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11/17/2011 A.Thompson, Saab 340B (SF3) seat 12C

The seat back is actually pitched forward on both 12A and 12C. This was ridiculous -- it cannot be meant for an adult. (Note 12D and 12Fwere 'normal', as they are mounted several inches closer toward the front of the aircraft.)

9/1/2011 Justin Tsui, Boeing 747-400 seat 7G

The best point about 7G is that you don't even feel the plane's movements. I don't even feel much turbulence even when it was announced. UA's Asian service is stellar! The Business Class (new) seats are amazing. They are so good that I flew it about 3 times - using miles as well as revenue. Too many announcements (trilingual - E...

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9/1/2011 Justin Tsui, Airbus A319 v1 seat 7C

Economy Plus - After a red-eye from SFO-ORD on a 757, I took the 319 from ORD-YYZ, again, not clearing the upgrade list for Premier members. Yet, the consolation was a rather comfortable sleep on Economy Plus

1/27/2011 stephen, Boeing 747-8 (752) v2 seat 8D

seat 8d the best seat ever, better than any domestic first class seat.

11/29/2010 Keith Spencer, Boeing 747-400 seat 1K

Excellent Seat. A bit strange to the eye as your seat is pointing in about 10 degrees so it appears as if you are not going straight on take off and landing. Seats 1A and 1K are a bit close. But not like Economy or Business Class. Lot's of Room. 2A and 2K are the better of the seats but you have a closet next to you in the cente...

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5/16/2010 Norland, Boeing 747-400 seat 59J

Window side has a lot of room.But can't lay on window to sleep.

1/1/2010 Fredericksburg, VA, Boeing 777-200 (777) - version 3 seat 21H

We paid about $75 each to upgrade to Premium Economy. It was worth it. We had just enough room to feel like humans -- not cattle.

6/23/2009 Ethan Lathan, Boeing 747-400 seat 24A

This seat was nice and comfortable, but you can really tell the UA's seats are aging. While the padding was quite sufficient and the pitch and witdth good, the seat was almost delapidated and was not electronic; it's a very good thing that UA is redoing these seats. Otherwise, the flight was quite comfortable and the seat good,...

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12/21/2008 Gordon Simpson, Boeing 777-200 (777) - version 3 seat 2F

This flight to Chicago was my first flight with United and in their suite product. I have to say its not really up there with BA but it had a certain something that made it feel special. Friendly and somewhat ageing staff made the flight really pleasant. I'm not a fan of 777 layouts, especially for First Class. The 747-400 or ne...

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5/21/2008 Felipe Gonzalez, Boeing 747-400 seat 13A

The seats are really good. They almost recline completely, and the upper deck was really quiet and private, the place was perfect to rest in there. The seats are really spaced between each other so there was more even privacy.

5/21/2008 Felipe Gonzalez, Boeing 777-200 (777) - version 3 seat 2A

United airlines have very good and comfortable looking first class seats. The air attendants were really nice and the flight was really calm. They aren't the best airline I have traveled on but it's an exelent on.

3/7/2008 Tomás González de Rosenzweig, Boeing 747-400 seat 14B

Bussiness class seats are ideal for working or resting. The upper cabin of this airplane gives passengers in these area more privacity and the sensation of peace.

3/5/2008 Michael McAdam, Boeing 747-400 seat 16A

Glad I only had to do a short hop from SYD to MEL in this clunker. The seats may have been cutting edge 20 years ago, but they are horribly dated. I had avoided taking UA to SYD in the first place, opting instead for NZ via HNL. For a short hop it was fine, but I wouldn't want to try to get any serious sleep in these seats. ...

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3/4/2008 Michael McAdam, Embraer 170 (E70) seat 2A

Thanks to the oil boom in Alberta, the UA/Skywest service from Edmonton to Chicago has been upgraded to an Embraer configured with a small business class. Very comfortable seat for solo travelers. No entertainment on board, so an iPod and a good book are essential! I actually connected on to Miami that same day and got the ex...

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3/1/2008 Michael McAdam, Boeing 777-200 (777) - version 3 seat 2A

A much better kept plane than its big brother, the 747. Seat was very comfortable. Service from elderly (and self-deprecating) flight crew was very attentive and genuine. Duvet covers are synthetic fibres, which can make sleeping a bit uncomfortable for some. I am looking forward to flying UA's new F class product in the fut...

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3/1/2008 Michael McAdam, Boeing 747-400 seat 1A

I flew this plane before UA had begun its conversion to new seats. Not a moment too soon! The first class seat was a major disappointment. Yes, it did go fully flat and allowed me to catch a few hours of sleep on the way to Tokyo, but I had to concentrate on not fixating as to how filthy the seat was when I slept. The uphols...

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