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6/18/2019 Abdallah E, Boeing 757-200 (752) v1 seat 26A

I was dreading this transatlantic flight from GLA to EWR on a type that I had last flown when it was the shuttle between GLA & LHR. I was pleasantly surprised. When I got the chance to check-in, there were only two standard seat available, both window seats (my preference is aisle). I chose 26A as it was at the trailing edge of the wing while the other seat was over the wing. This seat has access to two windows, although the downward view is limited by the wing. At just short of 6 feet, I found this seat to have sufficient legroom and the space under the seat in front was perfectly sized for my backpack. The seat was comfortable enough for me to not have to readjust my position for comfort reasons during this long flight. I do have two criticisms, one specific to the aircraft I flow on and the other possibly more general. Firstly, the monitor had touch sensitive dead zones one on the right hand side and the other on the bottom right. The result was that I wasn't able to scroll through the movies, etc. as the right arrow was inactive. I was restricted to choosing from the first four movies in each category. The dead zone at the bottom made it difficult to navigate between entertainment options. The second criticism is that the expansion/contraction zone for the overhead lockers is located in the area of row 26. There is a front and rear section of lockers which meet here and they can slide back and forward relative to each other. During take off and landing, when the fuselage is moving around a lot the movement between these two sections causes an ear splitting screech.

6/18/2019 John Abraham

✅ Trip Verified | Mcallen to Houston. Treated me without respect. If you are not going to treat people with dignity remove basic economy class. Won’t allow me to check in. I had to show an employee I don’t have a carry on. Put me next to the restroom even though there were several empty seats. I asked flight attendant for Dr Pepper, she walked away saying they didn’t have it and made a nasty comment to the next customer “I don’t know why people ask for things we don’t carry”. She should not be working, period. I used to be commuter on Continental and Texas air prior to that. Merging with United was awful. This airline should not exist.

6/17/2019 Gabe Benjamjn

✅ Trip Verified | Houston to Cleveland. Their customer service is horrible. Multiple people on the flight have asked why our flight is delayed at the counter worker was useless, essentially just waving off the customer. Our flight was supposed to leave at 8:23 pm and has now been pushed back for 2 hours. They continue to give fake answers over the intercom to why we haven’t left. The plane has been in the terminal for over 3 hours yet they pretend that the crew isn’t there. It would be different if they were honest to why we haven’t left yet but that is not the case.

6/17/2019 J Rebos

✅ Trip Verified | El Paso to Syracuse. It has been the worst airline that I have ever got in my life. The plane was dirty, going back it got cancelled and they reschedule my flight for the next day and it got cancelled again! The Customer Service is the worst, the put you in wait from 50 min to 60 min.

6/16/2019 G Sheen

✅ Trip Verified | Denver to Atlanta. In all of my travels United has never taken off or landed on time, never. Their gate staff is nasty and don't act like they care if fly with them or not. A horrible airline, I'll never fly with them again

6/16/2019 D Simmons

✅ Trip Verified | Chicago O’Hare to Miami. First a warning. If you make the mistake I made and buy an economy ticket and then need to change for any reason after 24 hours of purchase, congratulations, you just donated hundreds to a terrible company. I had a family emergency that necessitated that I change my travel date and with the economy ticket I had to cancel my flight with no refund and just buy another ticket. Never again.

6/16/2019 Lowell Gilvin

Not Verified | Boston to Milan with United Airlines. Horrible business class. Plane had to be 10 years old and was not Polaris business class as advertised and sold. Seat had scratches and torn areas. Bathrooms were horrible. There was no bathroom for business class - had to be shared with economy class. Not even close in comparison to Qatar, Delta One or other international airlines. Worst business class experience ever!

6/16/2019 S Kessler

✅ Trip Verified | Columbus to Houston. I am very disappointed in the customer service and ticket rules. I wanted to find an airline to use on a regular basis. I needed to change the date, still using the expensive ticket. Absolutely can't be done. Will not even consider United Airlines again.

6/15/2019 Alexander McHenry

✅ Trip Verified | Denver to Bismarck. UA 5259 14th June, the flight attendant Barbara, was an outstanding representative to your company and everything your company stands for when it comes to customer service. Her professionalism is the reason I keep my business with United. 10/10 would recommend to a friend.

