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6/25/2019 Victoria Bannikov

❎ Not Verified | Portland to Buffalo via Chicago. Usually, I’m not a complainer. Plus its summer travel season. But this time I’ve had enough. Flight just got cancelled and moved from Monday to Wednesday. Pretty much we were stripped down 2 vacation days and missed the occasion that we planned attending. Then, we were put on different seats (but I paid extra when made reservations). Going back from Buffalo to Portland was another hassle. Flight from BUF was delayed, we barely made it to our connection (had to run through Chicago O’Hare). Got on the plane, had to sit and wait for our turn to take off. Took us 1.5 hours. Couldn’t use the bathroom. When we were finally able to take off, we weren’t allowed to use the restroom for another 1.5 hours. Crying kids. Angry passengers. This is not OK! Never ever I will use United again.

6/25/2019 Julia Spencer

✅ Trip Verified | Savannah to Newark. On a recent United flight (UA 138) that I had booked in February 2019 for a Flight on 24. June 2019, the following happened to me and other passengers, please note that several other groups of passengers experienced the same thing on this flight and have reported to have seen the same practice on other flights as well. I was traveling with my two underage children ages 13 and 15. I was placed in Row 12E while my children were both placed in Row 20, which is an Exit row. Note that my 15 year old is old enough to sit in this row and assist other passengers in an emergency but my 13 year old is most certainly not and cannot sit there per FAA regulations. When I stated that we need to moved elsewhere the flight employees told me to just switch seats with the 13 year old. Subsequently I protested and informed the flight employees that none of us want to sit in an Exit row, even though I am old enough, I do not want to sit in an Exit neither. My 13 year was subsequently moved to row 12E and I was left without a seat. Finally I was told to move to the back of the airplane Row 34 ‘somewhereʼ (no specific seat was given to me) and my 15 year old was left in the Exit row on his own. At this point I switched with another passenger at the front row 7 which was closer to my children than Row 34. The Stewardess on this Flight then informed me this is also an Exit row. (She later remarked that since I called her a ‘Stewardess’ I do not fly very often. Despite the fact I’m in the air every month. She really went out of her way to be insulting.) I repeated the fact that I donʼt want to sit in any exit rows and I want my second child also moved away from the Exit row. I repeated that I believed that itʼs FAA regulations that we must agree to sit there and agree to assist or be moved and would they please move us. At this point the Stewardess started to get very aggravated and said ‘we offered you a seat in the back‘ and you didnʼt take it and subsequently switched me again from Row 7C to 8C. She rolled her eyes an also stated that ‘here we go again, acting demeaning and rude. I didnʼt ‘buyʼ a seat that means they can put me wherever, even in an exit row- apparently even without my consent. I would like to add here that I very much liked to have bought assigned seats; however the first opportunity I got in the entire purchase / check-in process was two hours before boarding when all the seats for sitting together already were taken. In summary my 13 year old was placed into Row 12E and my 15 year old was in an exit Row 20 the entire flight although he was a minor and I did not agree for him to sit there. Finally in the last 30 minutes I approached the staff again to re-seat us. Furthermore security measures ask for parents to assist children during a flight with oxygen masks as well as ensure that seatbelts are worn between and after bathroom breaks. How can a parent assure that this happens properly when the parent is placed on the opposite side of the airplane with isles blocked by carts and other people? In my case this was not as big of a deal as my children are teenagers but there was another group of passengers where the parent was split from a 6 year old child and the child was expected to basically fly on their own? She was crying and was not allowed to be seated next to her parent.

6/25/2019 Giovanni Gonzalez

✅ Trip Verified | San Juan to Portland via New York. Always trying to take advantage of the customers by creating dumb policies. I've never had any problems passing through with my backpack but now United wants to charge me money for my backpack. The main reason that I bought a backpack is to carry it myself. United is a low class and cheap airline trying to take even the last dime from every customer and they don't even serve nothing in 4 hour flights. I'm disgusted by this airline.

