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10/9/2019 Sang yun Kim

✅ Trip Verified | San Francisco to Kahului. I am very unsatisfied with United. Airline representative forced me to check in my carry on even though it met the personal bag size requirement. The fact that it had rollers they forced me to check in personal item and eat up the cost. They tried to rationalize by saying its only $30 ...

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10/8/2019 Jimmy A, Boeing 787-10 (781) seat 3L

I am 6’4” and very broad. I have to say i hate united’s new Business Class product. If i were 5’8” 120lbs it would be great. The way the seat and foot cavities are situated its impossible to sit comfortably. I have traveled many other business class options, and still find Lufthansa the best!

10/8/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 757-300 (753) seat 22E

This seat, as are ALL other Economy seats on this version of the 757, a disaster for people with long legs. I have flown on this flight twice in the last six weeks (22E, 36A) and have had excruciating knee pain throughout the flight and for days afterward. I simply cannot find a way to sit in 757 seats without both knees bein...

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10/7/2019 Marilyn Dori, Boeing 767-400ER (764) seat 17A

These Economy Plus seats were roomy, comfortable, with great legroom.

10/7/2019 Preston Weber

✅ Trip Verified | Saint Louis to Chicago. “No Carry On” is the biggest money grab From big airlines I’ve ever seen in 30 years and is a horrible business practice. After United told me I can’t make my direct flight because I had a back pack and didn’t pay for that, which I offered to, I now have to take layovers and miss my rid...

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10/7/2019 A Serse

Not Verified | Newark to Las Vegas. United Airlines has to be one of the worst airlines I have ever flown. They do not care one bit about their customers. They changed my seat assignments for no reason. Was originally sitting with a free seat and moved me. I also paid extra for economy plus. They moved me to a seat before the e...

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10/6/2019 A Qarwar

✅ Trip Verified | Houston to Tulsa. It was a connecting flight with Turkish Airlines and they issued me boarding pass - in Turkish Airlines international ticket was allowed to 32kg baggage. I was having only 27kg but United Airlines charged me 80 USD because of nothing.

10/5/2019 W Reynolds

Not Verified | Atlanta to Sao Paulo via Washington. We had a great first-time international flight experience! The cabin crew was great and they were very kind. The food was average but the entertainment was great. Thanks for a great flight, United!

10/4/2019 J Lim

✅ Trip Verified | I was initially hesitant about booking the flight on United after all the negative media coverage about the airline. However, these fears were very much put to rest. I paid US$825, all-in including taxes, for a round trip journey of 3 legs in each way. HKG-NRT-IAH-LIM & back (ANA codeshare HKG-NRT). Incredible...

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10/4/2019 M Lewis

✅ Trip Verified | Denver to New Orleans via Houston. United was wonderful! I assumed I was flying out of Denver and didn’t look at my ticket. When I arrived at the airport, I figured out I was in the wrong place. I needed to be in Colorado Springs! I explained the situation to ticket agent and they rebooked me flying out if Denv...

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10/4/2019 Fawaz Abdulhadi

Not Verified | Paris to San Francisco. Everything was fine except the food, it was an 11 hours flight without any hot meal. Started with breakfast it was beery pudding, grapes and melon and piece of chocolate cup cake. Later after few hours bag of snack cookies, crackers and cheese candy and bag of dry apricot. Later on and aft...

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10/3/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 737-900 (739) v1 seat 38D

Worse seats on the plane for anyone over six feet tall. You either have to spread your legs or sit sideways to fit in the seat. Also you are constantly bumped by flight attendants, carts and passengers who have to use a bathroom. Two bathrooms for the entire plane is unacceptable. Avoid this flight at all costs.

10/3/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 787-9 (789) seat 30A

The United 787-9 was perfectly comfortable for the 11.5 hour flight from PVG-SFO. The extra inch of legroom (32 inches vs 31 inches on other airlines) makes a big difference in comfort. Service and food were fine, no complaints. I'll definitely book another flight on the UA 787 if it's convenient and at a good price.

10/3/2019 J Haine

✅ Trip Verified | United never fails to be absolutely awful. Several years ago, I flew United from Columbus, OH to London. I flew out of Columbus to Chicago. Right as I was about to board the plane to Chicago, we got delayed.... four hours because of a problem with engine. By the time I got to Chicago, I missed my connection to...

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10/3/2019 C Hun

Not Verified | I flew my parents from Canada to Australia for the birth of my child. Their flight from Washington to LA was delayed and due to land when their flight to Melbourne, Australia was meant to depart. Staff assured my parents that they were going to delay the Australia flight briefly to get the delayed passengers on. ...

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10/3/2019 Kristin Laidlaw

✅ Trip Verified | South Bend to Winnipeg via Chicago. Here’s my complaint: Was booked for a flight out of South Bend at 0600 (UA5330) and Chicago at 0753 (UA4289) as per confirmation. No info for pre-check-in sent. Upon arrival at SB airport, learned there was no record of me on 0600 flight (which they switched me to) and UA4289...

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10/3/2019 William Carlsen

✅ Trip Verified | Burbank to San Francisco. A family member bought my flight and I ended up on United Airlines for my return flight home. Couldn't have a carry-on, no disability veteran discount only active duty. In order to update flight, I had to pay a 100$ to cancel before I could even pay to upgrade. Hello upcharge! Needless...

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10/3/2019 R Ison

✅ Trip Verified | London to Newark. We had to stop in Boston for 3 hours to pick up an employee of United Airlines. So the flight from London to New York was almost 10 hours. United is unreliable. Good food but bad service from the staff. Definitely not flying again with United.

10/2/2019 Anthony Sogluizzo

Not Verified | The flight from Newark to Punta Cana was the best out of the two-way trip. The Economy Plus seating on United was new, clean, and very comfortable with plenty of legroom and seat space. There was room under the seat for a bag. Snacks and drinks were good and complimentary

10/2/2019 Robert Hewitt

Not Verified | Red eye from San Francisco to Newark. Was dreading the flight after reading all the terrible reviews. My flight was very good, however. Check in swift and easy, lounge spacious and comfortable, boarding on time and take off early. Yes, 8 abreast in "First" is a squeeze, but my window seat was very comfortable and ...

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