6/14/2019 G Beale

✅ Trip Verified | Worst airline in regards to flight attendants and customer service. First of all, it was just me and my 16 month old, along with a stroller, a carry on bag, and a personal item. First flight was delayed over an hour and the attendants could not tell me why or resolve the issue--the issue being: I would have 5 minutes to get on my connecting flight in Chicago! Please keep in mind--it is just me and my baby traveling. Once we boarded the first flight from ATL to Chicago, I asked the flight attendant if she knew the status of my next flight going from Chicago to Jackson Hole and what gate it would be at since I would nearly be making the flight due to their delay. She said they could not get that information and had no way to access it! HAHA! I have a flip phone but found out from other guy attendant that he could access that info on the United website with wifi. He did so for me. But that's all he did, the bare minimum. Also, there were 3-4 rows of open seats in which I could of sat with my baby on any other airline since they were open but no. Also, was told wrong gate on first flight by guy. Then when getting off in Jackson Hole and I asked staff for assistance in getting my carryon bag from overhead because I was clearly not able to while holding my child, he said, "I'm not allowed to do that."

6/14/2019 T Ellis

✅ Trip Verified | London Heathrow to San Francisco return. The outbound flight was on a new (2017) 777-300 and the aircraft was smart and clean. Seats were a little narrow given the 3-4-3 configuration, but lots of airlines are now using this in economy for the 777. The seat was comfy enough and offered good back support. Blanket and pillow provided. Entertainment screen was a good size and had a lot of content which was impressive. Mine needed resetting during the flight but after asking the cabin crew this was done no problem. Service was good with beer and wine included but other alcoholic drinks needing extra paymemt. Food was ok although a little unhealthy. The service before landing was only started with around 45 mins of the flight left so was a huge rush which wasn't very relaxing. WiFi was available to buy but I didn't use it. The flight was on time. Return Flight was as above, apart from older (1999) 777-200. Refurbished aircraft had the same seat as above and entertainment too. Was pleasant enough. The flight was around 35 mins late arriving in LHR, however, someone was there to meet those with connections so good service. The crew were good, service was less rushed on this flight. The flight was full and still comfy enough. Again the entertainment screen needed resetting but not a problem was done in 10 mins. Food better than the outbound leg. Again didn't pay for any WiFi. Slept for 5 hours or so. Having seen some bad review of United I am leaving a review as they were perfectly pleasant. I would reccomend!

6/14/2019 R Peale

✅ Trip Verified | Denver to Cody. Multiple gate changes and later came the delays. I will avoid flying United at all costs. I really wished I had read the reviews prior to buying tickets. Never again will I fly with United.

6/14/2019 Kevin Rainear

Not Verified | Raleigh Durham to Paris via Washington. Delayed by weather and had to run to connection flight. Got there with 3 kids and was told we couldn’t board even though the plane was still at the gate. Once door was closed and I mean she closed the door in front of me and my family. Then we had to stand in a customer service line for hours to get rerouted. On the way back we had the rudest stewardess who slammed the cart on my arm and leg I swear on purpose. I say that because I asked her to help get my screen going 3 times and she was no help so I had no movie screen for the 9 hour flight. We made it safely which is first and foremost of most importance but we slammed the ground and did a bunny hop until we came to a complete stop. Needless to say this will be the last time I ever fly United Airlines. By the way, I never write reviews but this trip was just that ... a trip!

6/13/2019 Pang Vang

✅ Trip Verified | If I could give negative stars i would. So terrible. My flight that I purchased says it lands from Redding in San Francisco at 12pm, and my next flight leaves at 12:50pm. My flight got changed on the dayto 11pm. That's like a 10 hour wait. I tried to ask why it was changed, the customer service rep said they "cant tell me why." What does that even mean? Also, they said there are absolutely no other flights going from San Fran to MSP between 1pm-11pm. So there are no United airlines airplane flying AT ALL? They offered to change my flight for $200. Seriously United? You got to be kidding me. I will never book with United again.