6/24/2019 Sarah Appelbaum

Not Verified | Baltimore to Los Angeles. This is hands down the worst airline to ever exist! My family and I were heading to LAX for a connecting flight to Kauai, but the plane we boarded had this clunking noise under our feet. The crew didn’t bother to call maintenance until everyone was on board and we were delayed by 30 minutes. Once that was finished, we were delayed again because of the paperwork. So we were behind schedule by one hour! We did make it to LAX, but the crew didn’t bother to let those off who had connecting flights that were leaving in a few minutes. Honestly United, you could’ve called maintenance before everyone got on board, but you tortured us with this stupid problem that you obviously wanted to share. So, in the future I will not be flying United.

6/24/2019 H Garlen

✅ Trip Verified | Frankfurt to Raleigh Durham via Newark. I purchased a round trip ticket valued at $1,435 only to find out the day of my first flight that one leg of my trip was never ticketed. I had to call United Customer Service to get the issue resolved. They representative told me that the flight was full and there was nothing that could be done. On my return trip, I was told again that two of my legs were not ticketed. So basically I purchased a ticket that was not even real. Customer Service did not offer to help me or compensate me in anyway. I’m not sure why an large airline such as United cannot handle ticketing it’s own tickets.

6/23/2019 E Barkell

✅ Trip Verified | Washington to Winnipeg via Toronto. United was delayed for over 4 hours and I was only notified while checking in at the airport. (3 hours prior because it was an international flight) I arrived at the airport at 5 am and had been up since 3 am already. The plane was then delayed a total of 4 times pushing it a total of 4 hours late. Upon my arrival to Toronto, I was told that I do not have a flight home. I was on standby as no one from any united desk would assist me. My daughter called United and they stated I had to either wait standby or take a flight the next morning and could not be simultaneously on standby and hold a ticket for the next day. They also could not guarantee any overnight accommodations, stating that I would need to leave the secured area go to the ticketing booth and tell them your new confirmation number, and at that point they would decide whether or not I would receive any overnight accommodations. I was supposed to be home by 130pm, but Instead I came home the following day at 130am as I made the last standby plane. United airlines is not helpful nor is their staff and ultimately it was their fault I was delayed and this resulted in me missing my connecting flight. I was not reimbursed or aided in any way. Worst trip I’ve had in years. Bottom line up front, I fly frequently and will not be utilizing or recommending their services to anyone whatsoever.

6/23/2019 Joleen Shadle

Not Verified | We were supposed to fly from New Orleans to Houston, then board a connecting flight from Houston to Seattle. The flight from New Orleans to Houston flight time at first kept getting earlier so we weren't able to do the final vacation things we wanted to do, then when we got there the flight got delayed many times. We decided to switch flights to go from New Orleans to San Francisco then from there to Seattle. They decided to put us on a flight that had been delayed for 12 hours. It was supposed to leave around 6am and left 6pm. Not only that but our luggage was very much so mistreated and were not offered drinks on our flight. We were completely dismissed. When we landed and went to get our luggage we found out it was still in San Francisco and had to get it the next morning. I am severely frustrated with the airline and will no longer fly the "friendly skies" with them.

6/23/2019 Maddie Troyer

Not Verified | United Airlines need to fix the problems on their planes, maybe make sure everything is going to run okay before you leave the gate after a 30 minute delay. No one wants to sit on the runway for 45 minutes just to be told we have to head back to the gate, but before we go to the gate we have to sit some more and wait. There’s always delays and something is always wrong. United Airlines cause many people to miss their connecting flights which is a drag and very inconvenient.

6/22/2019 Nathan Gordon

Not Verified | Atlanta to Honolulu. I have to start off saying that when booking a flight a lot of times there is uncertainty because there is so much that you have to prepare for, but working with United Airlines customer service was the best customer service experience that I have ever had. In particular working with Lauren was so awesome.She helped my military family get everything we needed for our trip to Hawaii. She made sure that each one of my kids will be taken care of before we board the plane and she also made sure that we saved money along the way as well. Like I said before one of the best experiences with customer service ever, and I thank United Airlines for letting me speak with Lauren. Fantastic job!

