Seat Map Boeing 777-200 (777) - version 3 United Airlines

Seat Map Boeing 777-200 (777) - version 3 United Airlines
Seat Map Boeing 777-200 (777) - version 3 United Airlines

Airplane Boeing 777-200 (777) - version 3 United Airlines with 3 classes and 344 seats on board. Use airplane seat map to find which ones are more comfortable and which should be avoided.


11/8/2017 Horacio, seat 37A

No es lo ideal para un viaje de diez o más horas.

1/1/2010 Fredericksburg, VA, seat 21H

We paid about $75 each to upgrade to Premium Economy. It was worth it. We had just enough room to feel like humans -- not cattle.

12/21/2008 Gordon Simpson, seat 2F

This flight to Chicago was my first flight with United and in their suite product. I have to say its not really up there with BA but it had a certain something that made it feel special. Friendly and somewhat ageing staff made the flight really pleasant. I'm not a fan of 777 layouts, especially for First Class. The 747-400 or ne...

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5/21/2008 Felipe Gonzalez, seat 2A

United airlines have very good and comfortable looking first class seats. The air attendants were really nice and the flight was really calm. They aren't the best airline I have traveled on but it's an exelent on.

3/1/2008 Michael McAdam, seat 2A

A much better kept plane than its big brother, the 747. Seat was very comfortable. Service from elderly (and self-deprecating) flight crew was very attentive and genuine. Duvet covers are synthetic fibres, which can make sleeping a bit uncomfortable for some. I am looking forward to flying UA's new F class product in the fut...

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