me for the last minute ticket I had to buy with another airline, but on the plus side, I didn't have to fly with them again.

4/26/2018 S Makurdis

✅ Trip Verified | Odessa to Vilnius via Kiev. Airline postponed the connecting flight for almost 5 hours two days in advance claiming that it will be a technical issue. How one should predict technical issues two days in advanced. I was trying to change flight time in order not to waste any time in Kiev airport, but I was assured in accordance with regulations flight is postponed less than 5 hours so therefore I am not eligible for a free change of flight. I missed meeting without any excuse from the airline.

4/16/2018 N Jatarane

✅ Trip Verified | Our flight from London to Tehran via Kiev on 30 the March delayed by 2.5 hours, as a result, our luggage did not arrive on time, nobody informed us about it and we waited for 1 hour in the luggage reclaim area in IKA. After asking people in Imam Khomeini airport we were told that the luggage will be delivered to our address the next day. After two days we were told the luggage won't be delivered till after 4 days due to national holiday! If I want to have them sooner I had to collect them personally. I spent 1 day of my holiday time and around £200 to travel from my city to The Airport to collect them. This put lots of stress on my family and ruined my holiday. Irresponsible customer services and terrible experience

4/11/2018 Olga Zubkovskaya

✅ Trip Verified | I needed to change booking on the way back and I had to spend hours looking for any contact details. I have written to every address I could find, and received a standard response that the company would get back to me in 5 days! By the time they did it was already irrelevant. Their website does not work properly, you can not download boarding passes because the button does not work. You can not register for both legs of your journey until 48 hours before the departure of the second flight. But the worst happens when there are problems. The company has absolutely no system in place to deal with those. Our flight to Budapest departed one hour later than scheduled and there was a risk that we would not catch the second flight. They informed passengers with a short transfer that someone would be waiting for them at the exit to help them get to the next flight. That was a lie. Nobody was there, and since there were only three of us late for the next flight they had not warned the staff. By the time we were done, our flight was gone. There is no transfer desk inside the airport, you have to get through the border control to the outer side. There you first have to go to the 3rd floor to have your ticket changed, then get to another line to have someone inform the baggage department so they will put your bags on the baggage conveyor. Then you have to go back through the "arrivals". My new bag was broken, so I had to go to the lost and found to file a complaint. The woman there was quite rude (in fact, the majority of people are) and spoke very poor English. Afterwards, I had to go upstairs and stand in line again to figure out how I get to the hotel, but they told me that this information I will get at customer services one floor down. There they already had a huge crowd (several planes were delayed at once) and two quite helpless women were dealing simultaneously with changing tickets and looking for hotels. When we got to that line they switched off the lights, so all of us were standing in line in complete darkness. By the time we got into that line, I had already been standing in lines for three hours, my kids were hungry, thirsty and sleepy. Ours actually was a luckier case, because we finally got a hotel around midnight and were able to continue our journey the next day. But some of the passengers were not so lucky because all the tickets were sold out. To add to the disaster, the company makes no profit, so their planes are extremely old and in horrible condition (on the way back we took an old Boeing in which some of the seats were without a back).

4/5/2018 S Davids

✅ Trip Verified | Our first flight from Helsinki to Kiev changed its time without notifiying us and we only realised the day before when doing the check in. The departure time of the flight was advanced 1 hour and a half on a Thursday afternoon so I had to leave work earlier than expected. The boarding of the plane was done via a bus which made didn't make it smooth and once in the plane we had to wait for a couple more buses to come so it was slow and therefore left with delay. Because of change in the flight departure, we had a 4 hour stop over in Kiev Airport which was not great as there is only one restaurant to have dinner. After that, the next boarding was also via bus. Again, it was not a smooth boarding. Staff were not very nice, seats were really narrow and seat storage area was broken so couldn't fit my legs in the seat. Price was not cheap at all compared to other airlines so I doubt I fly again with them as I had a quite bad experience.

3/21/2018 M Kalide

✅ Trip Verified | New York to Tbilisi via Kiev. The worst of the worst! They shouldn't be allowed to operate international flights at all. From delays (wait of 2 hours after boarding) to the most outdated and run down plane (horrible seats, no wi-fi, 2 movies re-running on the shared screen all the time) to the rudest staff (if you are female you'll be addressed as "zhenshina" (hey, woman!), they are the worst! They'll happily charge you though to be re-seated from one horrible seat to a less horrible one, to have a tea or to have a boarding pass printed at the check in. If it's winter you may need to stand in the snow for a some time after they bus you to a plane. This may not even be a complete list of horrors I've experience on my round trip with this Arline. They are cheap (in price) but they are cheaper as a company. So just avoid them, no low price justifies this type of service.

3/19/2018 S Gant

✅ Trip Verified | Kiev to Paris. The most greedy airline I ever flew! No entertainment? No Wi-Fi? Hello it's 2018. Seats are very cheap on the plane, almost like a plastic ones. Public bus in Paris has more comfortable seats! Food and drinks are not included. They have extended menu onboard but food lacks of taste. Overpriced for what it is. Staff is good. Cabin looks clean. No delays. For same price there are much better options definitely. Even the worst low-cost companies are better than Ukraine international airlines. Improvements needed.

2/7/2018 L Mccabe

✅ Trip Verified | Kiev to New York. This is the worst airline ever. I flew on November 5, 2017 and they ruined the suitcase! I demanded compensation for the damaged suitcase on November 6, 2017, tomorrow it will be exactly 3 months of waiting for a response from this airline. And this despite the fact that I also paid for the insurance. The seats on the plane are terrible, flying this airline is just creepy. The toilets are dirty, and often without toilet paper. Avoid this airline at all cost.