6/22/2019 A. Miller

✅ Trip Verified | What a horrible airline, I will never fly United again. We were supposed to have a simple 2hr flight to NYC from Chicago. We were delayed for hours for mechanical issues and then finally moved to the next day. We were unable to talk to anyone over the phone or at the United desk for 2hrs in line & on hold. When we finally did talk to a rep they were not friendly and could care less. They then gave us meal vouchers that did not work and we were unable to get our bags back for the overnight stay at the crappy airport hotel... Now we're out the money for the hotel we booked in NYC as well. Like I said just don't even mess with this disaster of an airline or their very poor customer service.

6/20/2019 A Baysinger

✅ Trip Verified | Monroe to Elmira. I am beyond frustrated with United from the Unprofessionalism in telling someone they only needed to be there 30 min before the flight (she hadn't flown in over 10yrs) and closed the door (15min before flight) not allowing my mother to board, MLU rescheduled and confirmed her for the next flight out which was today 6/20/19 (the following day). In the mean time my husband googled United and spoke to someone in booking to see if they could get her on the 340pm flight later that day on 6/19, we were told no by the supervisor. The supervisor stated she could book my mother on the next flight out which she was already booked on the next flight out by the airport on 6/20 which the supervisor saw and verbally confirmed with us, we asked if we could upgrade the flight to see if we could get her on the later flight on 6/19 and was told no because she had an economy ticket, so we accepted our fate that we were just gonna have to lose a day with her and accepted the flight that was rebooked to 6/20 at 530am. The supervisor asked for my email address so I could receive my mother's new itinerary, my husband spelled out my email address character by character so we know they had the right email address, but I never received an email! After that phone call transpired the supervisor without permission changed her already booked flight from 6/20 to Friday 6/21 and never told us or notified us. If they had sent me the itinerary I could've caught the mistake made by United (for the second time) and got it straighten out before my mother's flight this morning. When she got to the airport this morning even tho she had her ticket in hand she was told she couldn't board because she wasn't on the manifest. Now, I'm missing 2 days with my Mother who I haven't seen in 9yrs who hasn't seen her grandkids in that long one of which she's hasn't met yet and she's missing my son's graduation tomorrow morning. I'm beyond frustrated with United and feel the flight needs to be honored and a refund returned. My mother showed up 2 days in a row and was denied her flight because of the unprofessionalism and incompetent employees. This should have never happened.

6/20/2019 Will Gro

Calgary to Houston with United Airlines. This is one of most inefficient airlines ever. Their front counter staff are slow, lazy and are the masters of wasting people’s time. Their operations manager should be fired! If you want to see clowns, you don’t need to go to the circus. Just sit and watch them work.

6/20/2019 Ellie Wilson

✅ Trip Verified | Greenville to Denver. I won’t book another flight with United. I was supposed to arrive in Denver last night. I sat at the airport with my family for 3 hours only to be sent back home due to “flight crew needing rest”. We got rebooked to this morning and have already been delayed 2 times. They have no compensation for your time spent, money spent on reservations already paid for at your destination, time taken off work, etc. This airline has no regard for your travel plans. Our flight has only been delayed for either “flight crew needs rest” or “no flight crew available”. This is insane and preposterous.

6/19/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 777-200 (772) v5 seat 9L

The seat has a larger foot well for extra comfort The seat is well isolated from the lavatory and the galley There is high traffic of economy passengers near the seat during boarding

6/19/2019 D Murtan

✅ Trip Verified | Montréal to Savannah via Newark. Worst trip of my life. Our first flight got canceled for scheduled crew problem. Our new first flight got delayed. Our second flight got canceled. We arrived in Newark at 11 pm, had to be back at the airport at 5 am and according to the airline, the only hotel available was at a 60 minutes drive. We found ourselves and paid for it a much more closer hotel and cheaper. Every personnel would only help for a small of our problem. It really was a bad experience and we lost a whole day of a short vacation..

