Seat Map Boeing 767-300ER (76L) Four Class v1 United Airlines

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eat Map Boeing 767-300ER (76L) Four Class v1 United Airlines
Seat Map Boeing 767-300ER (76L) Four Class v1 United Airlines
Seat Map Boeing 767-300ER (76L) Four Class v1 United Airlines

Airplane Boeing 767-300ER (76L) Four Class v1 United Airlines with 4 classes and 183 seats on board. Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which should be avoided.


7/19/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 1A

One of the most comfortable seats I have ever had the pleasure of sitting in. Don't be fooled - this is a first class seat with business class service. If you want the full first class experience, fly a foreign carrier. Get these seats if you can while you can - they will be gone forever very soon.

7/5/2018 Carol P, seat 20A

This seat allows for considerable legroom. I always buy the bulkhead seat for long international flights. It allows me the ease of getting up without disturbing my neighbor and it gives me the extra legroom I really need to be comfortable.

3/24/2018 Richard B, seat 27B

Horrible aircraft, a real 1990s throwback. Puny screens, no video on demand, no power outlets, teeny tiny overhead bins that rain bags on people’s heads. Oh, but biz class has been thoroughly updated, so obviously United has shown who is important to them and who is not

3/10/2018 SeatGuru User, seat 37A

All window seats on this plane had a large metal box underneath them, greatly reducing legroom. Old plane, old entertainment system (with like, 5 channels to watch), no power or USB at all.

12/26/2017 SeatGuru User, seat 39K

The last row of seats reclines as much as any other. I really liked this seat.

11/7/2017 Paul N, seat 22J

Economy plus aisle seat. Old seat. Old entertainment system (small seat back screen). No power. Agree with all other reviews. Wifi personal device system didn’t work - i could use but mostly was in error mode. Prelanding snack was a weirdly hard croissant.

10/20/2017 SeatGuru User, seat 17A

I flew on 11 October 2017. The layout is different than shown here; seat 17A exists as an Economy Plus seat, and there is no "gap" in Economy Plus with two rows than a bathroom; I believe the First Class seats are gone and it's all Polaris as well. The plane is modernized compared to the comments; I detected no underseat video ...

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9/20/2017 Thomas P, seat 24K

Has a electronic/entertainment box on the right hand side under the seat above, reducing legroom

9/17/2017 SeatGuru User, seat 26F

I had enough leg room, all these comments freaked me out untill I got into the plane and realized I was confortable enough!

8/28/2017 SeatGuru User, seat 29E

This is a terrible seat. There is a metal box under the seat in front of you leaving only half the leg room. Try this on a 10 hr flight!

8/28/2017 SeatGuru User, seat 20J

Limited leg room due to "entertainment" power box in seat 20 K. Seat did recline - almost as far as regular seats. Area is very cold - dress warmly. The "entertainment" is a joke on this plane. A 9 hour flight and they ran the same movies over and over and over. Each movie ran continuously - so when we boarded, the movies we...

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8/21/2017 Mose L, seat 31A

Awful seat. No legroom. No recline.

7/7/2017 SeatGuru User, seat 33E

ANY non aisle seat in economy (including window seats) has a metal box that obstructs the legroom under the seat in front by about a third. Expect to have leg cramp and a pressure mark on your leg from the limited space for your feet caused by this. Non Aisle seats should be all sold as restricted legroom. For the same price...

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7/7/2017 SeatGuru User, seat 37E

all non asle seats have restricted legroom due to a box under the seat in front. You will have leg cramp and a pressure mark on your leg by the end of the flight. Not Cheap or Cheerful at all. Staff grumpy. United have developed a solid rubber croissant as your breakfast to welcome you to the culinary delights of Europe. I se...

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6/19/2017 SeatGuru User, seat 27A

The previous comments on the old style of this aircraft are correct. There is limited seat back entertainment offered as some of the newer aircraft. I will say that my wife and I flew back home on a 747-8 and the seats on this aircraft were more comfortable than the 747. They seem to still be made of metal instead of the carb...

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5/13/2017 Matthew J, seat 20B

20b does have some recline as well as lots of legroom. So it's probably the best economy seat in what is otherwise an ancient cabin. Make sure to bring your own tablet/laptop because you're not going to want to use the postage sized in-seat screens. But note there is no in-seat power.

4/28/2017 SeatGuru User, seat 20C

Though probably refurbished, this aircraft seemed very old and very unpleasant for a long (LHR-EWR) international flight. No power points in Economy (even Economy Plus); very small overhead bins (center bins are too small for rollaboards); and an antique video system with dinky screens. The latter are so dim that the crew asked...

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4/21/2017 Riccardo C, seat 10K

I flew United between EWR and GVA in the highly advertised Polaris Class. Well the overall experience it was like flying Aeroflot during the soviet times. Most of the staff very close to retirement, one of the two toilets out of order after 2 hours, food tasteless, definitely not frienly skies!

4/13/2017 SeatGuru User, seat 19A

I want to stress that it is FREEZING! Like seriously it's probably the worst seat. I had to add 2 layers of clothes and still!

3/23/2017 SeatGuru User, seat 26H

In my opinion, this is the best international plane for Economy travel in the United fleet for now simply because they haven't refitted them with those awful new narrow seats they seem to be putting in all of their aircraft. The overhead bins are tight and the IFE screens small and on a loop but if you want a reasonably comforta...

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