Seat Map Airbus A319 v1 United Airlines

Seat Map Airbus A319 v1 United Airlines
Seat Map Airbus A319 v1 United Airlines

Airplane Airbus A319 v1 United Airlines with 3 classes and 120 seats on board. Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which should be avoided.


4/29/2017 Lyle, seat 2E

Plenty of leg room no tv but free wifi moves good meal great attendants.

6/4/2015 Bridesmom, seat 24C

I am appalled that in addition to the $60 baggage fee, your airline had the nerve to gouge passengers for snacks.Get smart and start charging your passengers who hold everyone else up by bringing baggage on-board. Perhaps if you engage in this practice you'll have enough revenue in order not to charge for checked baggage and sn...

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7/10/2014 Gigi, seat 7C

Bulk head is roomy, space extends to under first class seats. Flight attendants were very personable. Plane is old and only shows one movie, did have Wifi for purchase. My family of three had A to C and it was average for roominess.

12/30/2013 Karen H., seat 7A

Plenty of legroom with this seat. United does, however, need to invest some money in updating their seats for comfort, as well as upgrading amenities. There was no television or food on this (almost) 6 hour flight. Final leg of my trip was a 3.5 hr. Flight from Sydney to Christchurch, and Air New Zealand had not only individu...

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8/4/2013 Sam S, seat 2B

Upgraded to first class on the return flight. This time a daytime flight for the family of four (2A-E). This was a legacy United crew but they had the new Continental "can do" attitude that is improving this airline slowly. Service was outstanding and the crew made sure the kids were happy. Food was decent and the drinks wer...

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8/4/2013 Sam S, seat 21C

The seat was fine and right behind the exit row. Family took up four seats in the row (A-D) and no problems were experienced. Enjoyed the flight with a movie and it was on time with no concerns.

2/19/2013 Michael McAdam, seat 12D

I paid for the upgrade to Economy Plus. While the service is the same (read: non-existent), the emergency exit seat is very comfortable. As I am quite tall, it was well worth the expense.

9/1/2011 Justin Tsui, seat 7C

Economy Plus - After a red-eye from SFO-ORD on a 757, I took the 319 from ORD-YYZ, again, not clearing the upgrade list for Premier members. Yet, the consolation was a rather comfortable sleep on Economy Plus

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