2/1/2018 T Shertem

✅ Trip Verified | Tel Aviv to Kiev. Was from the first 5 on board and they just took my hand bag away - it met the rules and everything. I've flown many airlines and never had such a problem, they usually wait for the last to see if there is a problem with the luggage, and then they take off the bags that don't fit.

1/10/2018 R Harold

✅ Trip Verified | Flew Ukraine International from London to Tehran via Kiev. The worst airline I have flown with. I flew in business class on an international flight and the business class seats and service were worse than a US domestic business class flight. The food was terrible, they didn't offer any alcoholic drinks, no inflight entertainment. I will avoid this airline at all costs in the future.

12/29/2017 G Petrov

✅ Trip Verified | This is the worst airlines ever. I never write reviews, I do not have time but today I am so frustrated that I feel I absolutely have to let other people know about this. First my flight from Kiev to New York was canceled, just like that, I had to changed all my plans and spend a lot of money to changed flights in US that were booked in advanced. On my flight from New York to Kiev I was notified a day prior to departure that the airplane that they have does not have premium economy class that I played for. I need to take economy or upgrade to business class. They are giving compensations but it is small so I end up paining high price for economy. If you trying to contact someone they unable to give you answer, I am sending emails without clear explanation. This airline is horrible if you considering using them you may lose a lot of money. Economy class is very bad, seats are terrible, it is a real torture to fly with them for 10 hours. Premium economy was ok but there is no guarantee here and you will not get any help.

12/22/2017 S Mahin

✅ Trip Verified | Gatwick to Tehran via Kiev. Worst airline I have ever seen, due to a delay in UK for 1 hour we were unable to connect to our flight which still had an hour before takeoff, but they took the luggage anyway. We had to sit at the airport for 18 hours for the next flight. They offered no compensation, no room and no food.

12/19/2017 Pavlo Kasiyan

✅ Trip Verified | Kiev to Lvov. Avoid this airline at all cost. They don't care about your well being or your schedule. My flight got delayed for over 6 hours. Instead of providing any information, they kept delaying the flight one hour at the time. No representatives are here, you can't talk to anyone. I felt as though I was abandoned. Worst airline I ever flew. Last time I will be flying with them.

12/10/2017 J Stirten

✅ Trip Verified | Düsseldorf to Kiev. First time I’ve flown with Ukraine International. I was expecting the experience to be horrendous. However, great staff, on time and no free food. Most airlines don’t supply that free on European flights these days. Local beer was €2 for 500ml. No issues, will fly again, but wasn’t dealing with transfers/lost luggage.

11/6/2017 T Sanelko

✅ Verified Review | Direct flight late night from New York to Kiev. However, the seats are smaller than regular airline and closer to each other, tables were not clean and had crumbs all over, food is horrible. They do not provide fragile tag for checked baggage so if you have fragile large items that you can't bring with you forget about them. Airport stuff in Ukraine was very rude. They only have one big TV in the front of a cabin as only entertain for 9 hours of flight. I will try to avoid this airline at any cost.

10/30/2017 Andrii Chaika

✅ Verified Review | Venice from Kyiv delayed by 6 hours. There are a lot of flights delayed that day, but this one had the most extended delay. The reason was that one of the planes was out of order. I received the notification in the morning just a few hours before the flight. According to the local law, I would not get any compensation. The flight to EU by the non-EU carrier is also not covered by any compensation. The only option for me was that the airline should provide me a free re-route in case of the delay longer than 5 hours. I called the support immediately. The girl told me that they could re-route me through Viena on Austrian to arrive 1 hour earlier. I agreed, and she asked to wait on hold. After few minutes on hold, the call stopped. I waited few minutes, but she did not call me back. I called once again, but the operator told that there is no record regarding my previous call at all. I asked about re-route, and he said to me that it is possible but only using own UIA flights. I argued. He told me that they could use partners but not Austrian as it was not their partner. When I said to him that Austrian has code-sharing flights with UIA and they should be partners he asked the supervisor and sent me rebooked confirmation 15 minutes later. I see as there is no compensation due in case of long delays the UIA does not hurry to fix their issues because it is cheaper just to do nothing. On the way back the Boeing 737-800 was new (7 years), but the interior looked like 15 years old. I would prefer the EU carrier next time because in case of such delay they will be due 400EUR for each passenger. As a result, such situation will never happen as it will be cheaper to replace the plane than pay the compensation.

10/22/2017 Ron Lichtenstein

✅ Verified Review | Kiev to Tel Aviv. I flew UIA a handful of times from and to Kiev, and never had a bad experience. The crew is not overly friendly, but efficient, helpful and professional. The seats are the old type, much more comfortable than the new rock hard "slim seats" found on more expensive airlines. The flights were on time, and arrivals at Kiev were a breeze. A heartwarming moment sticks in my mind: on one flight to Kiev, in the dead of winter, I forgot where I had left my coat. Soon all the flight attendants and at least five passengers, all total strangers, were busy helping me look for my coat in the overhead bins and under the seats (we found it, or else I would have frozen to death withing minutes of leaving the terminal.)

10/15/2017 Samuel Farrar

✅ Verified Review | Budapest to Bangkok via Kiev. 7 hour wait in the airport because the flight wouldn't make it in time for my connection due to a delay. Staff were annoyed when I asked for an explanation and left me with a meal ticket which just covered the price of a beer. Complete joke of an airline and will never use them again!