6/13/2019 M Shaw

✅ Trip Verified | Last minute booking for graduation ceremony so I bought ticket the night before. 1st horror - I was badgered by an agent to tag my hand luggage which was as small as a hand bag. 2nd - for a 5 hour 20 minutes flight leaving 6 am there was no breakfast for economy only a cup of drink of your choice and two tiny cookies thrown at you. 3rd - but should be number one, the plane was literally empty but we were forced to cramp in the back seats like sardines in a can, air was hot. The amount of flights I see leaving here and coming here tells me that people don’t want to complain but it’s atrocious and despicable! We are not animals and even animals get treated with more respect.

6/11/2019 Bernard R, Boeing 777-200 (772) v5 seat 3G

Upon transferring to this flight connecting from intl. travel, I was expecting comfort equal to the 787. Instead, the new 777 Polaris seat was much less. The cabin was very cold for the first hour; there were no blankets of merit. I'd expected similar embellishments to the international flight since this was continuation of intl. itinerary. The Polaris pod is claustrophobic, with awkward ergonomics. The seat does not align with the little cubicle for foot support. The armrests are narrow and the seat in lie flat form does not have as much side-to-side space as the pre-Polaris seat, meaning you cannot lie on your side in a comfortable position. My overhead light could not be turned on from the handset - odd for a brand new cabin. The side reading light does not allow change in direction like the old bendable light. The overhead storage bin has an awkward angle and items tumbled out onto my wife's head when she opened her bin upon arrival at SFO. And did I mention - claustrophobic.

6/11/2019 S Gorton

✅ Trip Verified | Austin to Washington. Surprisingly all of their flights getting delayed or cancelled, by more than 4 hours and no options provided other than waiting. Worst experience. Never book United if you are for business or time sensitive travel

6/11/2019 Danielle Lucero

Not Verified | Tampa to Houston via Salt lake. So I was overwhelmed with the fact we got into Houston late and missed my connecting flight but luckily the customer service rep by the name of Michelle was so kind and professional - she calmed my nerves and made this disaster comforting. I highly suggest United because when they couldn’t help but get us in late they still accompanied me and got me home as soon as possible. I thank you Michelle.

6/10/2019 P Carter

✅ Trip Verified | This is the worst airline ever. Flights are constantly delayed causing you to miss connecting flights. They offer no accommodations that truly help your situation. You end up missing your training, conference, meeting, etc. They tell you to use their code to book a hotel. And might I add that said hotel is at your expense because they cannot control weather. In turn now you have to pay more money more for a car rental (date changes/modifications) because of rate changes or risk being a no show for your rental and have it completely cancelled. It costs way to much money to miss a flight. Ridiculous! Can I just add that I will be informing my employer to switch back to Delta as our primary airline. Also, I experienced a flight delay back in January but did not know until I arrived at the airport to check in. I am not flying United again.

6/10/2019 W Pataporn

✅ Trip Verified | We, a family of three, flew UA1572 on 25/05/19 between Newark to Portland The check-in was made prior to arrival at the airport but faced a very long queue for baggage processing at the airport. We have three pieces of luggage to check and after very long waiting the machine did not print out the baggage tag for our third one and then it stopped working. We got help from a staff member after she took a long time helping the others who are quite uncomfortable with the system. After that we took our three pieces of luggage to the drop-off point. One of ours is 2.2 lbs above the limit. The staff, however, looked at me like I am a criminal and didn’t say a word or give any suggestions. No communication! I had to ask her what I should do and the answer is that we either need to remove some of the excess or pay for it. We chose the former and my wife did this task. In the meantime, she asked me "where's X?" (which is my wife), my answer is thus to point to her but that staff bluntly spoke to me that she needs the passport not the person. I think that this is bad taste or even rude and there's no customer centred service mind. We finally managed the weight issues and got all passed. The inflight service is OK with a rather friendly flight attendant. I'd suggest that if check-in can be made out of the airport why doesn’t baggage tag print can be done at the same time at home and we just tap the QR code at the check-in to get tags? This would allow more time for customers to be less clumsy and less time consuming. To me, some of the UA staff should learn more manners. We pay for their service and salaries and we are not paying to do self-service with rude manners. Currently, it's not that easy to differentiate UA form the low-cost airlines since everything is burdened upon us. The difference is thus it's higher in costs with similar or poorer service.