6/19/2019 Calli Waite

✅ Trip Verified | I had an absolute horrible experience with United. My original flight was supposed to be from Boise to Denver to Newark to San Juan. I ended up getting on my on-time flight to Denver, but due to “weather” we were flown to Grand-Junction airport. This runway is not FAA approved and so when we landed something broke and there ended up being a mechanical issue that further delayed us an extra 9 hours in that airport. I also have Celiac disease and I was not accommodated any gluten-free food. So after about 9 hours of sitting in that terminal, we boarded a different plane and flew to Denver. I then had to change my connecting flight completely because of the delay, and it added an extra connecting flight to Fort Lauderdale. Once I landed there I was rushing to my gate. When I finally arrived in Newark I was so exhausted, and hungry I had a complete meltdown. I missed my connecting flight to San Juan by 10 minutes, and ended up having to wait another 11 hours in the Newark airport. Altogether, I was in the airport/flying for about 48 hours straight, with no accommodations. Now that I am trying to get back to Boise Idaho, I am again having issues. I tried to check-in to my flight on the app about 20 hours before my expected flight time, and it said I was “unable to check-in at this time.” So I called to see what the problem was and I was on hold for 1.5 hours. When they finally answered they said that they accidentally put in the system “did not show up to board.” This was crazy to me because my flight hadn’t even taken off yet. So he finally fixed that issue and now that I have checked in and am currently at the SJU airport, my flight is delayed 9 hours so far. I am absolutely frustrated and would never recommend this airline to anyone.

6/19/2019 H Cheng

Not Verified | Newark to Hong Kong. The flight was not very good. Cabin service was terrible and there wasn't a self serve bar. United also had a terrible meal and can never compete with Asian airlines. Singapore Airlines is way better. I don't get what's going on with United Airlines but it's just really bad. The seat was so uncomfortable and the flight attendants didn't care about us in any way. They were just in the back chatting about their own "things." All in all, it's a terrible airline for economy. However, I will be a silver member soon and I hope the premium economy and the business class are better.

6/19/2019 P Lam

Not Verified | Los Angeles to Tokyo-Narita. I believe United did a much better job on this trans-Pacific flight than when I last flew with them to Cancun in 2015. Overall, the food was good and they even allowed me to explore the cockpit. However, there were certain things United needs to improve on. The seat comfort was not that great and there is a lack of variety of inflight entertainment, and I was left with other things to do for 2 hours of my flight. But overall, it was OK! Well done United!

6/19/2019 V Acevedo

Not Verified | United Airlines delayed a flight from Houston to Austin due to over filling the fuel tank, the airplane was already on the runway when they had to stop it before departing. This caused an hour delay for the flight from Austin to the connecting flight out of Houston. They knew this flight was delayed and why it was delayed. When we landed the other flight had started boarding, and so I ran 1.5 miles to make it to my connecting flight. I ran up as they shut the doors. The ticketing agent knew that the flight was delayed and why it was and still they didn't hold the flight. They put me and twenty others on standby with full flights. They could of just held the plan for 10 minutes and there would of been no issues. No wonder they only got two stars out of five. I give them zero out of five because it wouldn't have been too hard to hold for 10 minutes. On top of that the standby flight we had to wait fifteen minutes for a crew member. I still didn't get on that fight. Stuck in Houston on standby, and I was told I was first on standby but the list has me as fourth, liars!

6/19/2019 Kayla Pope

Not Verified | United Airlines is by far the worst airline I’ve ever travelled with. They know absolutely nothing about customer service. I am flying from Austin to Honolulu today and I was supposed to have a connecting flight in Denver. I received a text last night saying that the flight to Denver had been delayed. I was supposed to leave Austin at 7.25am and now I can’t leave until 9.14am. That is a problem because I’m supposed to leave Denver at 9.40am to go to Honolulu. Apparently there are no direct flights from Denver to Honolulu after the one I was supposed to be on. So now I have to have another connecting flight from Denver to Los Angeles. The flight from Los Angeles departs at 2pm and I won’t get to Honolulu until 5pm! This messes up all my reservations for when I land in Honolulu because I will be arriving 4 hours after the time I was supposed to. The two customer services ladies at gate 27 in Austin this morning were completely rude to me and said that they’re not going to do anything about it and I’m just out of my money on my reservations!